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Academy Animal Hospital Pa - 22 Reviews - 237 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (910) 353-3131

Academy Animal Hospital Pa

237 Western Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28546
(910) 353-3131
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I have had several working police dogs over the years and Dr. Franklin has treated each one. To say that Dr. Franklin fears "big dogs" is absurd and untrue. He is the most compa...


I went in about a year and a half or so ago to have my dog seen because he had been sick. We knew what was wrong with him because we had had tests done at another clinic, but were...

Outstanding Knowledgeable and Compassionate DVM 12/16/2012

I have had several working police dogs over the years and Dr. Franklin has treated each one. To say that Dr. Franklin fears "big dogs" is absurd and untrue. He is the most compassionate, knowledgeable, skillful and professional DVM and person in Onslow County. I have been a client and admirer of Dr. Franklin for over 15 years now. He has treated my Belgian Malinois, my German Shepherd and my Rottweilers..with his care most of my dogs have lived to be 12 years old. I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone searching for a great vet for their pet or working dog. more

Fabulous. 6/28/2011

I took my cat Kovu there yesterday to have his two front paws declawed. Picked him up this morning and everything seems great so far. There was no need for bandages or any kind of expensive medication or pain killers. Minus being a little bit tired from his stay, my cat has been purring and letting me rub his belly like any other day. I'm amazed. This wasn't my first time here, either; I've talked with the doctor and the people working there and from my experiences it seems that they genuinely care about the animals that they treat. They also seem to know what they're doing. The prices for my cats surgery, including a vaccination needed before hand, was relatively fair. I'm not complaining. more

Great customer service 6/21/2011

I brought a pup from a rescue organization for treatment of mange. The front desk staff were polite and helpful. Dr. Collier was very patient and answered all my questions. The staff took the time to contact the rescue organization and explain the treatment plan. \r \r At no time did I observe anyone be discourteous or rude to anyone. (I was worried after reading the reviews)\r \r In their defense I will remind people that the clinic is a business with overhead expenses and employees to pay. They cannot treat the pets for free. more

I recommend Dr. Franklin 100%, and trust him 100% 5/11/2011

Dr. Franklin is from the old school, and with that comes knowledge and experience that is invaluable. I have several Chihuahuas that we show and occasionally breed. I totally trust Dr. Franklin, and he has never run unnecessary tests. Quite the contrary. Dr. Franklin is decisive and doesn't waste time with routine tests when he is sure of a diagnosis. His primary concern is the health and well-being of the animal. I totally trust him and he has never let me down. I spend a fortune for the care of our animals, but by comparison, he is less expensive that other vets. Some of these young new vets are so quick to recommend surgery or other expensive referrals. Dr. Franklin has the expertise to treat most conditions, and he knows what he is talking about, and he really cares about the animal. I travel a distance to him because I know I can trust his judgment and his skills. He has performed surgery on a few of my chihuahuas, and basically saved one's life. I always come back to h more

Dr. Franklin is a Great DVM 2/12/2011

I have worked with Dr. Franklin and he truly cares about ALL the patients he sees. I am OUTRAGED at some of these reviews people have left. He is great at what he does and is NOT "money hungry" he charges a fair price and helps his clients in whatever way he can. The people who wrote those bad "reviews" DO NOT know Dr. Franklin one bit. more

Amazing 1/28/2011

I love Dr. Franklin. He is amazing. He comes off a bit mean sometimes or a bit grumpy but he is ABSOLUTLEY THE BEST!!!. He handles himself very well around animals. I am apart of a pitt rescue and every dog i have ever brought in their wether it be one whos had a rough past and is very aggressive or the sweetest dog he handles with all care and good intentions. And yes ive had to take some very people aggressive pits in their and he doesnt even flinch. Nos exactly what to do. I love him and when i have to move im not sure what im gonna do. more

Really? 11/7/2010

I went in about a year and a half or so ago to have my dog seen because he had been sick. We knew what was wrong with him because we had had tests done at another clinic, but were out of their minds with pricing. We had LITERALY just moved our here from Socal and I was trying to find a vet when we found out he was sick. Lycaon is a very large and can be intimidating looking dog. He is a malamute/shepherd mix so he is around 100 pounds, very tall and has those piercing eyes most "guard" dogs have. We went in and I had Lycaon lying ont he floor and was petting him. He was relaxed and rolled to his back because he in all truth is a big doofas! The Dr. walked in, stopped in the door frame, looked at my dog, stuttered something inentelligible and I kid you not started to sweat! He never came in the dorr he asked me what was wrong and then left the room. If I am not mistaken, he was terrified of my dog. So I went out and I asked him how long he had been working with animals, which he didn't more

Who gave this guy his licence? 9/4/2010

If you care at all for your pet or your money, dont go to this vet clinic! All this doctor cares about is racking up your bill with expensive, unecessary tests. We took in our dog because we believed he was either severely dehydrated or suffering from a heatstroke. They told us he had somehow been poisoned, gave him antibiotics, and fluids through an IV (which left a huge hole in my dogs back that kept gushing blood). They kicked us out of their office with a sedated dog because it was closing time and blasted us with a $400 bill. "Dr." Charles told us my dog would wake up in about 30 mins but he never did. He began going into seizures and then died 10 mins later in the arms of my boyfriend. more

Incompetent, apathetic 9/4/2010

They're only concerned with pushing unnecessary, expensive tests to vulnerable pet owners and not concerned with treating animals. Their inaction and apathy lead to the death of my dog. Incompetent isn't a bad enough word to describe them. more

Reliable, quality service 7/23/2010

I have been taking my chocolate lab here for about 5 years. She is 12.5 years old and has very bad arthritis so I go quite frequently. They have always taken care of her at a very reasonable price.\r \r They are walk in only.\r \r Dr. Franklin comes off a bit gruff at times, but I am there to get my dog what she needs, not make mindless smalltalk. The vet techs are all very nice more


Absolutely TERRIBLE Vetrinary service. The employees are as rude as the doctors, the prices are unfair, and they don't care about your pets. I brought my kitten in there for a broken leg years ago, and i paid $600 for them to put a bandage on too tight, so it got infected and died. Also, when i brought my cat in for checkups, they just yanked her out of her traveling kennel, injuring her leg even more. There was one appt where the vet came in, (after i waited HOURS) to tell me he's on the clock for 5 more mins, see you next time. If you love your pet DO NOT GO TO THESE MONEY-HUNGRY A$$HOLES. more

Rude, foul-mouthed Vet! 4/14/2010

DO NOT use this vet! They are one of the most expensive in Jacksonville, which would be okay if the service were great. Dr. Franklin is a rude, foul-mouthed man. There was a sign in the vet saying no cell phones...granted I understand this. I got an emergency call from one of my Marines that had been in an accident while I was waiting in the exam room with my cat. I answered the phone long enough to give him the number of someone that could help right away and as I was hanging up, the vet walked in, turned back around and yelled to his tech "Tell her I'll be back in when she gets off the G-D phone!" And, yes, the G-D is exactly what you think it is and that statement is verbatim. I was embarrassed and furious. No matter where you are in Jacksonville, it is worth it to drive to Richlands to Ideal Pet Care. Great docs and a great staff and reasonable prices. more

If you love your pet, don't get them spayed or neutered here! 3/4/2010

We took our 2 year old dog in last Monday to get neutered. It was cheaper than most places...and now I know why. When we picked up our pup, he was a little swollen and red, but seemed to be okay. Within 2 hours of being home (with us monitoring him to make sure there was no licking), his scrotum had swelled to 12 cm, he was bleeding profusely, and he was badly bruised. We had to rush him to an Emergency Clinic because the vet's office was already closed. There, they had to perform an emergency surgery to drain blood from his scrotum because the ligatures had not been done properly or had not been done at all. If we had not taken him when we did, it is highly likely that he would have bled to death. He had to stay at the emergency clinic overnight and then required daytime vet observation to ensure that the swelling went down and that there was no more bleeding. When we called Academy to discuss what happened, the gentelman was more concerned with who had treated our dog the nig more

First and most definitely my last visit! 2/7/2010

I went to this hospital once with my sister last week. I talked her into neutering her dog because I believe if you don't plan on breeding and breeding responsibly the animal should be neutered or spayed. (The reasons for holding off on the neuter are of no importance.) \r \r First the pros: the Dr. we saw was nice and friendly, seemed to genuinely care about the animals. Second, the hospital smelled nice and looked clean.\r \r Now the cons: we walked in that morning the receptionist had nothing but attitude with us. (I'm still upset with the way we were treated, but I'll try to keep this review clean.) Granted we walked in late to drop her dog off for the neuter, but this can be said to the client with a much better tone than she had. When we came back to pick him up another receptionist helped us. I spoke with her on the phone for all of my questions and she was very helpful and her attitude was tolerable when she checked us out. However, in the process of paying I could see the same gir more

Franklin Charles Dvm - Academy Animal Hospital - Life Saver 11/3/2009

Dr. Franklin has been a true blessing to our family. He has been caring for my pets for a while and I am currently displaced from a home and work and my dog, Prince, need medical help with his broken arm. I had no money to pay him and my dogs arm was infected but he took my baby in and cared for him without a cent. For those who think bad of Dr.Franklin. I know he loves animals and he is a good person, and maybe your just looking for a band-aid and Doc. is about business. He has been around a long time and knows his stuff well. Thank you so much Dr. Franklin and God Bless you and your family. more

Great Vet Great Service Great team 6/3/2009

I have been going to Academy Animal Hospital\r for over 15 years for my dogs and cats. Dr. Franklin's\r experience and knowledge is remarkable. They have \r all the latest high tech equipment (digital X-ray machine)\r and great staff! You can also get what ever you need at the pet store next door makes it very convenient . I would highly recommend this Vet . The bottom line is if you want the best care for your animal\r in Jacksonville then this is where you want to go. My wife's cat several years ago was attacked by two dogs and I thought it was gone. We took it to the emergency clinic where Dr. Franklin happened to be working and some how he saved the cat he worked a miracle. I thought for sure he was going to tell us to put him down. But after a lot of pins and surgery and time he was fine. As far as I am concerned there is no better Dr. in the US. more

Great Vet!! 4/9/2009

When I first got my kittens, one of them got very sick. I called the vet I would normally go to and they said there were no openings for her to be seen. I called this vet and they said they were walk in only. I rushed both of my cats to them. they were very caring. Her temp had dropped and her organs were shutting down. He told me if I got her temp up and got her to eat she may live. I did as he said and she is very healthy today. He only charged me for the cat food. How many vets will do that?! Not saying that this is common practice for them. Now I take my 3 cats and my great dane to him. Dr Franklin is the one I see and yes he is blunt but he always compliments me on how great my animals look. They are one of the family. He tells you like it is, I don't feel like that is being rude. Some people just get offended because they don't like hearing the truth. more

Enloe, where are you?!?!?!?!?!? 10/9/2007

If anyone knows where he is please post it here. He took care of our dog when he broke his leg. He did a great job. He is still healing and I would like to see him again. My husband just got home from deployment and never got a chance to thank him.He took really good care of our dog through some really rough times. THANK YOU! more

Find Another Vet 9/20/2007

If you are looking for a vet to take your animals to, dont come here. They seem to not care for the well being of your animals. They care about getting the money from you thats all. They will talk of tests that you dont need to have. I honestly would not trust this vet with a mouse, and i am not very picky about vets, so long as they care for animals. This one does not. So if you moved here or want to take an animal here to be seen, Dont. Find another vet because more than likely they will treat you and your animal better there then they ever could at this vet. more


I gave the review below and meant it! BUT... Dr. Enloe just left the company on Friday August 31st, 2007. DON'T GO BACK! It won't be the same... if you ever find Dr. Enloe... someone PLEASE come back on here and let us know where he went! \r __________________________________________\r We are a military family who was transferred from Southern California, with our doberman and two cats. In California, our doberman blew out her knee, and the ACL operation cost us $3,000 AND they had us keep our dog still for 6 weeks... Keep a dobie still for 6 weeks? Huh?\r \r When we got here to Jacksonville, she blew out her other knee. We were thinking, "Oh no... this town doesn't even have a Denny's! What are the chances this backwards town is going to have a good vet?" WOW, we found one here! After going to our on-base vet who knew nothing about this kind of thing, we were referred to Dr. Enloe at Academy. (There are two vets there... one is not real friendly, the other- Dr. Enloe- is the best more
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