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American Dream Pizza - 58 Reviews - 4620 Ne Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213, Portland, OR - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (503) 230-0699

American Dream Pizza

4620 Ne Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 230-0699
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American Dream Pizza - Portland, OR
American Dream Pizza - Portland, OR
American Dream Pizza - Portland, OR
American Dream Pizza - Portland, OR


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I don't get why everyone says the people here are jerks, what do you expect? Do you want them to talk to you in a nice, calm and quiet voice while there's noise all around? I don'...


I used to go to this location for a pie quite frequently, but now with the service that talks down to you and makes you feel like the you are bothering them to order a pie. I will...



PLEASE don't reward their horrible attitude! 7/31/2011

I have been trying to give this place another chance for 2 years! I work in the service industry, and can empathize with ALOT, but when I asked to speak to a manager tonight, I truly thought it was a JOKE because he was so disinterested and combative. I have never written a bad review, or ANY review before! I set up an account strictly because I was so offended by the way I was treated tonight and the way I have been treated on the phone every time I have tried to order this pizza! Where is the owner and do they even care? Don't bother exposing yourself to abuse. more

don't waste your money or time. 6/7/2011

If I could have given this place a no stars rating I would have. Not only are the employees rude and tactless, (one guy actually rolled his eyes at me when I pointed out he hadn't given me all of my change back). But the pizza was so greasy, by the time I got it home the box was soaked. Normally, I would have taken it back and asked for a refund but I just couldn't stand the idea of dealing with the hipster jerks that work there. It was a soggy mess so we could only eat the toppings, yet still, all three of us ended up with stomache aches. NEVER AGAIN! Do yourself and your family a favor and spend your hard earned money somewhere else. more


This American Dream Pizza was the best place to come when there were two of the nicest Asian gentlemen were managed this place, until they both left years ago then this place turned many loyal customers away included our friends and families away and NEVER come back again because of the new management crews that did not how to run this pizza place liked others!! We wish the owner hire them back so they can turn this back into a REAL AMERICAN DREAM PIZZA place for family fun lunch and dinner. May be a big mistake to let other gentlemen go?? more

Terrible!!! 10/16/2010

Unfortunately over the past year or so this place has become intolerable which is sad because the pizza is actually quite tasty. So here's the deal-the staff always acts like you are bugging them, they get mad at you if you ask for a togo cup if you plan on staying for more than a minute, the bathroom is DISGUSTING, and it takes at least a half hour to get a slice of pizza during lunch. As if that wasn't enough, today there was a dead fly in my salad. It was really gross but I was more appalled by the response ""oh yeah, sometimes that happens with lettuce"". No apology, free drink, remorse, nothing! I don't think they thought anything was wrong with serving their customer a fly. Now I am so grossed out I worry about what's slipping into the pizza with an ""oh well"" attitude that I can never go back. I agree with the recommendation- ""don't go there!"" more

The worst service ever! Don't go there! 7/15/2010

This is the worst place ever and I will never return which is unfortunate because I work just down the street. When I went in, I asked male hippie staff how long it would take for a personal ""slice"" pizza. Male hippe staff with beard told me it would be 5 minutes. I said 5 minutes really? Male staff told me yes. I ordered my pizza with cheese, artichokes, and fresh tomaotes. I waited while other people ordered pizzas. My order hadn't even been sent to the back yet. I was on lunch and had to return to work in 30 minutes. When I make pizza at home, if the crust is already made and ingredients are ready, it take 10 minutes to bake pizza and then it is done. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, after 30 minutes, I had to ask for my pizza, I was running late from lunch. Male bearded hippie staff did not even look at me as I stood at the counter. A woman came up to me and asked if I needed help. I told her I had ordered a pizza and was waiting for it. She told me it wasn't ready, they were getting it out of the oven. I noticed everyone who ordered after me also had their pizzas in the same oven. That was 5 people! I told her staff had told me it would only take 5 minutes and I had to go. She looked at me and then looked really annoyed. Male bearded hippie staff was taking the pizzas out of the oven. Female staff sliced my pizza put it into a cardboard box and gave it to me. As I got back to work and opened my box, I realized it did not even have the fresh tomatoes I paid for! Why did the staff tell me it would take 5 minutes when it took 30 minutes! I was lied to by staff. What a horrible place, I will never go there and will tell all my coworkers to never go there. Staff acted very rude! It was as if I was imposing on their time and I was customer! Never go there and give them your business. Pros: Average pizza Cons: service, staff, professionalism, more

Such a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/17/2010

I used to be one of American Dreams biggest fans, but am so disappointed at how far down hill the place has gone. I was away from Portland for a couple of years and was surprised to read all the negative reviews, online and by my fellow Prov. employees-certainly not the American Dream joint I remembered. SAdly, since I have returned I can tell that not only are the staff folks too laissez-faire about the job, the orderes are too often messed up. Tonight I picked up two salads to go, a super easy order I would . One salad had rotten artichokes(bleech!) and the other was a ceasar, but only had chicken and lettuce, nothing else including dressing. I am hoping they get in some better management as brings it back to the place it once was. Pros: Easy as I work across the street Cons: really has gone downhill! more

Horrile Experience with Rude Staff 4/10/2010

Worst restaurant I have experienced yet and is the typical display of rude SE Hipsters that give the rest a bad name. We live in the NE Alberta area and have been here for 11 years and have seen this neighborhood change through the years. There are many great restaurants in Portland and there is no room for rude, filthy and overall horrible restaurants. We wanted to try this place for breakfast since we saw that they served it one day when we came in for pizza (which was pretty good) We finally made it in for breakfast since they quit serving it at 11:00 and walked in to see no one inside. The music was really loud and the staff was in the back doing whatever. We sat there for at least 5 minutes before the obviously put out hipster style staff came to help us. He made us feel completely un-welcomed. I asked if they have coffee since that is really what I wanted and he looked at me and said we will make it if you order it and made it sound like that was the worst thing we could have asked for. We ordered our food and went to the table to wait. once we got back to the table my partner realized we were over charged for breakfast. We waited until breakfast was done before saying anything since we didn't want mystery fluids in our food. The staff was that kind of staff. I really wanted my coffee and it had been about 15 minutes since we sat down so i walked up to the counter only to be completely ignored by mr skinny jean hipster with the shaved head and flock of seagulls bangs. I stood there until he grabbed a cup and poured the coffee. I was at least semi happy since i had my caffeine, the food came about 15 minutes later and it was horrible. Mine was so spicy hot that it was gross and I love hot food. The portions were average at best. I had to go back to the counter to get a refill on my coffee then when i asked if I could get more coke for my partner he said in his snotty tone that they don't give out free refills. I thought, funny since you overcharged us for our food. Just as we were getting ready to leave a mother and her young son came in to order a pizza and bad attitude hipster dude was swearing up a storm and throwing things around right there at the counter. My partner went up to the counter to talk about the charging and he was completely put off that she would have the gall to come question him. He admitted he overcharged her and gave us the money back, he never would have given it to us if we didn't ask. Buyers beware, the pizza is not at all worth the attitudes that come with it, they will try to rob you so count up your total. I think it is time to contact the owner and let him know he needs new staff. Cons: staff, attitude, food, service more

One of my fav pizza joints 1/5/2010

I love their crust and the ceaser salad is yummy. I recommend calling in your order to save time. Pros: great prices Cons: parking, not very friendly more

Never know what you are going to get 1/3/2010

At times this is great pizza... that leaves you wanting more. Sometimes like today, it is a 1 star place. Seriously, there was only cheese on the middle 1/3 of the pizza and the sauce was really thin too. There were entire slices with no cheese. I long ago realized that I should avoid Fridays and Saturdays- better quality during the week and now it seems that Sundays are no good either. It is a local place and will likely go back, but I wouldn't drive across town. Pros: Sometimes a home run Cons: inconsistent more

One of the BEST pizza places in town 8/29/2009

I don't get why everyone says the people here are jerks, what do you expect? Do you want them to talk to you in a nice, calm and quiet voice while there's noise all around? I don't get it, just because someone isn't kissing your butt doesn't mean they lack in customer service. I think YOU'RE being sensitive. This is pizza not fine dining. Aside from that.. the pizza is DELICIOUS!! I've only had a ""bad"" experience once or twice of the hundreds of times I've been there through out my life. No one is perfect 100% of the time, you gotta cut people a break. The price is great for all the different combos you can get. I remember when you could draw on the tables with crayons! You guys rock, keep up the work and don't listen to the babies that are complaining. Pros: AWESOME pizza, rad and CASUAL Cons: NONE unless you're an uptight douche more

Delicious Pizza! 7/31/2009

I LOVE the pizza! Usually, I prefer thin crust pizza, but for this place, I can put my usual preferences aside. The sauce is delicious and the prices are reasonable for what you get. I almost never go in to the restaurant, so I can't comment on that experience. Their delivery is reliable and worth the call. Pros: Great food more

The good gone awfully bad 7/7/2009

I used to go to this location for a pie quite frequently, but now with the service that talks down to you and makes you feel like the you are bothering them to order a pie. I will not go back. The last four times I have ordered a delivery pie I have gotten burnt cheese on the bottom of the pizza from the ""customer service minded"" staff not cleaning the ovens. Best of luck if you so choose to order from them. Pros: Decent pie Cons: Bad Service, will not clean the ovens (burnt cheese on pizza more

Raves all the way around... 3/20/2009

by imqz at Menuism Provided by Menuism
Work nearby so have been to several times now and service is always good and food always great! We asre... more

Raves all the way around... 3/20/2009

imqz Provided by Partner
Work nearby so have been to several times now and service is always good and food always great! We asre often in at or just after busy times so th... more

Pizza on an oyster cracker. 10/29/2008

We are from New York and don't expect much from Pizza here in Portland. That being said, there are some different, but tasty pizza options - like Hot Lips and Laurelwood. We came upon American Dream Pizza somewhat randomly. It was crowded and had cool things on the wall so for some reason, we thought that it would be okay. The sauce was good - but the crust was AWFUL!!!! I kept thinking that this must have been mistake. In these economic times, it's just not worth it. more

Bad service, terrible crust, good concept 7/9/2008

I go to this place every once in a while because I like one of their pizzas, the 5th beatle with hazelnuts blue cheese and onions, but as I eat more pizza in town i think i will opt to make my own 5th beatle pizza at home. The crust is awful at this place, they pre roll them and then the dough dries out or something, all in all its a really bad crust. I have never ever ever had anything but borderline rude service here, and it shows, the restaurant is really dirty and there doesn't seem to be much pride from the employees. The prices are way too high for the product. I would look past the service and prices and come here more often if the pizza was better. Pros: I like the 5th beatle pizza... Cons: ...everything but the 5th beatle pizza, bad bad service, bad crust, dirty restaurant more

Good Pie but very greasy 5/6/2008

Great pie, definitely better than most in Portland. And if you have a heart attack from all of the grease you can get to the hospital fast! more

There's some mild potential, but it's bad 4/24/2008

We used to order from this place 2-3 years ago. It was never spectacular, but it was good enough. I moved back into the neighborhood recently and called for a delivery. The guy I talked to was a class-A a**hole - the kind of situation where the customer can't win. You can be as nice as possible, but these jerks have an ax to grind and they'll get their knives in. So I almost hung up on the spot, but I needed pizza. It arrived on time, within 45 minutes. I ordered a salad too. The salad was creased and soggy. Scarcely edible. The pizza itself showed some promise. The sauce had a decent flavor to it (there was potential), but the crust was old and cardboard like. They were generous with the toppings, but that still didn't save this lemon of a pizza. more

Editorial review from GrubHub 4/11/2008

I don't know what that was supposed to be, because it sure as hell wasn't anything like pizza. Cardboard would have been an improvement over the soggy, greasy "crust" this pie came with. And whose dumb idea was it to cut the pie up like a tic-tac-toe board? THAT IS NOT HOW YOU CUT A PIZZA! There are plenty of decent pizza places in Portland- don't waste your money on American Dream. I never will again. more
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    Providence Hospital practitioners and Laurelhurst locals get a kick out of the romper-room color scheme, hand-painted elementary-school chairs and old-style candy dispensers....

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