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Allstate Car & Limousine INC - 22 Reviews - 163 8th Ave, New York, NY - Employment Agencies Reviews - Phone (212) 333-3333

Allstate Car & Limousine INC

163 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 333-3333
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I used different services and even yellow cabs, and i always found Car Service companies to be more to my liking . I can arrange a pick up , drop off time and have em wait for me ...


called for a 4:45 a.m. pick up in lower Manhattan and called the day before and the night before to confirm and to reconfirm they had the right address. The attendants on the phon...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2013

Past 3 years, I have been taking limo car services from AllStateLimo. They are the best car service provider that offers amazing services with reliable customer support. They attend calls and listen to their customer’s queries and requests. In fact, all their cars are well maintained and good in shape. Well, I would recommend them to everyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2012

This is by far the worst car service I have found in the city--cars are old, gamble if they don't lose your reservation and then get hostile when confronted with their error. Use them at your own risk. more

Unreliable 12/8/2011

I am an older, partially crippled woman and have been kept waiting in the rain more times than I can count. I have not been called and the car service has simply not shown up. I can only get into a Lincoln Town Car, which is marked clearly on my account and which I stress everytime I order a car, and yet they continuously send an SUV or other inappropriate car which I literally cannot climb into. I am extremely disappointed in this service and in their inhuman attitude. more

Cancelled 5 minutes before pickup 11/23/2011

The only reason I am writing this review is to prevent anyone else from missing their flight because of Allstate. They cancelled 5 minutes before my scheduled pickup by simply telling me they may or may not come and pick me up. I took a cab. Do NOT use Allstate. more

Worst Car Service in Jersey 1/9/2011

I've used quite a few car services for commute to Newark Airport, and this one is by far the WORST of all. \r \r 1. The car was 40 minutes late. \r \r 2. When I called the car service office to inquire about the car while I was waiting in the airport, they LIED to me every time. \r \r First time I called - they said the car left 30min ago, and is 5-7 min away; \r \r Second time I called - they said hte car is 3 min away; \r \r Third time I called - they said the car is almost there. \r \r When the driver finally arrived and I asked him why he's so late, he said the car service only notified him to come and pick me up 15 min ago. And he had NO idea where I am going.\r \r 3. The car service office rep is EXTREMELY RUDE. They yelled at me saying ""I NEVER TOLD YOU TO WAIT ON THAT FLOOR. GO TO THE OTHE FLOOR, and DON""T TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB"". \r \r 4. They also used the ""F"" word in one of the calls.\r \r NEVER USE THIS CAR SERVICE! more

I used them for Airport Rides and A few Locals and i Love em 11/19/2010

I used different services and even yellow cabs, and i always found Car Service companies to be more to my liking . I can arrange a pick up , drop off time and have em wait for me if i need it . The prices are good and service is great , very polite and nice drivers . I had a good experience with this company . Will recommend more



Used several times... 11/1/2008

They were always a little late but I thought they were better than the alternatives. Then last time, they just didn't show up. The people on the phone kept telling me that the guy would be there soon, and after waiting for 35 minutes, I decided to grab a yellow cab. Pros: cars are nice, i guess Cons: they are never on time, if they show up at all more

Average service, cheap price 10/1/2008

I've used this car service 5 times. 3 times were stellar (driver came to my apartment door to get/load the bags, unloaded at airport) and the other 2 were below average (didn't help with bags, parked far away from the curb). more


Allstate was called to bring my daugher and toddler son to the airport. While the car arrived on time, the driver didn't get out of the car to help with the luggage....that was a bad first sign.....He didn't even seem to understand any English except the concept of paying him with a credit card. When he got to the airport, he also didn't bother to get out of the daughter had to lift two pieces of heavy luggage and a baby carriage out of the trunk by herself while still trying to manage her child....and the driver dropped my daughter and her son so far from the curb-side check in that she had to find a porter to help her......WHAT A DISGRACE. When we called Allstate to report this, the supervisor said he would investigate and call us later that evening.....That was TWO WEEKS AGO, and we never heard anything from Allstate. NEVER, EVER AGAIN....... Pros: Car arrived on time.... Cons: Driver offered no help with heavy luggage to woman with a young child more

MMADT and his 5/18/2008

To MMMADT,\r \r The one time I took Allstate I found them quite ordinary, nothing special, nothing terrible. I've worked car service for years and I find your complaint lacking in honesty.\r \r Sir, you are completely dishonest, you can't just order a car and then say you don't want it.. Believe me had you refused payment with me you would have been easily arrested and held until payment was made. You said you would call when you were ready because you wanted to get away with it. Im very happy you got boned in the process!!!! I don't drive for AllState and will refuse to vouch for them, but they did the 100% right thing and probably should of banged you out for a clean $100. If you want a car on demand and aren't willing to pay waiting time, get a yellow cab!!! You probably didn't even tip you lousy maniac.. Drivers are not your slaves wasting gas and tolls so you can call when you are ""ready."" Pros: Only Took Once With No Problems Cons: Driver Didn't kiss my feet in gratefulness more

Dishonest or Sloppy 5/18/2008

I just used this sevice for a ride to Newark, and have been somehow charged twice for it on my card. The driver was very nice, but I am not convinced that the business is run with any degree of honesy. I will try to sort it out, which is a pain, as I'm now overseas, and see what they do about it. But meanwhile, I am appalled and recommend that you avoid it! Pros: Very nice driver. Cons: Dishonest company. more

Dishonest business, use Dial 7 or Carmel Instead 4/3/2008

I recently used this car service for a pick up at the airport, and had the absolute WORST experience I've ever had with a car service in NY, and I do use NY car services very frequently. Upon making the reservation I was told to call the car service when I was ready to be picked up (after I made it through immigration and had all my checked luggage). Well I ended up getting delayed in immigration, and while I was delayed the car service called me to see if I was ready. I told them I was not ready to be picked up, and I would call them when I was ready. Rather than wait for me to call them, they called me 3 more times! Each time I told them it would be a while, I would call them when I was ready to be picked up. I told them this so that they wouldn't wait for me. Well when I finally got my bags and left the airport I did call them, and the driver came to pick me up. At that time the driver informed me that I was being charged an extra $80 in ""waiting"" fees!!! I told them 4 times that I wasn't ready to be picked up, but this dishonest business had a driver stay there and wait anyway, just to drive up the waiting fees!!! And they never thought to tell me when they called me 4 times that I was being charged waiting fees! Only AFTER they made the driver wait at the airport did they inform me that I was being charged for waiting!!! I didn't even want them to wait for me!\r \r I travel very frequently and I've had similar delays before, and I've NEVER had a car service pull this kind of scam on me before. This is a dishonest business, don't use Allstate! Make sure to use Dial7 or Carmel Limo for car service in the New York area, they never do this kind of thing. Pros: I got home from the airport Cons: Ripped off on waiting fees, car smelled horrible, driver and dispatcher on the phone were rude more

allstate 2/7/2008

VERY BED Of all the car services in manhattan, I have never been so rudely spoken to before and I take a lot of car services in NYC... All the reservationist tried to do was get me off the ... more

Worst Car Service I've ever used... 6/3/2007

I called Allstate because I saw a distrubing story about another NY service I use regularly on TV.\r What a mistake.\r \r I had to make an international flight and thought it would be a better idea to call a car than use a yellow cab to go to JFK, simply because it's cheaper. The price was advertised as $44 to JFK (more on that later).\r \r They called at 4pm to confirm my address and I told them to come into my building's driveway. 5pm, and no car. I called twice and they said the car was there - it wasn't. They told me it was a Mercedes as if I should be impressed, although I would be more impressed with a Pinto if it arrived when reserved. Another call to the dispatcher and the driver said he was in front of the building. He wasn't, in fact it was a few minutes before I saw him up the street. \r \r The driver did not have an EZ pass, so we had to wait on the Cash line at the toll - another 5 minutes wasted. He explained that it was his first week on the job (which made us feel like he might not even know his was to JFK). When we arrived he told us it would be $59 (including the toll). This was still more than the advertisement I had with me. I was mad, but didn't have time to wait for him to call his dispatcher and sort it out. \r \r I gave him an overly generous tip (which I regret) only because it was not worth $15 to miss a thousand dollar flight, instead deciding to spread the word about how bad Allstate is.\r \r THE STRESS WE HAD OVER THIS RIDE WAS NOT WORTH SAVING A FEW BUCKS, EVEN OVER A YELLOW CAB. I WILL NEVER USE ALLSTATE AGAIN, AND SUGGEST THAT IF YOU WANT A RELIABLE CAR SERVICE, USE ONE OF THEIR COMPETITORS. I CERTAINLY WILL. \r \r (Also this was the first time in 10 years I've had a car service charge more than advertised - scammers) Pros: None. Cons: Don't believe their advertised price. more

poor service 12/8/2006

called for a 4:45 a.m. pick up in lower Manhattan and called the day before and the night before to confirm and to reconfirm they had the right address. The attendants on the phone are rude and uncaring. The car never showed up at 4:45 a.m. and I called and the phone attendant was very abrupt, rude and yelled at me like it was my fault and problem. The car showed up 30 minutes late just before I was about to hop in a cab so I took the car service. The driver was slow and irritable and quite frankly not very nice partly because of the dispatchers (the driver and dispatcher did not have a good relationship). He spent 1/2 the car drive yelling back and forth with the dispatcher and wouldn't answer his phone. And he took the longest route to JFK I've seen taken! It took almost 45 minutes to get to JFK on a early Saturday morning while there was no traffic! Never again. Too much at risk to attempt to try to help a car service get to come and pick me up for me to pay them. They don't deserve my repeat business. Yes, I got there, but with sweat on my brow. When you face missing a flight and the problems one could incur with a missed flight, why should you take chances with a bad limo company who doesn't care about the customer. Go somewhere else. \r Pros: nice car Cons: not on time, driver not pleasant, dispatching services a nightmare more

They Left me Stranded on Mother's Day!! 5/14/2006

I made a reservation over 24 hours in advance, but apparently they don't understand the point of a reservation. THEY NEVER SHOWED! They also don't understand anything about customer service. The operator on duty was not only rude, she was unprofessional and completely unapologetic for leaving me stranded. The manager I spoke with the next day was ineffectual and clueless. I'm still waiting for him to call me back!! DON'T waste your money - you'd be better off walking!!! Cons: poor customer service, very unreliable, poorly managed more

Bad 4/2/2006

Of all the car services in manhattan, I have never been so rudely spoken to before and I take a lot of car services in NYC... All the reservationist tried to do was get me off the phone and as soon as I tried to talk to the manager, she was a bit nicer but overall just the worst people to even try to work with. DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!! more

Handled the strike very poorly 12/27/2005

I had a reservation with Allstate for 4:00PM on the 2nd day of the transit strike to go to JFK. I called the night before to get an assessment of whether I should leave earlier and they said it would be no problem. At 4:10, I called them and was informed that my driver was stuck in traffic -- no apologies for that or the fact that they did not call me to let me know, and I got a rude dispatcher to boot! He actually wished me luck getting to the airport. Pros: cheap Cons: missed pickup, rude operator more

They abandoned my mother! 12/21/2005

They left my mother stranded, unable to get to the airport. We called a week in advance to reserve a ride for my mother to get from Manhattan to JFK. They were supposed to pick her up at 7am, but at 11:15 the night before they woke us up with a call to say they didn't have any drivers and were cancelling her appointment. No apology, nothing, just a cancellation in the middle of the night. Cons: didn't show up, abandoned, unapologetic more
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