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Ade's Gun Shop - 6 Reviews - 1124 W Chapman Ave, Orange, CA - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (714) 744-3373

Ade's Gun Shop

1124 W Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 744-3373
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The web is a wonderful, terrible place. Trolls trash businesses for no apparent reason. But you can get good information too. \r \r I call em' like I see them. It's a business, ...


""Ade's Gun Shop"" was sold! The bottom line IT $UCK$! I cannot begin to tell you the heartbreak that I felt when I found out that this was happening. My statement of ""IT $UCK$ N...

Yeah, new owners, but great place, and great folks 8/14/2009

The web is a wonderful, terrible place. Trolls trash businesses for no apparent reason. But you can get good information too. \r \r I call em' like I see them. It's a business, and I've had no problems with them. Did a FTF sale there, with no problems, and was relaxing for both of us (buyer and seller). I'm a happy camper with Ade's. \r \r Didn't know the old Ade's - don't care. I lived within 3 blocks of the place for 12 years, and thought the old place was a coin store. Apparently he had a lot of happy folks, but the new crew is great and I hope here to stay.\r \r Cheers!!! Pros: Smart folks, has a gunsmith Cons: A bit cramped!!! more


""Ade's Gun Shop"" was sold! The bottom line IT $UCK$! I cannot begin to tell you the heartbreak that I felt when I found out that this was happening. My statement of ""IT $UCK$ NOW"" is due entirely to the changes that have occurred since the new owners (an overweight fuzz ball, with a ditz of a wife, and a gunsmith w/ a questionable knowledge) took over. The ""trio"" (I describe as a potbellied wookie, ""Cher"", and Kim Jong Ill-Orbison) started coming around in the latter part of 08. I did not realize that the change over was going to happen around Feb/Mar 09. But the deal breaker for me was watching Ade - an honest, professional, and good nature guy get treated like just a lackey by these people. Ade does come in as an ""employee"" of sorts - making sure that things get documented and the store's transfer to these d0uche bags gets completed correctly (that's my guess). What is truly sad is seeing how the atmosphere has changed. You are no longer welcomed in that ""familiar"" (Cheers - everyone knows your name kinda way). There is a small inner-circle of people that the new owners cater to, and these people are usually the HUGE spenders. I can say that the new owners have very little in way of honesty & integrity. It's a wonder WHY w/ more people behind the counter now-why service is so slow and unprofessional. There shouldn't be any excuses for a line now - because there are more people behind the counter! But here's the thing, prior to the transfer, Ade never tried to ""sell"" someone anything. He would talk to you about the item(s) and leave you to decide on your own accord-like a kid in a candy store. The ""fuzz-ball"" owner tried to sell (con) me a ""new"" item for an AR type rifle that was just shipped in for the store (no taxes and free installation) if I picked it up right there & then. No taxes tells me the thing was consignment from a ppt. Not only that, inspecting the item showed wear and tear on the hex heads and some of the rail slots. That was never Ade's style. Ade ran his store in a very honest, God-fearing/loving Christian manner. I can't get the feeling that the place has turned into a ""wh0re house"" with his name over the top. Make no mistake, this is NOT the Ade's Gun Store that made a legacy for itself up until the beginning of 2009. . The new owner lauds himself as a former ""operator"" or a person who worked w/ the military in Colorado. Whatever! Ade is and will always be a friend, a gentleman, and a consummate professional in my book. Which speaks volumes over the noisy blathering of the new owner's blow-hard attitude. His wife, who also is behind the counter has the knack for looking and sounding like she's she should be running a salon instead. The gunsmith who at times dresses like a cross between Kim Jong Ill and Roy Orbison has the personality of a tack-don't bother with tech questions, he's out to make you feel stupid regarding any questions. Which is very much the OPPOSITE of the original Ade's-where the only stupid question was""where do you point the barrel end of the gun?"" Andrew (big bald, young guy) and the babyface high school looking kid are original Ade-hires. They are still cool, just don't try to chat them up when the trio of owners are around. You'll get them in trouble! Andrew and the kid are pretty good at making sure that you get what you need in the small window when the ""salon owner"" or the ""pot-bellied wookie"" aren't up front (which isn't often). The bottom line is this: ""Ade's Gun Shop"" used to be an awesome place. Now, as a result of the new ownership, the place has become just another Fowler's/Stockade - a place where you feel like you're getting ripped off - or a Turner's where no one really knows what's going on, and they try to convince you otherwise with a lot of B*LL $#!T. Ade should have taken his name off of the store! Ade you are a friend, but this was a bad decision. Pros: Still carry overpriced AR products Cons: NEW OVER PRICED CON JOB/BAD SERVICE more

I just Purchased my first Gun!!!!! 1/18/2009

I own a web design company so I am up on the latest internet trends, blogs, research etc... I visited a local indoor shooting range in Brea, Ca. and loved it so much I decided to purchase a hand gun. After feeling it in my hand and after several days of research I decided on the Springfield XD subcompact 9mm. Now where to buy? I visited my local Orange County gun stores over the last few days......... I noticed that many ""Chain Stores"" try to push you toward certain brands instead of what you came in looking for. When I went to Ade's the sales guy was just a regular joe and gave me the time of day and answered all my questions. It wasn't the most impressive looking store or the largest but were experienced staff and the best prices I came across, I decided to take my safety test and buy from them. My 9mm was $50 cheaper then everyone else and still cheaper then online since I don't have to pay for shipping. I am also looking into a rifle and a shotgun and were surprised at their prices! I have been shopping around so I know what my local guys are selling things for with a sale tag on them. I would recommend ade's to anyone. \r \r Pros: small business, and good prices. Cons: probably not the biggest selection more

EXCELLENT Gun Shop 12/8/2008

Ade's is an excellent place to buy a firearm. Very knowledgeable, friendly staff and very fair pricing. I bought a Ruger Mini-30 stainless steel rifle for $57 less than their closest competitor and this was during the post-Obama win gun buying frenzy - no price gouging at Ade's. Others I called priced that gun up to $164 more than Ade's. I comparison shopped for what I wanted and they had the best deal. I was served very quickly and I only speak English. more

Best store I've ever been to 5/21/2008

Ade's is by far the best gun store I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. His selection is great, his employees are competent and courteous (a rarity among gun stores), and he's not using slimy tactics to make an extra buck (such as a certain gun store in Burbank selling 3 dollar locks for 20 bucks). Outstanding service and selection. I highly recomend it.\r \r The first reviewer needs to get his head out of his butt. Pros: Service and Selection Cons: It's too far from me. more

Ade's ""gunshop"" is like a foreign marketplace in a 3rd world country! Avoid this place! 9/10/2007

I have been here several times, this guy has hundreds of illegal aliens buying cheap guns here! He is so hungry for cash, he ignores potential new customers to pay attention to the hispanic's waving cash. DOJ needs to check this out! I had decided on a gun, had $1200.00 in my pocket to buy today, and Ade spent all of 3 minutes with me before being destracted by the phone or a non-english speaking alien. He never came back, even tho I had picked out what I wanted and was eager to buy! I went to Turners Outdoorsman, paid $5.00 more and got great service and treated right by ""Fred"" there! Forget Ade's, you won't be happy or treated well either! Pros: Prices are a tiny bit less, but still not worth the aggravation and mistreatment. Cons: No customer service, rude, unknowledgeable owner and staff, incorrect information, too. more
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