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Alaska Macstore - 13 Reviews - 4240 Old Seward Hwy Ste 9, Anchorage, AK - Other Reviews - Phone (907) 272-7697

Alaska Macstore

4240 Old Seward Hwy Ste 9
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 272-7697
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I have been buying Macs at this store since the G3 first came out two locations ago. My experience has always been good to excellent. I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro and ...


i have to agree with the review regarding their marginal customer service. They are no where near the quality of the Apple Stores in the lower 48 - but better than nothing. I in...

False Advertisement 12/16/2010

My family and I saw an advertisement on the Alaska Macstore Website which claimed that on Friday, Dec. 17, AppleCare for Apple laptop computers would be 10% off. We decided to take advantage of this offer and waited a week till this date. Upon arriving at the store, we soon found out from the manager that it wasn't 10% off, but $10 off. After a small exchange of words, an employee checked the website only to find that it was indeed advertised 10% off. The workers went to the back of the store and a few minutes later informed us that it was a mistake and that they were not going to honor the advertised deal. After accusing them for false advertisement, the worker merely shrugged and stated "Everyone makes mistakes." Upset, we ended up leaving the store without purchasing the AppleCare. After an hour, we checked on their website and the advertisement was changed to $10 off. (The day of the deal.) In the last year, we purchased three computers from them. After hearing the comment of the employee that "Everyone makes mistakes. We are not going to honor the advertised deal." we decided that we will not make the same mistake of shopping with them again. more

Not impressed 11/20/2010

I bought the new Apple TV Ver 2 there recently and have a color mapping problem with the TV that is now well known on the Apple Support Weblog. Not only did they not know about it at the time, after all the research I put in on it and called them to let them know to tell others, seems they barely cared. Now I barely care if I ever go there again... more

A Disgrace to the Apple Name 9/14/2010

I have always had great customer service with the official Apple store online, but the customer service at this store is lacking at best. I have been in that store several times and each time, I have had to seek out help. The employees, though they are not with a customer, act like they don't care if they have your business or not as evidenced by the fact that they don't even acknowledge your existence. My most recent experience was when I called them to see if a product was available. They told me it was so it took me 15 minutes to get out the door and I drove 45 minutes to go purchase the product (they do not take phone payments or I would have purchased it over the phone). Upon my arrival I was told that they did not have the product I was looking for. I asked why they had just told me, and hour earlier, if they had it and all they could say was that they didn't know. They didn't offer an apology and the manager had an "oh well," attitude when I told him of the situation. I will never enter that store again. I would much rather give my business directly to Apple, Best Buy or even the Mac Haus before I spend a dime at the Alaska Macstore, and I purchase a lot of Apple products and am frequently upgrading my products. more

My Experience: Excellent Service 1/21/2010

ckbell Provided by Partner
I have been buying Macs at this store since the G3 first came out two locations ago. My experience has always been good to excellent. I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro and gave my son my old Macbook. This meant data transfer to two different computers. Not only was the work done perfectly, it was done ahead of schedule. I have always been treated respectfully. The only downside is that sometimes the store is busy and you have to wait your turn. I don't see that as a problem since I appreciate the time employees spend helping me once it is my turn. Pros: Prompt and Professional Cons: Busy Store more


LT02 Provided by Partner
I don't feel the workers at the AK Mac Store really care about any of their customers; and the other reviews only reinforce my feelings. I brought my laptop in to see what was wrong with it and they said that it was probably the hard drive and I'd need to pay $50 dollars to even see if it was fixable (they said it most likely wasn't). Then I proceeded to bring my laptop to the Machaus, where they were not only friendly but they also knew what they were doing. They took about 5 different measures to see what the problem was and ended up solving my problem. AK Mac Store didn't give a crap. Their customer service is mediocre at best and they don't really seem to know what they are doing. Pros: NONE Cons: Their customer service is awful. more

Honored Gift Certificate 10/27/2009

videousaf Provided by Partner
I was given an in-house gift certificate by my wife after I purchased an iMac and a Time Capsule 500GB router. I put it away and forgot about it until recently when I decided I wanted to purchase the new mouse that's been released by Apple. Although the mouse isn't yet in stock, I was assured by Scott that they would honor the gift certificate even though it technically expired several months ago. Hats off to Alaska Mac store for taking the consumer side instead of enforcing that particular policy. I will buy from them again. Pros: Customer Service handled properly more


realsweet85 Provided by Partner
I bought a Macbook there January, 2009. It had to be fixed numerous times, and replaced twice! The first time I had it replaced I had to fight with them to replace it. (the second replacement went much smoother because it was done at an ACTUAL APPLE STORE in the lower 48) The OWNER CALLS MY CELL PHONE (which I demanded a call), I informed the owner that I had placed a complaint with the better bu$!ne$$ bur3au, he told me "I had no right to file a complaint" and "who do you think you are?" Needless to say, at the end of the conversation he told me "this is f***ing ridiculous, you are f***ing ridiculous, and you know, f***you." and hangs up on me...THE OWNER! DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THIS PLACE, AS YOUR MONEY, NOT YOUR SATISFACTION, IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT!!! GO TO BEST BUY... Pros: NONE. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. Cons: EVERYTHING. more

Please do not Shop Here 5/4/2009

ScoobyChik Provided by Partner
The Store which is now located on Diamond BLVD, is an Apple reseller that has years of horrible customer service. I was told to take one of their classes by a colleague and I regret spending my time there. It was unprofessional and a waste of an hour. Plus, What is this KID's FOR KID's stuff doing in a MAC STORE (SORRY APPLE.) I asked about the Apple Users group and they gave me a hand out. Seems like they want all the business for themselves. That was not nice and very unprofessional. I am glad I did not spend any money there. I would shop online or go to another store. Please do not spend your money there. Be a Savvy Shopper! Pros: NONE Cons: The Mormon owned business does not represent Apple at all. more

This store does NOT represent Apple or their products 2/4/2009

Kobuk Provided by Partner
Be careful with buying Apple products and expecting service from the Mac store. even though Apple told me I can take my iPod into any Apple store for a replacement, the Mac store won't honor it. They say they are privately owned and unless you bought the Apple product from them, they won't help you. I won't do any business with a store that won't service the main product line of what they sell. Pros: None that I found Cons: Won't service Apple products unless you bought the item from them more

I'm a Mac and have a friend in Alaska 9/30/2008

obwon2 Provided by Partner
Apparently I have been the only OVER SATISFIED customer ever to grace the doorstep of the Alaska Mac Store. Or I had a moment of free time to not rant about local business and the downfalls. Its rants like those before me that drive people to use Big Corporate Businesses for their purchasing needs Thus driving the local economy into the toilet. I have fallen on sidewalks and been wronged by those who serve me but I manage to get a great nights sleep every night. I have frequented the Alaska Mac Store on many occasions and they do what is expected from a human-being. Sure they don?t have all of the answers but they are not Corporate APPLE! But those guys do the best I have seen and I HAVE been to the APPLE stores in the lower 48 (40 people working there and no-one to answer a question) not to mention way less product. Pros: Friendly service, great selection, local business Cons: none more

Customer Service really needs an upgrade 7/9/2008

psuzie Provided by Partner
i have to agree with the review regarding their marginal customer service. They are no where near the quality of the Apple Stores in the lower 48 - but better than nothing. I initially had a good experience when I went in to ask about the iMac. The guy had lots of info and very enthusiastic. When I actually went in to purchase I think they could have cared less. I had to hunt down someone to help me and there were was maybe one other customer in the store. They are just not "with it" as far as helping people and showing customers that they are there to help them. Lots of young staff - have knowledge about using the Mac's but not good at explaining or helping. The classes are somewhat informative but not really instructor lead. Just kids who use the programs and can give you an outline on how it works. They need more staff familiar with PC's to help those of us making the big switch to Macs. I really want the store to succeed so they really need to do some work on hiring more customer service oriented staff with the ability to talk to customers with the customer's needs in mind. Pros: Only real Mac store in town Cons: Staff not very motivated or enthusiastic more


lostmyharddrive Provided by Partner
I agree with the lack of follow up-but also need to say BEWARE-NOT ONLY BAD SERVICE, BUT THEY LOST MY HARD DRIVE!! I brought in an external hard drive that had been dropped, they called and said they had downloaded the informatin to their server, and I would need to buy a new hard drive to load it to. I bought a 1TGB hard drive, cleaned up a computer, downloaded alot of stuff onto it, then-after a month with no phone calls, I stopped by to see if it was ready. Ready? They had lost it. After a few days they found `a hard drive, but it was blank not sure if it was mine. (the one I left had data) Was told I had 2 options: it is mine, and I could have it, or its not mine and I could have it. Oh, and they would refund the 50.00-that is NOT acceptable to me. . Where is my hard drive, and all my personal, financial etc data? There was no apology, no attempt to ask if their offer was acceptable. Ill call back, and see what more they might do, but doubt Ill have luck-they don't seem to care. I'm taking my business elsewhere, and encourage others to do the same. Cons: poor service more

Friendly but don't have the greatest customer service / follow through when ordering through them. 1/10/2008

thenorthman Provided by Partner
I had been going in to there store once or twice a week since December 18th trying to get an invisible shield for the iPhone. Jan 10th I go in and they have a stack of them behind the counter and apparently there is a wait list that wasn't mentioned once all the times I have gone in to see if they have them. I talked to reps about it to so its not like i just went in and then left without them having a chance to tell me about the order list. If this was a one time thing it would be one thing but similar things have happened. I ordered a wireless keyboard from them. A month later I saw it at Best Buy so decided to just pick it up since still have not heard from them. Went to the Mac store the same day looking at the games and low and behold they had a stack of the key boards there. I asked a rep to check for my order. It was in there system so I then had him check my number. It was a good number in fact my cell phone so there is not chance some one just didn't give me a message since it is me who would be answering the phone only. Another time which unfortunately do not remember the exact specifics of it but it was ordering a INCASE case for my Mac Book Pro that had similar results. Friendly people but as a suggestion use them for information and to get a first hand look at the products but I wouldn't want to order from them. If you ever want to get the product in a timely manner. Which to me a timely manner is a couple of months so it isn't like I am wanting it yesterday. Then again it could be just a single person dropping the ball on the calling the customer letting them know it is in but...think there folks have changed a little bit over the year so probably not the case. Sean Pros: Friendly folks and dedicated apple store Cons: They do not seem to follow through when you order stuff through them. more
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