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A Downtown Dental Care - 76 Reviews - 511 Sw 10th Ave # 1114, Portland, OR - Dentists Reviews - Phone (503) 228-4122
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A Downtown Dental Care

511 Sw 10th Ave # 1114
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 228-4122
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A Downtown Dental Care - Portland, OR
A Downtown Dental Care - Portland, OR
A Downtown Dental Care - Portland, OR



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This office began with Dr. Lopez... probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I started seeing Dr. Lopez almost 20 years ago and followed him from two previous office locatio...


My visit required a little extra scraping because I had fallen behind on my regular cleanings after recently moving to Portland and finding a new dentist. No cavities, no gum dise...

i went to downtown dental after a 3/23/2012

i went to downtown dental after a recommendation from a trusted co-worker. the first visit was normal however on the 2nd visit things seemed very fishy. dr. bailey was too quick to recommend a crown and didn't really explain what a crown was (i had never had one). So i only found out what the procedure was when they were already halfway done. I felt like i wasn't properly informed on what it was and why it was necessary. Then 1.5 months after the crown and another filling were done and I started experiencing a pain I never had before, he recommended a root canal w/out barely looking at my mouth. In every visit i felt like i was on a drive thru. , everything was quick, in and out, no real 1 on 1 conversations that made me feel comfortable with what he was doing. I started realizing that he has too many patients, he jumps from one room to the next very quickly and when i asked one of his assistants about invisalign for me, he was in another room working on another patient and apparently overheard my conversation with his assistant b/c apparently he *nodded* to the assistant indicating to her that ""yes, invisalign was good for me and can fix my bite"". Really?? you can tell from the other room?!? .... Maybe he's extremely intuitive and a dental genius, but i don't trust people that are too quick on saying yes yes yes especially when there is so much money involved. Since i was a new patient with brand new insurance from a recent new job, I started to feel like this office only saw dollar signs and didn't really care about the health of my teeth, mouth and general overal health. the day he suggested the root canal without barely looking at me, i decided to stop going to this office and instead found myself a natural holistic dentist that takes his time with me and teaches me as he goes and makes me feel like i'm doing the best for my teeth and my body not just his pocket. Another thing that raised a flag for me was when I noticed that this doctor uses GROUPONs very often... If a doctor is constantly putting GROUPONs out... do you really think they care about your health? Do your research on what happens to businesses after GROUPONs... many times it will diminish the quality of their service b/c the influx of customers is going to be very high! ... on every one of my visits to Dr. Bailey i would see at least 2 or 3 people coming in for Groupons, and this was only while i was sittin in the waiting room. my new dentist does all of his own cleanings, talks about my diet, shows me diagrams, models, all the xrays and talks me through all of them. He even makes me hold a mirror while he works on me b/c he genuinely wants to teach me proper dental health. my new dentist also told me the very first day that ""every tooth is an organ, and your mouth is a system for chewing food ... the work i do is based on that"" ... wow! what a difference!! what a relief!!! --- if only more dentists would think like that and actually let the patient know about it. instead it seems the majority of dentists only care about using up the money that is sitting in your insurance and figuring out how to see more patients more quickly.... like a drive-thru. more

Your search for the best Dental Office stops here 7/24/2011

This office began with Dr. Lopez... probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I started seeing Dr. Lopez almost 20 years ago and followed him from two previous office locations. I was sorry to see him leave the practice, but Dr. Lance Bailey couldn't have done a better job of picking up exactly where Dr. Lopez left off. I'm not typically comfortable with anyone in my personal space, but between Dr. Bailey and his fellow professionals I can't tell you how comfortable I can feel going into them. They've always been more than efficient with their care and in dealing with my insurances and finances. I've never had another medical practice work with the actual cost of care like this place. Give this place a visit; give them a chance to prove themselves... You will not be disappointed you did and you won't even consider letting anyone else near your dental or cleaning needs. Jeff Hansen more

Hands Down Best Dentist EVER 3/2/2011

I have always hated the hassles of the the dentist, usually appointments are set so far out, the wait in the office is awful, and who actually like getting their teeth worked on anyways? This office has changed my perspective on dentristy and I hope I never have to find another place to go!! Dr. Bailey is very concerned about the comfort of his patients and has even called me personally a couple of days after a procedure to make sure all was well. I am always able to get in for an appointment in an extremely timely manner and everyone who works there are the nicest people. I would recommend this office to anyone, but especially anyone who is hesitant about going to the dentist! more

simply amazing. 2/23/2011

I have never visited a dentist office that has such a warm, friendly, caring staff. You feel at home, like they are family. They understand that not everyone has insurance and treat people fairly. They also want you to be relaxed and confident you are safe with them. I showed up practically in tears, of pain and stress, and the moment the they welcomed me in there, I felt better. Throughout my entire appointment, not only did they keep me calm, but they gained my trust. I feel I will never be afraid to visit the dentist again. more

So much more then expected 1/28/2011

My wife with her perfect smile has never had need to visit the ugly side of the dentist and his instruments of torture. She had gone first and been here many times before and has had nothing but good things to say. Skeptical as ever I questioned her review and was told I had no option to decline. \r My normal expectation of the dentist is blood, sharp metal instruments, and needles. Over the years I have learned to dial back the tears, but at Downtown Dental Care I had no need for any of my general concerns. I was nervous sitting in the lobby as I read a magazine from the large collection, my mind was still wondering towards thoughts of pain, suffering and divulging whatever secrets got me out of the situation to come. I soon forgot about that as the contemporary music filled my head causing me to hum along. The calm and friendly demeanor of the reception staff put me at ease as well, but this was a trap I had fallen into many times before. They offered to validate for parking, but I had parked in a metered spot and needed change for it, they just happened to be able to help me out with that as well, this made me o so suspicious. Leslie came out and introduced herself and led me to the back, at this point I eyed the exit and thought about the domestic abuse I would face if I ran for it and decided to follow her to the back. Visually the room was comforting, the view of downtown Portland from the window, the TV mounted above the window and the massage chair were overwhelming. A wonderful cucumber melon candle gave a pleasing fragrance to the office. I felt a sense of relaxation with very little tension over the visible instruments. Leslie was a practiced professional whose gentle touch and comforting words made the time fly by, as a patient familiar with the horrific trenches of dentist past this was a welcomed experience that made me feel like I was at a spa as opposed to a dentist office. \r Near the end of the visit Dr. Bailey, who told me to call him Lance and did not seem hung up on titles like every other doctor I had met in the past assured me this was a no pressure environment. He and Leslie spoke and finalized what they called a treatment plan explaining to me everything about it so that I could make an informed decision about what I wanted to do. They listed the items from most important to least. I then sat down with one of the office staff who gave me a print out of what the insurance would cover and what it would cost me out of pocket for the first item on the treatment plan so that I could have the information to talk to my wife about. Then on my way out they offered me a bottled water or frappuccino for the road. Wonderful people, wonderful experience I recommend this for anybody tired of bad experiences with dentist. \r more

Great! 1/20/2011

I am generally very uncomfortable with dentists, but Lance and his staff made me feel welcome and relaxed. They let me make the decisions after explaining them in a clear way. I felt a little silly for being so nervous in the first place! Now we have a plan, and I feel really good about the future for my teeth! more

Exceptional Professional Service 1/20/2011

I have NEVER been as impressed with a dentist in my 68 years of life. I received thorough exams, excellent cleaning, professional and unquestionable service related to my dental needs and interest. This quality was received from not only Dr. Bailey, but from his ENTIRE experienced staff. Everyone has a specialization and everyone delivers the highest quality of professional care. I highly recommend Downtown Dental Care for Dr. Bailey will not only address your dental needs and comfort, but when surgery is required, he will follow-up to make sure his patient is comfortable and that questions are address throughout the entire healing process. I was not asked or compensated for this review and was delighted to do so. :-) more

Excellent Experience! 1/9/2011

My expectations for my dental visit was like any other in my past... just something I have to do. But... WOW... this dental office not only treated me like a friend, they made me feel as though I was the only one there! All my questions and concerns were addressed with compassion and understanding. I would love to share with Portland that this dental office is like no other.... they well exceeded my expectations! I would also like to respond to ""Coffeefetish's"" review... I was also given a review card for citysearch but it was to share my experience with others in the area. NEVER did they ask the review to be ""gleaming"" or that they would pay me! They just wanted to thank me for my time by offering a pair of movie tickets, which I thought was quite professional. \r Thank you Dr. Bailey for delivering such a polite and caring dental experience! I will return as well as my friends and family.\r \r more

Good Positive Service 1/2/2011

I was referred to Downtown Dental Care by my friend Whitney. After talking with Beth on the phone I decided to try it out and set an appointment. I have been know for stressing out when it comes to dentist stuff. I grew up in a big family and couldn't afford proper dental care. Now that I have my own dental insurance through my work, I am trying to reverse my poor dental care. Vicky and Leslie were more than open to hearing my situation and together we mapped out a game plan for healthier teeth by this time next year. I will be getting married in September and I want to look good for the photos. I have had multiple appointments now and I am excited for 2011. I referred my fiance to Downtown Dental and she as well had a positive experience with the staff. On my first appointment I was greeted by most of the team and I love the fact that they now know my fiance and I by name. I enjoy the phone call reminders for appointments and Dr. Bailey is down to earth and straight up. He told me exactly where my dental status was at and what the next steps are for my dental needs. He didn't sugar code anything and I really appreciate that. I appreciate his efforts to help each patient individually. I would recommend DDC to any one of my friends and co-workers. And as to CoffeeFetish's review, You are entitled to your own opinion, but incentives are what drives businesses and working in retail, I see nothing wrong with offering your patients something in exchange for a Simple Review of your own PERSONAL visit! :-) Also Downtown Dental offers convenient payment plans! I have posted review as well to my facebook for all of my friends to read. Thank you Downtown Dental Care, Mark and Samantha more

They pay their patients to write reviews $$$. 12/29/2010

For Shame. I have friends that just rave about this office. So I decided to also use them as I trusted the recommendation. I went, no big deal. The office was as it was said to be, pretty normal place no scary cobwebs or anything unnerving. All together I feel that my experience was not bad nor good. NOW THIS IS WHAT REALLY GETS TO ME.... .... I then HEAR from my friends that they received a nice little $$$ gift from Dr. Bailey after they wrote a nice star spangled review online and that they also heard of their other friends receiving the same $$$ after they wrote gleaming reviews. Annoyed and perplexed as to WHY I did not receive the nice huge chunk of cash and I found out that.... ""The staff mentioned to me that if I would write a review with high stars I would get gift certificate"" . great. that is really lame and part of me wishes that I had raved about the dentist so that they too would have offered me some cold cash. more

BEST DENTAL CARE EVER !!! 12/19/2010

Being new to Portland, I needed a new dentist. My friend recommend Downtown Dental Care and Dr. Baily. I made an appointment for my bi-annual check-up. They made it so easy to get my records from my old dentist and when I arrived for my appointment, everything was ready for my visit. I hate having my teeth cleaned, but Lisa was so gentle and thorough. She has a massager pad on her chair, and that was so nice. It helped me relax so much that I actually enjoyed my visit! Everyone at Downtown Dental Care was thorough and professional, and really cared about my dental needs. I will continue with Downtown Dental Care while I live in Portland Area. more

Great Dentist and Saff 12/3/2010

I have been very pleased with the service provided by Downtown Dental. Dr. Bailey and the staff were very welcoming and spent the time getting to know me and my expectations for dental care. I am always nervous about finding new healthcare providers when moving to new cities. Downtown Dental has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their clinic for detal care. more

Great experience! 12/1/2010

I am picky when it comes to dentists and after moving to Portland, I was extremely happy to find Downtown Dental Care and Dr. Bailey. The staff is great! more

great work and customer service 11/28/2010

I was referred by a friend this last month and received my free take home whitening trays. When I made my appointment I talked with Vicky and she was very helpful. I came in and Leslie did my cleaning. She did a great job and was very talkative. Dr. Bailey came in for his exam at the end of the appointment and was very personable and very helpful in showing me what needed to be fixed in my mouth. I had one tooth that was sensitive to sweets and hurt when l put cold stuff on it. He was concerned about the cavity getting close to the nerve so he was able to get me in that week and fix the tooth. The office is full of technology. He used a machine that took a picture of my tooth and then made a porcelain overlay to strengthen the deep cavity i had. I didnt have to wear a temporary and they cemented it the same day. I have had no sensitivity to sweets or cold since that time. From start to finish it is by far the best dental experience that I have had. I will recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a complete package from start to finish. This will be my office for a very long time! more

Excellent care and customer service 11/18/2010

We love having Downtown Dental Care as our family dentist. They are very helpful and supportive, as well as fantastic when it comes to consulting and financing options. They have always worked with us and made us very comfortable. Thank you! Jacqueline Hudson and Steven Thorsen more

keep it up! 11/18/2010

I went into get a crown the other day and it went great! I was in and out of there ontime for my lunch plans and i was able to eat what even i wanted 20 mins later without any pain at all! Dr. Bailey is very nice guy and i will continue to see him! more

happy to be there 11/17/2010

Wonderful experience on the phone. Wonderful front office that helped me with my insurance. I came in because my tooth hurt. Dr. Bailey was able to see me immediately. I had to have a root canal and I was really scared. He took the time to explain it to me. The procedure went really well and I was able to get my beautiful crown all in one visit. Great office. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family. more

FAIL. 11/12/2010

I've had the worst experience with this dental office and I'm not a high maintenance patient with a lot of problems. I went in because I chipped a tooth and also needed a cleaning. The hygienist is very nice and so is the receptionist. Unfortunately, things went wrong. Dr Bailey told me I should have my old fillings replaced with non mercury ones and also did a half crown. After a month I still had pain in two molars they did work on so went to see another dentist downtown who said it was all sloppy work and I quote, ""the crown is a joke, it looks like a piece of gum"". I went back to Dr Bailey and Dr Bateman and they were nice enough to redo the crown (I give them credit for that) and then kept doing 'readjustmenst"" with the bite but I still had pain after going back 4 times. Eventually they did a root canal through the crown and now 6 months later it still hurts. I don't trust them at all so I will just have to go see another dentist who will hopefully be able to put an end to my ordeal. I must have seen Dr Bailey 3 times and Dr Bateman 6 or 7 times over a period of 4 months. Ridiculous. I'd say they're fine for a cleanup (nice office, friendly people) but if you need any serious procedure, you might be taking chances. It's too bad because i can tell they're trying to please the patients but they can't do a good job because they're too busy and are trying to cut corners which is obviously wrong when it comes to someone else's health. more

Too Expensive for the SUB par service you get at this office 11/5/2010

I would not recommend Downtown Dental Associates. The staff are courteous, but I got the impression they were not acting in my best interest. They offered to do x-rays of each one of my teeth as well as the panoramic view, although I had these x-rays done only two years earlier (and my dental insurance reimbureses those x-rays only once every 4 years). So check everything and do not rely on the staff advice, otherwise, you will pay for the x-rays from your pocket. I had my teeth checked by Dr Lance Bailey. He was nice and took the time to comment on my x-rays. I eventually decided to let him fill a cavity. The cavity appeared extremely small on the x-ray but he ended up making quite a large filling and my tooth is now very sensitive to hot, cold, and pressure. I came back to complain but he could not solve the problem. In addition, while he was working on my tooth, he chipped the back of my tooth with the drill (where there was no cavity) and left the edge uneven. I would certainly NOT go back. I will go to my Hometown dentist to make him try to repair the filling Dr. Bailey has done. Very annoying, and very expensive! So my advice is to try to find a more experienced dentist if you need any dental work done... I went to see my hometown dentist and he had to redo the filling as it was still sensitive 3 months after the procedure. I showed him the x-rays prior to the filling and he told me that Lance Bailey should not have done the filling in the first place as I did not really have a cavity (only a small demineralization in the enamel - which can be fixed by applying fluoride...). This is what I thought in the first place anyway when Dr. Bailey showed me the x-ray but I thought - wrongly - that he knew what he was doing. BIG mistake. He was also surprised that Dr.Bailey did such a big a filling - compared to the small extent of the enamel demineralization (it was not a cavity!). My dentist thinks that the reason my filling was sensitive was probably due to the fact that the bonding was compromized (I remember that Dr. Bailey did not use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the saliva when he placed the filling - which is why the filling could not bond to the tooth properly). He also had to repair the chip on the tooth that Dr.Bailey made during the procedure... I chose to see Dr. Bailey in the first place based on his reviews citysearch. I believe these reviews are probably biased as I tried to leave him a negative feedback never wanted to post it. So use your judgment when reading those reviews. I doubt the integrity of most of the reviews... Anyway, these are just my 2 cents. Choose your dentist wisely if you want to avoid having to deal with problems I had in the last several months since I saw Dr.Bailey... I do not believe that all the reviews are written by past patients. -I am still to this day having some sensitivity with some teeth that were worked on. I still do not recommend this office. more

Wonderful Service 10/22/2010

The staff are very friendly, when I went in for a filling I was so nervous, it had been a really long time since I had been to a dentist. They were quick and efficient, friendly and sincere. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing dental services. more
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  • Dr. Lance Bailey has worked and trained to build a practice that exceeds your expectations of trusted, quality dental care.

    At Downtown Dental Care we strive to make patient comfort and quality care a priority while providing exceptional services to our patients. We focus on bringing patients only the best that dentistry has to offer by keeping informed on the latest dental advances and techniques. Our dental office is 1 of 3 offices in downtown Portland with Invisalign certification. Additionally, we offer cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

    Dr. Bailey and the staff at Downtown Dental Care look forward to your visit and to showing you the positive effects quality dental care can have on your life. For your convenience, we have a second location in Clackamas at 10001 SE Sunnyside Rd Ste 250 - (503) 786-3000.

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