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Audi BMW Porsche Vw Service Repair By Euro Motorcars In San Francisco - 16 Reviews - 240 6th St, San Francisco, CA - Other Reviews - Phone (415) 533-1839

Audi BMW Porsche Vw Service Repair By Euro Motorcars In San Francisco

240 6th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 533-1839
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I bought a 2001 Boxster a year ago in LA, then moved here in May and have not driven it since. It sat in the garage pretty much since then (over 6 months), and when I tried to dr...


All reviews seem positive

unexpectedly above and beyond ! 12/15/2008

I bought a 2001 Boxster a year ago in LA, then moved here in May and have not driven it since. It sat in the garage pretty much since then (over 6 months), and when I tried to drive it in early December it would not start. Didn't know any Porsche mechanic in town, so I went by these reviews. Sokol was truly above and beyond. Not only did he fix the problem, he did it the hard way - another mechanic might've just told me that I needed a new battery, and charge me for it. But Sokol persisted over two days, and the car was able to be revived. Not only that, one of the buttons in my car key had malfunctioned and prevented the gas tank flap to open at all. He also saved me a few hundred bucks' worth and valuable time from having to take the car key to the dealer by fixing this problem too - for free. And before I actually took the car to his shop, he lent me his battery jumper so I could try to do it myself (which worked, but only got the car started once). I would highly recommend this shop to anyone! more

Best Independent Euro techs in SF 12/10/2008

I have owned Vw's, Audi's and BMW's and am a gear head myself. I used to do basic repairs on my own cars (brakes etc.) when I knew someone who had a lift at a shop but that is no longer available. I recently had to take my parents 01 VW Golf in for repairs as it had a check engine light. Sokol and his team made a great impression on me from the start, they were friendly and attentive. Sokol explained what they were going to do and told me they'd give me a call once they had a diagnosis. The next day Sokol called back and let me know the cause of issue and he also noticed somethings that the dealer service had missed (replacing a fuel filter). He told me the car would be ready EOD and it was! All I can say is very knowledgeable techs and great customer service! Sokol also pointed out some issues on the car that were not urgent but things I should look out for. Now that's what I call a great tech, someone that takes initiative and has attention to detail. Also the pricing was very fair and much lower than quotes I had received from dealers and other independent shops. I HIGHLY recommend Euro Motorcars and will be going back there for sure! Pros: Technical expertise, timely repairs, and customer service Cons: non more

Great find if you own an Audi Porsche BMW or Mercedes 5/17/2008

BMW PORSCHE AUDI if you want one stop service for them than you need Euro Motorcars. Well deserved 5 stars. First I found them on Yelp. ouch yes on Yelp. I serviced my Mercedes there and service was great. While there I found out the owner?? Sokol was a Master Mechanic with extensive experience on Audi and Porsche.Lucky me my daughter has an Audi my wife a Porsche Boxter S.. He serviced them both within few days. Here to give you some price comparisions. His 80k service service on my daughter's Audi $500.00 dealer quote $899.00. My wife's 60 k service $650.00 Porsche Dealer quote $1100.00. You do the math. My buddy Mark repaired his BMW 540 I there (with my recomendation) He said to me thx budd great find. And believe me Mark is very hard to please he is an.. bout his car. Euro pricing is very fair and job quality excellent. Kudos to sokol Pros: from quality of repairs to pricing Cons: no shuttle service more

Best Car Mechanic in San Francisco.....Over 15 Years trained by Porsche Dealer 11/22/2007

Today was the day after Thanks Giving and lucky for me, Sokol answered the phone and was open for business as he took took care of my Porsche for many years at the Oakland Dealership whose business is now closed. Thanks to Sokol, the owner of Euro Motorcars I was able to get my car repaired and done is good hands as he has over 15 years working on Porsche cars and trained by Porsche Dealerships. I came in with a blown coolant mechanism and it turned out my engine block was cracked and needed to be replaced which he recognized and repaired. Everything was done that day and I was able to drive the car away with the confidence of having my car close to new again. Thanks so much Sokol...its nice to have confidence in a Mechanic that knows his stuff and gets things done the right way. I even got a discount for being a first time customer to his new paying an arm and a leg to the Dealership! Thanks again....Your new customer for life. Dr. Rob Pros: Knowledge, Timely repair (same day), Hard Worker, Owner run and operates shop Cons: None more

Reliable shop to go 8/28/2007

I should have done this review sooner, but since I never wrote a review online it took me awhile to get it through. ?Thank you, Sokol? I have my headache gone. I?m a Volkswagen lover, but my car did not treat me the same way. It has different small and big problems since I bought it. I have been patient and trying to deal with it until recently the ?check engine light?. First I failed the smog check without knowing I would fail anyway, then spent $300 to replace the coolant temperature sensor, but it?s still on. I went to several shops. Codes were pulled out, P0420, P0171? I was told by the professional ?dealer? that I had to replace CAT that would cost $1000, ?. I was frustrated and hopeless. I am a girl and know nothing about cars, but I had to start learning from the info on the web, CAT, sensors, mass airflow?. But I have to have it pass the smog! I told Sokol, ? I have to trust someone?, after I found his shop online. He checked it, replaced some parts, did this and that ?., and most important, it?s fixed and passed the Smog!!!. Nice job! He even replaced my broken oil try for FREE!! Nice guy. -----------Sherry wrote 8/28/07----------------- more

Excellent service and prices 8/17/2007

I have an older Audi so it can get expensive but Sokol provides more than dealer quality service at prices well below dealer levels. He is also great about educating me about the car and how to keep it running well. Pros: Super professional, very reasonable on costs Cons: Having to take my car to a mechanic... more

A real professional 8/6/2007

Since I base many of my choices from the testimonials of others, I wanted to share my experiences with Euro MotorCars. When I brought my 2001 Audi A4, I was panicking. I just purchased this car and found out after that the 1.8Turbo had a series of sludging problems and blown motors. My engine oil pressure light was coming on and I thought my engine was about to go (which would mean I would lose a huge amount of money on my car for a new motor). A bad, very bad scene... Just like I read here, Sokol, the owner listened to me completely and helped walk me through the steps of what could be the possible remedies. From the moment I drove up the ramp, it was like I had a family member in the auto business. He took care of my care, performed basic (needed) service, a new timing belt, plugs, water pump etc and also tried to find out why the oil light was coming on. He told me of the Audi extended warranty on this vehicle (did not know this) and even contacted a dealer on my behalf in case it would come to that. He was unable to duplicate the problem in the shop, however I did 30 miles later. And upon his initial idea of running an engine flush, Idid just that. The car now has an additional 1,700 hundred miles since seeing him a month ago and no more engine oil light. My car is running great! What prompted me to write this review was just a few days ago he called me to see how my car was doing. Four weeks after seeing him. Now that is the kind of service I can believe in and I wanted to share that. Give him a call or drop the by shop, he has the credentials as he does really seem to care. Paul more

Best Audi Shop In San Francisco 4/22/2007

The guys were great. I moved here from Italy . My poor baby 2003 Audi S4 got sick. I took it to Euro Motorcars after trying twice a local dealer. After I met Sokol the shop owner I was at ease. Without wasting anytime he checked my car and within 20 minutes I had a quote on job.Within 2 hours I was out of there.He reminds me of my brother who is also mechanic in Italy and always fixed my cars when I lived back in Europe.MyAudi will never go anywhere else. ciao Arabella Pros: trustworthy , very proffesional Cons: none more

Outstanding!!! I'll never go anywhere else... 11/7/2006

This shop is outstanding.... OUTSTANDING. Took great care of my car, great care of me. I took my 2005 VW for service and Sokol (the owner) is amazing - a real gem. Super nice guy, honest, really up-front about everything. I know nothing about cars - normally, I walk into a shop and get ripped off immediately. Sokol found a warranty problem with my car - he could've totally ripped me off. Instead, he actually went out of his way to work with the local dealership to make sure they repaired my car under warranty (in other words, he went out of his way to make sure I didn't get ripped off by ANYONE). I couldn't believe it. I've never gotten such good, thorough service from ANYONE in San Francisco (for anything). Not to mention - my *dealership* actually told me he was a great mechanic (that's not an endorsement they give out lightly). He took great care of my car, fixed a bunch of annoying little things (burnt out bulbs, etc) all for an extremely reasonable price. I feel fortunate I found this shop - I'm a customer for life. Pros: Amazing Mechanic, Honest, Reasonable more

Great price and customer service 11/1/2006

I have a Bmw . Went to euro motorcars for some service work and some other problems. Got a great service quote. All repairs were done within time promissed. Got a phone call when car was done. Also fixed my reverse lights that two previous shops had failed to fix. Last shop told me that I might need up to $600.00 to fix my reverse light.Sokal got it done for less than $100.00. Shop doesn/t have a lounge but I can live with that. Who wants to hang around the shop any way.The owner mechanic Sokal was great. Pros: low pricing, great customer service Cons: no waiting room more

Great experience , worth the trip there 10/27/2006

I have a 2005 Jetta. Got this shop from web surfing. Since i had over 40 thousand miles and never done anything beside oil change. I figured it out was time to do some service. Sokol the guy at Euromotorcars was very friendly,price was good, I droped my car there at 10 am. He called me back within one hour with an update on car. It happen my car had 2 other issues I did not know. The good news Sokol {said was stilll under vw warranty as far as other issues} He even provided me with a business card of a local dealer so they could fix it for free. The lady at dealer was very friendly . She said {we know sokol he is an excellent automechanic and very honest, he sent us always cars under warranty ,and gives us hell if we don/t fix it right). This mechanic Sokol was good. I have a peace of mind now since my car will be going out of warranty soon. He was funny guy too . When I told him I never done anything beside oil changes . He (said thats not bad at least you done oil changes I seen guys come with no oil in engine and ask me why their oil light is on and engine is making noise}. I will be going back to him for sure and sending to him my office friends that drive vw and audis. Pros: evrything that you can think as far as job quality and great pricing Cons: none for me more

Skilled mechanic,honest, and fairly low price. 10/23/2006

Got this guy out of Citysearch. So I ended up at Euro Motorcars. Went there for a service and a check engine light on. It took him bout 30 minutes after i took the car there to give me an update on my TT. Engine light as it turn out was covered by Audi Asssured ( I did even know it cause I'm second owner) But Sokol somehow found it out by runing my vin at audi data base . This guy is honest I never would have found out I had warranty on my engine light. Service maintance was good. Relatively cheap comparing with few quotes that i got. On top of it I did not even had to take my car to the dealer for the warranty part of job. Sokol had that all handled himself and provided the warranty invoice from Roylal Motors to me. Shop is little small , He shares the floor with another shop (he said he open up recently, and worked for an audi dealer for over 15yrs) so I guess I was lucky to find him. The six street is nasty walking in evening time, so better arrange for ride or cab. Overall I had a nice experince there. (as nice as you can have having your car fixed) Pros: Honest, Definetely knows what he is doing Cons: 6st location not the best but is worth the drive there more

Honest, trustworthy, very through on repairs 10/22/2006

I own a vw that I/m trying to sell . So I missed couple services and went to Euro Motorcars after I got a scary quote from Royal Motors. Sokol the mechanic was right at point. He pointed must fix items and some of other things that he said would be nice to fix but they are not safety. Opted to do only the must do one. I was very comfortable with him I did not feel the "do it all thing" that I got at royal motors .He also got my car smoged. He saved me at least $400.00 on the total repairs. Also was nice enough to drop me at financial center when the cab that I called did not show up and I was getting late for the metting. I will definetely go back to him with my mercedes. I think this guy is a alright. (got this funny german accent although) . 6st location is not the greatest but if you want to save some money and get a good quality repair this is the guy. Pros: Easy going no upsell pressure. Very experienced. Cons: No waiting lounge. more

Top mechanic,great service. 10/18/2006

I have a 2002 boxster just out of warranty. All of sudden car was having problem starting my baby. I went to a Porsche Dealer (they sold me a battery and generator??) . same problem a week later.Went back there (stupid me) they sold me a starter. The next day same problem. To make a long story a short one found the "euro motorcars" gogling for porsche mechanics. Was my lucky day. Sokol the mechanic and owner there was able to fix my car. I had to leave my porsche with him for three days cause the glitch did not happen all time but was worthed . My total charges with him were less than $200.00 dollars. I can/t believe the morons at dealer have charged me close to $2000.00 and no fix.So much for their shiny floors and show room they were idiots (i/m taking them to small courts claim) I been driving for three weeks car is just fine. Sokol was great no only he fixed it but he was humble bout it "he said was not rreally a big deal just a wire issue thats all your car is fine" Thx Sokol for the great work Pros: Knows what he does. Fixed my car that Porsche dealer did not fixed Cons: area on six street is not the greatest but was definetely worthed to find this shop more

Honest , mechanic,Mr Nice Guy 10/16/2006

My office coworker takes his mercedes there. So when my vw engine light came on I went to Euro Motorcars. I did not know the warning light would be covered by warranty. Sokol the owner checked my car told me was some emmission failure covered by california warranty. I did not get charged a penny. He also called a local dealer and arranged for the job to be done there. Gave me also paper work so the Royal Motors the dealer he said don/t waste their time figuring out what was wrong with car. I can not belive it . I thought the mechanics would charge you for just opening the hood. Not this guy, I will definetely would go back to him. On top of everything he said that he was a former shop foreman for an east bay Porsche and Audi dealer till this yr. And I guess he is on top of all new computer things with cars. (by the way the guys at dealer knew him also,and stated Sokol was one of the best mechanics in bay area as far as Audi goes). On top of everything sokol followed up couple days later with a phone call to make sure that I was happy with repairs done at dealer. This guy is just Mr Nice I guess. Pros: Honest, trustworthy, very qualified Cons: no cofee, donuts, or luonge more

Great service 10/12/2006

Took my older Audi there couple days ago. Friend of mine a send me there. Very good service from Sokol the owner mechanic.The guy know his stuff. Had no problem answering all my qustions. (i/m picky when it comes to cars). Car feels and drives like new . Considering that is a 12 yrs old car. I/m glad I discovered this little shop. more
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  • Euro Motorcars is a family-owned business. We work on the following fine European models Audi, BMW, PORSCHE, Mercedes, VW,and VOLVO.We take pride in being full-service repair facility. Total customer satisfaction is our number one goal. A combination of the best auto technicians in the field and the latest computer diagnostic tools has enabled us to proudly keep our promise to "fix it right on first time." We at Euro Motorcars have the expertise to keep your European car in perfect running condition. As a small business we are able to provide a very personal, specialized service which is backed by a 12-month 12-thousand miles warranty on all our repairs.


  • Certified master technicians perform mechanical and electrical repair work on BMW, Audi, Porsche and other European-made cars.

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