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Aces & Eights Saloon

1683 1st Ave
New York, NY 10128
(212) 860-4020
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Aces & Eights Saloon - New York, NY
Aces & Eights Saloon - New York, NY


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Its so funny to see these reviews from whiny people. As a bartender myself, at another UES establishment, and a patron of aces and eights I see an entirely different persepctive....


No surprise the wings were cold when they arrived as it took 40 mins to get them... The service in general was sub-par at best and there might have been 3 girls in the place.

Great Service... If your white! 7/15/2009

They clearly don't like anyone but the traditional white boy... Pros: not much... Cons: They are r@cist! more

Pathetic 1/12/2009

Interesting that the review below was suddenly written after a remarkably bad one. It's obvious that it was written by either the management or someone who works there. Shameless. The bouncers are on an ego trip, the frat boy factor is disturbingly high..this place is just not worth it. The purpose of these reviews is to be truthful. It's not whining if it's true. Maybe the owners should work on improving the staff and atmosphere (and actually carding the kiddies) instead of writing their own misguided reviews attempting to bolster their rapidly waning reputation. There really are so many other far better places in the area where you won't get hassled, or fall victim to a bouncer's ego trip. The one time I've ever been there it was dirty, loud, and filled with teeny boppers. I am sure more positive reviews will suddenly crop up after this one. In the end it doesn't matter, this place will continue to get the kind of customers that keeps the rest of us far far away. Pros: Cheap drinks Cons: Everything else more

Absolutely horrible 1/11/2009

I give this place one star only because I can't give it zero, or even a negative amount. I find the volume of bad reviews very telling -- and here's another. I was there on Friday night, having a great time playing beer pong with a group of friends. Everything was fine until the usual obnoxious, desperate-to-prove-their-manliness set of d-bags showed up to demand a spot at the beer pong tables. Given that there were other people waiting, we were less than inclined to let some random losers strong-arm a table. I noticed one of the guys speaking to the bouncer while we played our games, pointing our way. Later on as we waited to play against another set of friends, their opponent started hurling insults at me. I was called a stupid b*tch, and told to "go back to my country," among other things. If this weren't appalling enough, my boyfriend and I were the ones thrown out for "being too much of a problem." We were forced to wait in the freezing cold for someone to escort me in so I could pay my tab and grab our coat, like I was 5 years old and couldn't be trusted to enter on my own. It was humiliating, and the bouncer was an idiot who wouldn't even listen to my side of the story. I wasn't wasted, I wasn't unruly, and was treated terribly because I objected to being called names. I would not recommend this place to anyone; it is teeming with the worst of what the UES has to offer. There are better places with less ignorant clientele in the area. I really hope they get busted for catering to the underage set as well. STAY AWAY! Pros: Nothing Cons: Bouncers, apparent lack of management, young and ignorant customers, EVERYTHING more

One of the best UES bars 1/11/2009

Its so funny to see these reviews from whiny people. As a bartender myself, at another UES establishment, and a patron of aces and eights I see an entirely different persepctive. If you get kicked out because you're starting problems at the beer pong tables i dont feel sorry for you, and dont belive the validity of the review because all the bouncers there are really great. If the bartender cancels your music its most likely because it kills the mood (I.E. The virve pipe at any bar even though i love the song). Especially on a busy night music is KEY to keeping people upbeat and drinking at any place. Everyone there is always cool, the owners are always around to solve any disputes so ask(!), and its cheap for a bar of its type. As for adding tips to credit cards Id like to see some proof for that claim!!!?? Because that is a serious accusation. Aces is NOT the bar for everyone, but Ive been drinking there for years and always have a stellar time. Don't let spoiled, whiny people who cry whenever every whim isnt met put you off. And the food is actually really good for bar food and the kitchen is open until 2 on weekends! Pros: Great happy hour 2 for 1, good food for a bar, fun bartenders, owners who are always there drinking with you Cons: Everytime im at aces i end up getting very drunk more

Do NOT go...they turn off your music from jukebox all night! Service STINKS 12/29/2008

So I went there with a bunch of friends, and I've been going there for quite a while. A new bartender, Christine, decides she can be a music-dictator and shut off whatever music YOU (patrons) choose on the jukebox. For example, Green Day (Dookie), Guns n Roses (The Garden, Sweet Child o'Mine), The Vervce Pipe (The Freshman), Dr, Dre, and many other GREAT songs. And, she REFUSED to give you back your money, saying you chose a BAD song, which clearly is not true. So, if you're going to listen to music of your choice, maybe not. She loves to listen to Britney Spears all night; we heard at least 7 of her songs in the hour fifteen minutes we were there. Have fun. Oh, and the service STINKS, bartenders chatted with their friends for at least 10 minutes before coming to me (and they were friends, not patrons, because hugs n kisses all around with high school chat). Good luck if you go.... Pros: cheap drinks, usually Cons: Fratty, they will not let you listen to your jukebox music, CHRISTINE cancels it for Brtney Spears EVERY time, AWFUL service, and they put extra tips on credit cards more

Service stinks 11/22/2008

The service here on Saturday night was terrible. I stood at the bar for 15 minutes holding my credit card, and no bartender even looked at me. I gave up after 15 minutes of not getting served. One of my friends asked for five shots of SoCo and Lime, and the bartender told him that they ran out of SoCo. My friend then asked for five Red-Headed Sluts. The bartender returned with five shots of tequila. When my friend again asked for five Red-Headed Sluts, the bartender responded, "Are you kidding me? No" and walked away. I wouldn't recommend going to this bar at all. Pros: Beer pong tables, decent atmosphere Cons: Terrible service more

Do the math... 4.5 Stars? It doesn't add up!!! 7/25/2008

Go figure this sleeze-hole of a bar would pay for reviews! Do the math people they didn't earn those 4.5 stars with good reviews more like cold hard cash that paid for it!!! Pros: Not one thing!!! Cons: EVERYTHING!! more

My Mother Once Described Hell... This is WORSE!!! 6/2/2008

Absolutely the worst experience possible!! When my parents described what Hell is... This was worse!! Pros: Leaving Cons: NOTHING! more

I'd rather have a tooth pulled!!! 3/7/2008

I've had better conversations at the dentist!!!! This bar is absolute garbage!!! The pool table was missing not one but two b@lls (not sure why citysearch won't let me write that word but oh well) and the bartender refused to give me a refund for it. Why go somewhere where all the staff have a stick shoved somewhere???!!!? Pros: 1st Ave is far enough away that I will never have to go back!!! Cons: You name it!! more

Best Deals/Service/Atmosphere 2/15/2008

It sickens me to read some of these reviews on here. I moved to the UES a couple months ago and this happened to be one of the first places I checked out. First of all, the bartenders are gorgeous AND friendly. Go to any other bar and if you don't meet their standards they'll make you wait before they serve you. Also, where else could you get a pitcher for (i think) $10 (maybe less) and happy hour specials giving you 2 for 1 deal?...The food is great...the atmosphere is chill and you can be yourself amongst friends...OH and beer friends and I were able to play 5 rounds of beer pong (we won, of course) for under $30 ...that's A LOT of beer. the negativity is absurd...check it out and i PROMISE you'll see what i see. Pros: bartenders, owners, atmosphere, happy hour, food Cons: it closes at 4am like all the other bars more

Avoid this place... 2/3/2008

The TV's are bigger everywhere else... The beer selection is better (especially on tap)... The crowd is better at other spots... and its on first avenue! Pros: Cheep Beer Specials (but nothing everywhere else doesn't have) Cons: This place!! more

Terrible... 1/22/2008

Absolutely terrible... How am I supposed to get drunk when the bartenders are too drunk to serve me or outside smoking cigs! Pros: The drinks are cheap if you can get ahold of one... Cons: Prepare to wait 10 mins for a drink in a half full bar! more

There is much better out there! 1/4/2008

No surprise the wings were cold when they arrived as it took 40 mins to get them... The service in general was sub-par at best and there might have been 3 girls in the place. more

Best New Years Party 1/1/2008

I have to say I don't write reviews very often. I've been going to New Year's Eve parties in NYC for the past 12 years. I've done bars, clubs, lounges, house parties and even Times Square. Usually I end up paying $150 bucks for some all-u-can drink deal only to wait in a line to get in, I stand around, angry, sweating, waving a twenty dollar at a bar that has a line 5-deep waiting to get noticed by the one overworked bartender, and leaving at 12:01am to go somewhere else . Since this was the cheapest all you can drink deal in the city I did not have very high expectations. I figured if worse comes to worst I'll just forfeit my $50 and leave. Not only did I have great time for next to nothing,but I was blown away. Thank you to Aces and Eights for providing one of the best New Years parties I've been to in a very long time. First off, if you haven't been, Aces and Eights is a western themed, no frills, "shut up and drink" kind of place. This year they offered a $50 all u can drink special from 9pm to 2am. This included all liquor( not top top shelf but pretty much everything), pitchers for beer pong( which I didn't play but people seemed to love it), shots, and all bottled beer. You also had a DJ, some appetizers, party favors, and a champagne toast at midnight. They only sold 250 tickets so the place remained comfortably crowded all night. The bartenders kicked a$$ and I never waited for more than 3 minutes to get several rounds of drinks. THIS PLACE DOES IT RIGHT!!! By limiting the number of people they provided an environment that was more fun than any other place I've been to on what is usually "amateur night". They had an all night permit and stayed open serving drinks until 6am. They even included breakfast for anyone still standing. I didn't make it that far but we did stay late all of my friends had a great time. This could become a new yearly event for us! Very Impressed!-TD Pros: Value, service, and owners that know how to run a bar! Cons: fisrt ave is a hike from the subway more

WORST New Years EVER!!! 1/1/2008

Let me start off by stating that I NEVER write reviews... But after reading the review below I felt compelled to share my experience as the other review is clearly written by either the manager, owner or someone else who works there cause it is an ABSOLUTE LIE! First off, it is clear that this bar caters to the underage crowd... It is pretty clear anyone with a piece of paper is invited in. Secondly, it was VERY obvious that there were shady things happening in the bathroom to which everyone seemed not to care about. (I mean I understand it's New Year's Eve and many people choose to do that stuff... but who wants it thrown in their face very time they have to pi$$ from the watered down beer?? Third, three damn chicken wings and a handfull of mozzerella sticks is not what I would consider serving appetizers... Fourth, claiming to limit the number of peole to 250 is such a crock of $*!t... There was absolutely no line what-so-ever so there was no one limiting anything!! The only thing limiting the occupants was the horrible experience they were providing inside. This was an experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy!! Pros: ABSOLUTELY NONE Cons: Hitting on the girls here will land you in jail for Statutory more

Beer Specials are FAKE! 12/16/2007

This place is a joke! They advertise $10 all the beer you can drink so me and a few friends went for the beer pong and paid the bouncer at the door $10 each... the obnoxious bar tender in a yankee's hat made us buy pitchers to play beer pong at $10/pitcher! What is the point in paying $10 for a bracelet that is supposed to let you drink as much beer as you can when the bartender refuses to serve you! All my friends bought bracelets... but none of us could play without buying the pitchers!!! ITS AN ABSOLUTE RIP OFF!!! DON'T FALL FOR THE SCAM!!! In fact don't even bother going... there are a ton of other places in the neighborhood with beer pong tables and much better attitudes!! Cons: They advertise FAKE specials! The Place is a rip-off! more

Friendly crowd, understaffed, pleasant atmosphere 12/13/2007

It may look empty when you arrive, but give it until 11PM and it'll be hoppin'! Individual TV screens at each booth, though you have no control over the picture. The waitress is the bartender is all there is. That means UNDERSTAFFED with a capital everything. Empty glasses may sit on your table for awhile. Your best bet is to take you order to the bar, and bring it back to the table. The crowd is friendly, if a bit rowdy. The food is normal bar food, with an okay beer selection. Nothing special about this place, but nothing snooty or obnoxious either. Worth a visit, though not worth a special trip. Note: Amy says "the flightless staircase and interminable walk down a long tunnel underground made going to the restroom scary." --Drink Club is a roving group of NYC drinkers. Pros: friendly crowd, friendly bartendress/waitress Cons: understaffed, long wait for drink refills, scary restroom more

This scene is way too young for me... 12/10/2007

It looks like this place might be fun for sunday football... but definitely was not the right choice for our girls night out! I went for my best friend's birthday party and have to say 24 has never felt so old... It was obvious that it was thanksgiving weekend and all the underage kids were flocking to anywhere that would let them in. This is the last time me and my girls will get sucked into going somewhere cause its a good deal and will definitely stay away! Pros: None! Cons: Everything! more

Great Crowd, Real cheap booze 8/29/2007

Had my birthday party here, my roommates birthday party, and spent random weekends - nothing beats the price and the crowd. Great for a low key night in jeans and flip $10 all you can drink for 3 hours - seriously. Plenty of room for beer pong/flip cup, and only $10 a pitcher. Staff is great - really friendly (watch out for the stickers). Crowd is so can always find an extra team member if needed. Pros: Staff, Price, Crowd more

All you can drink beer for $10 (WTF?) 2/23/2007

Listen. This bar is all you need on a Friday and/or Saturday night. You get unlimited beer from 9-12 for only $10. This is not a joke or scam. You buy a cup at the door and drink your fill for 3 hours. It's genius. The bartenders, Tia particularly, were extremely friendly and took very good care of us on my friend's birthday. They have plenty of beer pong tables to go around. The juke box never let us down. This is my new favorite bar. If you like Rudy's but prefer being able to move and breathe, this will be your favorite bar too. Pros: Best beer deal in NYC, great bartenders Cons: It's on 1st Ave (but it's well worth it trust me) more
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  • In Short
    This roomy Western-themed bar is lined with bright red walls and deep booths, each equipped with a flat-screen TV. At the bar, some of the stools are fitted with saddles, and the beer pong (or Beirut) tables are decorated with cowboys. Aces & Eights draws a crowd of post-college kids who coat their stomachs with wings, burgers, and nachos and before throwing back drinks at frat party prices--like all-you-can-drink draft beers from 9pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Hits: Really cheap beer, plenty of beer pong tables and private TVs at each booth score big points with sports fans.

    Misses: Rampant beer pong tournaments leave a stale smell in the air, and the overpoweringly sweet Prarie Dew cocktail, made with coconut rum and pineapple juice, is more suitable for spring break in Cancun.

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