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A New Day Spa

3975 Highland Dr Ste 7
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 272-3900
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Great Experience, Great Ownership and Friendly Staff.. I bought a Groupon for services that are provided at this newly remodeled, very clean, nicely equipped spa and total beau...


AVOID KENT MAYNARD AT ALL COSTS.... Details below. Me and my boyfriend went for a couple's Swedish massage. First off, the girl that scheduled our appointment failed to not...

Awful Experience... If you must go, avoid Kent (Massage) 2/24/2012

AVOID KENT MAYNARD AT ALL COSTS.... Details below. Me and my boyfriend went for a couple's Swedish massage. First off, the girl that scheduled our appointment failed to note that it was a couple's massage, only one therapist was on staff and they had to frantically call in another, making us wait about a half hour. My boyfriend had Ellie, and was happy with her. I had Kent, and if it wasn't a couple's thing, I would have gotten up and left 20 min into the 60 min massage. My massage was uncomfortable in its best moments, and painful in its worst. This hippie new age kook didn't even touch my lower back, where I told him I'd had problems. Rather than massage, he kept pressing hard in one spot until it hurt, multiple times after I let him know he was hurting me. He kept telling me "I can't get into your muscles", whatever that means.... kept acting frustrated with me for not relaxing and kept walking away from the table to huff and puff at me for being "uncooperative". I suggested he try a traditional Swedish massage (since that is what we had booked in the first place) or even just a basic back rub, but instead, he spent the next 20 min pulling on my head and shaking my arms while telling me I needed to "take his energy". The last 20 min were spent on a mediocre foot massage, my feet seemingly being the only part of my body he couldn't damage. I've had massages before, and always enjoyed them, with no problems. This massage, I left with shoulder and neck pain that I didn't have going in.... my boyfriend had to rub them out for me later that night. Kent acted like it was my fault that the massage didn't go smoothly and bolted out at the 60 min mark, telling me I need to take up meditation before coming back. . They deserve a 1 star rating, rather than the impossible 0, only because Ellie was sweet and did her best to compensate for Kent's bad behavior, at one point even offering to trade tables and work on me when she realized my massage wasn't going well (I declined because I wanted my boyfriend to relax, the visit was a gift for him). She acted the professional, got us hot towels, thanked us for coming in, and walked us back to the front desk If you must go to this place, AVOID Kent!!! more

New Digs.. New Day Spa Is Amazing! 2/7/2012

Great Experience, Great Ownership and Friendly Staff.. I bought a Groupon for services that are provided at this newly remodeled, very clean, nicely equipped spa and total beauty and wellness spa off of Highland Drive. The Groupon was for 3 different treatments and each of the treatments went well and I was in and out of the spa and on my way, as planned. While I was there, I was impressed with the friendliness of their staff and ownership's willingness to cross sell their products. Each of the products are administered by courteous, professional staff who were helpful and all of them seem happy, which in my mind makes a difference. Well, my Groupon has long since been used and I continue to use A New Day Spa for my salon needs and will continue to. The owner is always willing to talk shop and shows an eagerness to provide high level services at competitive prices. Great place!! more

Happily surprised 1/12/2012

I was TERRIFIED to go to this spa after reading all of the horrible reviews but my husband had purchased me a 1 hour massage and laser hair removal treatments from City Deals as a Christmas gift so I decided to test it out first with a massage. I had my 1 hour massage last night and was surprisingly pleased with the service and treatment I received. My massage therapist was a girl named Ellie and she did a very good job at giving me a relaxing massage, making sure my needs were met and the room was nice. There was a fireplace and the massage table had nice clean sheets/blankets, she used a very nice oil and did a complete hour. As she escorted me out she gave me a bottle of water, offered me a coupon for re-booking and introduced me to the owner who was courteous. I'm guessing she has maybe read the horrible reviews and is trying to improve the business' image. First and foremost this is a salon first and a spa second. You shouldn't expect to have a high end spa service. Personally I recommend Sego Lily Day Spa in the Fort Union area or A Garden Day Spa in Bountiful for that, although A New Day Spa's prices are that of a high end spa. Overall it was clean and quiet and I was treated courteously. I am VERY scared to do the laser hair removal session although the owner said she has been doing it for over 5 years and that I had nothing to worry about. She was nice and addressed the questions I asked her. Overall it was a good experience and I would definitely go back again. I will post another comment once I've started my laser hair treatments but I felt compelled to write this since the other reviews were so awful and my experience was much better than I expected. Update 02/01/12 I went to my first laser hair removal session last night. And continue to be happily surprised. They have moved into a different area of the building and are making it more of a "spa" experience. The staff who greeted me and Cherie/Sherry (sorry don't know how to spell it) were friendly and courteous. Cherie actually did the laser hair removal session and she could tell I was a little nervous. She asked if I had any questions, stopped in the middle of the session to ask if I was okay, explained everything, etc. I thought she did a great job and all of my needs/questions were definitely met. I haven't had ANY discomfort and am looking forward to my next session! more

I have 2 third degree burns on my face! 11/14/2011

Went there for laser hair removal on my chin. The place is a dump! The "owner," who does the laser hair removal put two dime-sized 3rd degree burns on my face that are scabbing and excreting puss when they break open with eating and talking. She told me that they would go away quickly. No such luck. I'm sure I will have scars. Do not go here! more

Good experience 11/8/2011

My two daughters and I have been going for laser treatments. We are all three pleased so far. We got certificates through City Deals, and even though she was not being paid, Sherry agreed to honor the certificates. She is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. I plan on trying other services at the spa as well. I would certainly give them a try! more

I no longer work here... for a reason. 11/1/2011

My advice is to visit the place first, don't go into your appointments blindly. That way you can better judge the spa vs it's competition. Ask for certification, look for business licenses & look at the referrals. Inspect the sanitation of the environment & of your technician. If it doesn't look clean - it more than likely isn't. Use your wits & come to an educated decision accordingly. more

Disappointed with the whole experience 9/26/2011

I called to get an appointment and the receptionist was very nice and accomedating. Made appointment for two days later. I was called the morning of my appointment and said something came up and can I reschedule. Rescheduled for a Saturday morning. When I arrived there was no one in the waiting area to greet. Waited 20 mins. The owner then came out to answer the phone, speak with an employee and then turned around and said I have an appointment that will take 5 minutes then I will be with you. Didn't ask who I was or what I was there for. She left and returned after 15 min. She then walked me back to what she called a relaxation room. It was a dark hallway that smelled moldy, and had some low music playing. The place is dirty and there was a open room that the wall was just 2x4s. I was asked to fill out some paper work (in the dark)and she would be back after she helped someone else. She sat and complained to me about some issues she was having with another business while I finished filling out my info.We walked into a room again that was smelly and the bed that already had towels on it looked as though someone else had already been lying on them. We went in to do the laser treatment and she placed the gel on my face then cooled it. Cold air blowing on my lip where I could not breath I was gasping for breath. She then lasered it and wiped my face roughly and said we were done. I still had gel all over my face. I asked for a towel in which she sighed and tossed one at me. We went to the register to pay and was asked to pay $20 more than what I was quoted on the phone. When I asked what the reason was the "owner" began yelling at me. The phone rang she picked up the phone and ignored me again. She got off the phone and then asked a person who had been sitting on the couch if she needed help. Then asked how I was paying. She then helped one of her employees (first and only one I had seen the entire time I was there. I paid and left. I will return to finish my treatments but will never recommend or return after they are done. more

Bad Spa 9/9/2011

Please please, read all the reviews about this spa before you decide to spend your money there. I had a horrible experience! I wish I had read the reviews before I wasted my time and money here. This was the worst spa I have ever been to and I will never go back. Poor customer service.. more

best around 8/16/2011

this is a top notch facility the people are great customer service is second to none please do yourself a favor and book some time the eyelash lady joava incredible work !!. more

Don't believe everything you read! 8/11/2011

I have been a customer of A New Day Spa for almost two years. I am a professional woman who has experienced many high-end salons and been left with many poor hair cuts that have cost me hundreds of dollars. Kris is my stylist and she has changed my life. My colleagues all ask me where I go and why I suddenly look so youthful. Not only does Kris advise me about styles, but she is also quite conversant about products. She is one of the most articulate hair stylists that I have ever been to and, perhaps most importantly, listens to her client and carries out precisely what they want. As for the Spa itself, these negative reviews are extremely unfair. Everyone at the Spa is always polite, helpful and ready to advise on the many services being offered. Many of the individuals who are disgruntled have clearly failed to read the fine print of the coupons being offered - something that Groupon and City Deals clearly advises its customers to do. When businesses provide these offers at significant discounts, it is only fair to ask customers to honor their restrictions and expiration dates. Of course, rather than take responsibility, many of these individuals prefer to complain and write this poison-pen reviews. Finally, I want to relate my aunt's experience. I provided her with a gift certificate to Connie for a massage. She called me, thrilled that Connie had done what her chiropracter and therapists had failed to do - take away the pain in her shoulder. She is now planning on going back on a regular basis. This is the first time I have taken the opportunity to write a review. I truly hope that the many happy clients that I see each time I visit the spa come forward like me and speak up for the good services they have received. Sherry, Kris, Connie and all of the wonderful staff at A New Day Spa, you are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up. more

CRAPPY, CRAPPY..... 8/3/2011

So.... I was one of those lucky people who purchased the package deal to "try out" the services at A New Day Spa. If it tells you anything, I didn't even completely use the services I paid for in their package deal because this place is BEYOND ridiculous. A friend and I purchased the packets together and decided to do a "facial" and a "deep conditioning treatment". The facial was beyond laughable- they were done at the same time by the owner with the door wide open while we laid their half naked. I think she may have spent a total of 20 min. COMBINED! CRAPPY. She also took calls on her cell phone (which was not on silent and rang throughout our appointment) and scheduled OTHER appointments with an assistant during the facials. Awesome. "Deep Conditioning Treatment". Also done by the same girl for the pair of us. All that was done was a glob of conditioner rubbed on my head and put under the dryer for 45 min. It was so uncomfortable, I had to take the dryer off myself . Very neglectful. Very unprofessional. We went to one other appointment- also a joke- and we have never been back... and don't plan to. more

Worst Spa EVER 7/30/2011

I have never been treated more rudely, nor received worse service in any place ANYWHERE. I have travelled all over the USA and have had my good and bad experiences. But this place will never see even my shadow again. If you have a choice, choose ANY WHERE BUT A NEW DAY SPA. When I asked to speak with the manager, I was confronted by an older woman who was rude and refused to make any accomodations whatsoever. After then demanding to speak with the owner, she said she WAS the owner. How is this place in business? more

Bad, Bad, Bad... Zero Stars. 7/23/2011

I had booked an appointment for a laser treatment. I waited for twenty minutes on the couch before the girl at the counter told me the owner had gone to the bank. Finally the manager returned and took me back to a little room that felt grimy. The bed was made with seemingly old sheets. When I layed on them, I noticed a musty odor. Same with the towels. I said I felt uncomfortable being in there, having her work on my beard and asked if I could trade my laser package for a massage, as offered on Groupon. The lady's eyes glazed over and she became hostile towards me. "You are wasting my time with this. Do you want this or not? I don't give refunds or credit for anything. You bought it, now you deal with it." I sat there in disbelief, got dressed and walked out. I will never return there. Bad service and a hostile, nasty manager. more

A New Day Spa- Worst Customer Service Ever 7/9/2011

I purchased a Groupon for A New Day Spa, unfortunately I realized it was expiring a little too late. I called to make an appointment and spoke with the owner. She was not willing to help out at all stating that 100 people forgot their Groupon was expiring and she couldn't believe that I waited to call. I told her I was hoping for good customer service and she said well you are a bad customer for waiting. When I told her I would not ever go to her spa she said that was fine. According to most of the comments on this site....she can't afford many more negative comments. Not a nice lady, I have never been treated so poorly. I would not go to this spa if someone paid me. more

Beware! Stay Away! 6/30/2011

I purchased a 4 session laser treatment for A New Day Spa and received a third degree burn on my first visit. Unfortunately I purchased the certificates before reading all of the warnings online. I wish I had read these reviews before going there. There are two laser treatments available. One can remove brown spots, and the other is supposed to tighten your skin. Sherry did the skin tightening treatment on my face, but did a test treatment on my arm for future visits. While she did the test on my arm I told her several times that the pain was very, very bad. She told me she "probably should have spent more time cooling my skin" before attempting the treatment but would "only hit it a couple more times" and continued with the treatment. The next day I had a blister that was 1/4 inch high and 1 1/2 inches long. When I called Sherry she again admitted that she didn't cool the skin enough and said she also should have sent me home with an ice pack. However, she claimed it wasn't her fault; that I had something wrong with my skin and she never really acknowledged that the treatment had gone wrong. When I told her that I would have a permanent scar she replied that it wouldn't look any worse than the brown spots I already have on my arms. I'm really only scratching the surface of my experience. I could go on and on about the unprofessional way this place is run, but I'll sum up by saying: Read these reviews, and believe them. They do NOT exaggerate. Stay away from this place. more

Loved my stylist, but she's left (for good reason) 6/6/2011

Had to change my review, as I had rated my stylist a 5 star, but the spa in general I can not recommend. My stylist is amazing and I will follow her where ever she lands. Questionable business practices at this spa, beware! more

NOT GOOD!! 3/30/2011

My husband bought me a gift cert. here for our anniversary.. it was the worst facial (if you could call it that) that I have EVER had. The cert was for $130 for a pedi and facial.. the pedi was nice, nice girl and she did a pretty good job.. the facial, given by the owner was HORRIBLE. She actually probably spent a total of only 15 min touching my face... no extractions, no arm or neck massage, nothing extra! This was more like a express facial that should have only been at most $35. So, Im not really sure how that and a 45 min pedi equates to $130. Im actually a LMT and have worked in several spas before and been into plenty as a customer, I would never treat my customers the way this owner treated me. Seems like because I had a gift cert. I got horrible treatment. They are pretty unprofessional in front of customers as well.. High end prices... Low quality! Would never return.. even if it was 75% off.. waste of time!! more

Kris Rocks!!! 3/7/2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my stylist, Kris. She's been doing my hair for 2 years and I have to say, I've never been disappointed. I've had her color my hair dark all the way to super blond, with a little red in between and its held up great. I rarely have roots, even after a month or two after its been done. I go in without a clue of what I want and I leave with amazing hair that always gets compliments. Price-wise she is comparable to other stylists in the valley; however, quality is higher. She doesn't rush and she definitely keeps in mind the integrity of the hair. I have never had any breakage or damage due to coloring. Good stylists are hard to fine, but Kris is definitely a keeper!!! more

BE VERY CAREFUL!!! 2/9/2011

I wont say not to go to this salon but I will say to be very careful about the service that you get. I took my daughter in to get extensions, we where given a good deal because the stylist who did them is a friend of a friend but we still paid almost $400. On my daughters first appointment we went in and the stylist explained how extensions worked and the kind that she used. She also matched up my daughters hair with the extension hair to make sure we had a good match. On our 2nd appointment the extensions where put in. The first thing that I noticed is that they didn't start at the nape of the neck when I said something I was told that it was because her hair was to short. The second thing that we noticed is that the extension hair had a lot of blond in it and to get it to blend I had to pay another $50 for a few highlights. The 3rd thing that I thought was weird is that the stylist didn't cut them, when I asked why she said that you don't cut hair extensions. We went home and in less then 2 weeks over half of them had fallen out. When I called to talk to the stylist I was told that there would be a $1 charge per strand to put them back in I did not feel like that was right and so I called and talked to the owner who was very unhelpful and very rude! Long story short ended up paying another $200 to have them taken out and put back in ( and the stylist did start at the nape of the neck and cut them) at another salon. And the stylist who put them back in called every couple of days for the first couple of weeks to make sure that my daughter was not having problems with them. I wont say not to go to this salon but i would be careful. more

Worst customer experience ever 2/7/2011

I have never had such an unprofessional experience anywhere than I did here, and it was with the owner/manager! I came in for a relaxing massage, and left more stressed than I'd been in weeks. They were completely rude and had no idea how to deal with their customers. And I am apparently not the first person who's experienced this; upon telling another person who has dealt with them my experience, I was told that dealing with them is always "a nightmare" and that I'd do better to take my business elsewhere. And that's exactly what I recommend everyone else do too. more
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  • Holladay-area salon does hair, facials, manicures, pedicures and massage.

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