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Advanced Dermatology Associates

200 Central Park S Ste 107
New York, NY 10019
(212) 262-2500
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I usually do not like to give a review when it comes to a profession (doctors, dermatologists, CPAs, etc.). However, I could not help but review and post my comment about this off...


First time I visited this facility, I never actually met with a doctor and was seen instead by an 'associate' without an MD title, who prescribed some stuff that didn't work. Wen...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/22/2014

Stay Away with respect to std testing ... a ""provider"" not a doctor sits with you. Lab is in house and not accurate ... they told me i was positive for 3 things and wanted to sell me medications on the spot. I had tests repeated one week later and tested negative. so ... big scam and money grab. Stay away ... the CPS address makes it even worse more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/10/2013

dr sara segall is the worst! has no idea what she is doing! what a creepy little woman! should have known right away when i saw how bad her make up was that she probably wasnt a good dermo! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/24/2013

I'm really surprised to read the negative reviews. My appointment was great! I did have to wait about 10-15 minutes but I think that is to be expected. I was a little anxious about my issues when I came in but they quickly calmed me down. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I will definitely go back if I have any other dermatology issues. more


I had an appointment today at 4:15pm. I arrived early and waited for my appointment. ONE HOUR LATER, I was till waiting! I finally asked the receptionist what the holdup was and she told me that there were still THREE PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME. WTF? She proceeded to tell me that it would be another 30-45 minutes. WHAT IS THE POINT OF MAKING AN APPOINTMENT FOR 4:15PM IF I CAN'T BE SEEN UNTIL 6:00PM? The other option she presented me: ""if you don't want to wait, you can certainly book another appointment..."" more


My experience at Daniel Lebovits' office was my worst medical experience ever. His staff was incompetent, rude, irresponsible, and hostile. I went in due to a rash that concerned me very much. I was able to get a same day appointment and now I know why. The nurse came into the room to do preliminary write ups regarding my rash and exclaimed ""WOAH!"" which was highly inappropriate. I let that pass as she seemed like a decent person. 30 minutes later, my doctor arrived into the room and took a look at me for about 2 minutes. During these couple of minutes, I had many questions and received no answers. All he said in response to my questions were that he would need to perform a biopsy in order to answer me. Some of these simple questions that he could not answer without taking a chunk of my skin include and are not limited to; ""What can I do to make myself more comfortable at home? Will you give me medication? Should I avoid hot showers? Should I avoid certain fabrics? Should I avoid certain foods? Etc."" Apparently, he needed a biopsy to tell me such answers. He quickly left and said that they would give me some creams to apply. The nurse showed up with tubs of cream and told me that it would cost $200. I asked her what are these creams for? What is the percentage of steroids in these creams? Will they affect my asthma inhalers which are also steroid based? She said that she didn't know the answers and went to ask the doctor. She came back saying that there was .05 percent steroid in the cream and that it is a negligible. I asked her what the exact purpose of the cream was and she said if you want to know, you will need to speak to the doctor but he's with a patient so you'll have to wait. I asked her what ingredients were in the cream and she gave me a handwritten list and told me to look them up online. THIS is NOT acceptable. I WAS APPALLED. I told her so and she went on about her way to avoid me. I called up a friend of mine in medicine and was told that the ingredients in the cream were not much different from over the counter creams and that I should ask for a prescription instead of buying directly from the dermatologist office. I went to pay for my appointment and let them know that I was not taking the creams and was approached by the hostile nurse saying that I should take them. I told her that I felt uncomfortable slathering immense amount of medicated cream all over my body without knowing what it was and she told me she had written on the list and that I could look it up online. I politely told them that I came in because I was concerned and don't think that this type of service is appropriate and that I would rather get another doctor to take a look at my rash. A nice nurse came by and asked about my appointment and I told her that I was frustrated that I was not being told what medication I'm purchasing and that the environment made me very uncomfortable as the doctor was rushing and the nurse was giving me attitude and medication that is foreign to me. By this time, I was so frustrated that I broke down in tears and asked to take care of the payment ASAP. This nurse was very nice and tried to console me but it was too late. Before leaving, I told the hostile nurse that she should not give a patient a list of ingredients and tell them to look it up online as it is highly inappropriate. She then went on to yell at me for tapping her on the shoulder. This was by far the worst medical experience and service I've received anywhere and I would not recommend it for ANYONE to go into this type of an environment where the doctor tries to peddle the patient for money and is unwilling to answer questions that the patient has. I went to this establishment hoping to get better and resolve my rash but instead I left with a lot of stress, and emptier wallet, and in tears. more

Go elsewhere! 7/14/2011

I've been waiting for an hour and a half so far. They stuck me in one of the exam rooms, which can only be described as dingy. It looks like something splattered all over the room, so there are spots/stains on everything from the exam table to the aluminum blinds. Even the bathroom was gross - not good for a medical office! I've already been out once to ask for a time frame, but I think that may have induced them to make me wait longer just b/c. Will NOT be coming back here anytime soon. Switched from my regular derm b/c this location is more convenient, but after being stuck here with this level of inattention, am running back to my regular derm. Haven't even met the doctor yet, but even if he's great, the rest of the experience sucked! Save yourself the trouble and find a better practice to visit! more

Wonderful Experience!!! 12/5/2010

I usually do not like to give a review when it comes to a profession (doctors, dermatologists, CPAs, etc.). However, I could not help but review and post my comment about this office. I had been searching for a dermatologist for quite a while. In fact, yesterday I was browsing CitySearch to see who was being recommended the most. more

Really terrific place that made me feel very comfortable and 12/2/2010

After a ""momentary lapse of reason"", I found myself with a real problem (a possible STD) that I couldn't really ask around for advice about......I was COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT! I couldn't sleep or eat for a few days. So I went to the web and searched around for an office that specialized in this particular area of medicine. When I called the office for some information, they squeezed me in for a SAME-DAY appointment as they sensed my urgency. When I arrived, the receptionist was discreet and professional. The office has a large dermatology practice as well as HIV & STD testing and treatment, so I felt like I blended in with other patients while I waited about 10 minutes or so. The doctor and his PA, Dan, were very knowledgeable and VERY reassuring. Dan told me he has been with this practice for 10 years and has a tremendous amount of experience in this area of medicine. These guys were very professional. He instantly put me at ease while we talked. First he asked me if I was having any specific problems. I thought I was but wasn't sure. He offered to examine me. He offered me other specific tests besides the blood test (which he explained is a screening test). He offered me the option of treatment since I was so scared I had something. All of this to put me at ease. He explained what any other fees would be ahead of time. He explained the pros & cons of everything pertaining to my ""situation"" and could not have been more patient with my many questions. When he was leaving the exam room, I thought to myself how relaxed I was compared to the prior 2 days and how thankful I was for the peace of mind. This place is def a good place to know! more

Knowledgable, Caring and Compassionate 11/26/2010

As I found myself in a precarious situation and in need of STD testing and counseling, I searched for an office with this specialty. I came to Advanced Dermatology Associates this past week and was very impressed. more

Best dermatologist I have ever met 7/22/2010

Upon arrival to this office located in a very prestigious location I gazed at the magazine covers on the walls. I was greeted by no fewer then 4 receptionists who were very friendly and made me feel right at home. After waiting about 5-10 minutes, I was escorted by one of their many nurses to an exam room that looked like something out of Star Trek as it was high tech, spotless and state of the art. The doctor treated me with such respect, something I am very seldom use to in NYC. More importantly, he actually listened to what I had to say and discussed all the treatment options with me. We reached a decision together and the treatment work beautifully. I would certainly return to this office and reccomed it to all my friends and family but luckily my condition went away faster then expected and there has been no reason to return. Pros: The office staff was kind, knowledgable and courteous more

Found on Blog Online 7/20/2010

Found this office online and I've been a patient of Advanced Dermatology for years, and can't say enough good things about the service and staff. Both ""top shelf"" in my opinion. Ben more

Long Time Patient 7/20/2010

I have been a long time patient of Advanced Dermatology and am very satisfied with my care and the way I am treated. Appointments are usually readily available and I find the wait no longer than my other doctors. I've recommended this office to family and friends, all have been very happy and pleased with service. WD Pros: consistant care, helpfulf staff Cons: no Saturday hours more

Stange Reviews 4/15/2009

I waited about 20 minutes for my mid-afternoon appointment then discussed my concerns with a nurse and was seen by Dr. Jaeger ten minutes later. He seemed competent and friendly. I'll see if the prescriptions work over the next few days, but I found his practice to be that of a normal, good, doctor. Pros: Efficient, personable, professional more

this place is terrible... 10/1/2008

i came in all the way from brooklyn for my first appt. and they said sorry we don't have you in the system. what a headache. the secretaries were rude and the manager asked me to tell him the name of the secretary that scheduled my appt. who knows that kind of info? seriously, everyone was rude and unprofessional here. i wouldn't have cared that much if someone had apologized, but no, nothing. no sorry, no we'll see what we can lame... Pros: nothing Cons: waste of time more

worst place ever! 10/23/2007

I went to this place because I needed to see a doctor who accepted my insurance.First of all, and you must all know this before you ever step foot in this office, the person who comes into the room in a white lab coat to treat you is NOT a doctor. He is a physician 's assistant, PA, not an MD. They can see patients, but they cannot prescribe any medicines without a real doctor administering it, they have to overlook everything a PA does and they have to approve it. Furthermore, when you are seen by a PA ,at the end of each visit , a doctor MUST come in and review what the PA prescribed / recommended / treated, and he has to sign your chart. When I went to this place they never told me I would not be seen by a doctor. The person who came in the room to treat me was not a doctor, when I asked his name I realized, and I asked where the doctor was and I was told he is not in at the moment. When I asked if I could see him next time they told me he does not see patients anymore. After this I did some research and I found out what they are doing is illegal, and I bet most patients don't even know all this.The PA was not helpful, but annoyed with my questions, and he didn't wanna give me a prescription, instead he tried to sell me a bunch of products I didn't want, to make money.He did not care at all.He was very rude and fake.He was in the room maybe 4 minutes and he was speaking really fast.The staff was rude,especially the receptionists and the manager. Cons: They ate not doctors!!! more

Best Doctor in New York 7/25/2007

I arrived 20 minutes late to my appointment only to be welcomed into this beautiful and clean office on Central Park South. The large number of nurses and receptionists were all quite busy but they were INCREDIBLY ATTENTIVE to my presence and needs. I waited about ten minutes (shorter then any other doctors appointment I have ever had in NYC) and the doctor entered. He was courteous, caring, sincere and respectful. Most importantly, he listened. He suggested a treatment procedure that was relatively inexpensive, non invasive and painless. I left the office very please. The following day, I recieved a call from the head nurse asking how I was and asked me several questions to make sure things were on the right track. I must say, this was the best medical experience I have ever had and would HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone needing a caring, compassionate dermatologist. Pros: Too many to list-Convenient to subway(columbus Circle),Clean beautiful office, Caring professionals Cons: need better men's magazines more

Satisfied Patient 7/23/2007

I recently had an appointment at the Manhattan location and was very pleased with the staff. Eventhough there was a little bit of a wait (comparable to most doctors offices) anytime I asked the staff for an update on the status they were very professional/helpful. I was seen for a Botox treatment and the provider was great and I loved the work he did. You could instantly see the results. This was my first treatment and I was a little nervous but he was very good at reasurring me and explaining everything involved. I will definitely be returning. Pros: Staff / Medical Providers / Variety of Treatment / Location more

Happy Patient 6/19/2007

I went to the NY office and received cortisone shots for keloid. After seeing 2-3 different people I felt it was time to remove the keloid which was'nt shrinking. I said I want the best Dr. They said Dr. Jaeger was the best and he is in the city. Well, from the day I met him, I was impressed. I waited a long time, that when they finally called me, I had to put extra $$ in the meter. I was one second too late and the meter maid was writing out a ticket. I was hurt and took the ticket to the staff, who wrote a letter to waive ticket for me. Pros: Clean office, Dr. Jaeger personality and professionalism, different locations, fast appts. Cons: Nice location, but have to pay for parking, Dr. Jaeger not in all offices more

Not Proffessional at all!!!!! 6/1/2007

I made an appointment with this place because it's not far from my work place. First of all I had to wait a good 20 minutes before I saw the doctor which isn't the infamous Jaeger, Lawrence D, MD. I dont even know who that is as I never met him. Anyway, each time I went to this place I was seen by a different doctor who would not consult me about my skin who would only give me a presciption that did not work. Also, he was only in with me for about 5 minutes (not an exaggeration) after I had to wait a total of 30minutes to even see the doctor. 20 m inutes in the waiting room and 10 minutes in the exam room. Also the receptionist are extremely rude. They always answer questions fastly and abrupt. They make you feel like thier doing YOU a favor. Just very snotty and rude. I wont ever be going bak to this place Cons: Where do I begin more

Great Providers and Cosemetic work 5/31/2007

I am actually shocked by the other reader reviews. I have been going to this office for years and have always been pleased with the friendly staff. In my experience the medical staff has always been great. I love the work they do and they have always loved the results. Pros: Great Medical Staff/Location more
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