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A-L Financial Corp

425 E Colorado St
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 409-0028
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I thank them for the chance of buying a car, an d if your with AL it's because maybe no one else wanted you, like my self. Of course the'll be calling you, if you'r with them now ...


Thank GOD I never bought a car through these people but with as many times as they called me, you would think I did. My boyfriend put me down as a reference when purchasing his ve...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

I became another complaining statistic of an unhappy costumer. Thus far of being a costumer of three months, I have paid my bill on the exact due day. This time I decided to pay my bill two days sooner. Now, let me inform you, that when you pay your bill that day, A-L Financ. call some representative by loud speaker over the phone, to confirm your account is being posted. We'll I paid my bill and about 4 days later, I get a letter in the mail saying Cathy from the company would like to help me with a concern. As many post I have read, you usually get an harassing phone call. Any how I followed up with the letter by calling Cathy. I told her what the letter said, which by the way was typed very unprofessionally. Cathy said, ""oh, what date does the letter say?"" I told her the date. She say, ""the computer had a glitch, because the payment was made after 10:00 am."" Here's the thing: 1. I've paid on the due date after 3:00 pm before 2. This payment was two days early. 3. Even if I didn't get a courtesy call, can I at least receive an sincere apologize for my worry, Instead of digging the hole deeper talking about the payment being late when it was early and blaming the computer for the mistake, I'm sure computer error happens, but a true professional would start off with an apologize and focused on reassuring me the problem has been corrected. So here, you get what you get, and don't have a fit! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2012

Fraudulent!!! Picked up our truck with no notice, even though we paid EVERY month!! So now tried to get the police release they say they need for me to pick it up....they never reported it to the sheriff more


Thank GOD I never bought a car through these people but with as many times as they called me, you would think I did. My boyfriend put me down as a reference when purchasing his vehicle. Boy, was that a mistake. If you?re even a day late, these people will call to harass you for the payment and EVERYONE whom you listed as a reference. My poor boyfriend works graveyard so when the company would call to inquire about a payment, he wouldn?t answer because he?d be asleep. The minute they couldn?t reach him, they?d call me and ask his whereabouts. Really?!? I explained to them several times that he had odd work hours. They didn?t care and would still call. How would you like it if someone called you at 2 a.m. to harass you about a payment? I understand that no company wants to receive a late payment but we?re only human and have financial constraints that cause us to have to pay a day late or two! more

RUDE RUDE RUDE 10/12/2011

I have been with AL Financial since March 2010, just a few months shy of 2 years. I appreciate them giving me a chance to get a vehichle of course but I really wish they had some kind of UNDERSTANDING and maybe a GRACE PERIOD. After 1 day they start calling your phone with a ""DEEBOW"" AFFECT like your in jail getting punked by big billy! I wish they would talk to us like HUMAN BEINGS not trash! THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND I know they would HATE to be talked to the way they talk to almost ALL of their current customers. HAVE SOME KINDNESS PLEASE PEOPLE ARE TRYING THEIR HARDEST. I AM A SINGLE MOM WITH 2 KIDS DOING EVERYTHING ON MY OWN WITHOUT ANY WELFARE. I WORK A FAITHFULL FULL TIME JOB IF I AM HAVINIG A LITTLE TROUBLE HERE AND THERE AL FINANCIAL SHOULD WORK WITH ME NOT THREATEN TO TAKE MY CHILDRENS TRANSPORTATION IF IM WILLING TO MAKE A PAYMENT STILL DAMN! more

your with AL for areason 9/27/2011

I thank them for the chance of buying a car, an d if your with AL it's because maybe no one else wanted you, like my self. Of course the'll be calling you, if you'r with them now and 2,3, years down the line, it's not by choice, there are many banks out there, refinance, maybe the intreats rate is bad, but we've put are self in the position that we have no choice, take your 2nd chance, re build your credit and run, hope to never put yourself back in there hands.. Thanks AL for my 2nd chance......Chris L. more

Business Practices Criminal 8/31/2011

We have been with A-L financial for almost 3 years. If we knew then what we know now we never would have bought a car from the crooks at STAR FORD. I understand if you have shaky credit there is a risk to a lender. I understand that we owe money. The way they decide to collect is and should be illegal. We have been B+ customers. We have had 1 only 1 30 day late pay yet they treat us like we are going to rip them off any minute. We have dealt with Nacho and Reina and the ""VP"". If you notice they do not give you last names as they know people would be more aggressive in persuing them legally. We never had our car repo'd although they sent a thug to shake us down one morning when I was taking my 3 kids to school. Had I owned a gun I would have shot and killed the guy. I contacted the VP and he said it was not their problem but the tow company. Oh and the thug didn't even have a tow truck when he blocked us in. I contacted LAPD and they said there wasn't anything they could do. The VP at A-L financial told me the name of the tow company was IMPACT TOWING. They are in Pico Rivera. Stay away from A-L financial at all costs. If anyone from A-L reads this your time will come. more

If you are purchasing a car and they mention AL - DONT 8/3/2011

I wish there was an option NOT to give any star! I paid a repossession fee to this company and received a statement from them indicating my new balance. I then received a later notice with was $306.00 more than what they quoted me. I contacted the company and spoke to a representative by the name of Ignacio who asked me to fax the statement to him. After talking to him he advised that at the time of that statement, I had not been billed the repossession fee. He advised that since they paid it after I paid them; they added that fee back to the balance on my account. I have had this matter escalated all the way to the Vice President who maintains that what they are doing is legal. It is wrong for them to add something to my balance that has been paid. He was condescending and when I mentioned turning the matter over to the BBB, advised me that I should check out his B+ rating. This company has thousands of complaints of unethical billing practices and uncouth business standard. The way that their billing is set up for matters such as this, had me paying twice for the same fee. more


OK! I been financing with this comp for 2 1/2 years! U have no GRACE PERIOD! threatening phone calls by RUDE REPS. They do not work with you at all if you are behind with payment. Check this out my car was repo last week Tues, i was 35 days behind due to my daughters edu. I told the Rep that i was going to pay when i got paid on 6/30. They still came out and took the car. A guy came and BANGEDDDD on the door as if he were the police. He stood there with his another guy that seemed to be no more that 14 to 16 yrs old. I have a bad habit of losing mykeys around the house so when he asked for it i couldnt find it to give it to him. I told him to just take the car and i would return the keys later. He continulously banged on the door causing my children to get nervous. When i told him i was going to call the LAPD he had the little boy run to the car. Up to this day Al has not called me to talk about gettin the car back. I called them to get the number and name of the towing comp so that i could get my property, they were extremely RUDE to me. I called the towing comp to get my property and Eddie said that the driver said i had no propery in the car but some cables. I was so upset i started to cry. All of my paper work was in my car, chargers, costume jewerly, blackberry curve, my childs car seat, miscell items and her Spongebob pillow that she asks for every night. Eddie said that he was going to mail me my jumper cables in which i have not recieved as yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!!!!!!! All i want is my property bac!!!!!!!!!!! more

Horrible communication 4/1/2011

I just received my loan from this company and it was out of my control. After reading these reviews, I am VERY concerned about dealing with them. They call everyday asking for more information from us. We pd. 2k down on the car and our first payment was ON TIME, yet they STILL need bank statements, Tax returns, 10 references, utility bills, cell phone bills...WTF !? WE ALREADY HAVE THE CAR....They also called our landlord about 4 times asking for proof of residence...and they wanted a copy of our lease......Do you want our first born child too? LEAVE US ALONE AND LET US LIVE IN PEACE. It's so sad that our times have come to such distrust. Also, I am very upset that the car dealership financed us through this company...Thanks Robertson Honda.....not really worth it! I would have gone somewhere else. more

Utterly disrespectful service/ Mickey mouse insurance 2/4/2011

Where do I start? There are many reasons why this company should not be in business. When calling or entering the office you are never greeted with manners. It seems as if the front desk girl absolutely hates her job as much as the customers don't like them. Automatically being in that presence you will know the domino affect that follows. The service here is horrible you are constanly being directed to 4 to 5 different people who give you 4 to 5 different answers. They seem to never be on the same page which makes the whole experience dreadful. You'll notice they are always giving you a different price than what was said on the phone. There is no upper management in this office, they say there is n you will be ""directed"" to one but "" management"" is as unproffesional than the rest of the workers. If you've ever been in this office you'll notice that majority of them are overweight and statistics say that a person who doesn't care for themselves will not care for much for anything. Which explains the service given there. The should call this place A-L bakery financial because you will be welcomed to a office full of muffin tops and dinner rolls but not even that would be so sweet. more

Rude and Disrepectful to Be In Buisness 1/22/2011

I will never and I mean never use this company again, in December I called A-L Financial Corp to see if I qualify for a deferred payment and was told that I do qualify and that it will cost me $12 and then $25 and then $54.09 she finally got it right, I then so said so my told payment in January will be $594.97 which includes the deferred payment cost she said yes, she then faxed me over the form to fill out and told me to fax it back to her once I filled it out, so after filling it out I did fax it back the same day and went about my business, not once did she say I had to send in the $54.09 along with the form, so in January I received a letter from them stating that I was late on my payment at this point I was confused so I called them and ask to speak to the rep who I spoke to in December about the deferred payment because the girl on the phone didn't have a clue and was just being rude with me and i said to her can you just out the rep I spoke to in December on the line because you don;t know what your talking about, so after the Rep gets on the line I ask her what was going on, she then told me I was late on my payment and I said to her how am I late if I ask you for a deferred payment and sent back the form you fax to me agreeing to the terms of the form she then says I never sent in the $54.09 and I then said to her you never told me that I needed to send in a payment she then states that it's on the form and no where on the form does it state that I needed to send in the deferred payment fee, she then tells me that I need to get the payment in, so I sent in the $54.09 and Today Saturday I go to my mail box and there is another letter from A-L stating that I am $486.79 past due on my loan, you know what I decided to take this matter to my Lawyer and will have him look into this matter for me because these people just don't have a clue on how to treat customers who are helping them stay in business, I have paid my car note on time for the past 2 years and only have $5,000 left on my loan and this is the first time I have ever ask for a deferred payment and this is the way they treat me, I will not tolerate this type of abuse and harassment, if you are going to do business with this company think twice because it's not worth it. more

Rudest People ever!!!!!! 11/19/2010

UGH! These people are like a mob! They are SO rude! They are the worst. It sounds like the girls who answer the phone are painting their toenails and you are disturbing them with your annoying questions. Not one of them I've talked to sounds professional, mature or as though they graduated middle school. The account reps are rude with the exception of one. I talked to one lady who was supposed to be a supervisor and she was the worst of all. They will not work with you at all on payments. They threaten and talk very disrespectfully. The dealer I bought my car from just randomly used these guys, otherwise I would have never selected them! more

Extreamly Unhelpful and Rude 9/21/2010

Do not use this company to finance your vehicle if you can help it. They are extremely unhelpful and rude. If they do not receive your payment on the exact due date you will start to receive threatening calls stating that they are going to come take your vehicle. The previous review from ""alligator"" must be from someone who works in their office because the truth is the complete opposite of everything that is written. more

helpful 6/7/2009

a-l is very helpful the associates are very helpful and nice this company is the best finance company i have dealt with and they do understand your needs to an exstent.They do try to find ways to help you out if your payments can not be made on time believe me they have helped me out a great bit.I have always had a good experience every time i spoke to them about my account.And i would recommend A-L Financial to any one purchasing a vehicle they are great i have been making payments through them for two years .great company Pros: reasonable more

poor 5/18/2009

there employes are very rude they dont care if you have a financial problem specially now with the economy being bad specially a girl name liliana they dont support not even for a day i hope i never have to deal with them ever again she said they finance people that are low lifes i think they should stop hiring people that are going to talk like that sorry but they are not a good to finance through more
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