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Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - 90 Reviews - 41-32 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY - Apparel Reviews - Phone (718) 433-1133
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Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning

41-32 Crescent Street (at Between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue)
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 433-1133
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Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY
Alpian's Garment Care & Drycleaning - Long Island City, NY


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I go out of my way to bring my clothing to Alpian's and I am very proud to say, it is worth it!! Alpian's has always offered me world class service, world class quality cleanin...


Alpian's treats garments very well, but not its customers. Although I have been very happy with the quality of cleaning, I am now so frustrated with the service that I am going to...

outstanding service and cleaning 9/9/2012

I am in the entertainment business and attend a lot of parties. I wore my favorite dress to a cocktail party and unfortunately someone bumped into me and dropped my red (cosmo) on my off white dress. I thought this dress is reuined for sure but I brought it to Alpian's and thought they would tell me there was nothing they could do. they took the dress and when I got it back the huge stain was out and you couldn't even tell that there was anything spilled let alone a red drink on this light colored dress. Thank you Alpian Cleaners for saving my favorite Dolce Gabbana dress. You have a customer for life. I will highly recommend you to my friends and associates in my industry. Pros: clothes are cleaned to perfection more

Awful Seamstress work 3/19/2012

This is my experience with Carmen, the seamstress at Alpians Garment care. more

Simply the BEST! 1/18/2012

I go out of my way to bring my clothing to Alpian's and I am very proud to say, it is worth it!! Alpian's has always offered me world class service, world class quality cleaning, and fair pricing. After some bad experiences at other cleaners, it is a great feeling not having to worry about my clothing when I take it to Alpian's. I recommend Alpian's to anyone who cares about their clothing. Thank you Alpian's!!!!! The BEST!!! more

Fantastic Experience 1/17/2012

Alpian's not only provided exceptional service, they were friendly and reliable. more

Awful service 9/14/2011

This place is overpriced, has poor customer service, and employees/owner who refuse to take any responsibility (or even admit they are in charge). more

I can't believe the service.... 7/27/2011

The first time I sent them stuff to clean, since I was just trying them out, I sent them some oldish clothes that were on their way to being Salvation Army contributions. Big mistake ... they came back looking like new and I had to wear them again for another season! more

This Place Sucks! 4/26/2011

Really? This guys are way too expensive and rude! I'd never use them again. This is worth the time to write a review. If you want to be treated poorly and do a crappy job this is a your cleaner. more

From my socks to my suits Alpian's gets it right. 9/21/2010

I am a psychologist and it does not require much analyzation to confirm Alpian's knows garment care inside and out. For wash and fold, drycleaning and tailoring, they do it all. Since I don't live in the neighborhood anymore, I really appreciate their pick up and drop off service. If you have a phobia for doing laundry, trust Alpian's to quiet your fears. more

Called the ""Best of Citysearch"" for a reason 9/12/2010

Alpian Cleaners is simply the best in the business! I've been using Alpian Cleaners for the last few years, and as a busy college student, I must say that Alpian's are nothing but reliable and convenient. Let me share a story of pure greatness. I don't know any other dry cleaners, or service store in general that would be prove to be as convenient as Alpian's... One late afternoon, I was running late coming home from class, (commuting from the Bronx in rush hour traffic, it's not so fun) I called the Alpian's to ask them if there was any way they could help me out, knowing that the store was about to close and that this traffic didn't seem to be lightening up anytime soon... The woman who answered the phone was nothing but concerned and sincere. I told her that I needed my cocktail dress for that evening and that it was so important that I had it! She explained that the last delivery guy was on his way out and that she would make sure that he got my dry cleaning and bring it over to my apartment in the next half hour. About an hour later, feeling so terrible for not making it to meet the delivery man, I walked up to my apartment to see that the delivery man was standing there with my dry cleaning! What an angel the young man was! I could see the halo shining over his head! He had waited 30+ minutes for my arrival, knowing that I needed the dry cleaning for that night. The dress was in pristine condition, everything was perfectly steamed and ready for my wear (plus, a few of the beads on the dress were strung loose, but they were ready for wear and perfectly in place. If that's not customer service, I don't know what is. more

Alpians are the BEST 9/11/2010

Service . . . Service . . . Service . . . more

Pleasure to deal with 9/10/2010

Became familiar with Alpian Cleaners years ago while living in Queens and working in Nassau County. They had (and still do) have a branch in Great Neck, NY which I used to use for my dry cleaning. It was one of the best dry cleaning services I had experienced. The service was fast, prompt, cheap and best of they catered to my needs. I am a guy who likes his shirt dry-cleaned a specific way, and to my surprise I got it that way. It was great. more

Wash & Fold Service - Beware! 9/8/2010

This review is for their wash & fold service. I moved to NYC last December, and quickly found out that my neighborhood is completely devoid of laundromats (Midtown East - if you know of any please message me!). So we (my sister/roommate and I) conceded to send our laundry out. We had decided on Alpian's because of their glowing dry cleaning reviews. Although it was the most expensive, it also had the best reputation on Yelp & CitySearch. So we started our service in January, and have been regularly sending our laundry out since then. That is, until the last couple of months of increasingly poor service, leading up to our decision to terminate our accounts with Alpians. The worst of the many incidents happened about a week ago, when I called on Thursday to schedule a drop-off of my laundry. I was informed that it was ready, and could be delivered any time. I specified 2pm that day, because that was the first time I could get away from my office to come home and meet the deliveryman (we live in a walkup). Sure enough, I arrive home at 1:50, wait around for 25 minutes with no sign of a delivery. So I call Alpians, and the woman who answers the phone (who is new, and apparently somewhat mentally challenged, to put it mildly), tells me to ""hold on,"" puts the phone on the desk, at which point I can hear her call for the deliveryman to whom she says, ""I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you, this lady's laundry was supposed to be delivered at 2:00."" After a couple of mumbled sentences (all of which I'm privy to as a result of her inability to operate the ""hold"" button), she returns to inform me that the deliveryman is ""on his lunch break"" and how long would I be at the apartment. I told her, once again, that I only left the office to meet him, so I'd only be around until he showed up. She said ""ok 5 minutes."" Surpise surprise, 15 minutes later and still no word from her. So I call back, ask to speak to her supervisor, who again tells me that he just left and that it would only be ""another 5 minutes."" 15 minutes later, a total of about two hours gone from my office, and the deliveryman finally shows. The only explanation in the degradation of service has to be a change in management - in fact, when discussing the declining quality of service with our deliveryman, he shared with us the fact that having just returned from a few days off due to an injury sustained while on the job, the manager (apparently a female) was refusing to pay him for his days off and would be terminating his employment due to his absences. Granted, this could just be the ramblings of a disgruntled employee, but then he proceeded to inform me that Omar, the ONLY decent employee with any type of work ethic or communication skills, had already put in his notice. This news, following a series of unbelievable customer service nightmares, culminated today with a phone call from Alpains, after calling to have my laundry picked up, with a notification that the price per pound would be increasing from $1.25 to $2.35 per pound. That's almost a 100% increase! Already considering terminating my relationship with them, I politely told the woman who called to cancel my account. After we hung up, I realized that the highest rate any laundry service charges anywhere in Manhattan is $1.25, so an increase of this magnitude could only mean they were trying to drive their wash & fold customers away. Suffice it to say, with business practices as shady as these, I wouldn't recommend doing business with Alpians under any circumstances - not unless you're comfortable with dishonesty, lack of dependability, and lackluster service. Your money would be better spent buying a new wardrobe - because at $2.35/lb, you'd be doing so anyway every couple of months. more

Why don't you write the issue so that we can either solve or 8/14/2010

It is very easy to hit and run. Please tell us what we did wrong and how, so that we can correct the issues. Remenber there is always two sides to a story and we are not running away from our mistakes, all we are asking is to be given a chance on a public forum such as this to defend/explain/correct ourselves. So, please explain yourself. Thanks. more

Don't Bring Your Wedding Dress Here 6/15/2010

I dropped off my wedding dress the day after my wedding. It was an outdoor wedding so the dress was dirty. I had been a client with Alpain's for many years trusty them with delicate chiffon and silk dresses. When it was ready(almost two months later) I found it to have yellow stains where they tried to remove the dirt. And all my silver beading in the train was now blue or clear. I was in tears and they insisted I ruined the dress, there was nothing they could do and they were not responsible. Then they started yelling at me telling me I probably walked through oil and mud. They refused to fix it and insisted I pay full price or I could not have my dress. My husband who was waiting outside had to come in and tell them ""that's enough"" and we paid for the dress and left. I luckily found Slate NYC cleaners and they were able to remove all yellow stains and black steaks. They could not fix the discoloration of the beads, but the dress was clean and white again. They had it cleaned in a week and it was less than what Alpain's had previously charged. Alpian's may do a good job cleaning regular clothes, but they are not wedding dress specialists. If you want to clean and preserve your wedding dress DO NOT bring it to Alpian's. Cons: ruined my wedding dress and still charged me a few hundred.. more

Best Drycleaning in NYC 1/13/2010

I have been using Alpian's Drycleaning since I moved to NYC a year ago. They are always extremely professional, helpful and always get me my clothes by the time I need them. I strongly recommend Alpian's to anyone that has drycleaning needs. Thank you for always taking care of me and my clothes!!! Pros: Professional employees, clean and quick service more

the best in new york city 12/16/2009

I have been using Alpians for over two years and in that time span never ever there has bee one time that we have ever been disappointed in any shape or form with any of our dry cleaning , shirt , formal wear, household cleaning. Consistency and reliability is part of their business motto and they have perfected it. Thank you. It is a pleasure for me to go give you my business Alpians Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

Customer Service # 1 12/14/2009

It is nice to know in this economy that there is one business that is not cutting back on quality and service. I have been a customer for approximately a year and I know every other business is cutting from one place or another to make ends meet but not my dry cleaner. My clothes are always coming back packed with tissue and clean just as they always have. This is why I would never go anywhere else. Pros: clothes come back consistently great more

perfect cleaners for me 11/4/2009

they are not pricy, yet their quality and service,packAGING AND customer servie is next to none, including the most expensive cleaners in the city that claim to be the worlds best. I found a cleaner that gives me different tiers of pressing and packaging if I choose so. I am so satisfied that I would not even think of going anywhere else. Thanks Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

Arzat's comments 11/4/2009

quick and expert dry cleaning makes the Alpian cleaners important part of our is a great pleasure to come to to your store and see all the friendly people who do a great job. thank you Alpian cleaners. Pros: great service more

my favorite 11/3/2009

At last an establishment that promises and delivers on time.Thanks for delivering the garments spotless and on time. I am impressed with Alpian cleaners how they handle even the very difficult vine spots very expertly. Great job, continue doing good quality job as always. Pros: expert in togh spots more
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  • Alpian's Garment Care & Dry Cleaning are the finest pick for your garment care and dry cleaning. Esteemed by Citysearch as the Best Dry Cleaning in NYC, Alpian's Garment Care & Dry Cleaning's technique will preserve your wardrobe for years to come.

    Located on 48th Street, Alpian's Garment Care & Dry Cleaning pride themselves in providing impeccable garment care in a cost-effective manner. Expert tailoring and flawless shirt laundry is their cornerstone. Business shirts are hand finished to yield a superior look. Organic cleaning is available for the environment conscious and wedding gown preservation after the big day. Individual and corporate accounts are available coupled with complimentary delivery and pickup for Manhattan, Great Neck and Kings Point.

    Visit their website for pricing and experience the outstanding technique of Alpian's Garment Care & Dry Cleaning.


  • Dry cleaning of formal and casual clothing, tailoring services, drapery cleaning, moth-proofing, wet cleaning and more.

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