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Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa

400 W Fairbanks Ave, Ste D
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 628-8558
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Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL
Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa - Winter Park, FL


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I bought a Groupon for the Laser Hair Removal and I am extremely impressed with my results! In total I have spent $598 on all six of my treatments and that included their gratutit...


I attempted to use this provider for six (axillary) laser hair removal treatments in response to a Living Social promo earlier this year. I have not used their other services whi...

Incredible 1/18/2012

I bought a Groupon for the Laser Hair Removal and I am extremely impressed with my results! In total I have spent $598 on all six of my treatments and that included their gratutity. I saved myself $1,202! I couldn't believe that for one session it was $300 and I got 6 for $297. I really hope they come out with another deal soon. At these prices I can afford to have my whole body hair free. Their staff is amazing and they know what they are doing. I will be back not only for the laser treatments but for a long needed facial. more

Terrible and dishonest 1/11/2012

This place is a trap! I bought the Groupon for laser hair removal for $89 and it ended up costing an extra $170 because they charged me a $21.50 tip for each visit AND i paid $40 for some bogus "doctor" to be on location whom I never saw!!! They are crooked for days, and to make matters worse, their technology is outdated so now I still have the hair I paid $260 to have removed. I got my $89 from Groupon but not a penny from the bogus "clinic" and when on my last treatment I told them I didn't see any change in my hair, they tried to sell me another package! They are GARBAGE to be avoided like the plague. more

Keratin Special 11/9/2011

I bought the $99 Keratin Treatment that Amber Skin was offering and I have to say it was the best purchase I have made in a very long time. Their hairstylist, Flor is incredible very sweet, knowlegdable and welcoming. I have really unmangable hair and when Flor finished I was totally amazed! I was told not to wash my hair for 4 days after and when I did it was just as nice. I will be back that is for sure! more

First and Last Time 10/25/2011

I attempted to use this provider for six (axillary) laser hair removal treatments in response to a Living Social promo earlier this year. I have not used their other services which seem to be very good. Past reviewers are correct, they charge a ‘medical consult’ fee. When I was there the form to be signed was a checklist regarding the client’s perception of their own skin type. This is done to appear in compliance with State law which regulates operation of medical devices. The lobby was bustling with new clients in response to the promo and an unidentified male (from “Corporate”) was circulating the room collecting the ‘medical consult’ forms. The spa may have a professional affiliation with a doctor, but there was no actual exam by a dermatologist. Laser treatments were administered without a lidocaine -type topical anesthetic. What was claimed to be an aloe vera gel was applied immediately before treatment. The laser pulses were almost unnoticeable unlike other effective treatments I’ve had with lidocaine-based anesthetics. Based on my observation, a low pulse setting was used. Not surprisingly, most if not all of the dark, non-graying hair in the treated areas returned. I also requested specific areas be focused on due to areas starting to gray which would not respond to the laser. She refused to do so, stating she had to do the 'entire' area. This was suspect as unpigmented hair follicles respond poorly to laser treatment. After each treatment the front desk employee added an exorbitant 'tip' (approx. 10% of the total package fee) to the 3 minute session (not disclosed in the Living Social promo), and tried to charge duplicate tax on the full cost of the package. Note that the tax on packages was collected, along with the ‘medical’ fee, prior to the initial treatment. Amber Skin Spa has the equipment to perform effective laser hair removal treatments - when they elect to do so. Use caution and stay alert if you decide to use this facility. more


The Absolute BEST Place for Laser Hair Removal!!!! I take laser hair removal verrry seriously which is why I have done a ton of research on laser companies in ORLANDO... Amber Skin Laser Center is the BEST, They have extremely affordable prices which are on their website and the tree therapist are Great !!! Alla, Erin and Viviana, are CERTIFIED and have done over 3000 laser hair removal treatments between the tree of them... Experience is KEY when you are getting something like this done. I have had about 4 laser hair removal sessions on my legs and Brazilian, I would say about 75% of my hair is gone.. These girls are extremely professional and they know what they're doing! more

SO Disappointed 9/13/2011

I like most people bought a groupon for a brazilian laser hair removal. Now i had been to many other offices and done consultations for this removal and when I saw the groupon I had to have it. Ok when I went in for my first visit I was really excited but then after the service they say that you have to pay a $40 doc office fee and then you are required to pay $43.50 per visit extra. I was completely taken back because on top of the $297 i was goin to have to pay an extra $301. To me that is CRAZY. thats more than i paid for the groupon itself. Then they want you to tip on top of that. Ok so i went through with all the treatments because I figured that it was still cheaper than any of the other spas. well 6 treatments later i still have hair and then they offered me to buy the same package again for like $657. WTF..... you cant be serious. I might as well have went to a reputable laser hair removal clinic. not to mention she had the laser too high and burnt me on two different occasions.. wouldn't recommend at all. more

HIDDEN FEES-- robbery 6/30/2011

I bought a livingsocial for Amber Skin and unfortunately regret ever buying it and ever stepping foot there. I have been to many medical spas and have never been asked to pay a one time $40 dr fee, in case something happens after my treatments. I mentioned this was not in the livingsocial certificate and they didn't care. It was very awkward. And they also wanted $21 for a tip for each visit. Thankfully she didn't force me to pay the $21 since it wasn't listed on the livingsocial paper I had. Funny how they mention this to you after you receive your treatment. And they ask you to sign a paper agreeing to pay a tip each time you visit. No problem. I always tip very well but I don't like that I had to pay upfront in case the service I receive is not satisfactory. Unlike most spas when you leave, I didn't feel great at all when I walked out. I felt like I was robbed and not informed. It's not my problem they didn't list their fees in the livingsocial site, I almost feel like they added those fees on just to steal more money from innocent spa lovers. Oh, and to top it off I waited an HOUR after my appointment to see the lady. Very unprofessional. Not a great first experience. I recommend going to a plastic surgeons office and having treatments done. At least their professional and don't try to nickel and dime you. more

Buyer Beware!!! 5/22/2011

My husband bought me services at this spa for a gift through Groupon. I was very excited to see that the spa offered a variety of services, including laser hair removal. On my first visit I was asked to sign a bunch of papers, including an agreement for a tip, based upon the total value of services rendered. I objected to signing this agreement, as a "tip" is something you give AFTER services are given, if you are satisfied with the services. Plus, no where in the Groupon did it say "tips" are added to the cost of services. The owner refused to give me the services I had paid for totaling $545 unless I would pay the "tip" of $66 or sign the agreement to pay this after the services. I refused and they refused service. Judge for yourself, but there are a lot of nice spa's out there and I choose to do business with honest people. more

I wouldn't go anywhere in Orlando - Winter Park 5/2/2011

This continues to be my top choice for all my skin care needs. From Botox to IPL photo rejuvenation to the amazing Vitamin C Facial and her lovely ladies know what they are doing. Exceptional service, obviously well trained and educated, and the location can't be beat. Perfect day off outting. Very much the top in their fields. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Orlando. Thanks again Amber Skin and Laser Clinic! more

My favorite place to go! 4/30/2011

My husband bought me a gift card to the spa for christmas.I am so glad he found this spa because it is the best and have been going ever since. The girls are so nice, atmosphere is tranquil which is exactly the treat I need after my crazy work week. I get my nails done with Jenifer she is sweet and great to talk to. I love the complementary wine too! Their nail treatment "Shellac" as opposed to regular polish makes my nails last for 2 weeks looking perfect. Now my husband knows the perfect gift to get me (: more

Tremendous Deal, beautiful and peaceful. 4/28/2011

I purchased a set of Groupons to get some laser hair removal done. They sold a tremendous amount but still managed to get me in for a consultation rather quickly. Vivian and Alli they such a dolls and went out of her way to explain things to me at the outset. I went in for treatments and the spa was amazing!!! It is beautiful and peaceful. All the employees were so sweet. I was treated very well and watched as everyone that entered was taken care of amazingly. I feel very comfortable having this procedure done at the Amber Skin in Winter Park , they made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this spa for his professionalism and courteousness! Great love it !! more

Amazing extremely professional !!! 4/26/2011

This is spa is AMAZING! I had my first completely Brazilian Laser Hair removal here and it was quick and thorough. My technician, Vivianna, was extremely professional and friendly. Also, she consistently asked me how I was feeling and kept me at ease throughout the whole process. I highly recommend this salon! Remember to ask for Vivianna! more

Laser hair 4/23/2011

I just went in for my 3rd visit & am already seeing results! I am really excited to never have to wax or shave again. I feel so relaxed and comfortable with therapist Alla. She's wonderful she answers all the questions I have. I liked it so much i recommended my mother and sister to the spa. more


I purchased the Groupon six laser hair removal treatments at Amber Skin Clinic & Day Spa in Winter Park, Florida. My friend also purchased one for me as a gift. After I received my first laser treatment, the receptionist staff harassed me about leaving a $32.50 tip for the service. They went on to say that I’m required to pay that amount for each of my six visits. I was literally outrage because nowhere in the Groupon did it state a mandatory tip of $32.50 per visit for a $178 service. When the staff realized that I wasn’t going to pay the $32.50, they stated that I can tip at my discretion. I returned for my 2nd treatment today and the lady that performed my laser treatment started harassing me regarding not leaving a $32.50 tip last month during my treatment. She was very rude, unprofessional, and argumentative and stated that I have to leave a $32.50 tip. When I told her that I wasn’t going to leave a $32.50, she rushed me out of the treatment room stating that she will never do a Groupon again. She didn’t even complete my treatments. She opened the door while I was still half-dressed and someone was standing in the receptionist area looking at me with my shirt off. This is the most horrible service that I have ever experience in my life. It’s completely unreasonable to mandate a $195 tip on a $178 service. Gratuity is a tip for services rendered and is at your discretion based on the level of service, it’s not mandatory. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS UNPROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SCAM. I WILL LIKE MY $178 DOLLARS BACK FROM THIS GROUPON. more

Saving so much money on laser!! 3/23/2011

I've been wanting to get laser on legs since I had first heard about it. I hate shaving. When I saw this on Groupon I was exstatic to get it done. The $40 doctor was stated on my groupon and understand if a complication happens I have that security of seeing the doctor. They explained to me about the spa service&gratuity cost which for my treatment is 66.50 every time i come in. Which is gratuity off the original price. I was totally fine with it because other groupon offers for resturants and other things have done the same thing. And on my groupon It did say gratuity and tax not included so it is stated and also stated on their front desk. I have saved over $1,900 dollars off their original cost by doing groupon and $2,000-4,000 from other laser centers i was looking into. So I am super happy with the price and the way I am treated there. I was scared Laser would hurt but the kind they have you can barely feel. I hope they do another deal so that I can get more areas done. All my friends are jealous that I don't have to shave anymore and can't wait till they get their's done. more


DO NOT GIVE THESE SCAM ARTISTS YOUR MONEY! Take your business elsewhere. I purchased the Groupon for laser hair removal and NO WHERE did it say anything about mandatory gratuity. Upon arrival at the salon they tell you there is a $40 "Doctor's fee" (there is not Doctor in sight) and there is a mandatory gratuity per treatment. I paid $43.50 in gratuity, for 1 treatment of 3 small areas! That is half the cost of the treatment! 50% tip is completely ridiculous and unethical. Last time I checked gratuity was a tip for services rendered and is at your discretion based on the level of service. They may have advertised a bargain on laser hair removal but they are getting their money from you another way that they did not advertise. Viviana and her husband should be put out of business for their unethical business practices. Please DO NOT SUPPORT THIS DISHONEST BUSINESSES! more

SCAM ARTISTS 2/27/2011

Purchased 2- 6 laser treatments through Groupon for $89 each. One for me one as a gift. Used it for the first time and they told me there is a mandatory $21.50 gratuity each treatment. So the gift I gave is now going to cost my friend $129. I have contacted groupon to see if they can do anything. The tip is more than the treatment. I don't think I've ever give a 100% tip before..This is a scam, it's half off up front and then they get the remainder when you come in. more

Warning about laster treatments 2/25/2011

I had a full face laster removal treatment today. I too used a Groupon coupon. Vivianne was very nice but i felt kind of rushed. They first give you a 5 page pamphlet to sign and initial about the negative side effects, but they never go through them with you. When on the table she put some goggles on me and said laser can hurt the eyes and goggles are needed. Ok, no problem. But it is now seven hours later and my right eye is blotch red. Not sure if capillaries ruptured or if this is more serious. i also have some aching in the eye. i will post recovery or worsening updates tomorrow. BEWARE LADIES more

Disappointed 2/7/2011

I had purchased the laser treatment special on living social then I spoke with some friends and realized that it's going to take more than 6 sessions to get rid of the hair so I decided to get something else instead. They allowed me to apply the credit towards something else which I feel was very professional and made me happy. So I went in for a microdermabrasion. I've never had one before and I had no idea what was coming next. I felt uneasy during the facial since I had brushes lasers and sanders that were coming at me. I felt it was a little rushed and I feel Viviana could of told me what to expect before putting things on my face. When she wipes your skin she wipes in a downward motion rather than up. She was a pretty rough on my skin. I've had several facials and even though this wasnt terrible it was the worst I've ever had. Although everyone was pleasant I didnt enjoy the facial. more

Dishonest Business 1/29/2011

Bought a laser hair removal package through LivingSocial (they had the same one about 2 weeks later on Groupon too). When in for my appointment and I was presented with a spread sheet of all the additional fees I was to pay, which increased the cost of what I had already purchased by almost another 50%. Since this was not advertised and is not allowed by LivingSocial, I was able to contact them for a refund. They are trying to run a scam for discounted services to get people in the door and then milk them out of as much money as they can. more
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  • Spa devotes itself to making its clients' look and feel as beautiful as possible, focusing on the skin.

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