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All For Kids Pediatric Clinic - 27 Reviews - 904 Autumn Rd # 100, Little Rock, AR - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (501) 224-5437
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All For Kids Pediatric Clinic

904 Autumn Rd # 100
Little Rock, AR 72211
(501) 224-5437
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All For Kids Pediatric Clinic - Little Rock, AR
All For Kids Pediatric Clinic - Little Rock, AR
All For Kids Pediatric Clinic - Little Rock, AR


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Our family loves All For Kids. My daughters usually see Dr Byrum and he is wonderful physician, very encouraging, very kind, suportive. After every visit he tells me what a wonder...


I thought I was happy until I switched to a doctor that could see my whole family. Turns out my son has had reflux since he was born. He was tested at 6 months old at All For Ki...

The Doctors are okay. The nurses are HORRIBLE!!! 9/6/2011

The only doctors I like are Dr. Byrum and Dr. Salmon, and Dr. Salmon only impresses me about half the time. The other doctors, I wouldn't even trust them with my neighbor's annoying dog's health (and I really don't even like that dog. Lol ) I could write a small Novel about all the reasons why I don't like Dr. Paulis, but my real complaints are with the nurses and the front desk people. One time my daughter was given an antibiotic that she had a bad reaction to, so I called the clinic, talked to the nurse who told me she would ask the doctor to write a new prescription. Well, this was Friday morning when I talked to her. I waited all day Friday even called back twice to ask if she had talked to the doctor. She rudely told me to be paitient and she would talk to the doctor soon. Well, Friday came and went and I still hadn't heard anything. So, on Saturday I called back, and told the front desk what had happened and they told me that they were sorry, but they don't do call backs on Satu more

Not going back 8/16/2011

For this appt I was "self-pay". They charged me $130.00 to see the doctor for 5 minutes. Not only that, but when I asked what I owed on my way out, she said to call back in a couple of days. I called this morning. Turns out, they billed my old insurance for the charges, even though I told them it wasn't active. I was told before my appt that if the doc does minimal stuff, like, look in the ears, that it would be the minimal office charge of $89.00. So, for FIVE MINUTES with the doc, you're charged $130.00...sometimes more I'm told. WOW WOW WOW... I just can't even imagine if I actually drop off the stuff I'm supposed to collect for them to run tests, as the doc was not even able to give a diagnosis without it. So, $130.00 for NOTHING basically. NOTHING. WORTHLESS. more

Mrs 9/9/2010

Our family loves All For Kids. My daughters usually see Dr Byrum and he is wonderful physician, very encouraging, very kind, suportive. After every visit he tells me what a wonderful mom I am. This is one of the things that a mom should hear from their peditrician. We get to see the other doctors when we couldn't get to see Dr Byrum and we had great experiences. \r I am surprised to see all the negative stuff about the clinic on this site. If someone wants to complain then they find a way to complain. Why don't you write a letter to your physician with your complaint, that way they may be able to do something about it. more

Dr. Salman is Amazing!!! 6/28/2010

We were referred to All 4 Kids by the Dr that delivered my daughter and I can not thank her enough! Dr. Salman has been a God-send! My daughter has an abnormal chromesome, asthma ADHD and developmental delays and she has been patient, kind, and very attentive to all of my concerns for the past 6 years. We drive 70 miles one way to see Dr. Salman! Yes, sometimes the wait is a bit long, but that is a small price to pay for a Doctor that truly cares about your child. Once my daughter was ill, and her asthma was flairing up, we waited a while in the waiting room and when Dr. Salman came in, she was very upset that none of the nurses told her that my child's asthma was as bad as it was and we had to wait. I love my daughter with all my heart, and I would trust Dr. Salman any day of the week with her well being. She has truly been a blessing to my family. This past week, was my child's medication check up, and I took her kindergarten report card and certificates to show Dr. Salman and she wa more

All For Kids Pediatric Clinic is awesome 9/17/2009

i love all for kids. It is the best clinic i have ever been to. they take really good care of my child. i pay my bill so i never have any problem with that. They always give me the attention i need. more

great clinic 9/15/2009

this clinic is great, I have been a patient there for many years, and have see a alot of turn over in staff, but I was just there this past week for a flu shot and the staff was great, they were so busy but tried there best to get us in and out.It is so great to have a good place to take my child that has medicaid more

Good experience 9/5/2009

I have had a good experience with all for kids. Dr. Byrum is great and has always answered my questions and addressed my concerns. The staff at the front desk...not so much. But billing has been great. I have ARkids First and when my daughter turned 1 I did not realize I had to reapply for AR kids. This resulted in a bill due for my daughters 1 year check up. I called billing and explained my situation. They set up a payment plan for me until the new ARkids was approved. When the ARkids picked up and paid the past due bill I was given a credit to use towards my copays. Every situation is different, but I would definitely recommend AFK. more

a great place to go 8/20/2009

I'm sorry that some people dont like this clinic but I have three kids and have taken them to this clinic for 19 years, I love them all the doctors yes the wait time some times the wait is long, but always worth it. I hope all the people who look at this, do remember there is always two sides to all story's somes time the staff members are rude because of the way the patients treat them. also I see that there is alot of people saying they cant go back because of there account. this is a business and they must be paid for the services .. when you go the grocery you store you must pay before you leave. come on people more

Do NOT use this pediatric clinic. 8/15/2009

I got tired of waiting to see the doctors and I got tired of the rude front office staff and I personally knew one of the doctors. My OB even tried to warn me about AFK and suggested other clinics when my child was born. I tell every pregnant woman I know not to go to AFK. There are clinics here in town who have friendlier staff and have doctors who actually stay on a schedule. We go to LR Pediatric now and we love it! We've never had a problem in the years we've been going there. more

Pretty good if you're seeing Dr. Skelley 6/23/2009

I have been taking my two sons to AFK since my first one was born. I began seeing Dr. Westbrook and switched quickly to Dr. Skelley and am very glad I did. I don't like Dr. Westbrook's style. She is reactionary and especially unhelpful with breast feeding dilemmas. I have had some issues with the rudeness of the staff but that seems, for the most part, to be fixed now. It is nice to hear I'm not the only one that's had the rude stare.I did have a situation wherein my 1 1/2 year old burned his hand on a flat iron (curling iron) and the first thing Dr Paulus said was, "Children are more resilient than we give them credit for", this to a first time mother whose son has been screaming in his office for an hour without any attention. No ice was even offered until I asked how long it might be. So some good, some not so good. Dr. Skelley has always been worth the long wait I usually have. more


I have been taking my children to Dr.Westbrook since they were born. She is an excellent doctor and spends lots of time discussing whatever is needed. No wonder she has won best pediatrician in Little Rock! For those of you mad that you cannot return to AFK with past due balances- you have to realize this is also a business- no one gets free health care. The ER even requires a payment. Attacking their Christianity is a joke! They are all great people and you are not doing your part by not paying for services! I have been impressed by all the doctors at this practice more

Excellent Clinic 4/22/2009

My Daughter has been seeing Dr. Westbrook since she was born (3 years). Dr. Westbrook is excellent, and so is All for Kids, We started going there because the first clinic I took her to was so cold and dirty. All for kids is sooooo clean and inviting to kids. My little girl actually enjoys going to the doctor. She has been for more than just checkups, she had several kidney problems when she was born, so I know that they do listen and there are very well educated doctors there. I highly recommend them! more

We love Dr. Salman 1/12/2009

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Salman since she was born. I am a first time mom and have taken my daughter in when it was nothing but the sniffles and Dr. Salman has never treated me like I was over reacting. She is always explains everything to me with great detail and is very caring. I have ran into her several times in social settings and she always takes my daughter and plays with her and asks how she is doing. My daughter and I both love her. I can't praise her enough.On the other hand, office staff can be off putting. They have always been very helpful to me but not always friendly. The only other Doctor I have seen in the clinic has been Dr. Paluse. I wasn't that impressed by him. My daughter had an upper respiratory infection and he treated me like I was wasting his time. He is a good doctor but doesn't have very good people skills. He had us in and out with in 10 minutes.I have never had to wait very long to get in to see a doctor even when it has been a sick visit. We are al more

Would not reccomend this office- you never get to see the same doctor. 12/29/2008

I thought I was happy until I switched to a doctor that could see my whole family. Turns out my son has had reflux since he was born. He was tested at 6 months old at All For Kids and they did the swallow study and saw he had reflux. He stopped spitting up and the doc said he grew out of it. He didn't, at 6 we were in a GI's office and she immediately could tell by his signs he had reflux. He had an upper and lower GI and his poor esophagus had severe blisters. I was very upset that the doctor at All For Kids knew he had it and did not treat it. For six years he had been suffering from a condition that one little pill a day fixed. Looking back, I should have switched a long time ago. We were told by one doctor that my son had a fever virus, he had fever from 102-104 and to not treat it. After a week of it, one of the other doctors finally put him in the hospital and we were there for 3 days. I have been so much happier where I am now. By the way, the stories you are reading more

Good Choice for our Family 9/28/2008

We have been going to AFK since my daughter was born 2 1/2 years ago. We love Dr. Skelley!! She works part time at the clinic and then is a stay at home Mom the rest of the week. She is great and cares about our daughter as well as how the new parents are doing. She is very thoughtful and is always very thorough in asking us questions and then explains everything so well. I have always had good experiences with the nurses, but Dr. Skelley has always told us that we can call her direct as well. There is often a wait at the clinic but I think this is because the doctors take their time with each patient. That is an important quality for a clinic to me, so I endure the wait. They have plenty of toys, books and movies to occupy the children's attention. The front office staff is usually cold and unpersonable. They have never been rude to me, but none of the front office staff goes out of their way to be nice either. When Dr. Skelley isn't available (like on emergency type visits) we have s more

Has it's ups and downs 9/4/2008

Dr. Salmon has seen my kids since the day they were born. I absolutely love her. She takes her time and goes over everything well. Dr. Paulus and Dr. Westbrook on the other hand I don't care to much for. Any time my kids have been sick it's always been a cold is what I have been told. They didn't listen to me and told me that I was wrong when I said some of the symptoms. I will not see either one of these doctors anymore when my children are sick, because they kept telling me it was a cold and turned out he had strep, and the flu, when I took him to Children's the next day. I absolutely love Salmon though and give her a 10!!! The front desk could learn some manners, well at least one of them anyways. I don't like being looked at like I'm an idiot everytime I go in there. Or when I've been sitting in the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours with 2 sick babies and I ask how much longer and she just looks up at me like how dare you interrupt me. There shouldn't be that long of a wait for sick kid more

Terrible Clinic 7/30/2008

The staff is difficult to get along with and Dr Westbrook is one of the worst listeners I have ever encountered. She even gave me a wrong diagnosis because she didn't let me finish speaking. For your childrens health DO NOT got to Dr Westbrook shes AWFUL!!! more

Great Clinic 7/30/2008

I agree that this a great pediatric clinic! Both my sons see Dr. Byrum, he is an excellent pediatrician and has always taken the time to interact with my children and also answer any questions and thoroughly explain anything I do not understand. Yes, on occasion, I've had to wait for a while for my scheduled appointment. But, I also appreciate not being rushed through my appointment when the Dr. is with my boys, so I don't mind waiting, because I figure it is because there is another parent who may need some extra time with the Dr. before me.I have experienced some rudeness and unnecessary curtness from the waiting room desk staff. It seems to be from the same girl each time. She is just unpleasant both in person and on the phone. Not sure what her problem is, but I'm sure the peds in this clinic are not wanting to be represented by rude behavior. They really must not know this is a problem. Many friends of mine have noticed this person and been treated rudely by her also.As far as peo more

Mixed Feelings 7/29/2008

I have mixed feelings about All4Kids. I have just moved to Little Rock and so I love having a place where sick children can be on one side and well children on the other side. Dr. Byrum is a good doctor. I've also seen Westbrook and wasn't impressed with her. The doctors don't seem to work everyday, so if you only like 1 of the doctors, you may not end up seeing them if you have a sick child. I have 3 kids and I have never waited so long in a waiting room as I have at All4Kids. Very disappointing. Especially when all 3 of mine were sick a few months ago (croup, strep, a hip virus and the flu). And yes, as others have said, the people are pretty rude. Which seems to go against their Christ like image they are trying to portray. more

Passive Doctor 2/2/2008

I have been taking my son to All For Kids for about eight years. I saw Dr. Westbrook once. I wasn't impressed. She was short and didn't listen. Dr. Paulus on the other hand has been okay. My son is autistic, but I was the one that initiated all of the testing to prove this fact. Dr. Paulus has been great about signing the physician's orders for testing, but in my opinion he is not very proactive. As far as the staff is concerned, I take them with a grain of salt. I have also experienced rude staff members. I have also been told the staff was rude to other providers for my son. more
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