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All My Sons Moving & Storage - 50 Reviews - 12470 SE Highway 212, Clackamas, OR - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (503) 299-9000

All My Sons Moving & Storage

12470 SE Highway 212
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 299-9000
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All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR
All My Sons Moving & Storage - Clackamas, OR


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These guys made an heroic effort to move our house all in one day. They did not expect as much stuff as we had crammed in our house and called extra guys and an extra truck that ...


I've used All My Sons in the past (three times) and been quite pleased with the results. The two stars is for those good experiences. Based on those experiences I called to reser...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/10/2015

This is the worst moving company in the Portland metropolitan area. Do not use them if you value your wallet, your furnishings or your sanity. They more than double charged us and lied to us with regard to the cost of storage. This company's lack of ethics and integrity will find it in bankruptcy sooner than later. I highly do not recommend this company for moving your belongings. They've already been reported to the BBB. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/31/2014

DO NOT USE THEM if you care at all about your items. They scratch and broke so much of my items and the company does not back up their claim process. They broke the leg off my end table and duct taped it back on. We did not realize it till after they left. On the glass computer table i have there is a great big scratch down the center of it. My piano now has two holes on the side of it. And the list goes on. When trying to contact the management about this, I was actually hung up on, and then another time they said the person I need to talk to was on leave but didn't know how long. Maybe the company should quit spending money on billboard advertisement and actually hire some REAL movers. Again DO NOT USE THEM. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2013

I moved to Israel and later found out I needed to move all my belongings out of my house and to storage and I wasn't going to be able to be there. All My Sons was great in working with me all the way from Jerusalem. They showed up on time, worked very quickly and made contact with my stand in. We were on a tight budget and my stand in had many other things to do that day other than stand around and wait for a moving company for me. So the fact that they moved quickly was fantastic for every one that was involved. They came well prepared and handled every thing with care. Thank you for all your help All My Sons. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

Do not use these guys. They are rude, slow, illiterate, and crooks. When they broke my TV, they refused to pay for anything and flat out denied my claim. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

My crew was prompt and professional, fast and flexible. I've moved a dozen or so times -- cross country and across town and your company is by far the best I've used. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/9/2012

Extremely rude and unprofessional. Refused to cover the stairs with any kind of cover to prevent tracking dirt in from outside. When asked if they would wrap and protect the TV they said, ""We'll do our best not to break it by putting it on top of everything else."" One of the crew said, ""Come on man, let's go home."" My Spanish is not as good as it was in high school but it sounded like the other 2 team members weren't that excited about being there either. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/5/2012

NOT RECOMMENDED! They moved us from a 2 bedroom house into a was clear they had never done an elevator move before. What sort of service DOESN'T load up the elevator. more

Having received a good review from a 4/27/2012

Having received a good review from a family member, I was confident that All My Sons was a reputable company. However, before the move even began, I quickly felt otherwise. Here's why: Per standard operating procedures, I was contacted 48 hours before my move. Joe, the individual who contacted me, was rude, abrasive, and unhelpful. In addition, the price that I was quoted suddenly increased. When I asked why, Joe informed me that the person I spoke with three weeks ago might have been new and he could honor the quoted price. That would have been an acceptable answer 3 weeks ago however, 48 hours before my move, I was no longer able to hire a different company. Secondly, when I asked for an approximate move time he refused to assist or listen about the specifics of my home. I would have thought that professional movers would be dialed-in to the different variables that make up a move. Instead, his response was ""You can cancel your move if you'd like."" Wow, where did that come from? The moral of the story is that there are plenty of companies in Portland, go with one that does not lie and has pleasant staff. Moves are way too expensive to be paying unpleasant people. Good luck! more

Do not use these guys. We hired them to 1/31/2012

Do not use these guys. We hired them to move to a residential apartment building on the South Waterfront. When the drivers arrived at the new apartment, they commented ""we have been here before and the truck doesn't fit in the garage"". When I called to ask them about it the guy on the phone basically said, ""tough luck, you have to pay the movers to walk your stuff two blocks from the truck to the garage."" When I asked why he did not tell us this when we booked the move he played stupid. The only way to deal with these guys is to either not hire them or contest the credit card charge. I will never hire these guys again - which is a shame because we really liked the movers themselves and they worked really hard. I wish they worked for a real company that didn't treat their customers like dirt. Never again. more

Low end. This company is a poor choice 1/25/2012

Low end. This company is a poor choice for anyone with valuable furnishings, antiques, or original artwork. They do not understand how to handle such items and are actually proud of the fact that ""in 13 years of doing business"" they've ""never packed drapery"" nor ever heard of anyone packing drapery. In my world, I have never heard of anyone moving who didn't pack some of their draperies, which can of course cost in excess of $10k for a large window treatment. I booked a move with these people, and they pulled out and cancelled it 48 hours beforehand, which obviously caused a huge, costly, stressful problem in life to be suddenly be left in the lurch without movers. The issue was that I called to confirm that they were going to bring appropriate packing materials for certain high-value items I own, and that seemed to freak them out. The guy I spoke to (who claimed to be the boss but wouldnt state his name) was rude and crass in how he spoke to me. Really unconscionable behavior, and totally unapologetic about leaving me stranded without movers just 2 days before the scheduled move. more

I've used All My Sons in the past 12/15/2011

I've used All My Sons in the past (three times) and been quite pleased with the results. The two stars is for those good experiences. Based on those experiences I called to reserve a move for this most recent move. Called about a month in advance. Booked and deposited. Requested a morning move, and was told that while they couldn't guarantee the time, it would be in the morning and that they would call with the time the day before. Based on that reserved my building's elevator (requiring 10 days notice) for the entire morning - should give them plenty of time to play with when they call the day before with more precise time.\r \r So, they call two days before the big move. Giving themselves kudos that they had said they'd call the day before and they were early. Problem is, they don't have a time, only that it won't be morning and that the driver will call when he's on his way. Uh, I've got a building I've made a move reservation with. \r \r Local dispatch says that I was dealing with their national call center who's not authorized to do anything but book a day. They also say that morning was never guaranteed. My bad for assuming whomever I was talking to as a representative of All My Sons was actually authorized to make my reservation. So, two days before my move, local All My Sons says ""too bad"" for me and that they'll refund my deposit but that the inconvenience is all on me. Two days before my move, I'm calling around to movers who are literally laughing at me looking for a Saturday morning move with two days notice. \r \r I FINALLY did find someone to do it - hopefully, it goes well. What irks me the most is that the guys at All My Sons were absolutely unapologetic and basically put it all on me and their national call center (which frankly is THEIR call center, not MY problem that their call center isn't aligned with their local policies. Oh wait, I guess it is my problem NOW). \r \r If you do choose to use them, I would definitely ask the national call center to transfer you to local dispatch to make your reservation. Even if you've dialed a 503 number, you most likely are speaking with the national call center. more

crooks 11/30/2011

Total rip off, movers were nice. they stole my complete coin collection. value over 1k. I thought it was just moved to my storage but could not find it. I should have watched closer... they are thieves.. DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS!!! more

BEWARE-Horrible moving company 9/17/2011

They don't even deserve one star. This company takes total advantage of the consumer. If you report them to the BBB they do not respond, which tells you they don't care! Total rip off, movers were horrible. Moved slow intentionally to make more money. If you weren't in the room watching them the whole time they would just stand there. Literally had to babysit them to make sure they were working. There are great moving companies out there. Do your research, DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS!!! more

Don't use em 3/13/2010

Don't use them. Get a quote from other places they are terrible. You have been warned Cons: Rude, Bad Service, Thugs more

Expensive-not worth it 2/19/2010

They charge you more than $110 per hour for 2 people and more than $150 for 3 people to move and for any local city move it will be more than 5 hours. They will ask you to pay the full amount 1 hr before they finish the work. God knows how can they calculate exactly 1 hr is left before they finish the work. When you are paying $150 an hour then 15 mins cost you almost $40 which could be the tip for worker who is working hard to move your stuff. I had a very bad experience with their managers as well. They don't know how to talk other than taking your money. Get quote from multiple places, another point to add is they have non-refundable deposit as mentioned by previous user. For some reason if you change your move date and if they can't move then you loose the deposit. Overall, there are lot of movers who will be more than happy to get your business. Don't use them Pros: nothing Cons: pretty much everything more

Don't use them - Review is scammed 2/19/2010

Their managers are the rudest and I don't even wanna name them. They charge you by hour and on top of that they will try to pile up hours. You are better off using someone like powermovers. If you are bent on using allmysons make sure you ask them their refund policy when they ask for the deposit. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

Run Away!! 2/17/2010

Absolutely horrible experience with these guys. They were almost 3 hours late, and then when they got there they were moving furiously, paying no attention to boxes with words like "FRAGILE" and "DO NOT STACK." We ended up canceling their services part way through our move and finishing the work ourselves simply because they were being so careless with our things. They refused to leave our property and then billed us for a half day, even though we used their services for less than an hour.\r \r Apparently this company has been banned from doing business in certain parts of WA. Buyer beware! more

Dishonest 2/17/2010

Typically we have friends and family help us move, but I begged my husband to let me hire movers as I am 8 mos. pregnant. I called to schedule my move and was told by ""Paul"" that 2 movers, the truck, travel and all needed supplies would cost $94.10/hr with a 2 hour minimum. He told me the crew would arrive at 10am, but gave me a 9-11am window ""to be safe"". On the day of the move, we waited for the movers until I called at 11:15 and was told that there was not a crew anywhere near being ready to come over and a ""Sorry you thought that"" when I explained the window I was given. There was no attempt at any type of resolution or customer service provided at all. The movers showed up at 2:45pm. Much later than I had planned on, after we sat and waited around most of the day knowing this would mean the move would now be completed during the dark and chances of doing any unpacking dwindled away. The workers themselves were very nice and worked at a good pace, taking care of fragile items etc even though there was a language barrier. I was then informed that I would actually be charged a ""supply fee"" to wrap my furniture to protect from scratches, $5.85 for each piece! When I was told the total at the end, I was charged over $500 for 4 hours of work. ""Andy"" informed me that this was because there is a ""travel charge"" of $94.10! The movers ended up leaving 25 minutes earlier than what I paid for and told me the office would refund the difference. This has also not happened. Needless to say, I will never use this company again. Late, dishonest about charges and poor customer service. No thanks! Pros: Diligent workers Cons: Dishonest, Late more

Outstanding movers 2/3/2010

These guys made an heroic effort to move our house all in one day. They did not expect as much stuff as we had crammed in our house and called extra guys and an extra truck that day. They gave us a good price and worked from 8am until 10pm when the job was done. These were some tired but helpful guys. They were very careful with our belongings and our homes. I have recommended them to others. My mother was equally pleased when they moved her. more

Questionable reviews 12/13/2009

In looking for a moving company it became important to me to choose a reputable company. In looking at All My Sons I was initially impressed with all their good reviews... until I read them. I did my due diligence: Googling the company showed they had multitudes of reviews that were identical? They were cross posted to multiple sites. I mean I can understand one person writing a similar review about a company if they REALLY liked them that much... but the number of 3 - 4 identical reviews from people was just weird. SPAM? I think so.\r \r Buyer beware! Don't believe me? Google it for yourself. more
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  • Your Premier Portland Movers. First Class Moving in Portland with All My Sons Moving Portland.

    At All My Sons Moving of Portland, we know moving is one of life's most stressful events. We take the time to really listen to your needs, using four generations of experience and knowledge to be sure your move is worry-free. We are well-equipped to handle any move to and around Portland, or to and from anywhere in the country! We can move your family to that new home, or your office to its new location. Wherever the move, we treat all of our customers with the respect and care you'd expect from a family-owned moving company.

    Our Portland movers can have you set up and ready in your new home in no time. We'll bring all of the packing supplies you need to safely transport any item, from your antique armoire to your expansive CD collection. Even better, leave the packing and unpacking to the pros! We'll box up everything you own, and you don't have to lift a finger. You can rest assured that we won't leave until each piece of furniture is placed and set up in your new location.

    Give us a call at (503) 403-0073 and speak with one our Portland certified moving consultants. Let our team get you the best Portland local mover's rate available today. Our professional Portland moving consultants will guide you through the entire moving process with advice and moving tips.. AMS Advantage
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  • Moving company after four generations has locations in 15 states; providing residential and business relocation to local and long-distance areas.

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