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All County Property

5922 9TH Ave N Ste 1
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 347-2920
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It's sad to see that only those not happy write reviews. I found this tonight and just wanted to say Thanks! to All County for helping me fulfill my dream to own a home. They re...


O goodness where should I begin. I was dealing with Vicky though out this process, kinda, she never returned my calls and wasn't even there for my lease signing appointment. The, ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/19/2014

Vicky Dykens with All County Property Management has been managing one of my rental properties in St. Petersburg for a number of years and I could not be happier with her service. As a property owner, I sincerely appreciate her professional, prompt and courteous attention to the needs of my tenants. She has consistently kept my property under lease with excellent, high-quality tenants and she has always been available and quick to answer my questions regarding the status of my property. As a busy professional who travels a great deal in my practice, I am grateful that I have Vicky to look after my rental property. I could not give her a higher recommendation. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2013

Would not let them rent out my dogs house. I have never talked to more people that did not know what was going on around them .And are the rudest bunch. If I ever have to deal with this pack of fools again I plan to report them to the FL. board of realty. All I can tell anyone Is to find a different management company to handle you property. Run and run far. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2013

Do not do business with these people they are rude and nasty over the phone when you do get to speak to them, they do not care about tenets and do not take care of maintenance repairs in a timely manner, we are still waiting months later and other things were partially repaired. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/14/2013

My wife and I have had nothing but problems with this company since the first tenant moved into our property. They managed 2 of our properties, both of which are great properties in middle-income areas. \r \r Within the first 4 months we had to evict the first tenant. Two months later we had another tenant whom was kicked out. We now have a third tenant who wants to break the lease because the manager is so awful. \r \r This management company does not pay us on time, has yet to submit a statement that is correct, and every time we use one of their vendors we are over charged and the work is not done correctly. Every single month we have to fight to get paid the rents due to us, and when they finally agree to a credit it takes 4 weeks to get it (if at all). \r \r Our representative does not know what is going on at the house, and continually misrepresents situations, if she knows anything about them at all. \r \r Poor ethics, Bad Practice, Terrible Management, Terrible Company, Terrible Service...DO NOT USE ALL COUNTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/9/2013

Sandy T. Is the rude receptionist. Don't believe that last post. I agree with Every single bad review. Terrible company and I don't understand what they are in this type of business for when they are all SO SORRY AND TREAT PEOPLE LIKE NUMBERS. OUR AC HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR A WEEK AND I HAVE THREE SMALL KIDS INCLUDING AN INFANT! Worst experience ever, and I have been renting for over 8 years in FL. Never been treated so badly and I pay 1200$ each month on the first. Ridiculous ""company"". Beware if you actually work hard for your money and want a nice place to come home to. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/25/2013

Kim at All Property was extremely courteous and helpful to us as renters; we were treated kindly, fairly and with respect. Maintenance requests were handled promptly. Overall, we had absolutely no issues with All Property and are pleased with the service that we received. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/2/2012

Do not use this company. Do not lease a property this company manages. These people are rude, unhelpful and uncaring. These are simply not nice people and you are wise to keep them out of your lives. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/21/2012

BAD, BAD, BAD Company - They have no clue what the laws are, after renting a property, they tell me that they ""forgot"" about the fact that the HOA would have to get their fees and approve the rental, after they already took my money. Now the company is saying that they aren't responsible for the owner not paying the mortgage for the home we are renting, but they think that I still have to comply with a concept of Fl laws related to what does or does not constitute a legal agreement. NEVER do business with this company again. Pay attention to all the bad stuff...the good news story must be from one of their workers. more

Run! Never do 'business' with these liars! 12/27/2010

O goodness where should I begin. I was dealing with Vicky though out this process, kinda, she never returned my calls and wasn't even there for my lease signing appointment. The, shall I say this nicely, 'slow' receptionist actually did the work. After singing the lease without being offered a walk through (I should have insisted on one). I went to the condo only to find it in a state of filth! The things that were agreed upon, normal things like clean carpets, paint, remove the mold from the freezer, clean dirty hand marks from the switch plates, basic stuff to make the unit 'move-in' condition were never done! O did I mention the flea infestation? As soon as I seen the unlivable condition of this unit I went right away to the office and explained the condition to Vicky and insisted I would not be moving in there and wanted my money back. Which unfortunately didn't happen. Apparently these living conditions were acceptable to Vicky (I'd hate to see where she lives-gross). Bottom line is they lied, refused to give me my money back or even accept the keys to the place I refused to move into. At this point I have retained a lawyer, filed complaints with the DBPR, BBB, and plan on filing with anyone else that will listen. Please for your own sanity don't even consider doing business with this property management group! more

Physically assaulted by their workers!!!! 12/23/2010

Vicky over at All County Property had to be one of the rudest women I have run across in a long time. when I decided NOT to move into the condo that she sadly misrepresented she refused to give me back my deposit money. Then when I went down to their office to try to get my check back I was PHYSICALLY pushed out the office door by the dark haired woman who works there. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by anyone in my life and will be sure to tell everyone to NEVER use this company. I plan on lodging a complaint with the Florida Board of Realtors and DBPR this week. I am shocked by thier two-faced treatment. Completely awful, bad, bad, bad. more

Thanks All County 10/25/2010

It's sad to see that only those not happy write reviews. I found this tonight and just wanted to say Thanks! to All County for helping me fulfill my dream to own a home. They rented to me 8 years ago when I was down on my luck and thanks to Sandy and Vicky they refered me to a realtor to help me find a home. With my rental history with them and there help I am happy to say I'm a proud home owner. I wonder if any of these people realize they dont own the homes they rent, I guess I was lucky to have a good landlord owning my home. Thanks All County more

Extreme caution 9/10/2010

I usually do not like to be negative about any company, but feel compelled to save another consumer from having any business dealings with All County. I moved from out of state last year and should have been more diligent at probing farther into the history of this company. I have filled out a complaint even with BBB. It has been not a very good experience at all, standards are very low and I am exstatic that the lease is just about over. Communication among the staff in the office is nill, and I often wonder if the owners of the home are aware that their rental is in shambles. Many bouts with respiratory infections due to dirty ducts, as well as rats shacking up in the attic. That is to say just a few. PLEASE PLEASE, do your homework with any company before you rent as well as reviews. Also, if the apt was a wreck when you 1st viewed the property, it's going to be a wreck while you are their tenant! I only gave 1 star because it was required. more


STAY AWAY...\r \r When I moved in my apartment was filthy...the oven and refrig were disgusting...I took pictures of everything down to the missing blind slats. The front of the microwave fell off the first time I opened took them 2 months to replace it. The oven never worked properly...I've lived here a year and it still isn't fixed. My lease was up...I was told another one was being drawn up...well, so far no lease. It takes Vicky days to respond to have to email because she doesn't respond to voice mails. The rent is due exactly on the first (no grace days) and you get charged a late fee immediately and a 3 day notice just as fast.\r \r They don't respond...they are nasty at the office....I can't WAIT to move. more

Starting to believe shady business practices 6/21/2010

I have been watching All County property's website for the past few months to find a rental for my impending move. I have inquired about one property and was sent a rude and short email from Vicky that did not answer my questions but instead just stated ""When you're in the area, lets set up an appointment to view it."" Just yesterday, I saw a house that I was interested in that was for rent for $695, today when I looked to see if it was still is now $750. I don't understand how the price can change $55 within 24 hours. Between these two experiences, it definitely makes me question their business practices and I now will be taking my business elsewhere. Cons: changing rental prices more

Not worth your time 3/24/2010

I am a current renter of a property I fell in love with from the outside. Looking at the inside, I felt that the place had potential. Made my deposit & read my lease. Upon reading, I found that this company states that there is a mandatory carpet cleaning fee & a separate apartment cleaning fee totalling about $300. I expressed my concerns about this as this place required extensive cleaning of the walls, floors, carpet & a/c vents.\r \r I placed service requests the week I moved in via paper at their office & their website. I then had to submit the same requests again a month later. To my surprise, I had to submit again the following month, 1 at a time. They contacted a contractor to come fix my plumbing. A week later, I had the same issue arise & was issue was worse than before. The receptionist, Sandy, couldn't do or say anything regarding the issue & then hung up on me instead of trying to help me. The property manager, Vicki, has never returned my call, dispite several calls to her on that day.\r \r Now I am currently waiting for a return call from them again on an issue with my refrigerator which is leaking water on the inside of it. Again, submission was made via online first. I waited over 1 week for a response. I finally went in to file out the form. The reason I was given was that they were having issues. I left word for the property manager to call again, & of course no call back.\r \r I would not recommend anyone to waste their time with this company. They do not care about you, only the money. As I was leaving this location, a potential leasee spoke to me about how they were threatening to keep a deposit on a property if he backed out, even thought All County Property would keep an appointment with hime for 3 weeks to sign a lease.\r \r I am currently ready to break my lease due to my review. I know I won't get my deposit back based in no small part by these reviews, but I don't really car at this point. Pros: Cheap rent Cons: Poor customer service & lack of maintenance response. more

Long Term Client 3/18/2010

All County has been managing my properties for over a decade. I have been a long term investor and would recommend any one to place their property with them. There are never guarantees with tenants but with All County you know you have the best bet at having your property see it maximum potential. Thanks All County for helping me achieve my investment goals with my property! The best of luck with taking All County nationwide. Pros: Professional Service Cons: Being a Landlord more


I rented a house from all county for 2 years. After the lease ended the first year, i was told i will recieve a lease in the mail for the second year, that i should sign and return to acpm. I never recieved the lease. When it was time to move out the house was cleaned and left in better condition than it was when moved in. When i moved in there were garbage all over the front yard, no refrigerator were installed, the bathroom was filty and old and rusty looking. When something needed to be fixed, they took their time in doing so. Acpm refused to give me back my security deposit of $825. I threatened to take them to court but they just did not care, and still refused to give back the security deposit. The staff was very rude, nasty to me and very umprofessional. I would have taken them to court but i did not really know what to do. I know i still can a just might one of these days. Pros: CHEAP RENT Cons: HOUSES NOT SO GREAT, RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF more

Never Use This C0mpany!!!!! 11/18/2009

I am a property owner, and All County failed on many fronts. First, they did nothing to earn their percentage. Second, they failed to notify me in a timely fashion when the lease was coming due--I got a call 2 days before the end of the lease. We negotiated a new lease, and it was given to the property owners, they signed it and sent it back with their check. All-County cashed the check, but did nothing to finalize the lease. The renters went on a month to month and we never knew it, all because of All County's negligence. Seven months into the new rental term, we got a call that the renters were vacating. We said they can't because they have a lease, and All County told us that one was never signed. All-County returned the deposit to us, the owners. The renters wrote All-County repeatedly to get their deposit back, even threatening litigation. Not once did All-County tell us this was happening. We got a text message from the renter saying they were filing a claim the next day, and that was the first we heard of it. This is an ongoing problem--no solution as of yet. NEVER, NEVER use All-County!!! You'll be terribly sorry and lose money, I thought they had a fiduciary responsibility to us, but they have never honored that. We are working on suing them. Cons: they are negligent and deceitful more

Poor Communicators 8/19/2009

I am glad to be done with All County. Sandy and Sharon were difficult and hard to reach at best, and rude and mean most of the time. I could never get Sharon to return calls or emails which made our move out and deposit negotiations impossible. Their policy was that Sharon's calls would go to voicemail only, always. Then she'd never return them so after >10 calls, I only received 1 callback. They were unfair with the deposit as well, using hundreds of our dollars to improve the property rather than just keep it the same and charging us $85 to clean the landlord's stuff out of the garage. I would never rent again from this management company. Pros: Nice property Cons: Could never get a response, answer by phone or email more

Above and beyond! 7/3/2009

I have been renting from them for the past three years. While normally I never take the time to write a review I was compelled to do so today. After the storms this morning a tree fell into my driveway. Sandy the receptionist went above and beyond the call of duty not only to get it taken care of, but to find someone to do it immediately so I could get my car out of the garage and get to work. While All County has always been responsive to my needs, I didn't expect anyone the friday of a holiday weekend to really get it done. Thanks!. Pros: Great customer service Cons: Have to listen to auto attendant before you get a live voice more
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