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AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - 5 Reviews - 7306 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, NY - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (718) 565-0004

AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights

7306 Northern Blvd
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
(718) 565-0004
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AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY
AAA Veterinary Clinic - Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights, NY


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These b@stards are heartless money hungry animal haters. My dog needed to have a surgical procedure done and Dr. Elbasty ""promised"" that he would have, (and I quote) ""a success...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2016

This place sucks! And that's being polite!\r \r After a horrendous and outrageously expensive experience there, my cat actually got worse. I'll explain the horrible details in a moment. Suffice it to say that I plan to complain to the State Licensing Board, because this veterinarian definitely deserves to have his license revoked, and his horribly abusive technician, whose first name is Frank, should definitely be fired immediately. There have been numerous complaints against him ( just look at the reviews on YELP). He is the rudest, nastiest, most incompetent person whom I have ever met, and I am 74 years old.\r \r The technician told me that it is illegal to provide medical records, including blood worse to pet owners, when I requested this material to give to another vet when the cat got sick once again. This is a boldfaced lie. Actually, the opposite is the case. I checked out the information and discovered, clearly in writing that by law the vet's office MUST provide the medical records to the pet owner upon request.\r \r When I asked about the cat's diet when the cat was discharged from the clinic, I was told by the same technician (if, indeed, he really is a technician), that I would find out that information on the Internet.\r That's the most ludicrous thing I ever heard. How can I look up information on the internet for a specific cat with a very specific condition.\r Furthermore, the doctor did not see me, call me or consult with me in any way once the cat was discharged. When I asked to speak to the doctor, I was told that he just wasn't available and couldn't be contacted when he wasn't in the office.\r \r The poor cat was there for three days, much too long. The cat was anesthetized, something I discovered from two other vets, that anesthesia should NEVER be given to a sick cat. She was also given a rabies injection. Injections should not be given to sick cats. I was told that in addition to IV fluids, she was given an enema, which made no sense, since she was dehydrated, due to kidney disease, not constipated.\r \r I was given no instructions when the cat came home.\r \r And the fee was exorbitant, $1600, allegedly with a 20 per cent discount.\r \r I waited for more than 2 hours, when the cat was ready to be discharged. This was allegedly because the vet ( not the one who treated the cat, and was nowhere to be found, but another, was in emergency surgery, and my cat needed medication. Finally, after waiting a long time and not even being allowed to visit the cat during the unnecessarily long wait, I was told, again by the technician, without ever seeing a doctor, that the cat didn't need medication at all, which turned out not to be true.\r \r I had to see another, excellent vet, whose fees were very reasonable, who explained that the cat needed to be given an appetite stimulant, which I never got, plus I would have to inject her daily with fluids.\r \r The new vet has requested medical records, too. She is still waiting to receive them. That is not only illegal, but unconscionable.\r \r The rude technician, actually locked the door, refused to speak to me or answer the phone, was extremely nasty. As a retired social worker who specialized in helping women who had been physically, emotionally and sexually abused, I can say with certainly that contact with Frank can easily trigger post-traumatic stress syndrome in vulnerable people.\r He should never, under any circumstances, be working with people.\r That's why I am requesting, no, demanding a full refund. I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau and maybe even Small Claims Court.\r \r In addition, I am making a complaint to the State Licensing Board, and I invite everyone else who has had a bad experience with this clinic to\r do the same.\r \r The sooner this place goes out of business, the better off everyone will be.\r \r Thank You,\r \r Susan Lippman more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2014

The best animal hospital in Queens . The doctor is so amazing,professional , very honest . He took care of Dante (Beso) . After many different vets I finally found the best vet on earth . Now Beso is a lot better happy bubbly cat . Thank you so much doctor for saving Besos life . Thank you so much for existing and taking the time to give Beso lots of love and care . The doctor and his team are Amazing :) more

PLEASE READ!!!!!! 10/20/2011

These b@stards are heartless money hungry animal haters. My dog needed to have a surgical procedure done and Dr. Elbasty ""promised"" that he would have, (and I quote) ""a success rate of 90%"". He stated, ""if you have the procedure done here, you will have a 90% chance of success. If you go outside it is 50%. I've done this procedure several times. After surgery, she can live 5 to 6 more years."" Well, that all turned out to be complete and utter bull$hit. My dog had the operation done on Friday night. We picked her up on Monday night and she passed away Wednesday evening. We spent $2,000 believing that we were doing the right thing for our dog and instead she passed away in pain. My father came home to her struggling to breathe and immediately took her back to these @ssholes (we live 5 mins away) and bursted in there screaming for help. Did anyone rush to his aid or give a $hit? Nope. Did we have witnesses? Yup. We got their number too, they were more then willing to testify to what they saw. Did I mention they forgot to give us her medication post surgery?? Then, when we called the doctor to confront him, he started cursing us out. How professional. Btw-he is a racist. Before we agreed to the surgery he was telling us about another dog owner who was a ""piece of $hit, because you know, hispanics are all like that."" I am not hispanic, but am married to one so of course, I took offense to that. Oh, how I wish those fancy cameras they have set up all over their offices are audio and visual. If only I could get my hands on them to prove to the world what douchbags these people really are. Please, please, please, do your pet and your self a favor and avoid this place like the plague. If you love your pet then stay away from this hell hole. more

Absolutely about profits first and pet last 3/9/2011

I feel ripped off and foolish now for bringing my dog there. I had gone there two times. First time my dog was itchy all over and was biting himself for a few days now. I didn't know what to do so I took him here as it was in walking distance from home. Completely overpriced and even though I had an appointment, we had to wait over 3 hours before we were called in! Unbelievable. And it was expensive too. Vet injected cortizone shot to stop the itch. Made me get a special shampoo for $45! And pills to take. Total cost $200. The second visit was cause my dog had swallowed a bone so I couldn't take him to his regular vet that's not in the neighborhood. Took him here again out of desperation. X-rays shows bone not there (odd but glad) but blood test shows some enzyme off the charts. He had to stay for two nights in the clinic on IV. Found out they don't walk them at all. My poor pooch held his business in for the whole time as best he could (he only goes outside) and I was told they walk them twice a day. Obviously not. He had to go so badly and wet his bedding in the cage and had poop stuck all over his bottom when I went to pick him up. Total price tag with medication prescription etc, was over $2000! And then was told he should get a biopsy. Uh, that was when I had it. I took him home and now am in the care of his regular vet, doing an ultrasound first to check what's wrong. I'm not having my pet in open surgery unless it's absolutely necessary. So many complications can arise and if there are other ways to check things out, then that's what they should do first, not what's most expensive and risky. I realized that my pooch did not have to stay overnight. It was not necessary. Oh and they make you sign a release form that states in the case if something goes wrong while your pet is in their care, you won't sue them... more

Profits first, animals last 1/8/2011

We can no longer use this clinic. We used it for over 4 years. And we were too lazy to look for other options since this is the only clinic we know new our home.\r \r I can see now that this clinic only prioritizes profit, and offers questionable and treatments that will not help you animal, and tests and tests and tests that are overprice, and done in the premises with questionable equipments.\r \r When we took our cat Erika there in December 2010, she showed signs of kidney failure. I was told I needed to put her in intensive care for 4 days. Price tag: $4,000 to $5,000. Mybe would need 4 more days, which would then increase the price.\r \r And I was told I needed several different tests, which I did. Price tag: $870. I have yet to see some of the tests, which were all done inhouse. Tests done inhouse are not reliable. \r \r Took Erika to another vet for a second opinion. Recommended to care for her at home, which we did. Price tag including medications: $170.\r \r Erika is doing great now.\r \r About two years ago, our other cat also went to this clinic, we were told she needed immediate care. 2 das in there, price tag: $1,200.\r \r because they wanted to open her up, and I quote ""to try to find out what was wrong with her"".\r \r Removed the from there. I realized that all she had was constipation. \r \r For them all you and your pets are just sources of quick profit.\r \r more

Very expensive, not ethical 12/22/2010

The bottom line: will recommend tests that your pet does not need. Will recommend unnecessary treatment.\r \r The place is all about money. more
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  • AAA Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped with the latest in-house diagnostics, examination rooms, x-ray room, surgery suite, and treatment area. Other services provided by AAA Veterinary Clinic is professional grooming and boarding for all types of pets. * Grooming * Ultra Sound Service * Digital X-Ray * In-clinic FELV/F.I.V. Tests * Veterinary Acupuncture * In-clinic Culture Test * On-Screen Exam * Complete Pharmacy * Microchip Implant * In-Clinic Heartworm Test * Dental and Oral Surgery * In-Clinic Oral X-Ray * Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery * Electrocardiogram * Echocardiogram

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