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Abba Pets

2235 N Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 233-0777
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So far my wife has purchased 2 ferrets, their toys and bedding, and supplies for their proper care and I have purched a fish, fish tank stand and other fish supplies and we have n...


Abba Pets used to be a very nice clean pet store in St. Joseph, then the previous owner sold it in 2011. The people he sold it to, I'm not really sure know what they're doing. I b...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/11/2012

The animals being sold in Abba Pets have been kept in absolutely horrible conditions, my friend went in and saw all the tanks/terrariums with cracks in them being held together with packing tape, dead shriveled up turtles being eaten by other turtles, a lizard dead from a puncture would to the neck with flies eating it, overcrowded dirty bird cages, cats with crust in their eyes, mill puppies, and worst of all; a baby albino corn snake that was stuck on the tape holding it's terrarium together that died from struggling so hard to free himself he tore himself open. She showed me her pictures of this so I went in the next day (yesterday) to see if the problem had persisted and it was obvious that the shopkeepers have cleaned up all the dead animals. I am part of a group of people filing reports so far we have reported to Animal Control, Dept of Agriculture, PETA, etc. I don't see this place being open much longer more

A wonderful place to go 4/19/2012

So far my wife has purchased 2 ferrets, their toys and bedding, and supplies for their proper care and I have purched a fish, fish tank stand and other fish supplies and we have no complants What So Ever. The owner is always friendly right on the money with information and has treated us with the utmost respect. They are the only place you can socialize with the animals to make shure that they are right for you. They deserve a fair chance. They have our business and I ask all to give them a chance. more

Abba Pets 2/7/2012

Abba Pets used to be a very nice clean pet store in St. Joseph, then the previous owner sold it in 2011. The people he sold it to, I'm not really sure know what they're doing. I bought a puppy for $325 from there in September and was convinced that it was a ""morkie"" puppy, which is a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie. When we first got her I felt so bad for the poor little thing! Her hair was sooo matted up all over her body! SO bad that I literally had to cut some of it out! Also, when I bought the puppy the guy couldn't find the paper work for her! He said that one of his breeders must have forgotten to give it to him and he would call whenever he got ahold of the breeder and got the paper work. Now, it's February of 2012 and I still haven't heard from him. My puppy also had kennel cough, like I saw in someone elses review. And on top of everything, a week ago I started looking at pictures of other ""morkies"" online, and realized that my puppy looks NOTHING like them! So I kept researching yorkie mixes because she does resemble a yorkie, and found that she looks exactly like a Chihuaha and yorkie mix... I would recommend not purchasing a dog here, and I really wish that someone would shut them down and save all those poor animals. It smells so bad in there back by the dogs, and when I first saw my puppy that I bought she was sleeping in the water bowl because it was empty! If you're going to buy a dog from this place, don't expect too much. If you do, you probably saved a dogs life by getting it out of there. more

STAY AWAY 2/7/2012

I bought a 2 month old puppy for $500 from Abba Pets recently and 4 days later he came down with parvo. We rushed him into treatment and he survived through it and is home with us now. We went in and told the store owner what had happened, thinking he would pay for the hospital bill considering we had only had him for 4 days. The owner refused to hear us out, and claimed there was no way the puppy had gotten parvo from him, even though it takes 7-12 days for signs to show on parvo. The store owner is only in this for money, and doesnt care about that animals AT ALL. If you're planning on buying dogs anytime soon, rethink Abba Pets. more

Abba Pets/Lang breeders 11/23/2011

I purchased my puppy from Abba Pets Sep. 10th, he has been to the vet countless times, has been on 3 antibiotics for kennel cough, has to get a yearly shot for this, still coughs. He had descended testicles, this is hereditary, I read where dogs should not be allowed to breed and pass this on. I just found out from the vet today that he has ear mites! The vet said the whole litter had problems and several dogs from Abba have been like this. I love my puppy and will do anything for him, unfortunately the breeder didn't feel this way. Think twice before you go to Abba Pets!!!!!! more

HORRIBLE conditions for every helpless creature in Abba Pets 7/29/2011

Today I went into Abba Pets and was absolutely appalled by the conditions that every animal was in. Yes they are under new owners and you have to be an IDIOT to think that the store was clean! The owners must be violating a long list of health codes because it was very unsanitary. Sam and Cheryl should be fined or jailed for the horrible animal cruelty they are putting these HELPLESS animals through! When I asked where they got their puppies from Sam gave me the run around...... can you say PUPPY MILL? Do NOT support these animal abusers! And Sam and Cheryl PLEASE PLEASE give these animals a clean place to live in while they try to make YOU a quick buck. I will be checking in and pushing these issues further if you continue this animal neglect. more

Abba Pets New Owners 6/1/2011

I recently went into Abba and i was AMAZED, I met the new owners and they were kind and honest. The store was clean, the animals were well cared for and even the fish tanks were clean, when i went in before it was dirty, smelly and the old owner was rude. I think the new Abba could EASILY become the best Pet store in st Joseph. If you are around the area please stop in and see it for yourself and please post a new review because the owners deserve a fighting chance!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! more


Abba Pet's has changed owners and my husband and I feel it's the best thing for this store and the pets there. We have been in the store several times since the new owners took over and are amazed with the change. It is clean, you would almost think the floor is new. Let alone when you enter the store that awful smell is no longer there. These owner's appear to be more concerened with the animals than the last owner. They also are more interested in pleasing the customer. It appears to us God has a big influence in these owners lives. We would recommend shoping here for your pet needs. more

The New Abba Pets 5/5/2011

Abba Pets is now under new ownership. Please come in and meet the new owners Sam and Cheryl Hitchens. We have made several changes in the store. Cleaning it up and carrying. a lot of new items. Please come in and check us out. We carry pet supplies, and have Fish, Birds African Greys, Goffin Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Amazon red headed Parrot, Parakeets, Finches, Bunnys,Chinchillas, Ferrets, Guinna Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, and Rats of all sizes, Reptiles we have baby Boas, several kinds of Lizards, Scorpions, Trantulas, We Sell live cricketts, We also have puppies, and soon we will have kittens. We carry VF Dog, Puppy, and Cat food , Our goal is""A Friendly Place For All Your Pets Needs"". more

Abba pets is a bad pet store. 5/29/2010

We just bought a English bulldog from. was way under weight. you could see the ribs in the poor lil thing.and his lil hip bones. it was awful. the place smelled horrible.when my wife went in to pick up the dog and pay. he was rude and a jerk to her.the dog had supposedly gotten all his shots but when i called the vet he had taken him to there were no records of him ever taking him in. so in my opinion if you want to save an animal that is being neglected and mistreated go there.. but if not don't go!! more

Def. Don't buy a dog at this place!! 4/25/2010

The store is absolutely filthy! The owner is very full of himself!\r I purchased a Dog there a year ago, paid $1500, then paid over $2000 in vet bills from the conditions the jerk kept the animals in! \r My dog had Kennel cough, Skin infection, Heart & lung infections... Just to mention a few! I've seen 4 different vets & they all say it's because of him! My dog has seizures all of the time because of what's going on with him. Medicine only helps so much!! I honestly think the only person on here that gave a decent review was either that creep or someone he knows... it's obvious! I've got bills upon bills to back up everything i've stated here! Try me!!!!\r The guy needs the health dept. as well as animal welfare in there to pull his head out of his behind!!!!!!! Cons: Liar more

Don't buy a dog here 5/1/2009

Someone in town told me they buy their dogs from puppy mills. I decided to call and ask them about it. I was hung up on. That answered my question. If you don't know what is wrong with puppy mills, I suggest you look into it on the net. Pros: uncertain Cons: where they get their animals more

Try another Store 4/11/2009

Store was horrable, Fish water looked like it haden't been changed in a while. I told the guy what I had in my Saltwater fish tank and he told me that the Lion fish that he had would be fine in my tank, Later found out from another pet store in town that the Lion fish would have ate everything in my tank... I wouldn't recomend this store to my worst Enimy. Pros: None. Cons: Everything. more

Good pet store 4/28/2008

There is not a huge selection, but that is to be expected at a small pet store. The owner is actually quite knowledgeable about animals, and he probably just didn't want to talk to joesmith. Joe didn't seem all that intelligent since his grammar was not very good, and I imagine the owner had better people to talk to. The prices are not too bad, but I would expect to pay at least $400 for a dog. The dogs are skinny but once they get home and get used to it, they eat and fatten up. The prices and general appearance of the animals are still better than what you would find at Critters (also in St. Joe.). I would recommend the store to most people. more

Abba Anal-mals 12/9/2007

We went there the past week and that guy there knows nothing about animals. All the animals looked like they are on there death beds and the place smelled like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. Also the guy there is such a rude individual. You ask him a question and if he don't know it, he lies to you. He is rude because he doesn't want to help you and he acts like he is the best thing that landed on this earth. Pros: There are some?! Cons: What isn't there to complain about. I would go some place else. more
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