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Alpha Dtv-Tv Repair & Svc

12761 Western Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92841
(714) 898-3121
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I was directed to Alpha Dtv repair by Samsung for warranty work and told that they would call within 2 days to confirm an appointment for the following Wednesday. But rather than ...


Tech showed up on time, and was polite. That earns him a star. The rest of the service call was a joke.\r First off, I am a technician who spends plenty of time in people's home...

Great service experience from Alpha dtv 1/10/2012

I was directed to Alpha Dtv repair by Samsung for warranty work and told that they would call within 2 days to confirm an appointment for the following Wednesday. But rather than wait, Alpha Dtv called that same day and, after I mentioned the football playoff games, scheduled an appointment for Sunday morning. I was surprised they worked on Sunday but happy to get my TV fixed. The repairman called before he came out, arrived on time, quickly diagnosed the problem and made the repair. He was very professional, neat and efficient. I’m very happy with the service they provided. more

MUCH better than I expected! 10/17/2011

When a single pixel started to constantly flash bright green on my 8-week old Samsung 64"" plasma TV, I thought I was in for a real ""adventure"" to try to get it fixed. My call to Samsung resulted in a tentative appointment for the following week, with the service contractor to call with more details. The plan at that point was for an in-home evaluation to take place by a technician, followed by ordering parts, followed by in-home repair. Alpha DTV called later that day. They asked me a few questions over the phone, and walked me through the TV's self-diagnostic script. We then set up an in-home appointment for the next business day (I called on Friday, so a Monday appointment was made). Two technicians arrived promptly and courteously for the scheduled appointment. They quickly confirmed the problem, and proceeded to replace the entire front panel of the TV with a new one they had apparently ordered for me from the warehouse on the day I called. They were finished in about 20 minutes. Absolutely no complaints from me! Thank you Jon (and partner) from Alpha DTV. more

I hate to say, but they sent a hack tech 10/31/2010

Tech showed up on time, and was polite. That earns him a star. The rest of the service call was a joke.\r First off, I am a technician who spends plenty of time in people's homes (and businesses)- from average homes to multi-million dollar homes, so I know all about respecting them & their belongings, while doing the best job possible.\r I'm fully capable of these types of repairs, but since it's a warranty job, I am at their mercy. The dryer fan (located in the door of the dishwasher) was buzzing and they sent him out with a replacement fan, which is encased in a plastic housing.\r For some reason, he decides to take the dishwasher completely out of its hole. Why??? The dryer fan is IN THE DOOR!\r Next thing he screws up (I learn why after he left), is that instead of lowering the rear leg of the unit, he RAISES it (using the adjuster on the front) so that the top of the dishwasher is pushed tight into the underside of the countertop. He unscrews the two metal mounting tabs in the front, and then starts pulling very forcefully to get the dishwasher out. YANK! YANK! It doesn't move because the metal mounting tabs are being forced into the front of the countertop. Now that the tabs are all bent up, he wriggles them out of the way and forces the dishwasher out of the hole, tearing the insulation on the top (rear leg is raised=no clearance). If the tile was something that would scratch easily, it would have been damaged for sure.\r At this point I am starting to think that it's the guy's first time using tools. \r I couldn't believe what happened next. The guy didn't bring a drop cloth, but goes ahead and tips the dishwasher on it's side, dumping about a half-gallon of water all over the kitchen floor. Most of the water ends up soaking into the small rug next to the stove. He opens the bottom of the dishwasher. Pokes around then closes it. Puts the dishwasher partially back in the hole. Starts taking the door apart and manages to drop a stainless steel screw into the bottom drain! After some Viet-cursing, he takes apart the bottom drain/sprayer assembly and gets the screw out. Now, parts of the unit that had nothing wrong with them have been disassembled. The dishwasher is only a month old, so all this making me angry.\r He fumbles around for a while, and gets the door apart. He looks at the dryer fan assembly, and decides that it's too hard to remove and replace the entire thing, so he splits the housing in half, pulls out half of the old parts (the fan & half of the housing it's attached to), and installs half of the new assembly! Puts it all back together.\r Now here's a total rookie move. He reinstalls the dishwasher WITHOUT TESTING IT FIRST. Guess what, it won't power up. Goes through the whole horrifying removal process again (tearing more insulation), spills MORE water all over the floor, almost drops ANOTHER screw into the drain.\r Turns out the power recepticle under the sink was bad, so using another got it working again.\r He couldn't figure out why the two mounting tabs (that are all bent up) won't stay in place, so he fake-mounts them back to their spot (they weren't attached to the dishwasher anymore).\r He doesn't bother leveling the thing and leaves.\r I unbent the tabs, and reattach them to the dishwasher, and re level it.\r Now, a month later the buzzing is back. I checked it, and it's because the fan housing is pushing into the blades of the fan. If the guy had replaced the entire fan assembly this may not have become a problem again.\r \r I could have overlooked some of the mistakes made due to inexperience... but dumping water all over, bending the mounting tabs, only replaccing half of the part (out of laziness), and forcing the unit out, almost destroying the counter and floor, are inexcusable.\r \r AlphaDTV, get your **** together. more

Good to me 6/29/2010

Samsung contracted to have them repair my LCD tv. I was a little afraid from the reviews, but Dung (pronounced Yoong) was competent, professional, and courteous. He arrived when he said and was finished in under an hour. I highly recommend. Pros: Arrived on time, competent more

Very happy with Alpha DTV 4/27/2010

I have a 67 inch Samsung DLP TV that lost the color blue after 18 months of ownership. I didn't have an extended warranty so I was on my own to find someone to repair it. I spent some internet time learning more about my TV and concluded that the Blue LED had failed. I even downloaded a service manual to see if I could order the part and fix it myself. A little time with the manual convinced me that it would be reckless to try to fix it myself. I also became convinced that I wanted a repair technician who had previoiusly done this specific repair (and, hopefully, more than once). I contacted a local shop and was told that such a repair was very delicate and they would only do it in their shop. Samsung referred me to Alpha DTV. They told me that their technician could do the repair in the home. I was skeptical, but didn't want my TV hauled to a shop. I called Alpha DTV more than once seeking assurance that their technician was indeed experienced, and that he would bring the right part. I waited nervously on the day of the service call fearing that they would send a novice technician and he would leave me with a non-working TV in the middle of my living room. Their technician, Mike, arrived and quickly performed diagnostics that confirmed that the Blue LED was bad. He and his assistant then opened the TV and went directly and efficiently to the faulty part. Replacing the failed LED involved unhooking cabling, delicately unscrewing the appropriate heat sink, removing the old part and old heat sink compound, placing heat sink compound on the new part, installing it, putting the TV back together and testing it. These steps were all done with care and efficiency and I was left with no doubt that Mike was the experienced techniician that I had been promised. My TV is working fine, and I will not hesitate to call Alpha DTV in the future. Pros: Experienced technicians more

Never Ever Do Business with Alpha DTV-TV 8/12/2009

Never ever do business with Alpha DTV! They came out with tube after I called Samsung, pressed screen repeatedly until a rectangle box impression appeared and indicated damage to unit who prompt them not to honor warranty. 2 young punks then walked out with Samsung tube that would have repaired my TV. \r \r Alpha DTV repeatedly indicated they could view pictures and Alison is clearly a dishonest, poor service person. When you call custome service, Alison will be sure to make sure you have an unpleasant experience.\r \r If Samsung recommends Alpha DTV, demand another vendor if you want to avoid disappointment, unnecessary stress and run arounds.\r \r Pros: None to mention Cons: Run around, poor service & incompetence more

If you like waiting, lies, and a run-a-round... 1/22/2008

In December 07 I called Samsung for warranty service and they referred the claim to their contractor - Alpha DTV. My first appointment was made for the January 7 between 10 am and 2 pm. At 2 pm I get a call from Alpha DTV saying their technician could not use their cell in my area so they left the area and went to a different city (25 miles away). I was also told I needed to make a new appointment for the following week. There is cell service within 2 miles of my home. We agreed the technician was to return between 4 - 5 pm. At 6:30 pm no one showed up so I called Samsung and they informed me someone from Alpha DTV called at 4:38 pm and rescheduled an appointment with me for Thursday the 10th (without my knowledge or consent). That evening I called Alpha DTV and left a message on the recorder about what had happened and to call me. The next day (about 11:00 am) I called Alpha DTV and they informed me no such appointment had been made. The reason the technician did not show up was because the technician could not access my house because the roads were impassable. All roads are county maintained roads (one is a highway) and fully functioning. This was told to me in spite of my directions to have the technician call me so I could escort them so they would not get lost (no one ever called). I was then told I needed to make yet another appointment for the following week. I was furious! I was finally given another appointment for Sunday, 1/13 between 10 am and 1 pm. By 3 pm still no technician! Again, I called Samsung and they informed me the appointment was between 2 pm and 4 pm they also reconfirmed the validity of the appointment for Thursday the 10th. The Technician finally arrived at 3:30 and repaired the set. Conclusion: THREE missed appointments by Alpha DTV (four if you count Thursday), TWO lost days for me, lies about the roads not being passable, and horrendous service if they can not make a cell call to your home!\r \r NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALPHA DTV!\r \r more
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