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Ack's Exotic Pets - 9 Reviews - 8081 Brewerton Rd, Cicero, NY - Business Wholesale Reviews - Phone (315) 699-4754

Ack's Exotic Pets

8081 Brewerton Rd
Cicero, NY 13039
(315) 699-4754
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Ack's Exotic Pets - Cicero, NY
Ack's Exotic Pets - Cicero, NY
Ack's Exotic Pets - Cicero, NY
Ack's Exotic Pets - Cicero, NY
Ack's Exotic Pets - Cicero, NY


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We have ten reptiles, a few of which we bought from Ack's, and all of whom we feed from Ack's. The owner is knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. Carl (said owner) has the typ...


So I was looking for a community based, clean, caring alternative to the chain pet stores found everywhere, so I decided to give Ack's a shot. Being also well-versed in reptiles (...

Well Done. 1/10/2012

We have ten reptiles, a few of which we bought from Ack's, and all of whom we feed from Ack's. The owner is knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. Carl (said owner) has the type of personality where if a person who isn't even a client comes in with a sick animal and can't find a vet, he'll call around on his personal phone or his work phone to find a vet, get them an appointment, all while doing his own personal best to take care of the sick animal. Yes, sometimes the tanks are a bit stuffed, that's because he has trouble turning away an animal that needs a home that he'll be able to provide at some point in time... preferring to crowd his critters a little bit (while still taking care of them very well, thank you very much.) instead of turning away a critter to be sent to the pound or craigslisted. I don't have much time to write right now, as I need to go set up a laying bin for my chameleon, but I just had to write a review as I love this store and HATE seeing awful reviews about it when he does better than any petsmart, petco, or really any other store I've been to across the US. If you need feeders, new kids (of the non human type), a tank for your baby, or anything, I really recommending going to Ack's, he'll take care of you. more

""Run, Don't Walk""- AWAY FROM ACKS! 8/25/2011

So I was looking for a community based, clean, caring alternative to the chain pet stores found everywhere, so I decided to give Ack's a shot. Being also well-versed in reptiles (particularly chelonians) and very active in the local herpetology networks, I was excited to visit an exotics store with interesting stock! So I made the drive to Cicero. Didn't take long after entering for my heart to sink and my stomach to churn. The uromastyx were emaciated, the sulcatas were pyramiding (raised scutes from nutritional problems), the collared lizards and horned dragons were covered in feces, the snakes had piles of soggy old shed in addition to their feces, there was species kept together that have vastly different temperature and humidity requirements, and that's merely a start of the complaints pertaining only to the ""cold blooded"" section of the store!!! Now I am admittedly NOT as well versed in mammals and birds, but even I can tell you an african grey should not live in a cockatiel cage, and fennec foxes should not be laying recumbant with a gaping wound on its side. And the list could go on... I assure you that I am not simply a woman with a grudge (I actually found the staff pleasant and friendly). Nor am I a ""poser"" or ""liar"" who doesn't know my stuff- trust me, I do. I am a considerate, intelligent individual who will unfortunately need to return to the chair stores- in this case, the lesser of the evils. (Acks gets 1 star because they don't sell puppies, kitties, or aquatic turtles) more

Ack's is Awesome 9/30/2010

OK, I found this posting when I was on-line looking for the hours they were open. Here's the deal...... I live outside of Boston and literally stumbled on Ack's when I was driving by during a business trip. I immediately pulled in and spent an hour. I added it to my ""favorites"" on my GPS and just returned today. I'm very well versed in reptiles. We have the requisite beared dragons, a yellow plated lizard, a frilled dragon and 10 awesome tortoises and a Marine Toad (did I forget the two dogs?). I started with 2 tortoises and became the guy who my local store calls when someone turns in a Tort which has outgrown the family. That was many years and plenty of veterinary visits ago (yes, she comes to my house and spends an entire day). I can tell you these guys know what they are doing. The animals are well treated and clearly healthy. I have no time or respect for posters who slam a place like this when they clearly don't have the experience to post those inane reviews. Ack, keep up the great work. Buckle down and get through this economy. You are doing a great job and yes, I will keep buying from you when I am in town. more

Best Exotic pet store 9/26/2010

Fist let me cover two things the review by Libbers21 at Citysearch was just a tipical inpactent person who has no respect for anyone or anything that goes on at a store. Second review by isuda1 at Citysearch was just a hate mail post I know that none of the birds are treated bad thier at all, manly because carl the store owner was able to take in my bird and get her a home and she has always been happy thier. As far as the ALLIGATOR check the DEC page for permits because they are the ones who gave the permits and specs for the animals. So if you don't like it please call the DEC and have them change the regulations good luck with that. I hate having to write that this review was just a guy who is a pice of you know what but it's the truth. Oh and so everyone knows the person at isuda1 at Citysearch more

To the wanna be 5/10/2010

I own birds there's lots of reasons why birds do what they do maybe you should of asked instead of accused carl is good at what he does honest and cares if you knew aBout eclectus they can be a very emotional bird and a plucker sometimes for no reason or sexual?unless you ask or know which you don't don't judge more

Awesome Store 3/22/2010

I have been there at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks... we bought a few animals... I bought some fish.. My sister bought a sugar glider and a friend of mine just bought a turtle from there... all the animals were perfectly healthy, and we priced great! I have read the bad review on on here and the same one that was posted on craigslist... I dont know what the persons problem is but none of what is posted by them is true! Their animals there were all VERY well taken care of, the birds were friendly and comical... the alligators are in a huge tub that is actually an outdoors pond, they had plenty of room considering they really dont move around alot, they mainly bask in the light, all the fish tanks were clean and had NO dead fish in them, like majority of the pet stores around, which is why I bought my fish there! Not a single fish in any of their tanks were sick or had rot or anything like that. EVERY animal was perfectly healthy and take very good care of, I will be doing ALL of my business there and I suggest that before you believe what some one writes go there and take a look for your self! I live almost 45 mins away and Its worth the drive to get healthy happy animals! Pros: they have a great range, alot of knowledge ! Cons: I didn't have a problem with anything that I seen there more

Pasts Posts Bogus:Animal Suffering=Profit 3/10/2010

I was here 3/10/10. To Start: TAIL-LESS Eclectus Parrot in a toy-less cockatiel cage... ""on sale"" $300 off..i wonder why shes incessanctly cryinging and doing circles.. An ALLIGATOR in a 3 foot by 3 foot 18"" deep tub? Really?. Two 18"" x 12"" turtles in a 24"" x 18 inch aquarium?? Really?.. My son asks about the ""rhino snakes"" in the front and the guy says ""Theyr'es friendly, but VERRY expensive...I just bought the male, and put him in there with the two females so they will make babies."" BINGO!!!. Also... I wonder how long the cute little baby fox they let loose and invite everyone to pet will last after its not so cute anymore..hmmm? Please, this place desearves to go out of business... do not support it. (I rate (-10) BUT the minimum is one)... more

Best Pet Store EVER! 12/2/2008

I originally went to Ack's on a whim. Carl is very informative and HONEST! He won't sell you an animal as a pet if it is not going to be good for you or the animal. He has given me great advice. He sells for a reasonable price, is always willing to give you a deal, and always give follow up advice and care. I have bought every snake I own from Carl. My children know him by name and love to visit. He loves to have people in the store even if they are just browsing. He allows you to handle the animals and even has layaways as exotics are often more expensive than a dog or a cat. I won't go anywhere else even if sometimes it is cheaper!!! Pros: Everything a personal owned store should be and specifically everything a pet store should be! more

The Most Amazing Pet Shop EVER! Excellent Customer Service! Owner is very friendly and courteous. Highly Recommended! 7/13/2008

Our experience at Ack?s Exotic Pets was the Best Ever! I was so happy with the service. My husband and I called the shop looking for an exotic animal known as the Kinkajou. The owner was incredibly polite and courteous over the phone, a pleasure to talk to, and he did indeed have a Kinkajou in his shop. A week later we went to see the Kinkajou I inquired about, (a remarkable exotic animal that I was dying to find in our area). The owner rescued the kinkajou and is taking great care of him. During our visit to Ack?s Exotic Pets I was blown away by the variety of exotic animals in his shop. He had so many different species of parrots, beautiful bearded dragons, his personally owned South American raccoons, fascinating species of aquatic animals, the sweetest cat that will walk up to you with a smile, stunning turtles, vibrant snakes and so many more ? Don?t hesitate to visit Ack?s Exotic Pets, it will be the BEST experience of your life! Pros: Thumbs up! more
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