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Al's Plumbing

1108 W Parker Rd Ste 140
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 517-4700
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I agree with the phrase ""You get what you pay for"". My last plumber was inexpensive, when you could find him and when he was sober. I called Al's a couple of weeks ago because I...


we had a so so expierience with these guys. I would not use them again, but they did finish our job, but they were late and we paid a lot. Pros: did do the jo b Cons: late...

Extortionate ... and they know they've got you over a barrel 9/3/2011

Mainly, you only call a plumber when you have an emergency ... so the unscrupulous ones know you have to get the work done and any reasonable and justifiable pricing structure goes out of the window!\r It cost us $238 for a drain clearing call that took lerss than half an hour .... outrageous by any standard ... and that even included ""over 50s"" and ""internet coupon"" discounts totalling $54.\r We should have run screaming when we we told on the phone that it would cost $89 for them to come and give us a quote .. but if we had the work done that fee would be waived ... but like I said, it was an emergency.\r I'm not complaining about the work done ... and the guy had to get on the roof to gain access to the drain .... but do you know anyone who earns $470 an hour?\r Just to add insult to injury, they give you a cheery little flyer telling you what to remember if you think your service charge is more than you expected with such gems of advice as ""a dependable service business requires training, competant management, organisation and a substantial capital investment"".\r The company I work for has to fulfil all those criteria, but I do not know of anyone among the 200 plus staff (including the overall manager) who earns a tenth of that hourly rate!! more

expensive and doesn't honor promises 7/14/2011

I got a new water heater installed --was promised a free service call to flush it after the first year. I called 4 months after the year had passed and they told me it was too late and it wouldn't be free now. I was never told it had to be done by a certain time and no one ever called to schedule it with me either. For the price they charged I should have got free service for three years!! Overpriced -- don't waste your money. They don't back up service promises! more


I was totally missled about job cost. Was quoted one price on phone charged another when job finnished.\r They charged me $265 for a 5 minute drain stoppage job after quoting me & 89 on the phone. more

I'd Use Al's Again 7/30/2010

They arrived promply, quoted me the exact price that they charged me and they completed the work fast and it was done right. Pros: Fast and Accurate more

Happy Camper 5/18/2010

I agree with the phrase ""You get what you pay for"". My last plumber was inexpensive, when you could find him and when he was sober. I called Al's a couple of weeks ago because I couldn't find my plumber but what I found was a professional plumber in Al. My sewer line is now unstopped (only one time by Al) and now works like new. My ex-plumber kept having to come back out and charged me over and over again for the same stoppage. He was cheap, but it does start to add up...Thank you Al for being my plumber from now on. Pros: Professionalism more

Good plumbers.... 9/16/2009

Eric & Ernest are awsome plumbers. they got my plumbing job done and cleaned up after themselves, wore shoe covers in my home. customer service was helpful and considerate. I will not hesitate to call this company again. Pros: Great attention to detail/got the job done quickly Cons: None known at this time more

Look for another one 9/8/2009

we had a so so expierience with these guys. I would not use them again, but they did finish our job, but they were late and we paid a lot. Pros: did do the jo b Cons: late never called more

dependable plumbing company 3/25/2009

I had Al's Plumbing out to do work for me last week. The plumbers gave me a written estimate up front. I had them do the work and was very pleased. The price was something I can live with. I don't have a plumber out very often but when I do I want a good one. Al's plumbers arrived promptly and explained everything. They were able to answer all of my plumbing related questions. I like the fact that they have been doing business in the area for several years and I will surely call on them next time I need a plumber!!!!! Pros: These guys are great! more

unhappy! 2/27/2009

I called Al's Plumbing out on Feb. 18th because my water heater pilot light kept going out. I asked for a check up on my water heater and also to check the thermocouple. They checked the thermocouple (so they said) and said the thermocouple was fine. The plumber said that it was my vent and I should have them re-route my vent to a different angle -which is a new hole in my roof, plus over $900 in cost! I said that I am a single mom with limited income and that's just not feasible-I will get another person to look at it. I had a different plumber look at my water heater and (Tah-Dah!) replaced the thermocouple like I had thought! I think the plumber was incompetent because it was a simple issue and a $15 part+labor - not a $900 vent job. I'd like my 10 minutes and $39 back, please.....I will NOT be using Al's Plumbing ever again because I do not trust the integrity of his workmen. Pros: Came out quickly. Cons: Not trustworthy. more


This company has helped me out in an emergency situation and I appreciate the fact that they were there and willing to send a plumber out on the weekend. Sooooooo, ljm567, Mr. Emergency could not find a water heater, and never showed up the following day as promised. hey he only charged $1,200 for that kind of service. Al's gave you a break and honored the sale price that Mr. Emergency (that never showed up) promised you. Al's got you back in business in less than 2 hours? Your family had hot water and didn't have to spend the weekend without? They arrived on time and were very professional? Well shame on Al's plumbing. They should have let you wait on Mr. Emergency plumber- who knows after about 3 days or so maybe you would have appreciated a good plumbing company. Hey Al's, keep up the good work there are a lot of us that do appreciate you. Me for one. Pros: shows up on time, good work, good company Cons: give people a break when they are in need more

Price gouging on a water heater 10/28/2008

Our water heater began leaking on a Friday night. We called one emergency plumbing company, but the plumber who called claimed he couldn't get a unit that evening. He said he would call at 8:00 a.m. Saturday. He called at 4:00 p.m. We contacted Al's Plumbing Saturday morning and scheduled an appointment. We also called an independent plumber who quoted $1200 over the phone. When Al's plumber arrived, he quoted us $2200; $2400 if we wanted the extended warranty. My husband said no thanks, we have a $1200 quote. Al's plumber called his supervisor who authorized doing the install for $1200. We let them do the work, which took less than 2 hours. Subtract the cost of the unit (approx $600) and we paid $300 per hour. And they wanted to charge us $800 per hour. PRICE GOUGERS!!! We will never use again. Pros: arrived on time Cons: grossly inflated price more


I was recommended to Al?s Plumbing by my Homeowners Association about 7 years ago and have been using them ever since. My home is about 20 years old but thanks to Al?s the plumbing is in good shape now. They have replaced my faucets, my toilets, repaired my gas line and most recently replaced my water heater. When I call Al?s they are always professional and helpful. I purchased a PSA contract from them a few years back and found it to be a great help when it comes to free services and customer discounts. I have found Al?s plumbers to be very knowledgeable and patient in explaining the plumbing in my home. Our Homeowner?s Association only has good reports from our community on Al?s Plumbing and the work they have done in the neighborhood. My neighbor had a slab leak repaired by Al?s Plumbing and they paid for her to stay in a very nice motel for the weekend so that she would not be exposed to the work; or having to go without water for the weekend while the work was being done. This is beyond what I have heard of any other companies doing. I am a faithful customer of Al?s Plumbing as are my neighbors in our community and will continue to refer them to my friends and family. Pros: EXPERIENCED, FRIENDLY, RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, CLEAN Cons: NONE KNOWN more

GREAT COMPANY 10/14/2008


Use these people at your own risk!!! 10/8/2008

The so-called ""plumber"" arrived at my house 45 minutes late. I had to leave for work in 30 minutes so I told him to forget it. All I needed was the flush valve in my toilet replaced. He said he could do it in 10-15 minutes. Over the phone they told me $39.99. The guy did 15 minutes of work and charged me $250. Before he left, I noticed the toilet tank started running and asked him to fix it. He opened the tank lid, stuck his hand in and said ""ok fixed."" \r That night I came home to a flooded house, and the toilet tank continously running. Standing water in my garage, both bedrooms, both bathrooms and utility room. I called Al's Plumbing, they said they would pay for the water remediation and my stay in a motel. \r Next day, I had Servpro out here at 9 am. So was the ""plumber"" from Al's Plumbing. They then refused to pay for Servpro as they had ""their own company"" they wanted to use. The manager refused to talk to me on the phone. So I had to relay messages to him through the ""plumber"" they sent. I insisted on using Servpro, and my homeowners ins. agreed to them. Then the ""plumber'"" tells me the flood was caused by excessive PSI which blew the flush valve he installed for which I now needed a pressure guage installed that would cose $813. By the way, he immediately was able to fix the toilet so it no longer ran. This is the same guy! \r I had to spend 5 days in a motel --which they refused to pay for because they said I didn't use their water remediation people,"" who would not have taken 5 days to dry out the house. "" OMG !- REALLY???\r No one from Al's would talk to me until I wrote a letter to the State Board of Plumbing examiners. Now, they are paying for the hotel, they were fined by the City of Mesquite for not getting a permit for the pressure guage, which they subsequently removed and reimbursed me for. And their ins. co. ( who's info I also obtained from TSBPE) is also reimbursing my homeowners ins. for the remediation and repairs to my house. Risky!! Cons: Incompetent, rude and price gougers. They hate their customers! more

AL'S PLUMBING****THE BEST PLUMBING COMPANY AROUND. If you are looking for licensed plumbers that know what they are doing, call Al's. 10/7/2008

I am new to the area and saw an Al's Plumbing truck in the neighborhood, called their office and they sent a plumber and an apprentice to my home almost immediately. I got some estimates for some plumbing repairs that the previous owners had been pushing aside. Had the work done the same day. the guys had everything on their trucks and did not have to leave until the work was complete. These guys are great and do do quality work! Highly recommended. Pros: friendly, knowledgeable, polite, clean, trustworthy Cons: ? more

So Way OVER Priced ~ Watch Out Plano-ites 4/25/2008

I googled the closet plumber to my house to come fix my ever running - leaking shower and got Al's. They said anywhere between 3-5. So I left work to go home and wait. They ran late on a job - it's after 5 - no problem - so I got a snow day at work, cool. When the repair man arrived he was VERY polite, professional, courteous well humored and extremely informative. \r \r I did however almost have a heart attack when he told me the job would run me an estimated $898, maybe more once they got on the job. GASP! He understood my pain and suggested a tentative solution until I could afford the ""major over haul"" and it was going to be a mere $440. This solution although less expensive may not fix the problem and once he was into the job he may have to complete it anyway.\r \r HOLY MOLY!\r \r I thanked him for his time and paid the FREAKING TRIP CHARGE (Ya Live & Learn) and he left.\r \r I told a friend about my horrible day and she suggested Speake's Plumbing. 972-271-9144 - Grant.\r \r I called and they came out (without me having to be home) and called me once he had diagnosed the problem. $137 (INC TAX) later I have a shower that shuts off and money left in the bank.\r \r $868 - $440 - $137 You decide.\r \r Be Blessed Pros: Very courteous staff Cons: Way Over Priced more

Good-Looking Plumbers! 1/9/2008

Al's Plumbing was recommended to me by a co-worker. The plumber and his helper were very friendly and clean. I really like the professionalism and the fact that they knew what they were doing. I was really impressed. I had never called a plumber before and I must admit I always had this stereo-type idea that he would be all hillbilly-ish and not house boken! I know that sounds awful, but that's how I always thought of plumbers. I thought the plumber character, Mike, on the television show ""Desperate Housewives"" was a fantasy for women. I'm married but I gotta tell you, Al's plumbers sure were easy on the eyes! Pros: They didn't mind me watching them work more

Texas Finest 1/7/2008

Al's plumbing is great. They came out the same day within 2 hours and without it being an emergency. They even call you to let you know the plumber is on his way. Their truck was loaded with parts so they never had to leave my house. I like that. Hate it when a tech of any kind comes back at me saying well, I have to leave to run and get the part, but I'll be back later today...don't go anywhere and wait for me! To heck with that, I'm always going to call Al's Plumbing and I'll recommend him to all my friends and colleagues. \r \r Pros: All the way with Thumbs Up! more

The Best There Is!!! 11/15/2007

I have been using AL's for many years now and I recommend them to all my friends. I always find them to be professional, prompt and courteous. The work they've done has always been quality. Yes they charge a little more than the ""average bear""; however, in my mind, you get what you pay for. If you want the job done right, then call AL's. Pros: Work is quality, prompt service Cons: I would say priced higher than average, but I think they're worth the price for the great job they do more

Great Customer Service 10/23/2007

I am always impressed by how nice everyone is. I've been using Al's Plumbing for years and have never had an unpleasant experience. Their technicians show up promptly on time with a courteous phone call before hand. I am especially impressed that they always wear their shoe-covers before entering my home. I could credit Al's Plumbing for keeping all of my plumbing in tip top condition. Pros: They wear shoe-covers before entering your home! more
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