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Alexia's Auto Tint - 20 Reviews - 12855 SW Beaverdam Rd, Beaverton, OR - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (503) 671-9615
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Alexia's Auto Tint

12855 SW Beaverdam Rd
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 671-9615
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They do excellent work. I have always had all my cars tinted and my current one (Acura RL) is the best among them all as it was done by Alexia's. I am taking my newly purchased ca...


It breaks my heart to have to write something not positive, but I have no choice. I choose this company from a video I found I YouTube that showed a Mom & Pop operation. Which, I ...

Steer clear 12/9/2011

It breaks my heart to have to write something not positive, but I have no choice. I choose this company from a video I found I YouTube that showed a Mom & Pop operation. Which, I love. The service was very friendly and the price was middle of the road for my car. When you go in, you sign about four forms claiming they are not responsible for anything, in any way shape or form. This made me nervous, but figured...hey, it's mom and pop ,come on. Totally dead wrong. When I picked the car up, it had scratches in the glass (like a tool box was set on it), scratches on the side in the paint, the car was filthy (the spray adhesive they use was everywhere in the car), dirty foot print (still there), tint particles everywhere. Car required a detail at this point. This isn't even the worst case. When they installed my rear wiper motor, they didn't install it correctly. When I used it, it smoked the whole hatch area up. Knowing I signed all those forms, I knew I could do nothing. So I disconnected the wires at the back and just let it go. Apparently, this caused the wire to get cooked from the switch at the front of the car as well, and toast the wires up thru the console. How did I find this out? When a buyer for the car started it. I have never been so mortified in my life. The car is a Porsche. NOT a cheap car. I get asked all the time where the tint was done. The tint is okay, (it's a tough car to do), but I just show where the tint lines are not cut straight, and point out the bubbles, and show everything else. Even though it's free to take the car back there and have the bubbles done, it's just not worth the risk. Also, After much debate and consulting with some Porsche mechanics, I decided to contact Alexia despite having those forms filled out. They asked for me to bring the car back to ""determine fault"". They looked the car over and was told they haven't made a mistake in 17 years, well...there is a first time for everything. Not only was the old adage of ""The customer is always right"" completely tossed out, I even got the run around of ""You have a phone call to take"". Not a good way to conduct business when you have a customer in front of you. Especially when this customer was willing to play ball and not go the full monty (new wiper motor, switch, labor. To the tune of about 2k). What did I want? Fix the damage done; put a $20 wiper delete kit in, a $2 black out cap for the console switch, fix the electrical and call it a day. I was told they were going to consult a former boss and would receive a phone call the next day. I never even had the respect to have a phone call returned. It was also mentioned to me to contact a lawyer, and small claims court to resolve what should've been an easy problem to solve. If I had the means and time to do so, I would. It's a shame. DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT take your car here if you care about your car. If I could post pics of the damage I would. more

Awesome work! 9/23/2011

They do excellent work. I have always had all my cars tinted and my current one (Acura RL) is the best among them all as it was done by Alexia's. I am taking my newly purchased car there too. Do not hesitate. more

great job, super friendly, fair prices...... 7/14/2011

called first for info, really good info relayed on phone, made appt. got me right in on time and many things to do and places to eat if you are waiting. job done on time and follow up info and care was really good too windows look great . will go back next time for sure. pleasure doing business with them.. more

Excellent Work! Quality Product! Fair Price! 5/4/2011

I'd never had the need for tint before, but then I had a large vehicle with large number of complex windows, and made plans for numerous extended trips to So-Cal. My prior trip had resulted in pretty bad sunburns inside the vehicle, through the stock tint - so needed to do something. These folk explained the different products, how these would work on my vehicle, what the legal requirements were, how much time the job would take, how long to expect drying to take, etc. They spent 30 to 45 minutes answering my many questions. I decided to go ahead with this, and when I dropped my vehicle off a few days later I was expecting great things. I picked my vehicle up at the agreed time, was given extensive information on caring for the product, including how long to avoid use of power windows, what type of cleaning products to use, as well as several specific product names, what type to never use (even more important), and everything else I needed to know. The job was perfect. It was beautiful. It was flawless. There were some small bubbles that cleared up during the drying time, as expected. The vehicle both looks good from the outside and is *COOL* - much cooler - inside. Neither I nor my passengers have gotten sun-burns through the glass since. What a wonderful upgrade to my vehicle! That was then, this is now. Just acquired a show-room perfect Mercedes that is crying for the same treatment for the same reasons - so I'm going to call Alexia's and make the appointment tomorrow. Great work, fair price, quality products, great communications skills in the staff. Patient in dealing with my newbie questions... What more could I ask for? Thanks for reading, and I just felt I had to write since I was surprised to see the attacks on here. I will write another review when the Mercedes is finished. more

The extra mile in customer service 1/15/2010

Alexia and team did a beautiful job on my BMW Roadster. It had been living in Las Vegas and had a bit of peeling due to the heat. Since Alexia had done such a wonderful job on the original tinting, I went back to her to get it repaired. She really went the extra mile to match tinting and provide the best quality product, creating a very happy customer! more

Awesome Job 12/30/2009

First thing First !! i have owned four hotrod car's.I have Alexia doing them all cause she never screwed me over.Always helpful and very please with the work.I did have one issue with my back window tinit coming off ! Pros: They take their time to do it right. Cons: Stupid TV Remote wouldn't work. lol lol more

Ignore bad review, here's the real story 4/29/2009

Regarding the review saying that Alexia's was a tint shop full of inexperienced and incompetent workers, I would like to clarify, for the record, that I was there when this ""incident"" occurred. You know how you can tell that some people just like to complain? They'll complain about the time of day, if given the chance. Well, this was one of those women that are like that. This is what happened: Alexia very calmy explained to her that film can take up to a month and a half to complete it's ""curing"" process, and any ""hazy or bubbly"" areas that are seen before that time are normal and will clear up with time. Alexia very nicely explained that it had only been 4 days (I gather this lady's car was tinted Saturday, though, that would put my count at only 3 days,but whatever), and that it needed some time to dry. To ""quote"" the care instructions, like she was so quick to try to do, ""To speed the process, if possible, let your car sit in the sun or in a well heated garage. Cold and wet weather will also slow the dry out time, slow curing will not affect the performance of your film."" This is DIRECTLY FROM the SAME care intructions that we BOTH got. I can read, can she? (The weather this weekend was mostly wet and cloudy, FYI) The ""three day"" thing she is trying to quote has nothing to do with what she is saying her problem was. So here's the thing. I have used this tint shop before and have had NOTHING BUT EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!! Their employees have been nothing but helpful, kind and courteous every time I have been there. Anyway, the reason I am writing this review is because this woman was AWFUL to the business owner Alexia, and this woman said many vulgar and disparaging things to her. Alexia did call her a bit@h. Yup. She did. After the lady called HER one, AND much worse. Alexia endured a great deal of verbal abuse from this lady before she lost her cool. Anyone would have. This lady was threatening to come here(citysearch) and complain, so I am here in defense of a good business that deserves your business. She;s lucky she wasnt talking to me, I don't know that I would have kept such great personal control as Alexia. And that's the real story. :) Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing, except fellow customers more

worst tint shop ever 4/28/2009

I asked this place to remove my original tint and reapply a lighter tint on just my FRONT 2 WINDOWS to stop getting hassled by WA. county cops. Prior to going here i had 15% on all windows. They failed to make a courtesy call or even read their so called notes on their computer before they removed the tint on all 5 of my windows. I made it clear that i needed my car back ASAP and they waited for over half of the day before notifying me that my car was done and i actually had to call them myself to see what was taking so long as they quoted 2 hrs and it had been over 5 hrs. Then to top it off the first thing the Alexia said when i arrived was ""dont worry everything is fine w/your car no worries we are gonna fix it @ our expense"". Now as a customer what would be your first thought?? Whats wrong? RIGHT!!!!! Well thats when i found out about the tint being completely removed from all windows w/o my consent. my rear three windows were perfect and had no issues until now. Next i took my car back to have them re-tint it the rear windows back to where they were & the closest they could match to my original tint was 20%. I couldn't leave their shop either of the 2 times i had gone there i without having to have some incompetent worker come out a remove over a dozen large air bubbles from my windows every time. After having to deal with this shop for over 2 wks their work quality declined every time along with their customer service. I took my car in after 3 days of having them replace their second screw up and again i still have air bubbles and my tint looks like masking tape they tried to stick but couldn't, there is peeling that is occurring & all Alexia could say was ""give it time it will go away there is no problem with any of your windows, it takes three weeks for the tint to set then come back if you still have issues"". Their policy is to come back within three days if there are any problems. Not 1 time did any of the owners or workers in this place ever apologize for all the screw ups, poor work or inconvenience this has caused me. Because of them i now have 3 different shades of tint on my car instead of just 2 different shades. I regret ever setting foot in that shop & especially leaving my car in their care. The person who recommended this place to me has cost me over $200 as i have had to take my car to an experienced shop to fix the screw ups and crappy work. All i can say is never trust your vehicle with Alexia's they will just cost you more money and headaches in the end. Not to mention the last time i was there questioning the final application (peeling, bubbles) Alexia was defensive & proceeded to call me "" A crazy BIT@H"" and that i knew nothing about tinting, as customers all that we need to know is that there shouldn't be any of the imperfections that i had (peeling, bubbles). We should be able to expect the same quality from any tint shop. The original tint work i had done @ Elite Tinting had no issues what so ever. I know wish i would of just taken the time to drive out there to have them do the work with competent workers & real customer care. In summary, if your trying to save a few bucks make sure you remember that you'll be getting what you paid for.........CHEAP, CRAPPY WORK from a shop that is smoke-filled and all employees look high. and that is NO JOKE either. Cons: EVERYTHING YOU NAME IT more

Only 2 hours to Design, Print, Cut, and Install my window graphic. 2/21/2009

I have read many reviews, but this is the first one I've ever written. And the only reason I am, is because I am so pleased with the experience and end result at Alexia's Window Tinting. Pros: Good customer service with guarantees on workmanship. Comfortable waiting area. Cons: I didn't notice a vending or soda machine. So your own snack or eat at one of the two resurants within walking distance. more

keep on tinting! 10/15/2008

Started with these folks in Tigard in 97. I tinted my first car, a nissan 240sx and then my log tractor, then moved on to my 67 ford truck when they were on canyon in 02. I had traded the Nissan in on a Mustang in 05 and I tinted that at the newest place.My brother just tinted his DTS there last week and I came in for the 2 car deal offer on my new Toyota Tundra today. Same people, same sweet service and price. Never a problem with the tinting so who needs the lifetime warranty anyways. Thanks to Duggan and Alexia for remembering us! We will keep coming back as long as we have windows in our rides! Michael Ryder, Vernonia,OR. Pros: Price is right, family owned and operated, good looking tints, fast freindly service. more

Poor Customer Service 10/9/2008

I have used this place a few times over the years and recently it seems to have really gone downhill. The customer service is not what it used to be. Try Tommy's downtown if you want a professional job and excellent customer service. more


I just got my 2007 Infiniti G35's windows done today. I was recommended by a friend & colleague to Alexia's and I couldn't be more pleased. The work is professional and the car looks AWESOME. I took the car in during the week, and the phone was ringing off the hook -EVERYONE knows about the quality & workmanship here. Plan to wait with the car, or drop it off & pick it up later. Pros: Friendly, fast, knowledgable people; cool atmosphere. Cons: gotta find the remote for the plasma TV in the waiting room :) more

Best clear bra and window tint 7/25/2008

I just went to Alexia's for a clear bra and window tint for my '08 Lexus. I was recommended by the Lexus of Portland dealer and have brought 2 other cars to them for tinting. The customer service at Alexia's is the very best. They truly care about your happiness. I appreciate the hard work they did to make me happy and highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. If you are searching for a place for a tint or clear bra, this is the place! Pros: Service more

my birthday present 8/11/2007

My fiancee Scott (I LOVE YOU) suprised me today with a brand new tint on my new Mazda Speed 6. I have a new beautiful car thanks to Alexa's Tinting. Pros: Fast job, factory look, good price. Cons: There were no cons here. more

Quality First 5/9/2007

I just purchased carbon window tint and a deluxe Avery paint protection kit for my Infiniti G35. Pros: 1)Helpful no pressure sales, 2) Kind and knowlegable customer service, 3) Flawless work, 4) Comfy Couch, Free WiFI and digital cable on a big screen tv Cons: 1) Small bathroom more

Good Choice 4/19/2007

Just tinted my car, great price. Thanks for being knowlegeble about my TL. ! Pros: Quick, clean, awsome company Cons: I didn't know of you sooner more

Alexia's Auto Tint 4/11/2007

Very Friendly,upfrontcost customer service. Pros: Friendly, Upfront Customer service, Great Pricing, Great Work! Cons: Only that they aren't available nation wide! more

It is so beautiful 4/2/2007

I just had a Lexus LS 470 L re-tinted here. I bought the car from a dealer who decided they did not want it anymore, after only 2,450 miles. This has been my dream car for sometime now. It came with the windows tinted. I noticed my AM stations were not working. Lexus of Portland said it was because of the window tint that was applied. I called several places to see what we could do. Most had never heard of such a thing or would not remove it. I called Alexia's and as soon as I mentioned the problem they had a resolution for me, price and time available. I thought it was too good to be true. I scheduled an appointment, when I came in they also informed me the previous film was made of metal, the percentage was also illegal. I am glad I found that out before, as 2 others were in the waiting room removing theirs because of a ticket. Thank you all! EXCELLENT JOB!!! I will surely recommend you in the future! more


My name is Robert and i have been following Alexia's Window Tinting since they were in Vancouver, Wa 11 years ago. Nice southern people who have always did and excelent job on all my vehicles. They moved to a larger location about 2 years ago and I lost touch with them. I recently purchased a 06 Lexus ES350. I asked my service person at Lexus of Portland who they recomend for window tinting. He was very quick to spill out Alexia's Window Tinting. I thought they were out of business, turns out that they just got even more popular. I have had other vehicles unhappily tinted elsewhere (mom said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all) so I will refrain from telling you who butchered my cars. I will tell you, that if you actually do your research, you will find, overall, Alexia's is the only ones to ever service your vehicles for window tinting. I have never had any problems with this company. My mother just purchased a used 05 BMW 550. She asked her sevice person at Kuni BMW, he said the same thing, ""GO TO ALEXIA'S, they do all of our work""! I am super pleased, and my car looks better than yours! Pros: customer service above and beyond, lifetime and nationwide warranty, best price for service and product. Cons: they do not rush jobs along due to high quality. They dont drive your car around town to get the job done. more

Great window tinting, and great customer service. 7/24/2006

These guys did a great job on my 05 Altima. Decided to go darker on a tint and they hooked me up with a great deal for being a customer. Highly recommend. more
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