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Acupuncture Northwest - 40 Reviews - 2256 N Albina Ave Ste 190, Portland, OR - Acupuncture Clinics Reviews - Phone (503) 493-9389

Acupuncture Northwest

2256 N Albina Ave Ste 190 (at North Interstate Avenue)
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 493-9389
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Acupuncture Northwest - Portland, OR


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Like all of the other 5 star reviews, I just can't say enough good about Acupuncture NW. After seeking treatment for sciatica through 2 chiropractors with limited results, I was r...


All reviews seem positive

Like all of the other 5 star reviews, I 2/18/2012

Like all of the other 5 star reviews, I just can't say enough good about Acupuncture NW. After seeking treatment for sciatica through 2 chiropractors with limited results, I was referred to Sarah for treatment. Unfortunately, because she is so good, she books up quickly. Fortunately, her friendly and compassionate staff helped slip me in right away. Sarah factored in everything about my condition (not just the acute and chronic pains and physiology behind it, but all of the realities of my life that affected or were affected by the condition) before recommending a treatment plan. In discussing my situation with her, I felt completely at ease because of Sarah's nurturing energy (and their spa like atmosphere helps too) while we discussed my situation, allowing us to best get at the whole picture before treating. Also, she deciphered all of my imaging reports (including a half-completed MRI) in order to best target the treatments. In addition to acupuncture, Sarah thought I could benefit from treatment with a TENS unit to relax some of the muscles causing pain. The combination of acupuncture and TENS has worked wonders with my sciatica. Previous to finding Sarah, I had pursued a myriad of exercises, workouts, chiropractors appointments, dietary changes, etc. enduring several months of the worst chronic pain I've ever had without finding significant relief with any of the other modalities. Now, with just a month of Sarah's combined acupuncture and TENS unit treatments, I'm 90% better and am confidant that I'm quickly headed towards 100%. I have had a variety and plethora of alternative care treatments in Portland with varying success, so I speak with experience when I say Sarah definitely had an impressive level of success treating me for sciatica. I would very highly recommend her to anyone with acute/chronic pain issues, or just anyone who needs/wants amazing acupuncture (and/or TENS) for whatever ails them. more

simply the best 4/14/2011

I originally contacted Sarah on the behalf on recommendations by several different friends. When I called Sarah did not have any openings, but managed to squeeze me in anyway. Over the last couple of years she has treated me for a number of different things. She is technically skilled while also being extremely intuitive and compassionate. I literally feel as though she has saved my life and cannot imagine being where I am today without her. I give her and acupuncture NW my highest recommendation. more

The Best Care in Portland! 4/13/2011

Stephanie at Acupuncture NW is the most caring practitioner I have come across in Portland. I have been seeing Stephanie for almost 4 months now. She has been treating my migraines, sciatica and terribly bad heartburn; that have all been side effects of my second pregnancy. My migraines have subsided completely; she is keeping the sciatica under control and the heartburn ... Well, the heartburn I have a feeling won't be gone until I give birth and actually have a little more room for my own organs. The spa-like atmosphere at Acupuncture NW is extremely calming and comforting. Stephanie plays a large part in creating that calming environment. She is always present and in the moment when she is with you and I have never felt rushed or shorted like I often do with other doctors. I wish I could see Stephanie on a weekly basis because every time I leave Acupuncture NW, not only are my symptoms better but I feel more balanced and in touch with my own body. I highly recommend Stephanie and Acupuncture NW for all acupuncture needs but especially if you are pregnant and looking for some relief from the many uncomfortable symptoms that come with pregnancy. more

Stephanie Worth At Acupuncture NW Has Helped Me Immensely!!! 4/5/2011

Stephanie Worth at Acupuncture NW has helped me immensely! I have been visiting Stephanie for over a year! I used to suffer from horrible migraines and tried everything from medication to diet change and still was having major problems. Since going to Stephanie I no longer get migraines! I never thought I would be able to say that. I am so incredibly happy that by receiving this amazing treatment that I no longer suffer from these debilitating headaches and that I do not have to resort to being on medication with terrible side effects! My body has responded so well to Stephanie’s treatment that I have asked her to be present on the day that I give birth to my son this July! I have now been seeing her to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy and she has really helped me with that. Particularly with the back pain. I know her treatment will provide much relief with the contractions during labor. I give Stephanie 5 stars for her service and the difference she has made in my life!\r -Pamela Magill, Portland Oregon\r more

Acupuncture Northwest is fabulous! 3/31/2011

I can't say enough good things about Acupuncture Northwest. Sarah is truly amazing at what she does and has helped me tremendously, with all of my ailments. She has taught me so much about my body and is so full of knowledge that I appreciate. I'm not sure where I would be without her weekly treatments. On top of it all, she's kind, gentle and non-judgemental. The treatment rooms are beautiful and relaxing and will make you forget that you are in a medical setting. Her staff is also really great! more

Sarah has changed my life! 3/29/2011

Seriously! I was missing 2-3 days of work per month due to my migraines. I was skeptical about acupuncture but decided to go for it. I wish I had not waited so long to call her. After just a few treatments I noticed improvements. Now I rarely get a migraine. I don't really have the words to describe how much better my quality of life is because of Acupuncture Northwest. Sarah is one of the kindest, wisest, coolest people I have met. She has helped me to learn a lot about myself, including the relationship between stress and my health. Sometimes I think about what my life would be like had I never come to see Sarah and it's really not pretty. If you are considering acupuncture, I would urge you to visit Sarah ASAP. She is truly the best! more

The Best of the Best!! 3/29/2011

Sarah Hayes and Stephanie Worth at Acupuncture Northwest are a wonderful team! Acupuncture is absolutely life changing and I am lucky because I go to the best around- Sarah Hayes.She is an amazing, down to earth person that is very honest, hopeful and dedicated to healing. It's the perfect combo! If you don't feel some amazing transformation, etc the first time give it a few tries. Everyone goes for different reasons and each time you become more comfortable with the whole process. I can count on one hand how many needles have ever surprised me with a little ping. This usually happens when I muscle is being released. If you ever have a needle that is uncomfortable let her now (I do all the time), and with a tiny twist it will feel a lot better. The key is to let Sarah know if you need anything at all- don't be shy, an extra pillow, a needle adjusted, a cough drop, whatever it is she's done it and doesn't mind doing it for you! I feel thankful to have acupuncture as a part of my weekly routine and receive overall healing from Sarah! more

Sarah is GREAT!!! 3/25/2011

I was looking for extreme joint pain relief without medication. My pain was so bad I felt like an 80 year old women. Which I can assure you I am not and far from that. I had given up on modern medicine and quick fixes with drugs. I needed help badly and could hardly move. Thank goodness for Sarah. After some weekly visits with her and a change in my diet, which at first I was skeptical about but was open for anything that would help me with the pain I was having. I can say that I am PAIN FREE! No drugs which is what I wanted. I have my life back and and haven't felt this good in a year. I will continue to see Sarah and maintain my joints with her treatments. I have a new outlook on life and ready for anything now. more

Sarah will fix you! 10/21/2010

I came to see Sarah after several colleagues from my office started speaking often about how much she had helped them. I was struggling with horrible exhaustion. Lethargy I had never experienced before. After a month of seeing Sarah weekly, and a few small changes to my diet, I feel the best I have in many many months. Sarah is thoughtful and honest, she takes your treatment seriously and is invested in your overall well being. I will continue to be a life long patient and advocate of the care she provides. more

Healer of Body, Mind and Soul; The Real Deal 10/4/2010

I had chronic neck and back pain and was referred to Sarah by my chiropractor last year. Sarah managed to fix what three other healthcare professionals had not been able to in only three sessions. She has also helped with PMS symptoms, sleep, my skin, and my overall sense of well-being and energy levels. I always leave there feeling refreshed and recharged. She is also a highly skilled and caring listener, which I found to be very comforting when I was going through a divorce. She is absolutely wonderful, caring, efficient and all around fabulous. I recommend Sarah and Emily; they are without question the best in town!!!! more

True healthcare 9/17/2010

The best health care I have ever received has come from Sarah and her Acupuncture Northwest practice. \r \r This is a a bold statement, but one I believe wholeheartedly. Healthcare at its essence should looked at as a combination of health and care, and both parts of the equation need proper attention. Herein lies the beauty of what Sarah provides; a delicate balance of practice, care, listening and knowledge. She has the ability to understand the intricacies of both the human body and the human emotion that is so difficult to find in typical medicine.\r \r Over the past two years, Sarah has helped me deal with hypertension, stress, allergies, headaches and even sleep deficiencies. Each and every time I enter and leave the quaint North Portland office, I look forward to the appreciable differences that will take place on the acupuncture table or back at home some time later.\r \r I highly recommend Sarah and Acupuncture Northwest, both if you have experienced the tangible benefits of acupuncture before or if you are considering a change to your healthcare regimen. You will not regret your visit. Be prepared to have enjoy both health, and care. more

So sleek. 5/26/2009

At first the set up of Sarah and Emily's acupuncture clinic seemed a strange. But after becoming accustomed to the layout, it proved the perfect use of the charming Gotham Building in the beginnings of North Portland. I have been treated by Emily for some neglected injuries for over three months now and it has been a fully positive experience. She is compassionate and thoughtful, and her understanding of the human condition extends far beyond her knowledge of needles and meridians. Get out of the doctor's office and into Acupuncture Northwest. more

Real back relief 5/21/2009

I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah Hayes who is at Acupuncture NW. She has been the first person in a long journey who has been able to give me physical relief and emotional support. Pros: Amazing personable treatment, emotional support, true healin more

Life Changing 4/11/2009

I would stop going to the dentist before I would stop going to Sarah and Emily. Whether it's a mood or a muscle... they make me feel better immediately, and the results have changed my life over time. I started going for anxiety and they have treated me for things that I thought were just apart of life. I truly cannot say enough about them... right down to Julia who works at the front desk; I am so grateful for all they do. more

AMAZING 2/21/2009

Sarah is simply the best acupuncturist I have been to in Portland. I am an athlete with lots of chronic and nagging injuries and she has worked her magic to help me heal on the inside and outside. I love the fact that she respects my desire and need to lead a very active lifestyle and doesn't tell me that I ""have to"" or ""need to"" quite doing what I love. I always feel comfortable talking with her, and I feel like she really cares about me as a person. GO SEE SARAH, you'll be happy for it!!! Pros: Caring and resepectful practitioner more

Completely amazing results! 2/3/2009

Sarah listens very well, and knows what to do to help her patients. The issues I wanted help with are much improved, along with a side benefit of improving my sleep, digestion and a few other things. Awesome!! The facilities are always meticulously clean, and everyone always has a great, positive attitude. Highly recommended!! more

Wonderful Healers! 1/25/2009

Emily is truly a miracle worker! She is so kind and compassionate and truly cares about her clients. Adults and children alike feel so relaxed and peaceful in her presence.\r I have suffered from severe eczema my entire life. In the last 12 years, I have been treated by 10 different dermatologist, with little success. At times the rash was so painful and itchy, I would wake up crying in the middle of the night. After only 2 visits with Emily, my rash went away and I felt amazing. I have been going weekly now for 7 months and the rash has not come back. She has also treated me periodically for asthma, stress, back pain, and menstrual cramps with the same amazing results! \r In addition, Emily has been treating my 3 year old daughter for allergies and chronic bronchitis. The results are so phenomenal, that my daughter never has to take cough syrup anymore and rarely has to take any allergy medications. She really looks forward to her acupuncture visits and can't wait to go show ""Dr. Emily"" her latest dance moves, draw her pictures, or sing her the songs that she has learned in pre-school. She even role-plays being Emily with her friends and pretends to poke them with ""prickers and thorns"", and ""magic stickers."" She really LOVES Emily and I believe Emily loves her too!\r Even Julia at the front desk is amazing. She is so accommodating in making quick appointments when you need one and is always friendly and welcoming when you get there. She is very sweet and patient with my daughter and has even watched her for me a few times so that I could really relax during my treatment. I am so appreciative of these two great ladies and can't say enough good things about them.\r I highly recommend Acupuncture Northwest to anyone suffering from any type of stress, pain, or other or chronic problems. You will feel immediately welcomed, comfortable and cared for, and will leave your first visit feeling much better than you did before you arrived. more

It's kinda like magic! 1/23/2009

If you have been thinking about getting acupuncture you should really give it a try. I have seen both Emily and Sarah for various types of issues. They both made me feel very comfortable and I could tell they really care about helping me. I was treated for back pain, anxiety and poor digestion. I love getting such quick and lasting results without using prescription medication. It's nice to get treatment without having to go to a ""doctor's office."" I always keep them in mind when I feel just a bit out of balance. I always feel so much better after my acupuncture treatments.\r \r Give it a try! Good luck! Cheers! Pros: They are open Monday-Saturday, on the Yellow MAX line and always on time. They always find time to fit you into their busy schedules! Cons: Can be difficult to park in the middle of the day. There is a parking lot around the corner though! more

She is AMAZING 1/22/2009

Never have I come across anyone in the health care world that is as caring, compassionate and so willing to go the extra mile. From the moment I walked through the door, Sarah made me feel at ease and was confident she could help me work through my stress. She never wavers in her resolve and her ability to listen is refreshing. There is no doubt in my mind that she has helped me manage my daily stresses and put me back on the right track. more

Unbelievably Positive Experience. 1/19/2009

I approached acupuncture with skepticism and apprehension, but I had no choice; I was desperate. I had been in great hip pain for three days (unable to sleep and needed crutches to get around), and my doctor couldn't see me for another day. Pain medication was ineffective. I called Sarah; she had no appointments available, but made time because she could tell the pain I was experiencing. After one session, my pain was relieved by 80%, and I didn't need my crutches. After another session the next day, I was 95% better. She is the finest healthcare provider I have encountered in my 61 years. Great listener, exudes competence, compassion and confidence and provides results, all at a fraction of the cost I would have incurred otherwise. My wife calls her a miracle worker, and I agree.\r more
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  • As a licensed acupuncturist and certified Chinese herbalist, I am convinced there are many human conditions that are not dealt with adequately by Western medicine. I invite you to contact me to learn more about health treatment options for chronic pain, stress relief, infertility, or any other physical or emotional issue that may be impacting your life.


  • Located in the Gotham Building, licensed acupuncturist, Sarah Hayes, offers Chinese herbs, tui na massage, cupping, guasha and moxibustion treatments.

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