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Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic - 35 Reviews - 172 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (407) 380-1951
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Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic

172 S Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 380-1951
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Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic - Orlando, FL
Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic - Orlando, FL


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This clinic is worth visiting. Very cool place and effective treatments. The weight loss is king here followed by laser treatments and their cellulite treatments are great. \r ...


These people are as seriously dumb as a box of rocks. there was like 7 people standing around and no one could find their a** with both hands even though their a** was a big as ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2013

This is a great clinic! They are really focused and understand the service and products that they sell. They helped me target my weight and the areas that I wanted to lose size on. Their plan is very effective. I enjoy the experience I am having here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2012

Laser hair treatments here are awesome. The yag laser here is the best and very effective. I had moved into the smooth category now and it has made my life easier as I have more time because I do not have to wax or shave. They also have dif techniques to help with the sensation becuase it is annoying. The weight loss is something i did too and it did wonders. i did not have a lot to loose but i did drop what i wanted. The staff knows a lot and helped me transistion into a thinner body with different tricks that made the program more successful. I have a good understanding now of what I have to do to keep the weight off in the future but i could not have done it with out this doctor and this clinic. It is a wonderful facility, very clean and comfortable and friendly. The chemical peels and facials are in a class of their own. The estiticians they have are focused on patient needs. I do enjoy the facials the most. They are very relaxing. more

This clinic is worth visiting. Very 6/6/2012

This clinic is worth visiting. Very cool place and effective treatments. The weight loss is king here followed by laser treatments and their cellulite treatments are great. \r I haven't tried their facials or skin care products yet but my friends swear by them. more

One of their best services in the 6/5/2012

One of their best services in the weight loss program and compared to anything in the central Florida area it is the most effective and easy to use. I've lost 5 dress sizes so far. The staff here is very fun and friendly. The doctor is awesome and explains everything to you. The clinic is very clean and well kept. They offer so many products and services that really focus on the problems you have. They have special devices for fat reduction and body sculpting that no other local clinics offer which showed me that they really keep up with the newer technologies coming out. Their website is informative and shows generally, everything they offer and I do mean everything. I sometimes get lost in it but the ""discounts"" tab and their facebook page are the way to go to capture their current deals. Five Stars for this place! more

READ ME..!! 4/23/2012

I would like to say after reading the reviews online, I am appalled and upset. I have been going to Alpha for the past 6-7 weeks and I myself have nothing but positive things to say. \r I am a REAL customer; I too signed up with a Living Social deal and have increased my weight loss by adding extra services to my plan, such as the changes machine and recently discussed some other options with Mark who was very informative and helpful. \r I went to Alpha because I needed a change. My doctor told me I was border line diabetic and I couldn’t see myself suffer the way family members of mine have with that disease. I decided to make a change; I started eating right and exercising and then came Alpha Weight & Wellness. \r I myself personally have not had a problem with the staff, upon my first day arriving at the center I realized things were not the same as in other places, however just because it wasn’t what I used to didn’t mean it wasn’t something I wasn’t going to like. Every time I go to the office I am greeted with a big smile by Eleana and Gina, I have become a regular customer but am definitely treated like family. I will continue to go until I get to my goal weight and possibly after to keep up on my success.\r Eleana is the medical assistant and she took great care of me as did Gina, the head nurse and the doctor was very informative and helpful in getting me on the right track. I have since lost 23 pounds and the weight is continuing to come off, I use the changes machine to help with the stubborn fat as well as the inches that I would like to see slim down around my mid section and sides. I am also considering other options to help increase the weight loss along with some sculpting and molding as I am losing A LOT of weight and will continue to lose.\r I understand that nothing happens over night, everything takes time and with the right dedication, determination, team of experts and the proper diet and exercise I am on my way to reach my goal. Since my own transformation has begun I am also referring friends and family members to begin their transformation.\r I enjoy going to Alpha Weight & Wellness, thank you to the team of experts that are helping me become a better me, thank you for being there when I really needed the help to boost my metabolism and gain some knowledge on how to lose weight and keep it off. \r God Bless!!\r more

Stay Away From This Place! They Are So Rude -It's Horrible! 3/28/2012

These people are as seriously dumb as a box of rocks. there was like 7 people standing around and no one could find their a** with both hands even though their a** was a big as a barn. these women were the most unattractive group of people you could even imagine working for an ""aesthetic"" work shop (not medical like they think) promoting weight loss and health when they represent anything but. what a joke. one person is running around in crummy dirty street clothes in and out of the rooms with her fat hanging out and the other lady is trying to convince me this is some kind of sterile environment. my foot. I know what a sterile environment is and believe me, this isn't it. bottom line is they lied to me on the phone about the procedure I was to have and I didn't want to go through what they were trying to force me into and when I said well, thanks for wasting my time, I had to take time off of work, pay for gas and drive all the over here for over an hour some very unattractive old white lady with a smirky smile on her face ""you're welcome!"" can you belive this.? when I went to leave the door they were laughing and yelled as loud as they could ""HAVE A NICE DAY!"" this place is unbelievable. full of ugly people on the inside and out. They completely lied to me over the phone and when I got there, they decided it would be a whole other procedure. I went to starbucks after for the ride home and told the girl at the drive thru what happened and she said ""Stay Away From That Place! Those people over there are horrible! She knows several girls who have gone there and they had the worst experience, treated rudely and had their faces and legs burned and some of them have scars they can’t get rid of"". Wow! All I can say is I think I dodged a bullet!! thank God I got out of there with my face still in tact and never went through with the procedure. I called Living Social and told them what happened and they were flabbergasted and gave me the money back on my credit card and said they would be letting the group who makes these deals know about my experience as they don't want to deal with companies like this. I also emailed them and put in in writing. Ladies, don't go here. You will be sorry! I've had these treatments before and it's better to go to someone who is a real dr. with a true professional staff - not a bunch of street hoodlums. good grief. what a mess over there. the place looks dirty, the people who work there look dirty.... This is something you do that is a luxury, not a ""deal"" I've discovered. I will never buy a ""deal"" like this on line again, I'd rather go to people who are professional and know what they are doing instead of a bunch of a** hats and clowns. more

Scary Ghetto Place! Save Yourself, Don't Go Here! 3/28/2012

wow. where do I start. I bought a living social deal and called them first to be sure they do spider vein treatments on the face. they said yes. then when I called to make an appt. they said that too many people complained about the results so they are no longer doing spider veins on the face. well, that was my first red flag but after some conversation, they said they would do it but use the cauterization method (I've had both laser and this method) - they said the laser is what they were having so many customer complaints about. So I took off of work early, drove over an hour to get there and was getting very concerned as the place is located in a hell hole. very run down part of town with lots of unsavory types walking around. went into the office, it was a little better compared to the outside but you might as well be in a clinic in mexico somewhere, it was very low rent and highly unprofessional compared to other places I have gone to get the same treatment. the women who work at the ""weight loss clinic"" are almost all fat and not one of them (except the girl who does laser hair removal) is attractive in the least. there is one who is all loud and rude and she is a big fat black lady - what's up with that I thought it was a weight loss clinic. then there was some other younger girl there who had on dirty street clothes that was a cropped kind of t-shirt and capri pants with her big back fat exposed and fat rolls of stomach hanging out -I mean real skin, real fat rolls for all the people to see. unsightly. since my appointment was late in the day, I was the only person there and I could hear the loud mouth super fat black lady and some nasty old hag white lady with a really bad attitude who is also very unattractive yelling and laughing and they were making fun of some of the customers who come in there for brazilian hair removal laser and talking about them... the groupon hair removal people (I didn't even know they did laser hair removal nor did I know there was groupon but found out through the laughter) and basically alluding to their private parts and talking about how weird some of the people look and were laughing. it was unbelievable. they clearly have some kind of problem or negative attitude toward the living social and groupon customers - like they are jokes and they don't matter. more

Great Deal!! 2/2/2012

I've been going to Alpha for years. The clinic is awesome. The staff there is friendly and are truly concerned for your well being. The atmosphere there is homely. Every time I went in I was treated with the utmost respect and everyone is extrmely professional. They offer so many different procedures at very affordable prices. All in all I love this place and I will continue to send friends and family as well as to continue to go myself. more

Do NOT buy their livingsocial deal...not worth it!!! 1/29/2012

Do not waste your money on the livingsocial deal! do not go here at all! They are unprofessional, their office is disgusting, the doctor doesn't explain anything to you. And...if you have a complaint, all they will do is tell you to go take it up with livingsocial..... they take no responsibility for anything! i got a procedure done, they completely messed it up and now are telling me to go talk to livingsocial.... what a joke! DO NOT waste your money and time! DO NOT GO to Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic! Also... read all the good reviews carefully....don't they sound fake? They are! Listen to me, a real customer. more

Get your life back 1/12/2012

I am a patient with Alpha Weight and Wellness Center. The staff is extremely friendly and kind to everyone. I found that to be very important for me because I was embarrassed at what I had become and most people I run into daily were not a nice. You know the judgment you get when you are overweight. Well, Alpha helped me find my confidence as the weight dropped off week after week. It was not a lot every week but it was off and it continued to drop off to a total of over 100 lbs lost. See I started out very morbidly obese. I went from a size 26W to a 12. Wow what it was like to buy clothes in a different part of the store. Thank you to everyone at Alpha. I love you all for giving me a life. ? more

A Godsend 1/10/2012

I cannot tell you without shedding a tear that this place has helped my family. I decided enough was enough and enrolled myself and my child into there programs. After the ridicule he has received I knew only true medical overseen weight loss was the option. Yes, I needed it to but I wanted to do it to be his buddy system. All of my life I have been heavy and so has my entire family. Coming in to weigh ins at Alpha and seeing the patients in the lobby that they put on their ads really brought it home for us. It is real. It has changed our life for good forever. We are not scared to do the small things like go to a clothing store and try on clothes. I use to go by myself and buy him clothes just so he could try them on at home, he was terrified being out in public before. He goes now and is so outgoing. His and my personalities are confident. I do owe it to Dr. Ello and staff for their straight shooting effort to educate me and my son on the choices we have in front of us. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. more

Pretty Close to the Fountain of Youth 1/9/2012

The weight loss is in a class of its own as are the skin care treatments. This facility came highly recommended to me by several people. I decided to make the drive from Viera and I am glad I did. It is the fountain of youth and is clean and relaxing. The entire staff has helped me to become more self confident day after day. The programs they have are right on target. I wish there were a little bit more info on their website about all of their other services (laser hair, chem peels, cosmetics) because I didn't even know they didsome of the other services. I booked at other places but would have just booked everything here. It would have saved me time but I love my new figure anyway and would not trade them for the world. more

Saved my life! Thank You. 12/26/2011

Dr. Ello and his staff are great! His program saved my life before it was too late. This is a must if you are overweight, tired of it and findin nothing that works. This is the only place with a regimen that works and the staff to help me lose and keep off the pounds longterm because of what and how they designed it to be. \r \r Thank you Alpha for giving me my life and esteem back, espcially in front of myself, in the mirror. more

Professional/Fun Staff 12/24/2011

Professional and fun staff. You don't realize you are in a doctors office. Vast assortment of products and services are great and they offer deals that can match anyones budget. more

Worse clinic ever! 12/18/2011

If you want to pay money for them to do absolutely nothing, then go to Alpha Weight & Wellness Clinic! more

Horrible Place!!! 12/18/2011

I advise you to never go here! the place sucks...the service sucks... it's a rip off! more

This place is pathetic! 12/17/2011

Bad service, doctor is a joke! they use park benches in the waiting room... do i need to say more? more

Great Laser Treatment! 12/12/2011

DEFINITELY GO HERE!!!! This place is great! This is a true clinic and not a chain spa which is refreshing. I had laser hair removal and laser vein treatments and have had excellent results. There is a little healing time that they told me about but after the healing finished I am very happy with the results. more

Thank You for Posting 12/6/2011

We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your service. We would encourage you to come in, if you would like, and we will have the doctor and our medical aesthetician take a look at the area of your concern. A misunderstanding of the skins healing process may be making you panic more than you need to. There are usually products that can be applied to the area, depending upon the progress of your heal time, that will accelerate your overall healing process and yield the results closer to what you are looking for. \r \r The laser procedure has to be powerful enough to begin to break down the underlying spider veins beneath the skin. The body will continue to reabsorb the remaining tissue over the next few weeks, this time frame varies greatly on your individual body's system. Due to the skin type, location and severity of the spider veins the laser will be set differently but effectively to rid the area of these types of veins. This is why there may have been a difference in healing from your leg treatment compared to your nasal area treatment. The skin itself is in between the laser and the spider veins so it does incur some heat injury. The severity of injury usually is determined by the same three factors mentioned before and may include blistering, reddening, mild burning, temporary bruising and hemosiderin staining (a small amount of the components of cell breakdown in the surrounding tissue leaving discoloration). You are still well within the healing stages. Each case is different and results will vary from patient to patient.\r \r Also, before the treatment begins, each patient receives, initials and signs that they have read what the procedure is and agree to have the procedure. It is a very thorough form and consent packet that goes with the laser treatment. The information in this packet focuses on explaining the procedure and any pre or post treatment care concerns, effects, healing time, protocols, etc.\r \r Our triple numbing cream is available for purchase and does take 45 minutes on the average to allow for proper absorption into the skin. So if you had already started the procedure it would not have been useful at that time.\r more

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! 12/3/2011

Response to Alpha's comment on my posting: I did come in last week. All the doctor had to say was ""i don't see anything,"" then he stormed off and I never saw him again. One of the nurses did give me some cream which did absolutely nothing! (There were two nurses and they did see it) It has been now over a month since i had this procedure and all i see are holes on my nose. If i knew that there were going to be noticeable cratered lines on my nose, why would i do this? I don't even know the doctor's name, but if he knew what he was doing, this wouldn't have happened. He used the laser for too long or too high intensity for my sensitive skin. The doctor did not even say a word to me, or checked my skin type. Your waiver talks about bruising, reddening, blistering, etc. which is normal when the procedure is done CORRECTLY, it did not mention anything about scarring because of inexperienced doctors! By the way, don't make it sound like it is a is just a few generic forms that talk about laser treatment in general. Your company is so ghetto, they won’t even give the time to use specific “packets” for specific procedures. Moreover, that waiver I signed also said that you would be explaining to me everything about it and giving me time to get my questions answered, in which you did not! Your company did not give me any direction at all prior to the procedure, during the procedure and post-procedure. AND…. The numbing cream I asked for was asked prior to starting the procedure; the doctor was just too lazy to even offer it to me. If you were a real legit clinic you wouldn’t charge for this cream, don’t you think it should be included? The point is that I trusted the doctor, and I trusted the nurse, and I trusted your clinic, and no matter how you want to turn it around and make it sound like it is not your fault, it is. I had tiny spider veins that I could conceal with make-up, and now I have indented lines running down the side of my nose and cheek, I can’t even conceal with make-up. In your response you say that I am still within time frame to heal, but I can see the indented scars, how are those going to fill? How is skin going to grow on them? I highly doubt it. So… I hope that your clinic feels good about the work they are doing… apparently you do great, I see all those positive reviews that now I notice are obviously fake and written by the staff. You will hear from me again, I will take your advice and come into the office again, and I advise the “doctor” to be a man and not run off. By the way… what is the doctor’s name? is this guy even a doctor? more
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  • Wellness clinic specializes in weight loss programs, liposuction, Botox, curl lifts, chemical peels, cellulite therapy, medical body sculpting and more.

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