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All Creatures Animal Hospital - 22 Reviews - 11212 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL - Veterinarian Reviews - Phone (239) 227-2731

All Creatures Animal Hospital


11212 Tamiami Trl N
Naples, FL 34110

(239) 227-2731
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Hello,\r I have bunnies.\r The Doctor and her staff have made it\r possible for them to live long lives. Over 8 years now. :D.\r I started with her when they were ( Ivy and H...


Well after taking my pets here since she opened today when I had an emergency with a 15 year old dog I was turned away cause they were to busy. I was told I could drop her off. Ho...

C 12/8/2012

Hello,\r I have bunnies.\r The Doctor and her staff have made it\r possible for them to live long lives. Over 8 years now. :D.\r I started with her when they were ( Ivy and Higgins) 4 months old.\r \r \r Thank you,\r \r Carey more

Emergency and Turned Away 4/9/2012

Well after taking my pets here since she opened today when I had an emergency with a 15 year old dog I was turned away cause they were to busy. I was told I could drop her off. How can people say she treats your animal like it was her own. I don't think so.\r I must also say that part is due to certain staff members she has. They do no justice for her business. Either way I am done with her and would never refer anyone to her. How you can turn an emergency away is beyond me. Not ever have I heard of this. \r So wrong, So rude, she needs to think over who answers her phones. more

so far, so good. 8/23/2011

I'm really surprised to read all the negative comments about All Creatures Animal Hospital. I'm new to this vet but even before my puppy was a patient, I had to call them because my puppy was ill. The tech talked to me and tried to answer my questions (it was a Sat. and there were no open appts). He then told me that he was going to ask the Vets opinion on the symptoms described by me and about 10mins later they called me with an appt time because the vet thought it migh be heartworms. I took her right in and was checked by her with a lot of care. Her staff is excellent and very friendly. I went back once again for her shots and again, I had a great experience. Her prices are very reasonable. more

Reliable, Trustworthy & Honest 7/21/2011

We have been taking our dogs to All Creatures Animal Hospital for over four years now. Dr. Holladay is very straightforward and professional. There is no beating around the bush or insinuating comments with her; if the color is black, she will tell you that it is black! People may interpret this as rudeness or 'being talked down to', but if you listen to what she is actually saying, she is usually right. She IS overly insistent on spaying and neutering; not because she makes millions on the procedure, but because it is the best thing for the dogs overall health. \r We will continue to bring our pets because we believe that she is up-to-date with her canine medical knowledge and we know that surgery can be performed onsite and quickly if needed. We love all our pets as if they were our own flesh & blood, and would never leave them with someone WE believed was even ?capable? of hurting them.\r The front desk overall attitude can be categorized as ?needing an extra cup of coffee?, more

Great medical care for all pets 3/29/2011

There is always a cost of doing business. When appointments are made and not kept it costs any business money. Deposits and retainers are required by many business so their valuable time is not wasted by people who lack respect. When you refuse to pay for services rendered (and for no particular reason) the business owner has the right to contact authorites. Differences are settled in a court with a judge and not by slander. I cannot imagine Jack s., that a prudent business owner with a fine reputation would want to cause a scene at her practice and involve her neighboring businesses unless there was another side of the story.. unfortunately you did not share this. Just another hater with too much time on their hands. more

Best Vet in Town 3/18/2011

Dr. Holladay is a wonderful Vet. I live in Naples 30 years and have been to many Vets but none are a match for her. I have been going to her for 7 years and never had any problems with her or her services or her staff. She is very caring. She is also very professional and a brilliant Dr. I would never ever go to anyone else. When she gives you a diagnosis about your pet you can be sure she's right. I wouldn't know what to do if it weren't for her. Her prices can't be beat. more

WONDERFUL VET! 3/17/2011

We have been going to All Creatures for 6+ years with our dogs after trying another animal hospital in the area. Our dog(s) are our children and I am very particular with vets since I had a great vet up North when we moved to this area. I trust Dr. Holladay with the care of my pets and would recommend her to anyone! As far as her prices are concerned, she is not expensive! I called around several years ago just to see what other vets charged and she was the most reasonable in this area. A year and a half ago, we had a very ill dog and we were torn as to what to do. After calling and talking to her several times never once did she suggest that we would our beloved dog "down". We made that decision on our was a "quality of life" thing.\r \r I read jack s. comments, as well as all the other comments and do not believe what they have described. Dr. Holladay would never put a dog or any other animal "down" unnecessarily! As with anyone else, if you don't pay for services, t more

Came to treat my dog and ended up dealing with police 3/8/2011

First thing is that they take $30.00 upfront to secure an appointment for the next day. I came @9am for my dog's consultation. They qouted me $42 for the visit. Talked to Dr. Holladay, she advised me to go home and she kept the dog and said she would call me. After one hour I called her, because she never called me as promised. She said she would call me back. After waiting a few hours we went to the clinic. I approached Dr. Holladay and asked what was the condition of my dog. She said before I will discuss it you must pay the bill. The bill presented to me was $550.00. I asked Dr. Holladay to explain it to me, since I never authorized to spent this kind of money without my knowledge. She asked me to wait and went to her office. In a few minutes two policemen appeared at the clinic and went to talk to Dr. Holladay. I never realized she called the police on me. The policemen returned from her office and asked me to step outside. They wanted to arrest me for not paying my bill. I called more

Emergency When out of Town 3/3/2011

While on vacation, our puppy fell off a chair at a restaurant, right before we were going to get on I75 on a Friday. I knew he was injured, paid the check, asked for the food to go, and the waiter ina panic if he knew where to go. We went to another animal hospital, arrived at 1:47, they said the doctor wouldn't be in till 2.... but he had other patients??? I gave them hell, and the guy called around... and All Creatures, in our old neighborhood, was open. Maybe, the first comment that my baby boy may be a drama king was a turn off. But, my puppy was seen, treated, ex-rayed, sedated, and in minutes that seemed liked hours. I was told my puppy needed a specialist, I was given meds and instructions for him till I got back to Atlanta. The office even called me to check on him. My puppy just had orthopedic surgery, and is doing fine! And yes it was expensive. \r I am considering to move back to SW Florida.... and All Creatures would absolutely be our Vet. more

Tired of Stupid Slander 9/24/2010

It is clear that Ms. Unknown is very misinformed as I find Dr. Gregory and the staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital very knowledgible and caring. The pets always go into the exam rooms with the owners that I have seen and everyone at this hospital has loved the experience with both doctors. It seems that Ms. Unknown chose to have an unnecessary cosmetic surgery done on her dogs and didnt like the results. I wonder if the doctor offered to change the look? I wonder if Ms. Unknown actually chose the cut ahead of the surgery with the doctor. I think Ms. Unknown should keep her slanderous comments to herself before she finds herself in court. more


Horrible, Worst vet in town!!! it smells horrible in there all the time...dr holliday is rude, incompetent, and makes mistakes that can kill your beloved pet...stay away from this place if you love your pets!!!! more

Great care for my animals 12/26/2009

Dr. Holladay has treated my animals for many years. She is very professional. She took fantastic care of my 17 year old pomeranian until we had to put him down and her office staff was extremely caring during this very difficult time. They get us in during sick times very quickly and have always been pretty good about meds, surgeries, etc. more

All Creatures Animal Hospital is The only place for our pets! 7/30/2009

Dr Hollady is an amazing vet. She has performed 3 intricate surgeries on our pets with great success she is straight forward with her delivery of info. She has showed compassion during difficult times and set us straight when we needed guidance. She's a no nonsense vet and that's what we want. She's extremely knowledgeable and current on the latest medical news. Thank you Dr Holladay for saving our pets more than once and for educating us along the way more

All About $$$ 5/11/2009

I took my parrot in for a clip. Got home, a couple days later talons were sharp as scalpels. Didn't get a chance to return to have job touched up for a month. But when I called I was told basically I am a liar. Was told the talons would have needed to be done by now anyway. I've had parrot 30 years. Trims last more than a month!!\r Parrot also had broken wing. When I made clip appointment, I said i would like to speak with Holladay regarding any place wing could be repaired without sending parrot to Chicago. Now I am charged a consulting fee !! Wondered why I was charget $104 for a clip/trim. Parrot wasn't the only one in the room getting clipped. more

RUDE IS PUTTING IT NICELY......... 5/8/2009

NEEDLESS TO SAY I WOULD NOT TAKE MY GOLDFISH TO ALL CREATURES ANIMAL HOSPITAL...Lynn the only vet there and her staff are by far the most uncaring and rude people I have ever dealt with..My dog was at the groomer and was taken there for complications...She did an emergency procedure on my dog and have yet to speak to her..Her techs brought my dog and the medication out and I had questions...They went back to get her to assist me and within less than 5 minutes of finishing she left out the back door...When I called her staff said that she was too busy to call back and that I would have to speak to them...And at that they treated me as if they were having a conversation with a two year old...We by no means use this vet regularly but do to the emergency this is where our groomer had a contract with so we had no choice....I myself am surprised she is still in practice...I would hate to see how she treats her everyday clients...Lynn is an unsafe and rude vet....avoid this location at all co more

Dr. Lynn Holladay is One of the BEST! 1/14/2009

Dr. Holladay came highly recommended to me by several people with Golden Retrievers (I have three) and when I became very unhappy with the care my dogs were getting at my previous Vet, I switched to her. From day one of meeting her and the care she has given every one of my dogs I have been nothing but satisfied. I am the kind of person that is quite "high maintenance" when it comes to my dogs. I am very detailed in the care they get and ask a lot of questions. They are my fur children! Dr. Holladay has always been more than accommodating to our every need. The very first time my one dog was in to see her, she saved her life. This was because she was very proactive in diagnosing the problem and taking care of it. She wasn't quick to put her on medicine as experimenting with what will work and what won't...she got to the root of the problem immediately. This has been the pattern with her Vet care ever since. She has been granted many awards for her services, professionalism, e more

Rude rude rude! 12/11/2008

I honestly cannot personally comment on her veterinarian abilities because I ran away from her office as fast as I could. I could not believe that someone would be so rude. I took my rabbit in for a checkup and a question about a lump on his neck (she told me it wasn't there) and was first yelled at for not brining him in sooner (i had him a month previously) , then when she picked him up by his ears she said that I must never take him out of his cage because he was squirming (hello! he gets out at least four hours a day but I don't dangle him in the air by his ears!). Then she told me that if I did not get him neutered I would not be able to touch him in just a few weeks and I would have to put him down because he would bite.. this is very exaggerated and untrue. I would never recommend this vet just on her horrible bed side manner and lack of couth. more

She is awesome 10/9/2008

Dr. Holliday is constantly getting continuous education on techniques and care. She is very cautious but also aware of expense and carefully does risk analysis based on your pets history, breed and environmental risks. She presents options to you for care and food and meds that will meet your needs and budget. She is most personable and caring and gentle with my pets. more

Horrible Vet Doctor 2/19/2008

Is not knowledgeable on current animal protocals as far as medicine and diseases for exotics. Extremely high in price and possibly could of done more damage to my animal if I did not research the medications she recommended myself. Refuses to give records or even copies of blood work outcomes to the owner....she claims she only releases them by request from another vet. Also not organized...the medicine I was told I needed for my pet was never ordered due to it sitting underneath papers on her desk (this was told to my by her staff). And lastly staff is rude and actually her vet asst hung up the phone on me. I never dealt with a business that was so unprofessional in my life.I highly do NOT recommend Holliday more

I Want Only Dr. Holladay To Take Care of My Animals 7/25/2007

I have known Dr. Lynn Holladay as a veterinarian for several years. She is conscientous about the care of my dog and my cats, and follows up with me (personally) by phone when they are in her care for illness. Her staff is pleasant and professional. I appreciate being reminded of the need for "booster" shots, and and I appreciate being informed, in advance, of what my charges will be. more
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  • We are a full service animal care center. We have an in house diagnostic lab and provide surgical procedures, dentistry, radiology, emergency care, senior care and pet boarding. We have drop off service and offer house calls.

    We specialize in Avian care and are a member of the AAV since 1993.

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  • Neighborhoods: North Naples