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1845 Walnut St Fl 20
Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 568-6190
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After nearly 15 years of renting from Kean Realty in Rittenhouse neighorhood, working things out becomes more like family with this office. Loyalty and response to any problem--fr...


I have lived in many apartments in the city and living in this one in Queen Village has been quite an experience. I have been in this apartment for two months and have called my ...

Don't say we didn't warn you. 12/6/2011

Saw a review on YELP that said ""Their receptionist will not only ruin your day but also your life. Try to avoid speaking with her at all costs."" That is a understatement. Wish I'd listened. Def not worth the hassle. more

Surprisingly Awesome! 2/23/2011

I wish there were 4.5 stars cause that's what I think they really deserve. First, I rented an AWESOME two bedroom right on walnut street for $1350 a month. The kitchen and bathroom were clean, fullsize and newer appliances. Second, I like many americans, was financially trying to get back on my feet after some major setbacks from the fall of our economy. I came to them with money in my hand however my credit was shot and they made an exception which I am truely greatful for. I never had any issued that I had to call them for as far as maitenance. I wouldnt say they are rude by any means, just very blunt and to the point. That's why I give them 4 stars, because they arent amazingly pleasant over the phone however they get what you want and need asap if you call. I ran into an issue where my husband was coming home from his dpeloyment to Iraq early and we were to be stationed in a different state within 30 days and now overseas again. Shirly was so fast and understanding with helping me transfer everything to new tenants. Although legally when it comes to military orders I am allowed out of a lease without consequences, I was fortunate that they were understanding and did not give me any issues at all. I have friends in the military who have not always been as lucky as I when it comes to renting. more

Realty with care 7/7/2010

Dear Renters, Pros: family owned, professional, caring Cons: busy office more

Entirely human. entirely reasonable 4/27/2010

After nearly 15 years of renting from Kean Realty in Rittenhouse neighorhood, working things out becomes more like family with this office. Loyalty and response to any problem--from dishwasher troubles to lost mailkeys -- still reigns. This is rare. Pros: Solidly considerate, respectful. Extremely helpful. Cons: Small office, might need reminding for small things. more

Excellent 4/22/2010

I've rented from Kean for the past 8 years in Rittenhouse. I've never found a fairer landlord, and I'm in my thirties. Pros: small, family owned Cons: if you make enemies with someone, you're stuck. more

I'd rather rent from the Manson family 1/12/2010

First of all, we had a front door that would barely lock,appliances from 1950, leaking ceiling, roaches, disgusting tree we had to keep in the back that dropped fruit constantly that i had to clean up DAILY, standing water in basement where very strange looking mosquitos dwelled..a mold problem, drug dealers rampant on the block and drug bags outside my front door daily..along with 40oz bottles,etc...I got to see a mexican man get stabbed on the corner, and watched a crackhead pull down her pants and pee on my sidewalk right in front of me..i am surprised they didn't make me pay more for all the excitement! All of this and they only wanted $1500 a month for rent...what a steal (sarcasm). I hope whoever reads this never rents from those bloodsuckers ever! I would have given 0 stars if I could. Pros: nothing. Cons: Everything. more

they will steal your money 10/30/2009

if i could give these people 0 stars, i would. they will steal your money. theres not much more i can say except that these people are corrupt liars, crooks, and scum bags. on top of that, all of their apartments are roach infested, smelly, dirty places. they werent helpful at all, and it seemed like they were out to steal me and my roommates money from the beginning. especially stay away from anyone named Drew Morinich. i wouldnt come on here and denounce this company and these people if it wasnt a horrid and difficult process. more

Beautiful Apts., kind people. 7/31/2008

I found them to be good, decent people. My apt in Rittenhouse was newly renovated, with plenty of amenities. When something did need to get repaired, it was timely and efficient. I guess everyone's experience is different. I've rented in New York, San Francisco and Paris (lucky me, right) so I've had diverse landlords from divergent backgrounds. I had a unique situation arise, where I had a sick relative and had to work it out with them. It could have been a drag, but we worked it out. Pros: Weren't usurious, fair and level headed. Cons: small office, so if you don't get along with someone, you're stuck. more

worst human being. 7/25/2008

worst company, asked me $2000 to paint a small part of the wall back . i just used water color and draw on the wall. what kind of paint they use cost 2000? more

Avoid them like the plague 12/28/2007

Renting from Leroy E. Kean was the worst rental experience I've ever had! The staff was rude, spiteful and corrupt. They routinely ignored maintainence requests- some were routine, others blatant health hazards. The kicker came when the owner attempted to hustle me into paying his company money I absolutely did not owe. He felt because he was my landlord he was entitled to pressure me into it. Ultimately I never paid him this money, but I had to find a new place to live. The one positive aspect to renting from Leroy E. Kean was it gave me great motivation to buy a house and never rent from anyone again. more

No help!! 11/26/2007

For a company with so many properties, one would think that there would be more than one person who could ever help you out. Not the case with Leroy E. Kean and company!!! Simple things like emptying the dryer coin slot so that the dryer is useable is always a chore! Not to mention the fact that no one in the office is helpful and the woman is very angry and unfriendly and takes forever to get updated paperwork to you. While the rent may seem like a bargain when you first move in, Leroy has a way of getting more out of you. If you have a choice, don't rent from them! Pros: ok properties Cons: office people are rude and no help more

Not worth the reasonable rent 10/1/2007

We have the same problems with this realtor. They are very rude and often argumentative on the phone, the woman in particular. They sometimes have a slow reaction time to maintenance calls, and when the do respond, their repair/maintenance jobs are often sloppy or slapdash. We have had issues with sloppy painting, painting over peeling walls, messes left, panels not replaced, etc. Lights are not replaced in hallways and outdoors. We have discovered our sorted recyclables put into trashbags. Their policy regarding pets ($50 rent increase per month and non-refundable several hundred dollar deposit) is ridiculous, particularly when they don't care for their properties very well to begin with. Pros: location, rent is reasonable for area Cons: the cons far outweigh the pros more

Terrible!!! 9/17/2007

You get what you pay for. The prices are fairly cheap, but the office is rude, including the owners themselves. There are rodents and insects. The landlord refuses to fix structural damages. The common areas are dirty. There is mold. They are very slow to respond to problems and sometimes will not even return calls. I would really stay away. It is more of a headache than it is worth. I even had to file a complaint with the housing authorities!!! Pros: price Cons: poor service, rude, structural damage, mold, dirty common areas more

Say no to this company!!!!! 4/27/2007

I have lived in many apartments in the city and living in this one in Queen Village has been quite an experience. I have been in this apartment for two months and have called my landlord about fifty times with no return call. There are maintenance issues with apartment and I get promises that it will get fixed but to no avail. They are rude and just plain awful to deal with. I am paying close to 1000 dollars for my apartment and there are things like the garbage disposal and intercom that don't work. It's crazy. This may be the worst experience I have had with landlords by far! I am definitely buying next time! As an aside, living is Queen Village is phenomenal! Pros: good location Cons: everything else more

Slum Lord 4/4/2007

The apartment looked good. Nice location, good price for the rent. Pros: Affordable Rent, Location of properties Cons: Rude Service, Lack of maintenance, Building in ill-repair more

Slow moving and idiotic 3/7/2007

My roommate and I have had nothing but problems since even before we moved in. If there's a problem, like a leak, strange smells, moldy ceiling, floors buckling, you have to call several times to get someone to come in and check it out. And then after that you have to call several more times to have someone come in and repair it. I've been mocked, spoken rudely to, passed off, disrespected and made felt inferior almost every time I've called. Every person I've spoken to has a chip on their shoulder the size of Antarctica. There was one time someone denied they even covered our apartment, until I reiterated the information slower for a second time. You just constantly have to keep on them to make sure they're doing their job to make our living environment safe and healthy and in working condition. And even then, things still get overlooked and not finished. Our apartment may be nice but it's not worth the aggravation of having to deal with these people when something goes awry. Pros: Nice Apartments Cons: Rude service more

Landlord 7/12/2006

Cheap Apartments, but you def get what you pay for. Rude on the phone, does not make prompt repairs, garbage of entire building is not put out on curb for weeks, not helpful in anyway Pros: Cheap Apartments Cons: Garbage, no repairs, rudeness more
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