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Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine - Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.

635 Madison Ave (at 60th Street)
New York, NY 10022
(917) 843-3623
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After 1 treatment with Andrew to address my TMJ I experienced more positive results than the past 4 months of chiropractic and cranial work combined. The discomfort had become so...


I completely agree with user rabbitrun64 titled ""dubious reviews"" for his profile under a different address. The dude writes his own reviews. I went to him with a certain painfu...

TMJ alleviated! 11/29/2011

After 1 treatment with Andrew to address my TMJ I experienced more positive results than the past 4 months of chiropractic and cranial work combined. The discomfort had become so bad and my jaw so out of whack that it had started to effect my hearing in my left ear. While waiting for my ""emergency"" appt. with an ENT specialist which is at the end of February I decided to try acupuncture. All I can say is, What a relief! Andrew did a combination of gentle massage on my jaw, neck and head and acupuncture. I could feel the difference already while on the table. I am continuing with weekly visits and so grateful and relieved to find relief after all of these months of discomfort and lack of progress. Jeanne A. NYC more

I loved Andrew's weight loss method 9/1/2011

My first meeting with Andrew was a hard one! He brought to my attention many of the reasons we gain weight (and the difference between how women gain weight compared to men) and his approach is different. He really helped me to see how it is always my responsibility and that I was able to find blame in every situation around me for my wieght gain instead of looking at myself as the sole reason. It was a hard but important lesson to look at. It was really my aw-ha moment. I saw Andrew for 3 months and lost a total of 39 lbs! I went down 3 dress sizes and I am so pleased with not only his acupuncture treatments but his constant motivation, encouragement and support he constantly offered. Five stars for Andrew for he is more than an acupuncturist and an herbalist, he is a rock of support, understanding and knowledge, as well as someone I really consider as a friend. more

Great for Bodybuilders 8/8/2011

I was recommended to Andrew from my trainer. He told me that Andrew was great at helping with injuries and speeding up recovery time. I thought I had torn my rotator cuff while lifting and the pain was very difficult for me to deal with, especially while working out. Andrew treated me with some acupuncture, light manipulation and he gave me herbs and two supplements to help my body recover faster. I did take 3 weeks off and during that time, I saw Andrew twice a week. In less than 5 weeks, I was back in the gym and training. Andrew explained to me how to care for my arm and shoulders and what the body needed in order to recover. Turns out, my rotator cuff was not torn but the entire attachment and surrounding muscles where inflammed with only minor tearing. Andrew got me through the pain, anguish and aggravation associated with this injury. I really felt great after treatments and he really knows the body well. I definitely recommend him to any guys (or girls) who are especially professional lifters, body builders or trainers. He talks our language.\r Darren more

IVF and acupuncture 3/7/2011

If I could give this doctor more than 5 stars, I would. He was incredible,accommodating, shared information freely and was very upfront. I found him through a recommendation from my fertility clinic at RMA. We did treatment before and after my procedure. It was the only thing I had done different from my other 4 attempts of just doing IVF alone. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and I could not be more happy. I need to thank RMA for the referral and the best part is, he takes my insurance.\r Thank you, Andrew. more

Waste of time and money 8/17/2010

I completely agree with user rabbitrun64 titled ""dubious reviews"" for his profile under a different address. The dude writes his own reviews. I went to him with a certain painful condition that he told me he was an expert in. After first acupuncture session, I felt a temporary relief. The next day, pain was back as before. Encouraged by the first session, I was going to him every week, often twice a week, but didn't experience any noticeable relief any more. He gave me some herbs and showed some exercises, and encouraged me to continue seeing him for acupuncture. After a while, I realized I wasn't getting anywhere with this. I did my research, found some good books about my condition, and found a good physical therapist. With help of that therapist and special exercises that I found in the books, I began feeling much better, and I did not need any acupuncture. I felt betrayed by him. If he was an expert in that field like he said, why didn't he tell me about physical therapy? Knowing what I know now, acupuncture alone, even with those lame exercises that he showed me, would have NEVER EVER resolved my condition. He either knowingly withheld that information from me, or he just doesn't know what he is doing. And now I see he is jumping on the whole infertility wagon - just don't... more

Loved Andrew's Weight Management Program 8/11/2010

I have actually tried hundreds of diet pills, plans, exercise routines, but nothing has come close to Andrew's ""plan of attack"". I say that because, it is really a special plan devised just for me and my body and my pitfalls. Andrew was quick to let me know that there is no magic bullet, I got that. What made his approach so special was the acupuncture along with his life plan\r for healthier eating and taking control of my life. It is a very emotional approach, I found as well. He got me looking at things I did not realize were sabotaging my weight and how what I chose to eat. He went over his Full Spectrum Diet with me, helped me with shopping ideas, eating out and gave me herbs to help boost my metabolism. It is now 15 weeks. I have lost 30 lbs and I am eating so different today. His support and treatments throughout this time in my life were invaluable. If you are serious about your weight and how to change your life, absolutely give Andrew a call.\r more

Miracle Worker 4/30/2010

Andrew is an amazing person and a miracle worker. He helped me get rid of Bell's Palsy within 20 days. He has extensive knowledge, very caring, provides undivided attention and is a very compassionate person. If I'm ever stressed or feel run down I know that I can go to Andrew and get better within an hour. Pros: No waiting time, undivided attention more


Although I am not one of the many celebrities I see emerging from Andrew's office on a daily basis, I am a woman who is extremely pleased with the outstanding acupuncture facial work Andrew has given me. He pays attention to details. He listens. He tapped into my needs sometimes before I even asked. (I think he's psychic). Certianly intuitive and gave me a five star treatment everytime I went to visit him in his office. He did a true evaluation of my face and give me a smart diet plan to compliment the treatment work he was doing. By week 10, many of my coworkers were convinced I had work done. Although, the changes are subtle over time, I could even feel a difference. OK, I wasnt to crazy about the herbal regime, but once he converted his crazy teas to pills, it worked with my schedule (and compliance) much better. I now understand why he is in such celebrity demand, but, it is because he is a master at his craft. So when you schedule your appointment, tell him, Anne sent you! Pros: Acupuncturist to the stars more

Exceptional fertility specialist 3/25/2010

I found Andrew through WebMD. This is my second child I have had because of Andrew. I have been seeing him now for 4 months immediately after I stopped breast feeding Jeffery. During this time, he treated me with acupuncture and herbs to prep my system for our second. I followed his special fertility diet and I found his organic prenatal vitamins just wonderful. I am so thrilled to be pregnant again. I really do owe my Jeffery and my second pregnancy to the expertise, insight and impressive knowledge Andrew so generously shared! I can't imagine considering anyone else in the field of fertility. If you really want a child (or two), this is where you go. Pros: I got pregnant (twice) more

Andrew helped me through chemotherapy 3/4/2010

Andrew is special because he worked along side my western medical doctors. He understood the process of chemotherapy and its effects on the human body. He helped me through some terrible side effects such as nausea, poor digestion, extreme fatigue, loosing my hair and lose of appetite. \r \r On a side note, Andrew understood the emotional toll cancer can take. He is an uplifting, inspirational leader in his field. His positive attitude, welcomed smile and words of wisdom SAVED ME. He got me through some of the darkest times of my life. \r \r This one man dynamo should be regarded as nothing short of exceptional.\r \r There is a reason why you are drawn into his calm, yet authoritative demeanor. He gave me incredible hope.\r What better gift to give to someone who is at the end of their rope.\r \r Consider Andrew when it comes to your physical and emotional support when dealing with the big C.\r \r I am cancer free now and so grateful to share my story. \r \r SEE ANDREW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.\r \r ~Rose\r Pros: excellent cancer support more

Thank you for our baby boy! 1/5/2010

On my journey to have a child, I came across many skeptical doctors, unreliable nurses, unknowledgable practitioners and nutritionist who had no clue.\r \r You, my dear doctor, have the knowledge of an expert, patience of a saint and bedside manner of an angel.\r You alleviated all my fears from infertility through giving birth. You assisted my better than my OBGYN in the proper tests to take after I was pregnant. You encouraged me how to eat for my situations I encountered as I was trying to become fertile to the time when I was nauseous and pregnant. \r When I needed home visits, you were right there. When I needed advise on prenatal vitamins, supplements, food suggestions... you were right there.\r My husband and I will bless you till the day we die for giving us the greatest gift you could ever give and that is our little Frank.\r Although this is a personal thanks to you Andrew, I just want others to know that you are the best fertility doctor I have ever come across. I would recommend Andrew even if someone has a toothache, is stressed or just needs emotional advice. See Doctor Pacholyk, immediately.\r Pros: Exceptional Fertility Doctor more

Weigh Loss expert and more! 7/15/2009

I'd recommend Andrew's approach to weigh loss to anyone who wants to lose weight while also working on improving their self-esteem. I've lost about 35lbs on his program which very quickly becomes your own if you really stick to it. His colorful diet is not hard to follow at all and it's very vegetarian friendly (one of my concerns). However, I have to say I see him for everything now, he's a caring healer who listens to your every concern and helps you with any issues you may have with your body or spirit. I could never re-pay him for all he has done for me. Pros: Caring more

Virility Expert 6/11/2009

As a crazy juiced up wall streeter, I was the perfect example as a man out of balance. Overworked, never enough time for anything, juggling ten things at once...\r I was conviced that Andrew was the man to see after seeing him on CNN, reading about him in Men's Journal and was coincidentally referred to him by my doctor! Synchronicity. Andrew is not JUST an acupuncturist, but I think a guru disguised as a city dweller, as he is very calming and centered. I have learned so much from him through his affirmations, meditations, and our talks about bettering my life. He is a consummate herbal master who was correct in every detailed diagnosis. He showed me how to really honor who I am and how to live. He was fantastic with the nutritional advise, gave me great exercises, helped me with ""bedroom"" issues and had a great take on being comfortable in my own skin. What a guy. Definitely, a guy's guy. He knows just what men need to keep fit, feel good and how to keep it all together. I recommend him to any man (although, I realize he is a fertility expert for women) he is a virility expert for men too! Pros: Master of his craft more

Exemplary Healer, Listener, Expert 6/3/2009

Hey, Andrew.\r I just wanted to let you know that I have good news: I just received my admission letter to the positive psychology program. Thank you so much for helping me get there! I seriously think that your letter played a huge role in my getting admitted. From what I understand, the competition for a seat in the program was very intense and your letter was critical.\r \r You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. Now, I can finally switch things up a bit and explore (and hopefully make a living doing) something that really gets me excited. I owe this all to you and I certainly owe you one (actually, probably many more).\r \r It's important for me to let you that I do appreciate all you've done these past several months (almost 2 years???). You have allowed me to find my voice, to learn to be comfortable with myself and to show me who I really am! There is no gift greater than this!\r \r I hope everything is great on your end and you are getting ready for an awesome summer.\r \r Thank you again.\r \r Carol Pros: Offers great knowledge and experience. more

Anti-aging Expert 4/21/2009

I saw Dr. Pacholyk for my anti-aging concerns. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and brilliant expert in this field. He designed a better nutritional and dietary format for where I currently am in my life and age. We discussed an exercise program for a man my age. We talked about boosting libido and those things that are important for a man, at any age. Dr. Pacholyk gave me a series of circulation improving, libido boosting, energy enhancing acupuncture treatments that made me feel like a new man. He suggested the right vitamin supplements and got me started on his infamous anti-aging herbal regime. It was worth the time effort and money to not only make me feel GREAT, but he gave me a new outlook on life! How many doctors can offer you that kind of confidence, empowerment and success! You need to see this man!\r Pros: First hand, knowledgeable experience more

Cured my low back pain 3/11/2009

Andrew was referred to me by my chiropractor. He had heard great things about him and recommended I pay him a visit. I was greeted by a polite, respectful guy who took the time to introduce himself. He asked me how he could help me and was very good at listening and repeating back to me exactly what I was there to see him for. He got right to the root of my problem and I was pain free after the first session. This has been a chronic back pain I have suffered from for years. The first treatment was great and the relief lasted about 3 days. I went back for several more visits with Andrew, each time he did a variation on the first treatment that worked so well. It was if he was taking the session a step forward, breaking down my pain. I am now pain free! I am really amazed and very happy that Andrew took such great care of me. I hignly recommend his work to anyone who is suffering. \r Thank you, Mark Tipper Pros: Actually listens and has great follow through! more

From no period to pregnant 2/20/2009

I will never, never, never be able to thank Dr. Pacholyk enough for his incredible work we have done together. After a very traumatic situation in my life I was not able to get my period. I went to every Western doctor who would see me. I was repeatedly brushed off as ""past my prime"", ""early menopause"" and even ""crazy"". Basically, no one took anytime to look a little deeper, or to care. That completely changed after meeting Dr. Pacholyk. He is an open hearted man, who is a good listener and an even better care giver. He got my periods back to normal. To the point where I felt like a teenage girl again. As hard to believe as this is (it completely baffled me as well) I was then pregnant eight weeks later. I am currently 14 weeks along and I have called every doctor who passed me off, and told them exactly what I thought and did that feel good. I also let them all know about acupuncture and what Dr. Pacholyk has done for me. How is that for a testimonial. Run, don't walk to see Dr. Pacholyk. He offers you insight, respect and an education about your body... and your mind.\r \r MariEllen Downing Pros: Worth everything! more

Sinus and sleep problems cured 2/18/2009

Andrew,\r Thank you for sticking needles in the sides and front of my head. My sinuses have improved!!!\r And the calm dragon is magic! I had one of the most challenging work days while taping a show in the control room, and I completely kept my cool. Slept so deep, like a baby.... after years of not sleeping! I could kiss you!\r \r LOVE YOU!!!\r \r \r more

One of the Greatest Healers I Have Ever Experienced 12/20/2008

Hi Andrew Hope things have been amazing for you. California has been okay for me. A little up and a little down but my upcoming trip to New York for the holidays will help me determine whether I made the right decision or not. Anyway, I will be in town and was always need to make an appt with you. Also, just know there truly is no one else out there like you...I've had little luck meeting an acupuncturist (or doctor in general) that met my expectations made by you and the care you give your patients. \r \r Best, \r Karen Katz \r \r Pros: The one and only more

IT'S A BOY!!! 11/18/2008

After many hours, Milo Thaddeus Foreman arrived. He was 12 days early on Oct. 24th. 8 lbs even and 21 inches long! We are all doing great. Tired but estatic! We could not have done this without Andrew. After months of help we were able to conceive naturally because of the acupuncture and Andrew's unique herbal teas! It was frustrating wanting to have a baby and not being able to for over three years. It was Andrew to the rescue. He is the fertility specialist! \r \r Pros: FERTILITY EXPERT more
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