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Adolf Biecker Spa Salon - 20 Reviews - 508 W Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (610) 687-4750
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Adolf Biecker Spa Salon

508 W Lancaster Ave (at Gallagher Road)
Wayne, PA 19087
(610) 687-4750
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Adolf Biecker Spa Salon - Wayne, PA



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I have beening going to Adolf Biecker for years and i have to say i enjoy myself everytime I'm there.Everyone is always so friendly! When you walk in you are greeted right away wi...


I'm giving this salon two stars strictly because of the manager. I recently had a very unpleasant experience here--so unpleasant that I went to the trouble of writing a letter of...

Adolf Biecker great place to go 7/25/2011

I have beening going to Adolf Biecker for years and i have to say i enjoy myself everytime I'm there.Everyone is always so friendly! When you walk in you are greeted right away with a smile. Tiffany does my color and i just feel great when i walk out of there!! She is alway so friendly and upbeat. I can say I've never walked out of there not being happy. Adolf Biecker is very lucky to have a great colorist like Tiffany!!! more

5+ STARS for ADOLF BIECKER!!!!!! 7/19/2011

So funny that I was going on this site to write a review about all of my wonderful visits to Adolf Biecker in Strafford. I have been going to this salon for many years and I have to say I am a bit disturbed by the last review so much so that I have been totally sidetracked from praising the one place that always makes me look and feel my best to defending a colorist that doesn't even color my hair on a regular basis, but have used in the past when there have been scheduling conflicts. For years the front desk staff and management has always been super nice and accommodating and I have never once felt uncomfortable or that I was treated different because of the way I ""looked"", who gets all dressed up to go the the salon anyway? And also I feel a strong need to stand up for Tiffany, she is always laughing and having fun with her clients. She seems to have wonderful relationships with all of where I would think they weren't just clients but FRIENDS!!! Maybe you were having a SOUR day and felt that you were underdressed and you felt like you didn't belong. Don't blame others for your insecurities because the people at Adolf Biecker are the furthest things from snobs! People always tend to write the bad, and never the good so I am taking this opportunity to stress how much I LOVE the TEAM at Adolf Biecker! Thank You all so much for always making me look and feel GORGEOUS inside and out! more


I just had my hair done by Tiffany who was recommended to me by a neighbor. She said Tiffany was a terrific colorist and I have to admit that I do like my color but I found her and the rest of the people SO arrogant. Tiffany made it obvious she was in a sour mood, the front desk was cold and dimissive and they seem to have no problem making people feel uncomfortable. Who do these foks think they are? I was underdressed when I went for my appointment but you would not believe the snobbery in that place. Tiffany - what gives you the right to be so rude to me, I was the customer? Do I really need to be dressed well to be treated well? I am new to the area but would certainly not return to this salon. I should have looked here before going! There is an obvious trend, good talent but snobby place. more

Manager rectified a bad experience 5/24/2011

I'm giving this salon two stars strictly because of the manager. I recently had a very unpleasant experience here--so unpleasant that I went to the trouble of writing a letter of complaint to the manager. Some of the receptionists, but especially my stylist, were totally lacking in customer service skills--snobby, arrogant, and rude. I was truly amazed by this particular stylist's brusque, curt manner, and unwillingness to communicate with me as to how my hair should be cut. She had a rather defensive attitude and didn't seem to like the fact that I asked questions. I also don't think she understands the concept that there's more to being a professional stylist than the ability to cut hair. I've honestly never witnessed such a thing in a salon of this caliber. It felt more like The Hair Cuttery than Adolf Biecker. I was so surprised because I'd been a client at their Philadelphia location for over 25 years and had nothing but pleasant experiences. I moved recently and the Strafford salon is now closer, so I tried a stylist there expecting the same excellent service. Wrong. The manager, Debbie, called me immediately upon receipt of my letter, really listened to what I had to say, and apologized. She understood why I was upset and generously compensated me, so I have to at least give her credit. However, I can't help but question why she continues to employ such unprofessional people. more

RUN don't walk to see Tiffany 5/18/2011

I've been going to Adolf Biecker for years.I've lived several places and been to many salons from Palm Beach to NYC and by far no one does color better than Tiffany. She has gone over and above the call of duty on so many of my social last minute hair emergencies. Tiffany creates the perfect natural blond color. Not only is she the ultimate master color professional ,I look forward to the appointment. It's a relaxing experience,its reassuring knowing that your hair color will look great after every single visit. The consistency,professionalism, skill, and superior customer service Tiffany and salon management provides is truly priceless. more

Tiffany is the Queen of color!! 5/12/2011

I have been going to Adolf Beiker for 8 years. I cannot imagine and would not attempt to locate a salon that has a higher level of service and talent. Tiffany is a color queen, I trust her expertise. She is the ultimate professional and provides consistent reliable results.\r Debbie and Dawn at the front desk are always there to accomodate last minute needs and schedule changes. \r From simple running lates to my wedding day I could not be more appreciative. I would reccommend Tiffany to anyone, If you can get an appointment with her! more

Get the best color and cut around! 5/11/2011

To be honest, I never write reviews so you know that this salon has to be good. Someone had recommended the team of Russell and Tiffany to me over 6 years ago and I will never go to anyone else. My hair color is naturally very dark and after trying so many high end salons my color was just becoming too dark and damaged. When I sat down in Tiffany's chair for the 1st time, she set out a plan of action and she got my color to a place where people ask me all the time where I get my hair done and do I color my hair (best compliment ever since you want it to look natural). Highlighting dark hair has to be the hardest thing to do and she does is flawlessly. I look forward to going everytime and she is always very flexible with me and my schedule. After my perfect color, there is nothing better than the haircut and fabulous blow out by Russell himself...yes that is right...he does both himself!!! They are the talented. Love them both. more

Tiffany and Jim a killer combo! 5/11/2011

I have been getting my hair highlighted for about 10 years, and cut for almost 30 years. I have been to various high end salons and no one does a better highlighing job than Tiffany. I have been going to Tiffany for about five years now, and she has done it perfectly every time. I am pretty sure that one of these times, I am going to be thrown out of the salon for laughing so hard while sitting in Tiffany's chair. She is an excellent stylist, and a great person! After my time with Tiffany I am then wisked away to Jim's chair for a haircut. Jim is the only stylist who was able to convice me to cut my hair more than an inch. His precision and exactness are unprecedented. Tiffany and Jim are a killer combo and a great time!\r more

Adolph Biecker/Strafford 5/10/2011

I have been going to this salon for many years, have left (because it is far from my home) and always come back. I have tried so many colorists and no one can color my hair like Tiffany! She is by far the best around. I love her fun-loving attitude. She is funny and keeps me entertained with her wit and hysterical stories. Tiffany knows color and talks me through changes with professionalism and an understanding of my needs. I also listen to her discuss color needs with other clients and she is consistent and professional on all fronts. I have also been impressed with Debbie, the owner and manager as she is fair and very committed to the salon, its customers and her stylists. Adolph Biecker is a first rate salon on the Main Line and they deliver a fabulous service!!! more

To all of those that want great hair...Adolf Biecker/Straffo 5/10/2011

After moving out of New York City to PA, it took some searching to find the right hair salon. Once I was recommend to Adolf Biecker I gave them a try. As a customer of their's for over 11 years and many referrals, I guess you know I'm more then happy!!! Through the years I have had every experience from changing hair color... Huge Thanks to Tiffany to many different hair styles... Huge Thanks to Russell!!! Aside from the style changes I have also ran into the regular life experiences of running late or switching an appointment last minute. Each time they have accommodate to fit my schedule...thank you front desk. I have been so happy here with my expeience in the salon and with the way I walk out that I couldn't imagine going to anyone or anywhere else! To all of those that want great hair...Adolf Biecker/Strafford more

Tiffany is Terrible! 5/7/2011

She gets the award for rude, grumpy, moody and unprofessional. The general manager should be ashamed of herself for making excuses for Tiffany's sour behavior. If she cannot smile and be friendly when she comes to work, she should stay home, if the manager can not manager her staff, she should stay home too. There are plenty of people who need a job these days, you should be glad you both have one! When I go to the salon and expect and pay for relaxing service by professionals. What I often get with Tiffany is arrogant and rude behavior, Don't worry, I won't be back to bother you again Tiffany and I will be very happy to let my friends know that you really don't like the salon, your job, or your clients! more

FABULOUS! 5/6/2011

Just got my haircut by the BEST stylist-Jenna. She was amazing and was able to cut my hair when I didn't even know what look I was going for and I LOVED it! You would be insane not to go to her if you're looking for an up to date, yet classy look. I highly recommend her!!! Staff at the reception area was quick to take care of me and extremely courteous. more

Not a Pleasant Experience! 7/2/2010

Picture this: I arrive early for a wash and blow-dry. As I approach the desk to check in, a client there is speaking in an agitated voice regarding an employee requesting that this employee be spoken to... I backed away and walked toward the changing room when I was suddenly confronted by an unfamiliar woman who, without introduction, without greeting, aggressively began stating that if a curling iron was used it would be an extra charge. Hello? (Last month I was scheduled with a stylist I had never before met, Pavlina. SHE used a curling iron at the end: I did not request it, I did not ask for it.) Pavlina now arrives, I greet her and state that I was scolded like a child and that we cannot use a curling iron because ""it will be an extra charge"". At check-out, I'm told the fee is that of the charge with a curling iron (which was not used). What? Oh yes, Pavlina said she...curled? The angry woman who rudely greeted me earlier now arrives to say oh, because my hair is longer even though no curling device was used there is an extra charge. I ask who are you...Deb, The Assistant General Manger! No thank you, this ""style of management"" is a LOSER: of clients and reputation. Good-by. Pros: not at this time Cons: Disrespectful/ Unwarrented more

The worst company. ever. 3/20/2009

my expierence with adolf biecker was a nightmare. the place itself looks like they WISHthey were professional, but put a mask over it. the prices were too high for the low service they give. it seemed like i was in a movie full of snotty, mean, fake, and stuck up people. i felt so uncomfortable and i wish i wasnt stuck in that position. when i came to check in, the short lady at the counter with the short blone hair was very very rude, did not even look me in the eye, but then got me set up where i needed to go. the girl who dyed my hair seemed like she did not want to be there either..when i watched as people roamed around the room, all i could hear was the sound of bickering, and annoyance of the workers. all i have to say about adolf biecker in strafford, is if you want to be treated like a PERSON, and not like a tiny beetle in a rainforest, DONT go there. you could for sure find a more relaxing, cheaper place to get yourself pampered at. Cons: this place should not exist. more

The best at Adolf on the Main Line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/12/2007

I have been going to Adolf Biecker for some time now, and I can't imagine what my hair would look like without the expertise of my stylist Russel and the dedication and knowledge of my colorist Tiffany. When I made my first appointment at the salon I went in for a consultation, I knew at that moment that the two of them make a great team. They both made great suggestions and I was totally confident that I was in good hands. It is safe to say my hair needed some TLC and they did just that. Tiffany wanted to get my hair back in good condition before hiliting my hair again. She gave me a series of glosses and conditioning treatments and Russel gave me a great cut that really opened up my face and took off alot of the old color. Now more than one year later my hair is in the best condition its been in years. Tiffany has started to hilite me in the manner where she paints the hilites on by hand, it looks so natural and grows out wonderfully. She really brings out my amazing haircut. The only con is the price...but the two of them are worth it!!!!! I wouldn't trust anyone with my lovely locks, and neither should you. The staff at Adolf Biecker are all very kind and alot of fun, if you aren't already a client there you should try them out. You won't be sorry. Pros: Pleasant staff!!! great atmosphere!!!! Cons: Pricey, but worth every penny!!! more

Not satisfied 12/7/2003

The Adolk Biecker salon personnel were very kind, pleasant, cheerful, and professional. The salon environment is calming and beautiful. However, I wasn't satisfied with the actual hair styling; when I made my appointment I made it clear that I was in search of a consultant who would work with me in finding a new hairstyle. I was assured this would be the case, and it definitely wasn't. more

Best Facial 10/26/2003

Faina in Strafford gives the best facials. If you have problem skin she is the one to see! more

Best Salon on Main Line 6/25/2003

I have gone to every salon on the Main Line and Philadelphia and there is no salon better that Adolf Biecker. Russell is the best for a cut or Ericka. And Michelle is awesome for color. Pros: great stylists, good service Cons: tight parking more

The Best 9/17/2002

""Hot"" salons, like restaurants, cool off after a few years. Being consisitant keeps a business successful. Adolf Biecker has remained one the Top 5 salons for over 65 years. more

They Make you Feel Special 8/23/2002

My hair Color is so beautiful, people actually stop me and comment on how pretty my color is. Michelle is my colorist and is just the best. I live for a shampoo by Carol!!! My Stylist, David goes to Paris each year for an updates (not that he needs to) The Salon is beautiful and the staff always makes you feel at home.... more
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  • Adolf Biecker Spa/Salon is an intimate and professionally designed health and beauty facility with locations at the prestigious Rittenhouse Hotel in Center City Philadelphia and at the heart of the Main Line in Stafford.

    Step into an environment that blends beauty and a sense of well-being--on the belief that everything that touches us affects us in larger ways. We combine Aveda pure plant products, sensory experiences and personalized treatments with professional and inspired service to create a memorable experience at every visit. You leave satisfied--and renewed.


  • In Short
    This salon and spa offers a traditional treatment dichotomy: Upstairs, it's primping for hair and nails; downstairs, it's a soothing, maze-like oasis of pale-mint walls,...

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