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Alta View Animal Hospital - 62 Reviews - 690 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (650) 948-1021

Alta View Animal Hospital

690 Showers Dr
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 948-1021
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Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA
Alta View Animal Hospital - Mountain View, CA


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We have taken our little dogs to this vet for regular checkups and a few small special issues. We have dealt with both vets who are very professional.\r \r The receptionists ar...


I'm used to seeing Dr. Cameron in Sunnyvale whose clinic I highly recommend and will continue using...\r \r ...however I wanted to get a rabies vaccination for my cat during the...

Our long time vet 7/2/2014

We have taken our little dogs to this vet for regular checkups and a few small special issues. We have dealt with both vets who are very professional.\r \r The receptionists are always nice to us and our dogs. The care we have received is always good but we have not had any major issues with our dog so far. The exams are always thorough and the care is holistic not just about charging things. For example, when are dog went in for a skin rash, the vet first asked about possible sources for the allergic reaction and then prescribed an anti-histamine and lotion. We were able to resolve that issue easily with his help.\r \r We've also been able to get appointments on short notice. more

Thank You 4/11/2013

My dear Snow became very ill and I had to do what was best for him, at 18 years of age, he lived a happy, cared for and beautiful life. And when the time came for that very difficult decision to be made Alta View Animal Hospital was there for me one more time. They treated the situation with respect, gave me my time with Snow and though I could not bear being with him at that final moment, I was reassured that he was treated with the up most respect and dignity. They made one of the most difficult times in my life a little easier for me to bare. I opted for private cremation for him and received in in the most beautiful wooden box with his name engraved in a brass plate on the box, they also included a paw print on clay, very touching. So he sits here in my shelf, I still can touch his case and know he is nearby. \r \r For my next pet and when that times comes, I will definitely make him or her part of the care team at Alta View Animal Hospital. \r \r Thank you for being so caring. more

my only vet 3/21/2013

I've been taking my pets to this veterinarian since 2005. I have never been to a veterinary clinic that had a more welcoming and caring staff. The prices are reasonable (I've checked around and all the places in this area cost about the same.) But, even if this place was double the cost, I would still use them. I love my pets and I love that they enjoy going into this clinic and don't ever seem to be afraid. And Dr Ghumman is so knowledgeable and never do any treatment without getting my approval first. They treat me like a family member, and not just a number, like so many of the other "cheaper-looking" places. more

Ill be back! 11/29/2012

I was recommended to the alta view animal hospital by a friend of mine in Los Altos. I had to drive in from San Mateo, but I am very glad I did. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful and the vet was friendly and spent a lot of time talking to me about my dog's history and answered all my questions. He was also very good with my dog. My only problem was that my GPS brought me to their old address that they moved from a while ago and the parking in the new place was a bit tight. Otherwise I highly recommend them. more

Life Saver 10/31/2012

This is a great pet hospital. My seven year old neutered male beagle developed a large mass on his prenuptial area so I took him directly to my vet in Los Altos. The cell sample taken from the site revealed that he had a dreaded Mast Cell tumor in the area and it tested positive for cancer. My vet wanted to charge me over $3,000 for the surgery. Upon researching, I found that the recommended vet usually charged far more than I could afford. Online reviews led me to Alta View Animal Hospital, where Dr. Paul Ghumman agreed to operate on my dog for less than half the price my vet wanted to charge me. In surgery, Dr. Ghumman found that the tumor had also invaded the lymph node adjacent to the urinary canal; it and the main tumor were removed in a two hour surgery. I cannot praise the quality of the surgery and stitch work enough. It was absolutely beautiful considering what had been done. It is now two months later and my dog has healed beautifully. I know we are not out of the wo more

Nice palce 10/29/2012

A beautiful dog came into my life and I was unprepared. After owning a cat for 17 years, you can imagine, I needed some education on what this Dog Ownership thing was all about. Well, I took 'Tufus' to the Alta View Animal Hospital and had a darn good experience. Dr. Ghumman took the time to educate me on how to care for a dog.....the feeding, the grooming, the exercise programs, the need to shots and other surgical specialties.I left with a bit more knowledge and a happier pet. Will be back this Friday to get Tufus neutered....poor guy, happy me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/29/2012

After moving from out of state we had to find a new vet. Dr. Ghumman is a WONDERFUL vet. His vet tech Paul is AWESOME also! High five to you both!!!! I also have to commend the front desk staff for there friendliness and professionalism.\r I had to take one of my dogs in for a dental cleaning/tooth extraction and the procedure requires anesthesia. Well, let me just say if you have ever had a pet pass away during anesthesia is always come to the fore front when you are in another similar situation. I explained to Dr. Ghumman and my past experience and concerns. As soon as my dog was finished with the procedure I had a phone stating she was finish and doing fine. It was really nice that they took those few extra minutes to give me a quick phone call to let me know how my pet was doing. Those few extra minutes he and the staff took to put my nerves at ease really makes me think highly of the clinic. more

The best 9/20/2012

I have had pets most of my life, and dealt with a lot of veterinarians, and have found Alta View Animal Hospital to be the best, hands down.\r \r I have a 120 lb. Newfoundland, and needed a vet who was familiar with large breeds. Searching Newf boards brought me to Dr. Paul Ghumman, and he is just as good as the recommendations said. Really nice guy who is very knowledgable and capable. Yet he is laid-back and doesn't make you feel stupid. He doesn't pressure you to do anything, just lays out the information and lets you make your own decisions. He cares about the animals, and remembers them as well! He performed a spay and a tummy staple on my dog (large-chested dogs are subject to bloat and torsion, stapling helps) and she did fine. She had extra pain and could not settle, so I called the doctor and asked for a specific pain medication and he prescribed it with no problem. He really is great.\r \r One good doctor does not a great hospital make, and if he were the only one, I might not wr more

We Thank You 9/19/2012

After a traumatic journey in the car during our move from AZ to CA, our kitty picked up a nasty cat-cold. I called Alta View and not knowing me at all, they provided helpful insight over the phone- not the "bring her in now no matter the symptoms" type advice I expected, but actual practical helpful info. Once we determined this illness wasnt going to magically disappear as we had hoped, Alta View not only accepted her as a walk-in, but also didnt make me feel like a terrible cat mom for not getting her in sooner. Was in and out with meds and peace of mind in 45 minutes. Kitty is well on her way to recovery and should be eating me out of house and home and getting into trouble again in no time. more

Nice Vet 8/29/2012

I have been taking my dog to this vet for a couple of years. They have grate doctors but I have always seen Dr.Ghumman. My dog was suffering from chronic ear infections and he was finally able to convince me into getting some sort of scope treatment (along with a dental cleaning) which was pricey but it worked. The receptionists know me by my dog's name and Dr. Ghumman is always very nice and throughly instructs me on how to care for my dog's ailments. I also use their groomer once and the groomer does a good job. more

Chip!!!! 8/29/2012

About two weeks ago my dog Chip had surgery to remove his teeth due to a severe advanced oral infection. We scheduled the surgery for that same week and felt such guilt that our little Chip was so helpless. The doctor called the next day to follow up and give us further instructions for his care post-surgery. How happy we were to see our baby feeling better. During his follow up visit a few days ago it was discovered he needed another surgery and we promptly took action. This one was scarier than the first, since he was bleeding uncontrollably from his nose after surgery. But the doctors acted quickly and we were able to take him home. Today, one day after the procedure we got a call first thing from the doctor who answered questions we forgot to ask and told us Chip would be doing much better very soon. I'm very grateful to the doctors and staff for providing such wonderful care and attention. Upon writing this review, I noticed that Chip was looking to the pantry as if saying, c'mon more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/29/2012

Listen up all those out there who adore your pets and want the very best possible care for them.\r \r No need searching any further because you have found THE PLACE. No need calling Aunt Mildred to see where she takes her precious Buffy, Muffy and Tuffy because, like I said, you have found THE PLACE. You have found THE PLACE, THE DOCTORS, THE STAFF and the CARE and CONCERN we all want when it comes to the heart of the family...that small, medium, or large...hairless, furry, or feathery...unconditional love filled, faithful, and forever friend...your pet.\r \r I have been a client of Alta View Animal Hospital for probably 24. Imagine going in for a routine visit and Dr. Ghumman actually playing with and talking to your pet before even getting started with the exam! He's thorough, he's knowledgeable, he's kind, and he's caring.\r \r I've been there with my heart bursting with joy because I have that brand new puppy in my arms...and I've been there with my heart breaking with sadness because I'm holding that 15 year old, loving dog in my arms for the last time.\r \r Dr. Ghumman has taken that ""last act of love"" journey with me and my husband several times over the years and he and his staff have always been a great comfort. \r \r So...close the phone book, hang up on Aunt Mildred, and take my word for it. call Alta View Animal Hospital for the best care possible! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/26/2012

The stars say it. Web Hosting With $1 ( says thanks. more

sweetharts 6/26/2012

First, I have never experienced vets as friendly, caring, thorough, professional, and compassionate as Dr. Ghumman. He is a rare find and I drive 25 miles to take my pets (I currently have 2 dogs and 1 cat).\r \r Over the past year, I have had to make the incredibly difficult decision to let two aging pets go, and I couldn t have been more grateful for the caring and guidance Dr. Ghumman provided in coming to that decision.\r \r In particular, I had a cat diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with kidney disease. A vet near my home recommended that I go home, get my thoughts in order, and call him when I wanted to euthanize because there was nothing we could do. My daughter recommended that I see Dr. Ghumman for another opinion, even though I had to drive to Mountain View. Dr. Ghumman helped me manage this cat s disease and we had another 2 years to love and enjoy this animal, who had a wonderful quality of life until the end. And we mostly managed his care with careful diet and very little meds.\r \r I more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

These are the Most Compassionate & Caring People you will ever encounter. I was visiting from Oklahoma and my dog Ethel became deathly ill. They took us right in and brought my Ethel back up to speed. Dr. Ghumman was so caring& compassionate while caring for Ethel and conferring with me.They explained everything in great detail. These people will handle your loved one like they were their own. Those of you who actually reside here should consider them a blessing to be a part of your pets life. If I could take them back to Oklahoma with me, I would. My recommendation to anyone in the Mountain View area is to check this place out for yourself and you will see exactly what I mean. more

great experience 6/12/2012

Had a great experience here as a new dog owner going on the first vet appointment after we got our little guy. \r \r Suna was great when I scheduled the appointment, Paul was a great technician and Dr. Ghumman was a fantastic vet. The woman at the front desk was great when we were finishing up and bugging her about info regarding pet insurance too.\r \r Prices seemed okay, but I don't really know what the going rate usually is ... $39 or so for the vet appt, $10 for each shot, $29 or so to microchip the dog and another $39 or so to check out his poop for parasites.\r \r Bottom line is, this was a super painless experience for both my other half and I as well as our dog. Would encourage folks to check them out. more

my dog LOVES Alta View 6/12/2012

I love Alta View. Who cares really, my dog LOVES Alta View. \r \r I chose them as my vets because friends use them and they are in walking distance to my house which I was looking for just in case we cannot drive for one reason or another. The staff ate the front desk, the assistants and the vets all are super nice and their goal is to get you out quickly as your pet only enjoys sitting still for so long even though she may be get tasty treats. My dog is not "traumatized" after her visits even if she got several shots, quite the contrary. I also feel well taken care of and advised when I go there. \r \r Luna, my dog, loves this place so much she makes a bee line for it whenever we walk down El Camino. This says it all and I am sure she is counting the days until she can go back for her annual shots! more

THANK YOU ALTA VIEW!!!! 4/6/2012

After a traumatic evening looking for Nancy Regan (my cat) and eventually finding her a complete mess with a broken, bloody, leg, and several additional injuries, we called Alta View Hospital and they told us exactly what to do, upon arrival the staff and the doctors could not have been more wonderful, particularly given how upset we were. They were the only place available on a Saturday as well. I feel completely assured that she is getting the best treatment possible. THANK YOU ALTA VIEW!!!! more

grate staff 3/29/2012

We have received nothing buy excellent care from both Dr. Ghumman and the staff here at Alta View Animal Hospital. We have our 3 dogs groomed here, this is where we take them when they are sick and we also have them boarded here when we go out of town. The staff literally knows our dogs by name we are here so often! Thanks all your dedication, you guys are the best! more

This is by far the best vet I have ever been to!! 3/29/2012

This is by far the best vet I have ever been to. Me and my gf took our yorkie here for a check up b/c she is a picky eater we wanted to make sure she was OK. Let me start off by saying that the doc was extremely informative. He took time and was in no rush. He is a ln extremely nice guy. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. We even got a tour around the entire facility which offers everything from boarding to grooming and surgery. I deffenitely recommend this veterinary. We will be coming back very soon. I am never taking my dog to petsmart again where I wait hours to see a vet who rushes through everything. more
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  • Our goal at Alta View Animal Hospital is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care possible. Our staff actively attends continuing education courses in order to stay abreast of the latest advancements in the veterinary field.  Our highly-trained veterinarians and caring, compassionate staff are eager to work with you and your pet. At Alta View Animal Hospital, we are committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy.  We always do our very best.

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