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Accent On Cats Cat Clinic

9660 Sw Beaverton Hillsdale
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 643-7104
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I was taking my three cats to Barbur Veterinary Hospital and although I love Dr. Ewing, my family was very disappointed with their customer service/receptionists, so I started loo...


My Cat was diagnosied with IBD in September and we were seeing a wonderful Vet across the street. I decided to make a change ONLY because I thought the enviorment would be better...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/15/2013

I (and my persnickety little wretch) love this clinic! Dr. Voelkel is so gentle and careful. He has never recommended anything unnecessary - even apologizes and looks unhappy when a test is expensive! Both assistants are incredibly sweet, and it is obvious that the reason the clinic exists is that everyone there really does love cats. There's even an office cat! \r \r I went there because it was close by and dedicated to cats, and I couldn't have made a better choice. My cat was a difficult adoption -- a former street cat with behavioral issues. Dr. Voelkel and his assistants went through every funny, awful, frustrating, and ultimately hopeful turn with us. They always looked to our best interests and found innovative solutions. When, eventually, my cat developed a physical problem, they diagnosed it quickly, had multiple treatment options (as they always do!), and worked through them to the best one with me. Their suggestions are always great, and I trust them so much I board my cat there -- even though I always swore I would never board a cat. But he likes them, they watch over him carefully, and their ethical, gentle, careful practice gives me peace of mind. I came to the office because it was nearby and dedicated to cats, but I would return if I moved far away -- they are that good. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2012

I've taken my cat in to the clinic twice now. I appreciated the calm atmosphere and the way the doctor gently handled my cat- whom I am EXTREMELY protective of. I found the doctor to be very knowledgeable and forth right with me. I couldn't afford to get my cats teeth cleaned so he referred me to a website that teaches one how to train their cat to tolerate teeth brushing at home. I was pretty surprised when I read the older reviews- I'm glad I didn't read them before hand. He didn't berate me or push a sale or try to kill me cat or keep him over night! And the office was spotless, welcoming and didn't smell like your typical vets office. Overall I would absolutely recommend this clinic to cat owners. more

Very happy with choice to move to Cat Clinic - great folks! 8/9/2011

I was taking my three cats to Barbur Veterinary Hospital and although I love Dr. Ewing, my family was very disappointed with their customer service/receptionists, so I started looking elsewhere. I found the Cat Clinic online, but was a little worried about the older reviews- turns out, those reviews are for the previous owner of the clinic, who was apparently quite pushy. I was so happy with our visit to the Cat Clinic. I brought 2 out of the 3 cats for vaccinations and bloodwork. The office is very nice with a vaulted ceiling and exam rooms that are more like tall cubicles (not enclosed rooms), which I really enjoyed. The space was nice and open and you actually had room to put your cat carrier somewhere other than shoving it under your chair. The receptionist is also the CVT and she was so kind. She was very friendly and helpful, carrying the cat carrier for me. I also brought along my 13 month old little girl, so it was a large traveling circus! Dr. Voelkel is very easy going, explains things in simple terms and has a very gentle way with the cats. He was not at all pushy and patiently explained the answers to all of my quesitons. They even took the time to greet and play with my little girl. Their prices are reasonable, which was great plus. I think it was a great move to switch our cats to the Cat Clinic. They made us feel so welcome and it was just a great office visit (despite the two cats and rambunctious baby)! Give them a chance- you will be so impressed. more

Very Caring and Personable Veterinarian 7/30/2011

My calico kitty is very timid and scared and hates going to the doctor, but she reacted very well to Dr. Voelkel's kind and gentle approach. My cat's issues are seasonal allergies and active anal glands. Dr. Voelkel took the time to listen and answer all of my questions and he examined my cat thoroughly. He offered me plenty of options and suggested we try conservative treatments to start. The cost of the exam and the medications were reasonable. As a first time customer at Accent on Cats I was impressed by the clean, calming, and beautiful interior of the clinic, the friendly and welcoming staff, (even in the way they answer the phones!) and Dr. Voelkel's personable and caring style. more

The Cat Whisperer 5/18/2011

I have a fairly mean cat who doesn't like most people, and after all my warnings to Dr. Voelkel about wearing protective gear, he had her almost purring on the first visit. He is truly gifted with cats, and his kindness and compassion coupled with a serene environment make this clinic a low-stress experience for animals and their people. I really appreciate his reluctance to spend money on invasive tests or harsh medications without trying home remedies first. I will never take my cat anywhere else - I highly recommend this clinic! more

Different owner/veterinarian = different experience 4/8/2011

I'm really glad that I didn't check these reviews before I took my new cat in for a check-up because I would probably have been scared away by past reviews. There's no need to be. My cat and I both felt comfortable with the competency and level of care demonstrated by the vet and technician. They were friendly and responsive, and they take good care of the animal. I know my cat appreciated the quieter, less-chaotic environment. more

Best clinic around! 3/5/2011

There should be more than 3 stars for this vet! We took our cat here after lengthy visits to different clinics around town, she had health problems and wasn't losing weight despite the advice of other vets. After the first visit to Dr. Voelkel, all our questions about her health were answered, and we started our cat on a diet that has slimmed her down to a more reasonable size! She's a much happier kitty. A previous vet had suggested an expensive blood test to determine if she had a thyroid disorder. Dr. Voelkel hesitated, saying the condition was unlikely in a cat like ours and that he wanted to try other, less expensive things first. As it turned out, he was right, and the cat was left with a much less intrusive test. Dr. Voelkel also called after to check up, and to make sure we didn't have any more questions or concerns. If I'm ever curious about something my cat is going through, or the treatment, they're ready with thorough explanations and answers, above and beyond the usual for a vet's explanations. Dr. Voelkel and his staff are always willing to take the time to explain things, in person or over the phone. Both Dr. Voelkel and his assistants have shown extreme finesse with calming a very agitated cat (and she isn't shy with the claws). I've also taken to buying anti-flea and other cat care stuff here, to my surprise they were often less expensive than pet stores. I've recently moved pretty far away, but I'll definitely keep going here. These guys are awesome! more

Awesome Veterinarian & staff 2/12/2011

Dr. Voelkel is just the BEST.\r \r We've had a severly diabetic cat over the last 4 years that required daily insulin, close monitoring and frequent checkups. \r \r Recently she suffered a major medical issue that after 2 weeks of intensive testing and monitoring, had to be put to sleep. Dr. Voelkel & his staff were EXTREMELY thorough in their treatment and handling of our kitty, exhausting all possibilities for therapy to make her more comfortable. \r \r We have several other cats and there isn't anyone we trust more for their physical well-being & health than Dr. Voelkel. He's the most honest, compassionate Vet we've ever met when ""the"" decision needs to be made, as well.\r \r JMHO, but this guy is tops. more

Dr. Voelkel can't handle serious medical issues 1/26/2011

My Cat was diagnosied with IBD in September and we were seeing a wonderful Vet across the street. I decided to make a change ONLY because I thought the enviorment would be better for my cat since we would be making a lot of trips, (the dogs and the craziness at the other office stressed him out). I made it clear to Volekel that I loved my other Vet and my intentions were to just have a calmer enviorment. My cat started to show signs of becoming sick again. and I was getting really worried about him. Everytime I went in, Voelkel was just focused on the IBD, and didn't seem too concered. I felt I was the one recommending this test and that test to rule out other reasons for his severe diarreha, vomiting and illness. I asked for a fecal, x rays, and bloodwork. He ruled out anything other than IBD and focused on diet with me. When the problems were getting worse he seemed overwhelmed and called many other DR.s for insight... even referring us to a Specialist all the was in Clackamas, who didn't help at all. When we finally came to our senses that we needed to go back toour other DR, our cat was very very sick. Our other Dr. was confused why Dr. Voelkel would call every other internist in the area and not even call him when he knew our cats illness the best. In the end our cat had severe parasites that turned into Pancrities that killed him. I feel so guilty that I trused Dr. Voelkel with his life. I wrote him a letter asking for a explanation of why he charged us for test that didnt rule out anything he had, and he didn't have the nerve to write me back. No, I'm, sorry for your loss, or anything. He puts on a show like he cares,( walking your cat carrier out to your car, ext)... but he obviously doesn't. I didn't want to write a bad review because I really liked him and his office in the begining but I needed to warn others, so they don't make the mistakes I did!! more

Dr. Voelkel & Accent On Cats Get an A+ 12/2/2010

After adopting our newest family member from the Oregon Humane Society last weekend, our next step was to find a vet that specializes in cats, close to our home in SW Portland. I found Accent on Cats and recalled driving past their bright yellow sign on BH Hwy. I read a lot of reviews and concluded that all of the new ones (since new ownership) were positive, so I made an appointment. I highly recommend these folks! I was impressed by them from the first phone call through the appointment. Very personable folks, the staff was warm and efficient and the Dr. Voelkel was excellent; both professional and personable. I look forward to many years of care for our new family member. Dr. V even carried the cat crate out to my car, and chatted with me in the parking lot, after the exam! Great folks! more

Best Choice Ever for My Sensitive Cat 10/10/2010

We made our first visit to Accent on Cats this week after trying to make a priority appointment with our usual veterinary clinic. One of our cats seemed to need immediate care. Though we could have taken her to the usual vet the same day, it would have been almost 8 hours before she could be seen. So, we drove across town (a 22-mile round trip) because we’d heard good things about Dr. Voelkel’s clinic and he was able to see her right away. Dr. Voelkel was able to determine our kitty’s problem very quickly. Both he and his assistant impressed me very much with their professionalism, and particularly with their gentle and skillful handling of a cat who has been infamously difficult in other hands – a real terror! Dr. Voelkel gave me a thorough and understandable explanation of his diagnosis and treatment, and clear instructions for care at home and follow-up. In spite of the longer trip to the doctor, this very touchy kitty recovered much more quickly than usual from the experience. Two days afterward her condition has noticeably improved and she is no longer in pain. I am very happy with all aspects of her care at Accent on Cats. For once I do not dread our next visit to the vet with this kitty, and it will definitely be to Dr. Voelkel’s clinic. more

The New Clinic is Great -- Awesome Doctor and Staff 9/29/2010

We took Icarus into Accent on Cats due to some bladder problems. Dr Voelkel and his staff exceeded our expectations. He is very knowledgeable, personable and explained our options in understandable detail. They were very conscious of our pocket books and gave us instructions on how to take care of ""ick"" at home. We have two other cats, and will definitely will use Accent on Cats as our main go-to clinic. more


Wonderful new cat veternarian/clinic. Please don't confuse this clinic (Accent on Cats) with the former Cat Clinic. I took my cat Shadow in for all his vaccinations and a comprehensive initial exam. He hadn't been feeling at all well. The doctor was very thorough, caring, informative and tremendously knowledgeable. He found no cause for alarm and no evidence of any serious illness and so decided to go ahead with the vaccinations. Shadow did lay low after the innoculations (which is normal) and is now FEELING GREAT! I'll be bringing our other kitty in soon. \r Office staff wonderful and caring, as well. more


Since March 2010, Accent on Cats-Cat Clinic has been under new management and operating under a different practice philosophy. When I acquired the practice, I assumed the previous clinic's reviews could be removed, so that only those reviews actually pertaining to the new business would be displayed. I was wrong...those old reviews will be there forever!\r \r Because I feel it is disingenuous to load review sites with fake or solicited comments, I have decided to take this direct approach: Any reviews for pets seen prior to March 1, 2010 are no longer applicable, even though some of the reviews themselves were posted after that date. They are, in fact, reviews of a different practice. I encourage you to call the clinic at 503-643-7104 or visit the clinic's website if you have any questions.\r \r Sincerely, Rick Voelkel, DVM\r more

They almost killed my cat on purpose...... 6/8/2010

I took my cat in to be looked at for a cold he was sneezing all the time. They immed. put an iv in his juggular and then began vaccinating him 13 times. Couldnt even name the vaccinations when I asked. Why would they be vaccinating a sick animal?? His leg was as hard as plastic when I finally took him out of there against their orders. The office mgr said "" your cat is very sick and is going to die"" which normally I would never yank a cat out of the place he was being treated but could tell something was seriously wrong. \r \r When I picked him up and paid the 750.00 vet billl that was racked up with all the vaccinations in a little over 24 hrs. He was close to death. And the only way I could get him out was to promise to bring him back for more shots (antibiotics) which they would not give me to administer myself. I brought him home and never brought him back to that place of death.\r \r Here we are 2.5 years later and he is fine. With NO help or aftercare from that nightmare of a vet clinic. Somebody should see these people are forced to close this clinic. I just wonder how many animals did give up and die while under their care. And how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they have made preying on animal owners that put their trust in these crooks. \r \r There is a special place in hell for people like the office manager there. I would be happy to join forces with anyother that has had an experience like mine to see that no other animmals are treated like the way the Beaverton Cat Clinic treated my cat.\r Cons: yes they are more

Don't go there! 3/12/2010

We went over there a couple of weeks ago to get Monty his annual shots. It was our first visit there. We got the lecture about dental care. Got the shots. Didn't do the fecal sample thing (no need to).\r \r The vet tried to talk us into getting a few hundred dollars worth of tests. No thanks. He got a few of his facts wrong about the history of immunology. \r \r They kept our original records and gave us copies. We weren't impressed.\r \r A few days ago, Monty became really listless. He still won't eat much. Sleeps all the time (this is a normally very active cat). \r \r We think it was the shots or something else from that clinic that made him sick. Monty hasn't been sick a day in his life. Until now. \r \r We are very depressed over this. We certainly don't plan to take Monty back for a ""cure."" Pros: It was warm in the waiting area Cons: It's a hustle. more

Even worse then before 9/2/2009

I thought it was just me who felt like a horrible person going to this guy. Don't go there. I went once a few years ago, and then again this passed week. The vet took out a dental implement and scraped my cat's teeth while he basically made me feel like a bad person because of the plaque my cat had. \r \r Only now, my cat has an infection in his mouth. And to top things off, when I went in to get my deposit back (I had left one for further testing) he came out to try to talk me out of going to another vet and getting my money back, and I smelled alcohol. A strong scent of alcohol at 4 in the afternoon. Maybe he's diabetic and that's why he smelled that way, but I really wouldn't risk my cat's health to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Pros: Good location Cons: Everything else more

A bad experience 9/11/2008

I should have read the other reviews before picking this ""cat doctor"". My wallet is almost $800 lighter thanks to 2 days of ""care"" at his clinic. As others have said, he recommends multiple tests and overnight boarding almost before a diagnosis is made. I wish I'd paid attention to my intuition and walked away from this clinic quickly, especially when I noticed that the place was suspiciously devoid of other customers. more


Exactly what others have said. This vet is extremely pushy and orders many tests. Doesn't let you know that an exam is required to get a refill (doesn't even mark it on the bottle, like most vets) and then won't let you have even a few days to cover the prescription until you can go in (even though the next appointment isn't for a week or more??) At one point he put my cat on 6 different medications. My cat got very sick about a week later and when I brought him in he said that I ""shouldn't get my hopes up."" After days of having to board my cat with them I was finally told that it was something with his liver (and yes, he was that specific despite me asking several times) and that it was getting better. Hmm, wonder why my cat got sick in the first place? After $3,000 and a week of hospital care they said to just go back to one medication. Yeah. Awful. Mostly I'm wondering why I didn't go find a new vet earlier. Cons: everything more

HORRIBLE 2/29/2008

I really dislike this vet and don't plan on returning. He is extremely pushy and insists on tests, medications and vaccines which are unnecessary and expensive. He gives doom & gloom opinions followed by a whole bunch of medical-speak to leave you feeling like you are a terrible person if you don't authorize all the tests. The clinic was supposed to call me back with a status update and to let ME decide if my pet would be boarded tonight. They are now closed with my pet held HOSTAGE. The vet is not returning my call. If I could rate this place zero stars, I would. Don't EVER GO HERE. If you value your pet and your hard-earned money, DON'T EVER GO HERE. Cons: EVERYTHING more
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