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American Pie Pizza - 16 Reviews - 6529 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (612) 243-3777

American Pie Pizza

6529 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 243-3777
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American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
American Pie Pizza - Minneapolis, MN


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Please give American Pie a chance! I've lived right around the corner for 3 years, never tried it since my husband who has lived right here for 16 years said they had ""weird"" ch...


This was our second time at American Pie tonight. Our family is quite large (7 people including a toddler) and we were trying to find a good pizza place instead of Little Caesar'...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2014

I was ordering 3 to 4 times per week the same thing every time. I tried to order my usual order today and all of a sudden I needed to order more or go get it when I got mad at her because I have never had a problem order before I told her fine you lost my business. So my husband talked me into calling there for dinner and just order a double order and they told me I was on the do no take the order list and they hung up on me. Because I questioned them I order the same thing every single time and because I told them they lost my business they put you on the don't take there call and hang up on you. I have spent a lot of money in there establishment so be careful if you go there they change the rules and they don't care if you are A REPEAT customer. I hope they continue to get new customers because if this is how they treat there previous customers they will be out of business soon. more

I know pizza and this was the worst ever!!!!! 11/11/2011

I have ordered American pie pizza for a couple of years. First time I ordered it I was not impressed. I really wanted to order Dulono's which is unparalleled but I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would give it a try. So, once I got the soggy overly cheesy pizza to my friend's house noone at the party would touch it! I tried a few pieces and decided to order Dulono's and toss this sloppy pizza in the garbage. Later in that year I thought I would give it another try since the reviews were good overall. This time, the pizza was very good (not great) and it definitely changed my heart. I work at a local hotel and many of my guests ask what pizza to order and I always direct them to American Pie instead of the national chains or even Sarpinos or Broadway, but after yesterday, I am going to make it my personal mission to tell every person at my job and elsewhere how much American Pie sucks! So, I received a pizza last night that literally had sauce squirting out of the sides of every piece! The toppings were overdone and the pizza was cold! I called them and I was put on hold for 10 min! Then, they disconnected the call. I called back and then was placed on hold for another 10 min. I finally explained the situation to the employee and he said ""What do you want me to do about it?"" He explained because I had already eaten some of the pizza that he would not be able to make us a fresh one nor refund our money. The pizza was 20 plus tip and delivery charges. I became upset and explained that anyone would refund the money to make a customer happy and he told me that if I explained that to the owner that he would laugh in my face! I am appalled and surprised that American Pie thinks so highly of themselves that they can afford to talk to people like that! The pizza could have been fixed so easily but instead I spent 15 minutes arguing with the employee on the phone. Overall, the pizza was bad but the attitude of the owners and the employees makes the whole experience unbearable and I would tell anyone to never, ever, waste your money or time! more

WHAT are these people ON????? 7/7/2011

Please give American Pie a chance! I've lived right around the corner for 3 years, never tried it since my husband who has lived right here for 16 years said they had ""weird"" cheese. Our neighbor who used to work there claims it was actually a specialty, expensive mozz. I do not know and never will, but finally ordered from them and they are at our door before we can barely blink!! The food is hot, fresh, and of high quality. we love Broadway and Pizza Gallery. Please understand I am a food snob and do not eat Pizza Hut, Domino's, or anything like it. I frequent the fine steak houses we have in downtown Minneapolis. Since Mpls really does not have any truly G R E A T restaurants, Ruth's Chris and Manny's are about as good as Mpls has to offer. Hopefully my review will give you some insight- I really have no clue what these negative reviews are. Perhaps ex-employees? They are ALWAYS at my door in an instant with a smile and food so hot you have to let it cool to eat it! Can't believe I waited so long to try it, and it's literally 3 blocks from my home. Good job, American Pie! We love it!!! more

used to love I hate it! please read all 1/10/2011

Here's the deal, American Pie has been in business for a while. I am now 24 y/o and used to get american pie in high school because it was right across the street from my school. I used to think it was the best thing since sliced bread. I left the twin cities for a few years and came back a couple years ago. Last summer I decided order it again because they were open late and I had fond memories of their pizza. We went all out when we ordered, we got a pizza, wings, ""cheesesticks"", I was very excited. Our total bill was probably 30-40 bucks I don't quite remember. That is where the good experience ended, after ordering it went all downhill. We waited 2 hours for the food, I'm pretty patient but that's a little long to be waiting, I could have cooked all that myself by then. When the delivery guy got there he had a bad attitude...didn't say hello...just stared at me while I counted the cash to give him, handed me the food and walked away despite my attempts to exchange some sort of pleasantries. All that aside, I was still excited for the food. I opened the wings first and tried one, it was awful. It was cold, soggy and had no flavor. The cheesesticks which cost like seven bucks, were two small slivers of bread with some sprinkles of melted shredded cheese...also cold. And the pizza was also cold, hardly any sauce and tasted worse than dominoes cardboard crust. I was furious with the service and the food. I called back and talked to some kid maybe 16 y/o which is not surprising, but when I asked to talk to a manager, he claimed to be the manager and perhaps he was, but no manager I know would SWEAR AT UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!! I told him I would like a refund and would return all the food if the driver came back and I would give him another tip for the trouble. The ""manager"" said somethinge like...""There's no F***ing way our driver is going back out there..."" I responded with some furious comments of my own completely taken back by this outburst from a ""manager."" I told him I would come down myself the next day...and I did. My girlfriend and I brought all the food back to the store in richfield where we talked to a very unpleasant and child-like middle-aged man who could not believe that I didn't like the food. He literally could not understand the concept behind me being unsatisfied. I told him about the phone exchange with the ""manager"" and he informed me that his son was the manager the previous night...go figure...I then realized how a manager could be so rude. After explaining to this man probably 10 times (not exaggerating) that I thought the food sucked, he still couldn't believe it and stared at me with the dumbest blank look on his face and said...""Something else happened, this doesn't make sense.."" I was starting to lose it, and just asked for my money back. The slow man refused to give me my money back and said (I will never forget this line for as long as I live)...""So, when you..uhm...go to a sit-down place to eat and order a bunch of food, try a few bites, and dont like it, you expect them to refund your money or give you more food?"" Seriously, this man was not intelligent. I said YES!!!! especially if it's food I would normally love, but it's just poor quality. It's not like I was ordering an exotic food for the first time. WHO THE HECK WANTS COLD WINGS???!!!!!! Anyways the guy eventually and reluctantly gave me two coupons for free pizzas. and as I walked out the door, he said...""Have a nice F***ing day!"" This was an awful exerience and I would not recommend American Pie to anyone who enjoys a family atmosphere and quality food. If you do order from there, do not expect them to be friendly or treat you like a valued customer. My understanding is that it is family operated, the whole family is unintelligent and mean-spirited. DO NOT EAT THIS FOOD!!!!! more

Worst Pizza in the world!!! 12/20/2010

The meats have no seasoning, the sauce has no flavor (think of ketchup run through a strainer and applied to a cardboard type crust.) If this is an american pie then I say we should just let the Italians make the pizza. more

GREAT food AND service!!! 5/26/2010

This is honestly the FIRST time I have went out of my way to set up an account and ACTUALLY write a review on here. I have thought about it but, never followed through BUT, American Pie Pizza deserves it!! So, my family and I were driving to a Pizza Hut to have some dinner. The family is in town for the week from Nebraska, and they LOVE Pizza Hut! I saw the sign for American Pie and told them how they have a variety of good food to chose from, so we decided to eat there. We were promptly greeted. The person working the counter told us the specials, and was very patient as my family and I looked over their ENTIRE menu. We placed our order and had a seat. An employee came out and asked if we already ordered, and what we ordered. We said some sandwiches and a pepperoni pizza. She stated enthusiastically, ""Our pepperoni is the BEST!"" I was really hoping so. Our pizza was out SO fast, we were like, did they know we were coming? Our sandwiches came out shortly after. Can I just say, the pizza was SO DELICIOUS!!! It was hot, fresh, and won the hearts of my family and I! It was thin crust and cut in squares, my fave! The sandwiches were HUGE and NOT lacking ANY cheese! Usually, restaurants kinda lack in the cheese department, but not here! WOW were they great!! I HIGHLY recommend the chicken cordon bleu sandwich! EVERY bite was DELICIOUS! And the potato wedges were hot, fresh, and cooked to perfection. As we were enjoying EVERYTHING, the man behind the counter came out to see how everything was. We gave him GREAT reviews! He proceeded to offer us a free beverage for our patronage. WOW!! GREAT service, AMAZING food, ROCK STAR treatment, yeah, I'LL BE BACK MANY TIMES!!! Thanks American Pie Pizza!!!!! ~Znatas~ Pros: FAST, friendly, enthousiastic staff, and GREAT service!! Cons: Really can't think of any, had a GREAT experience! more

Great pizza, bad employees 3/8/2010

This was our second time at American Pie tonight. Our family is quite large (7 people including a toddler) and we were trying to find a good pizza place instead of Little Caesar's, Pizza Hut or Dominos. The first pizza we got there was fantastic. Me and my husband got it for the kids and then thought we should have gotten another one. Tonight we went up there to pick up our pizzas (3 to be exact and they were fairly cheap, a special for $8.99 for a 2-topping large pizza.) Me and my husband had roughly $4.93 in quarters we wanted to get rid of in addition to $30 in cash. Not a problem I would not think. The first employee, I would say is around 16-years-old, not a problem; however, she did not know how to count the money and give us the proper change back. She then proceeds to go get another employee/manager and he shook his head like she was dump and then proceeded to tell us that he had enough change in the register and that he'd take the $30. Me and my husband looked at each other like seriously, you do not want to take the change. I can understand if we were giving them all pennies but then my husband said I did not know that it was problem to take change. He laughed like he had no idea what we were talking about. I had to walk out because I was just done at that point. Ironically, when we went to Walgreen's, they did not seem to have a problem taking $4.00 in quarters. My husband said we'll give them another chance but if we receive the same terrible customer service, we will not be back as customers. Pros: Great pizza, I can't speak about the other food Cons: Terrible customer service more

These other guys are nuts! 3/3/2010

I unlike many of the others on here LOVE American Pie. For one they are always open and for two they always deliver my pizza promptly so I can feed my belly. I have never tried any of the menu items besides pizza (with exception of their delicious cheese curds) but the pizza speaks for itself. Lots of cheese, great toppings good sauce. My personal favorite is the gourmet. It is a little different from traditional pizza but it is simply divine! American pie has many different unique styles of pizza such as the ruben, the 494 and the philly. All of them are awesome there standard pizzas are also quite delicious. Perhaps the other reviewers wanted something crappy and generic like the national chains offer if you want that don't order from here. If you want 3 really bad pizzas for 5$ each then call dominoes. If you want 1 really good pizza for 15$ call American Pie! Pros: Awesome hours, great pizza, fast delivery Cons: too diverse of a menu? a little pricy but worth it more

manager should be fired and you should not eat here 11/28/2009

I ordered a pizza with mushrooms sausage tomatoes ham and canadian bacon and when it was delivered it was not the right pizza. so i called the pizza place and had told them about it and they said they would send me a new one and to givve back the one they gave me. i aske if thy were going to refund the pizza or include something for graditude . well the manager got on the phone and goes so u want something free all mean . i said no but think that it is proper since yall made the mistake. he then starts yelling at me and i call him out you are the freaking manager and your yelling at me saying i deal with people like you every day.. escuse me people like me? then he says we are not going to deliver to you any more. ok im not going to ever order from you so your lose not mine .. i do customer service everyday and ido a better job then he as manager, over priced , dont go here due to poor service and horrible management. he said he would credit my card but we will see for some reason i dont believe him Pros: does not desereve a star Cons: DONT GO HERE BROADWAY IS BETTER more

Okay 8/14/2009

We work close by, so I called them and they had a large 1 topping for $10 if I picked it up. It was hot and fresh, but not much better than frozen pizza in my opinion. Pros: Pickup for lunch is cheap Cons: Food is just average more

no good 8/10/2009

I had a gift certificate with no expiration on it which they refused to honor. Cons: seemed way over priced more

The Plain Truth 12/12/2008

Regarding ""stom2001""'s review; I'm thinking there had to be a lot of drinking going on for 50 people to be that satisfied. It just doesn't happen anywhere, no matter how good the restaurant, which American Pie is not. Must be a manager trying to pad the reviews. Read the rest. Not one person I've spoken to that has eaten there agrees. If you look at the menu you can see for yourself that for the type restaurant they ARE overpriced. The food is at best o.k., at worst, downright inedible. Delivery time is consistently ridiculously long. I work at a hotel, and my guests order from there after everyone else is closed, so I get a lot of feedback. The only positive I can see is their hours. I have personally tried their pizza, broiled chicken, and a couple appetizers. The chicken was good, pizza very substandard ( I hear that a lot from guests}, the appetizers just edible. One last note, I actually frequently have guests suggest I warn others about the pricing, charge for delivery, and quality ( lack thereof ) before they order . Thats the truth, take it for what it's worth to you. Pros: Open later than most. Cons: Everything else. more

WAAAYYY to Expensive 4/21/2008

This place is right by our house and open late which is why we've ordered from there. They were always slighly expensive and there delievry takes FOREVER but the food is ok. However they have now raised ALL of their prices by OVER A DOLLAR. I started to order 2 cheeseburgers but once I was told my total - over $21 dollars - I canceled. $21 dollars for just 2 cheeseburgers. No drinks, no tip just the burgers. And their food isn't excellent or anything - just ok. Ridiculous. I can honestly say I will never order from them again. If your going to spend that kind of money on food you might as well go out. Pros: Open late Cons: PRICEY, slow delievery, more


We had a group of over 50 people and EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE was happy! We ordered many different items from the extensive menu and no one had a complaint in the world. Excellant quality, hot food and prompt service. Pros: The food quality, the service and the hours of operation Cons: NONE! more

Good food, if you get it hot and it's not way overpriced! 9/14/2007

Looking for late night food my friends and I stumbled upon these guys! There menu looked awesome and they are open way late. The first time we got food from them it was good! I was happy to order again, but now we have ordered from them a few times and out of the 5 or 6 times we order I would say 1/2 the time the food is not hot or your order is incorrect. I did call in once to complain, we ordered 24 wings and the driver delivered them to the wrong house, and our Large pepperoni pizza was cold and did not have more than 12 pieces of meat on it, I was promised a free large pizza to be mailed to me, but it never arrived :( I have ordered since then and it has never really rated better than below average... Call Cassetta's! Pros: deliver until 3 or 4 AM Cons: mediochre food at best and really expensive more

The worst pizza place ever in my life 9/4/2007

Oh..I ordered a 10"" pizza and 24 wings....crap. pizza was like a cracker crust. Wings were dry and had no blue cheese or ranch. cost $28.45 plus tip+$30. more

smallest portions for the price ever 12/15/2006

Don't order the shrimp cocktail, and don't get delivery. They charge way to much for both. Very dissappointed about the food quality and portions. 15 shrimp = 11 of the tiniest shrimp. I won't ever return:( Pros: haven't found any sorry:( Cons: food, price more
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  • Pizza parlor and grill also delivers items from their large menu which includes burgers, pasta, sandwiches and, of course, pizza pies.

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