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Amadeus Manor - 31 Reviews - 2122 SE Sparrow St, Portland, OR - Romantic Dining Reviews - Phone (503) 659-1735

Amadeus Manor

2122 SE Sparrow St
Portland, OR 97222
(503) 659-1735
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Amadeus Manor - Portland, OR
Amadeus Manor - Portland, OR
Amadeus Manor - Portland, OR


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This place is truly wonderful, we enjoyed the old world charm of this beautiful home now converted into a Restaurant. We were greeted by the owner who was very sweet, and our ser...


We went there for our anniverary dinner at the end of September. We were seated at 6:30 pm on a Friday evening. I wanted the duck on the menu, but it was already sold out that e...

Amazing experience here! 11/26/2011

This place is truly wonderful, we enjoyed the old world charm of this beautiful home now converted into a Restaurant. We were greeted by the owner who was very sweet, and our server Jason was possibly one of the best waiter's in Portland. The food was truly spectacular and was paired with an excellent pinot noir, we were also given a tour of the place which made our evening even that more special. I will definitely come back here again, it was a very memorable, fun experience! more

Better service and food at McDonalds! 11/4/2011

I want to start off saying, this place does have a unique setting and beautiful view. However, it is owned by the wrong person! It needs someone that can actually talk to people and not bark at them. She is rude and confrontational if there is anything you ""don't"" like about your service or meal. DON'T DARE give her suggestions or ask for something different! more

The most generous soul around 8/27/2011

Could I be gushing with thanks? Yeah.. you could say that. My first experience with Cristiana, the owner of Amadeus Manor, was over the phone. Her thick accent and enthusiam for meeting me left me wondering if this was a put on, Nobody is that nice.Nobody is this accommodating. For several weeks prior, I had been trying to hunt down an intimate, yet affordable venue to have my wedding and small reception. I had been hit hard with the lack of enthusiasm most venues demonstrated after telling them it was a small affair, with maybe 50 guests in attendance. Cristiana was a completely different experience altogether. She made every detail of our needs as though they were her own. She invited us to join her for a meet and greet on a lazy sunday afternoon. She had just finished serving her brunch crowd, and had barely time to relax when this leery couple comes strolling into the almost vacant restaurant. She was having her quiet time before the dinner crowd came in. Without hesitation, she invited us in, and seated us at a table overlooking the Wilamette river,excused herself and within minutes cmae to the table with a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers from her garden. She sat with us, asking us over and over if she could get us someting to drink, maybe try some schnitzel? So after her insisting, we were delighted to be the guests of the hour, being treated to a glass of wine and samplings of her best fare. When we offerred to pay, as no bill was presented, she scoffed at the gesture and hugged us both and asked if we would come back again to have brunch and bring the parents along. After promising to come back the next weekend and finalize the wedding plans, she thanked us profusely and sent us home with a bottle of the bubbly to celebrate the upcoming nuptuals, that she would be putting together for us in less than a month. The next week we came for the brunch and brought along my fiance's parents. The place was very busy, and yet her instant recognition of us made us feel right at home. She sat with us, laughed with us, fed us, brought out some albums of past weddings she put together. She shared all that she had with us, while stepping away and greeting her other guests with such kindness and warmth. When we left that day, everyone was hugging and laughing and looking forward to the day we would marry at her special peice of heaven. When I arrived to Amadeus Manor on the day of my wedding, everything was more than I had anticipated. Fthe layout of the appetizers dowm to the buffet after the ceremony the food was spectacular. But what made the event even more special for me was that I knew in my heart she cared about our small group of friends and family. She greeted everyone and she made sure every detail was, as she would say,""Perfect!"" Have a unique experience and find yourself wondering if you just stepped back in time where people count and food taste like it's made with love. Treat yourself to the hospitality and care that Cristiana and her staff have waiting for you. I will never regret picking up that phone and meeting her for the first time. more

Best Schnitizel in Portland Area 6/11/2011

My husbankd and I celebrated our first year anniversary here. We wanted a special and intimate atmosphere. He called ahead to ensure the chef made our favorite entrees. We savored each bite of the wonderful schnitizel as we remembered our honeymoon in Vienna. The staff and owner were friendly, outgoing, and engaging. If you are looking to propose or celebrate an anniversary, I would highly recommend Amadeus. Thank you for making our day extra special!! more

Disappointed in Mother's Day Brunch 5/9/2011

I deliberately selected Amadeus Manor because of its gorgeous setting, and past, positive dining experiences, both at the Manor and at the former Lake Oswego location. My son and his wife joined us from Seattle, and because my daughter-in-in law is a Vegan, I had called ahead and spoke to the owner be sure she would find some adequate choices. Soggy, limp mashed potatoes, and sliced melon and wilted salad didn't seem to live up to my expectations as good choices for her. Since this was a Mother's Day Brunch, I expected more than cold scrambled eggs, bland chicken, ham and tough roast beef as entrees. There wasn't even a fish choice. All the food was presented in the same bland color with no thought to presentation.Since the owner is Austrian, I was expecting some delicious pastries for dessert. Yes, the bread pudding was probably the best part of the meal, but no other choices for a brunch? When we asked for a sugar substitute for our coffee, the waitress could only locate ONE PACKET in the entire restaurant. Obviously, a person who is a diabetic would not want to eat here! The quality of the food; the lack of presentation; the lack of variety of the food, and the extremely slow service did not justify the cost of the brunch. Not even the coffee or orange juice was included in the price. Since Amadeus Manor is such an unusually beautiful location in an historic, European ambiance, it would be wonderful if Ms Poppemeirer would raise the quality of her food to match the quality of her restaurant's locale. more

Terrible Mother's Day Brunch 5/9/2011

My family and i were so disappointed with the service, the chairs (old fallen folding chairs!), and the small food choices! We will never go back there again. more

B- for Mother's Day Brunch 5/8/2011

Went to Amadeus Manor in Milwaukie, OR today for Mother's Day brunch. Got there about 10:45am (with a reservation) Price $22, beverages not included (coffee, juice $4) Food Taste: A Food Selection: A- (3 meats, potatoes, green salad, fruit, and eggs. Carmel bananas and bread pudding for dessert. A few more breakfast options would have been nice for Brunch.) Seating: D Service: C (good, but understaffed) Cleanliness: D- Atmosphere: C Baby friendliness: B Price: C (overpriced for what was included) Overall: B- more

Almost too angry to write this review... almost 1/21/2011

I created an account on Citysearch JUST to write this review. I never have written a review but felt this was just too important. I am only writing this to give warning to any poor sap like me that decides to try this restaurant. I still cannot believe this place can exist and still be in business with what my wife and I experienced here. Made reservation for a window seat, got a back room closet. The waitress was your typical rude high schooler that would rather be out at a rave or something and it showed. We were ignored for what seems to be the standard for this place (20 minutes) then once we finally ordered after having to ask for water twice, it took 2 HOURS to get our meals. Although the food was extremely expensive, it was HORRIFIC. Now here is the scary part... It literally looked like they took the un-eaten leftovers from other plates and put them together on to our plates! There were bits of food items from other items on the menu in our mashed potatoes! there was a small corner of bread that looked like it had a bite out of it at the BOTTOM of my wife's salad! I took ONE bite of the mashed potatoes and got SAND! I almost threw up, and we immediately without further hesitation left the building. There were more things I could list but it would just be redundant to the other bad reviews but this is the gist of what we experienced. If this isn't enough to convince you then I don't know what will more

Instant mashed potatoes for $38!! 8/25/2010

The food here is atrocious, I couldn't even get mine down. Everything is obviously frozen and then overcooked, and unbelievebly enough - the mashed potato is instant! With the 5 star prices they are charging you wouldn't think they would dare! The oysters were gritty and loaded with sand, the fish smelled bad and was cooked to mush, and our cold drinks were served warm on a very hot day. The plates were chipped and the dining room looked musty and dated - the whole experience was like stepping back in time to the 80's. All of the other customers were senior citizens - I guess because over cooked mush and instant potatoes are o.k. on false teeth. more

Our 40th Anniversary 8/16/2010

It was a beautiful evening with a choice of a window seat or a table on the patio. We chose the outside setting and were not disappointed, the view was terrific and we felt like we were in Europe. It was a very special evening and we were not about to rush our dinner and Christina sensed that. From our bread to our spinach salad to the sorbet and then our main course it was magical for us and a night we will long remember. Next time I will take some home as I was stuffed but it was so good. I do not eat cauliflower but I did and it was so delicious! more

GREAT 25th Anniversary Dinner!!! 5/28/2010

WOW! Pros: Very friendly, Classic Austrian atmosphere,great food Cons: Hidden Gem, parking awkward more

Mother's Day Brunch 2010 5/9/2010

I was very disappointed with this place ! Brunch Menu was @ $22.00 per person; Absolutely NO Service of any kind at all..Very unorganized .. Had to BEG workers for Water or anything needed. Coffee was (Cold) & extra @ $3.00 which should have been included in the Brunch price. I will not recommend this place to anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the owner reads this... Pros: Good looking Stone House Restaurant with view. Cons: Very BAD Service; Expensive for what they offer ! more

Very Disappointed 5/9/2010

The old stone house and the lovely setting transport you to Europe. However, once seated, there was a loud fight in the kitchen with screaming and yelling that could be heard all through the restaurant. It was very unprofessional. At the Sunday Brunch, the ice cream at the buffet was completely melted (was not kept on ice), and did not get refilled in a timely manner. The eggs benedict were not poached but scrambled. The food was nothing special. The servers were stretched beyond their capacity and although they were doing their best, they simply did not have the staff to accomodate the guests. It is a beautiful setting, but neither the food nor the service justify the price. Pros: Lovely location Cons: Slow and Unprepared more

European Elegance 3/26/2010

The delicious food and the kind reception has encouraged us to return many times and to bring our family and friends. Be prepared to relax and enjoy the surroundings of this incomparable mansion overlooking the Willamette River. Yes sometimes because of an unusually busy evening we have waited for our dinner, however, it has always been a memorable repast! It is like enjoying a dinner in Vienna without the long journey. Pros: Superb cuisine, sincere hospitality outstanding river view Cons: A bit of a grade to the entrance but worth it! more


Like most of these bad reviews, we had a very similar experience. After being forgotten in the first place, the owner apologized and said she thought someone else had taken our order. But then she repeatedly seemed to forget what we had ordered and offered us dessert right after our salads. Then she tried to cover that up by saying some people like to see the dessert menu to plan ahead. She kept forgetting, and we were offered sorbet 3 times after this. Meanwhile, she took away our bread that we hadn't even touched yet, and we weren't served our main course until an hour later! My $39!!! salmon was so fishy and ordinary I only took a few bites (which was about half it was so small) and my husband's steak was covered in a sauce that seemed to be made out of Karo syrup. Another 1/2 hour of waiting after we ate what we could of our dinners, we were finishing off the bread we were still so hungry and then some other waiter came and took our plates (don't do that when someone's mid-bite, even if it is just bread) and the owner was never to be seen again. At 9 the piano player stopped playing and it took someone 10 minutes to realize maybe they should turn some music on. I was charged for 3 glasses of wine even though I only ordered two, and the 2nd one came about half full where it was before and had someone else's lipstick on it. The whole night was so ridiculous I was almost in tears and by then didn't have the strength to try to fight. We thought maybe we were on Candid Camera it was so bad from start to finish. NEVER go here. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy. Cons: Random, slow service, overpriced, below-average food more

Yuck 1/2/2010

could'nt pay me to eat there again Pros: lovely setting Cons: Owner (Kris) is rude and arrogant more

Bridal Party at Amadeus 10/30/2009

Our friends are regulars at the Amadeus Restaurant and recommended it for our daughter?s upcoming wedding reception, which took place a couple of weeks ago. Aside from the beautiful, romantic setting our friends and out of town guests raved about the food and all of us were well taken care of by the owner (I think her name was Christina) and her staff. We highly recommend the Amadeus Manor to anyone to any event, you will not be disappointed. Pros: Wonderful atmosphere more

disappointing 8/11/2009

When I called for reservations, Kristina was effusive in persuading me to book for my husband's birthday! --complimentary champagne, window table, excellent meal, etc etc. When we arrived no one greeted us and after waiting 15 min a server finally tried seating us at a non-window table. I reminded him of what we were promised when we booked and he finally showed us to a lovely table. When he finally came to take our order, I reminded him of the champagne offer and it came right away. Later we got water and bread. It was obvious only 2 of them were serving the whole room and maybe cooking as well? who knows! Eventually our order was taken and the food was very good! When we finished after a leisurely meal, we would have ordered dessert and coffee but after waiting a half hour for them to return and clear the table we'd lost interest in dessert. We offered our credit card which the owner took. Later the server brought a hand written bill which wasn't itemized and which we couldn't read [without the credit card]. It clearly wasn't correct and the champagne was not complimentary. Sadly by then we just wanted to leave and didn't even have the energy to complain. The whole experience took two hours [no appetizers, no salads, no dessert and no coffee]. That's the second bad experience there [the other was brunch a few years ago. Maybe I'm just a slow learner, but I'll not go there again and I'll certainly not recommend it to friends. Pros: beautiful old manor & view of Willamette Cons: very poor service more

Fabulous Wedding Reception 4/10/2009

Thank you for making my Daughters Wedding Reception such a memorable Event. Our out of town Guests were delighted with the Ambiance, Setting and the View of the Willamette River. The Food was delicious and presented beautifully. Owner Christina Poppmeier was very accommodating to all our needs. The Amadeus Manor is a Place we will revisit and celebrate the Memories year after year. Pros: Atmosphere more

High Priced Arrogance 10/30/2008

I had a gift certificate and a coupon for a (supposedly) very lovely restaurant! Finally my husband and I could actually have that romantic date we really needed! I?m no stranger to fine dining but we?re on a tight budget now since the kids. more
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  • Welcome to Amadeus Manor, the restaurant that caters to classical cuisine. Here you will find traditional cooking and some fresh interpretations of old favorites as well. Whether you're coming in for a special occasion, or simply stopping by for a drink over the Willamette, come and enjoy our classic, romantic setting enriched with glorious Persian rugs and antiques with lilies on every table. We have individual rooms and larger dining areas to beautifully accommodate weddings, rehearsal dinners or any special event on your calendar. At the manor, you will certainly enjoy the magnificent view of the Willamette River Valley as you dine alongside one of our 4 stone fireplaces.


  • Austrian fine-dining in a former mansion; offers intimate private seating and banquet accommodations. Sunday brunch available.

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    Tue-Sat 5pm-10pm Sun 10am-2pm, 5pm-10pm
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