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9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY
9300realty - New York, NY


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My family lived in a Park Avenue Coop for more than 20 years before moving into a 9300 managed building on East 100th street and this apartment has more than exceeded my expectati...


We rented for 2 years from Croman, a 2BR in Gramercy, E18th St. Nice apartment, completely renovated, nice appliances. A bit overpriced for the market, but we were new to NY so we...


Ugh so many fake good reviews...they are just the worst. I have lived in two different 9300 Realty apartments- 346 E. 18th St. (3 years) and 410 E. 13th St. (1 year)- and out of the 10 years I have lived in Manhattan, am absolutely certain this is the worst management company in the city. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!! There are much bigger and better apartments for what you pay for here- with management companies that actually do their jobs. Their apartments may look really nice when you first see them- but they are extremely overpriced, even for Manhattan. Second, the apartment renovations hide a lot of problems and the management company is impossible to reach to fix them. Do not think "Oh it's just her apartment, mine will be fine"- I've lived in two different apartments in two different buildings with them, plus there are tons of other people who have had the same experience. Here are some fun things you will likely get to experience if you rent one of their apartments: 1) Be prepared to use your vacation or sick days to make sure they do their job. Any time anything was wrong- which was a lot- I had to take time out of my day to go down to the management office and tell someone in person- and THEN I needed to be home for the appointment for things to get fixed. About 5 times, the maintenance people or construction workers were late or a no-show. 2) Rent being raised colossally on renewal (my rent went up $250 higher this year on renewal) 3) No gas for 6 weeks, including over holidays. I also had a broken oven for 2 weeks. So, plan on not spending too much time entertaining or eating in your apartment. 4) Water boiler not working throughout the winter- and taking freezing cold showers during a freezing cold day. 5) Holes in the ceiling for 2 weeks while they tried to fix the pipes in the building. An exterminator who came by was horrified that the apartments were exposed for so long. 6) Construction lasted for a month for the pipes, the workers broke a bunch of things and got dust everywhere in the apartment- the company did not warn or reimburse us 7) Renovations in the apartment above me last 7 months and started at 7:30 am every single morning- which is illegal. 8) The supers in both building would fight with us if we got locked out and wanted them to open our apartment. Neither of them actually helped with anything- we have been waiting a year to get light bulbs that we can't reach replaced in our current apartment 9) In the first apartment, a pipe above us burst. The ceiling started caving in and then there was a giant hole. They never responded to my calls- I literally had to take a day off of work to go all the way down to the actually company to make them fix the ceiling. 10) Paper thin walls and floors- my roommate could literally hear everything the people next door were saying. In both apartments, it sounded like people were walking around in heels all day. 11) Completely disorganized- and somehow it will be come your responsibility to fix it. After all, you can't get the reputation of worst management company in New York if you actually do your job! They lost my information during my lease, and asked me to redo a credit check etc. a year into the lease. Fast forward to my move out date- and they tell me I have to move out a month later than my original lease because they messed up and sent me two renewals, one which had the wrong date. People are constantly sending flyers around urging residents to report them to the Better Business Bureau or New York State Attorney General. That's always a good sign. So, why did I choose a second apartment with them after my experience with the first? The same reason a person reading this review would still choose to rent an apartment with them- they think their experience will be different. It won't be. more

Don't believe good reviews on Croman Real Estate or 9300 7/19/2011

Anyone that writes a positive review for Croman Real Estate Inc., or 9300 Realty, are probably being paid by the Cromans to write it, or they work for them. In the March 24, 1998 issue of The Village Voice landlords Steve and Harriet Croman were featured as one of the Ten Worst Landlords in NYC. Google them and see for yourself that there are countless articles on them and their depraved indifference to their tenants. I speak as a Croman tenant, who has witnessed the destruction and ruined lives, including my own, that this landlord has inflicted on their tenants. Living in a Croman building is a nightmare. Once the Cromans begin demolishing the buildings in the name of rennovation, it is like living in a combat zone. Your apartment becomes flooded with toxic renovation dust that is full of lead, crystalline silica, asbestos, etc. Not to mention the mess and day in and day out demolition construction noise. Your entire apartment becomes blanketed in renovation dust and you have to clean it yourself, because the Cromans do not answer letters, phone calls, to clean up the mess in tenants apartments from the demolition work. etc. In the winter we barely get heat and hot water and many many days of no heat at all. Call for a repair and no human person answers a phone, you go to voicemail. Repairs are not made and you have to get the city agencies involved, or go to court to get a repair. The supers and staff are abusive and treat tenants like garbage. Tenant are accused of not paying their rent, when their rent is paid and they owe no rent. Then the Croman's lawyers drag the tenants to court on baseless lawsuits, and tenants have to take time off from work to defend themselves from this harassment of using the courts as an instrument of harassment on tenants. They never register tenants with DHCR for years at a time and tenants never receive annual security deposit interest checks, as reguired by law. The Croman's rarely send lease renewals and if you do get one and sign it and send it back to them by certified mail to co-sign and send back to you, they do not return your lease renewal to you. Then when you are ready to move out, they will NOT RETURN you security deposit to you. If this happens please file a complaint with the New York State Attorney's General Office. So please do not believe any positive reviews that praise the Cromans, Croman Real Estate or 9300 Realty. This is truly a criminal enterprise run by the most unethical people. May all the misery that the Cromans have inflicted on so many vunerable tenants, come back to them a hundred fold. Please protect yourselves and DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LANDLORD! more

Best Apartment Ever!!! 7/18/2011

My family lived in a Park Avenue Coop for more than 20 years before moving into a 9300 managed building on East 100th street and this apartment has more than exceeded my expectations. First of all, my apartment is drop dead gorgeous!!! The black granite countertops and window sills, the crown molding, my hardwood floors sparkle like a diamond, my bathrooms are a cream colored marble, I have a built in microwave, dishwasher & an actual wine cellar!!! But nothing beats my own personal WASHER & DRYER!!! Every day I wake up & say thanks for this luxury!!! My building is immaculate. The floors, hallways & windows in the common areas shine, the garbage room sparkles & the super is always available. He is here within minutes and takes care of all my concerns efficiently and with a smile. Before moving in, I informed management that my child has disabilities and they took it upon themselves to add extra safety features to all windows and doors which is only one of many examples of how this team has gone above and beyond to make my apartment a true home. The 9300 buildings are one of the very few “pet friendly” buildings in NY so for the first time in my adult life I was able to have a pet. After spending 20 plus cold winters in NY, I was so surprised at the generous amount of heat we had. The apartment was so warm & toasty all winter long that we never wanted to go outside & my plants actually almost doubled in size. Last winter was sure a snowy one and during the storms I looked out my window and watched the super sweeping away the snow all night long so that it would be safe in the morning for all tenants to go to work or to the store. This is just another example of how the team at 9300 treats you like family. more


I was very hesitant to get my apartment through Croman because of they reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. The leasing manager Brian was extremely helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. The rental process was explained very thouroughly and I was never confused at any point. They made sure to accomodate me in any way possible and they even went as far as introducing me to my landlord with my mother in their office to ensure that all of our questions were answered. I would rent an apartment from them anytime and definitely recommend them to all of my friends! more

scumbags 5/31/2011

Do not rent from them. more

Quality New York Rental Agency 4/10/2011

I rented a beautifully renovated 2 bedroom apartment from Croman Real Estate on Mott Street and it was a pleasure dealing with the. First off, my apartment had a washer/dryer, marble bathroom floor, and a roofdeck. The building was kept extremely clean and the hallways, and staircases were always in good condition. Croman is a quality company and i would have problem recommending it to my family or friends. more


the property managers are a bunch of muppets. i've never encountered anyone so incompetent. our building is crawling in bed bugs and they are spreading rapidly to other units. christine bermudez is not warning other tenants as she should be. they are trying to hide the situation. no one has a grip on the situation and it's only getting worse. i've never seen anything so mis-managed. more

Terrible landlord 9/12/2010

I moved into one of their newly renovated buildings and, after 1 1/2 months I am still without a mail box, have to take frequent cold showers (no hot water, low pressure), can't get Internet/phone/TV installed as the building is not wired for it, the appliances are tragic and energy hogs, and generally the management treats all tenants in this building with disdain. Steven Croman, Harriet Croman and their company 9300 Realty and or Croman Realty are just not honorable. more

450 West 50th St. -- BEWARE! 8/23/2010

Croman/9300 Realty has renovated a building across the street from us. Watching it go up has been a cautionary tale. The owners fired their crew midway without paying them, so the crew went inside and messed around before leaving. A new crew arrived. The Fire Department has inspectors stationed outside all day long just watching the building, because there have been so many violations as well as gas leaks and small fires. The buildings on either side have been damaged by shoddy workmanship. The two former tenants still living inside have been treated like criminals, threatened, and purposefully put at risk. Already the owners are unresponsive to neighborhood complaints. I'm sure this will not get better when renters move in at inflated prices. And, by the way, the "terraces" are the fire escape, so if you're thinking about putting a garden outside, think again. They must be kept clear at all times. And the entrance to the fire escape -- a hideous white door from each apartment -- completely out of sync with the rest of the building AND the entire block. Panes of glass and a doorknob on the outside -- practically a welcome mat with the words "Rob Me" on it. Today a Croman representative verbally attacked two neighbors who asked him a simple question about the building. "I don't have to talk to you a******s," was the statement. 9300 Realty/Croman Real Estate are on the 10 Worst NYC Landlords list for a reason. I'm very happy I don't have to do business with them. And sick and tired of calling the Buildings Department to have them shut down for violations. (BTW, this is happened more than a dozen times). more

Terrible company, awful experience 8/4/2010

See the reviews for Croman Real Estate, which is the same as 9300 realty. This company is the worst!! Unresponsive employees, never-ending billing problems and maintenance issues. This is truly the most frustrating and terrible experience that I have ever had with a company. more


This company is awful, unprofessional, and unethical. The apartments appear nice, but once you move in the problems are never-ending. Mice, roaches, bed begs, continuous maintenence issues, never-ending billing issues - you name it, it becomes a problem. Actually getting anyone to acknowledge issues is the most frustrating part. Phone calls and voicemails are rarely returned, and if they are, employees are rude, unapologetic and basically incompetent. This is honestly the most infuriating company that I have ever dealt with. Please, save yourself the unneccessary stress of dealing with the horrendous company. Do your research and choose a management company that is reliable, responsive, and professional. more


I rented a beautifully renovated 3 bedroom apartment from them, from the first step i took into that apartment my life has changed, the rent is fair and they are extremely flexible. Also, the employees have been courteous and responsive, the harsh comments written below are all completely wrong, take it from a retired, seasoned real estate broker, this company is the most qualified company in NYC. more


Croman Real Estate is composed of slumlords and barely-human employees who will make your life a living hell. The last year of my two-year lease was like something out of a bad movie. My roommate came home one day to find eleven 2x2 foot holes in our ceiling, throughout the apartment. It took us awhile, and many unanswered phone calls, to find out that they had hired a contractor to get the building up to heating code (a DAY before the deadline). An inch of dust covered everything in our apartment. For the next month, we dealt with Croman flunkies who demanded access to our apartment at their convenience to finish the work. Then they refused to compensate us adequately for the missed work days and sickness we endured as a result of the construction. When we denied extending our lease, they put our phone number online so that brokers had access to it and called us at all hours wanting to show the apartment. I moved out a week ago and still have brokers calling me because they haven't updated their website. I am moving to another city and my new apartment complex requires that my most recent landlord vouch for my tenant record. Despite faxing this to Croman TWICE and calling and emailing them, the form has not been filled out and it's the only thing keeping me from securing my new apartment. Add to all that the fact that our gas was out for over two months so we had no use of the oven or stove for that period. Did the building management care, or bother to give us updates? Of course not. This is the first time I have commented online about a business, restaurant, ANYTHING. But I feel so strongly about Croman Real Estate and their unconscionable tactics that I have to warn others: DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SCUMBAGS. Their apartments look nice, but if anything ever goes wrong in one of them (and it will), your life will be turned upside down. NOT worth it. Pros: none Cons: everything more

Avoid at all cost!!! 2/11/2010

If you rent an apartment from Croman you better be a lawyer, or else be prepared to hire one. Even in my building, which superficially looks quite nice, they were consistently negligent and refused to complete basic maintenance work (like fixing the boiler or the lock on the entryway door) - this isn't the best part though . . . They threatened to withhold my security deposit if I did not turn over my keys to them so that they could show my apartment to prospective new tenants without scheduling in advance (not sure if this is legal), then they gave copies of my keys to ANY broker off the street who asked about the listing (this seems like it should be illegal). This led to 3-4 brokers per day entering my apartment unsupervised and also to my door being left unlocked on several occasions . . . then it led to a broker entering unannounced and surprising my girlfriend and myself (while we were still in bed) on a Saturday morning . . . and then eventually resulting in the robbery of my apartment and the theft of my belongings in broad daylight while I was at work (this last one was definitely illegal on someone's part - not sure if this was due to a thief posing as a broker, or just due to an unlocked door + unsecured building entryway + Croman negligence combo). So . . . . After all this - what did Croman do? Apologize? Offer to schedule broker visits ahead of time? Return my keys? Heck no! They ignored my calls, and it was business as usual!!! Then after I moved out, they refused to return my security deposit on the basis of minor damage to the floor - damage that occurred during the robbery that their negligence facilitated!!! Every time I try to call them I get the runaround or transferred to voicemail, and I never get a call back (not that I ever did to begin with). I have never had a problem with any landlord before in my life, and now I worry about how dealing with this company will affect my ability to rent in the future, since now a lawyer has had to get involved to try and recover my security deposit - do yourself a favor and don't rent from Croman . . . and watch out if they try to pressure you into signing anything, it just isn't worth it!!!! With the number of complaints that tenants (including myself) have filed with city and state authorities about this company, it's a wonder they haven't been shut down yet . . . Pros: None Cons: Fraudulent, should have license revoked more

Croman Does it Again!!! Way to Go!!!? 11/17/2009

Worst customer service. Rats the size of baby elephants. Roaches the size of baby rats. And I lived in a 6th/7th floor walk up with the most unsecured entryways I've ever seen. I saw cops in the building or on the roof at least 3 times a month. So, leading into my final month of my lovely stay in a Croman building, I was told by management that I had to hand in my keys within 30 days of lease expiration or I would forfeit my security deposit. I complied of course and in return (while still living there) Croman decided to give keys to every real estate broker in the tri-state area. Now, I understand they need to get new occupants, but this was out of control. 4 to 5 realtors called me everyday trying to get in to my apartment. I was at work and couldn't field all of these calls. So, the realtors took it upon themselves to enter my apartment while I wasn't there. Even this is understandable, but did they have to leave my door and my window leading to the roof open? Kind of ridiculous. I got home from work and found 2 laptops, a digital camera, 15 neck ties and a bag of change stolen!!!!! A bag of change?? Really?? I mean really, a bag of change??? Living in NYC I understand I can't expect to ever see any of my stuff back and I am pretty sure the awesome people at Croman Realty aren't ready to reimburse me for my losses. What does everyone think about this?? If you currently live in one of their buildings and they ask for the keys tell them to blow it out their >>>> Pros: leaving Cons: roaches, rats, mice, larceny more

Worst company I've ever dealt with 6/29/2009

I've never had more trouble getting in touch with a landlord or building manager in a time of need. We've encountered countless problems with our apartment. Our phone calls go straight to voicemail, our voicemails are never returned, our emails aren't acknowledged. I will never rent from them again. Pros: There are no pros. Cons: unreliable, unprofessional, shouldn't be renting out apts more

Signing Fraudulent Leases!!!! 6/6/2009

Croman is very difficult to deal with. We moved out of our apartment in the West Village, 4 months early, leaving it in pristine condition, turning over the keys, and asking for the security deposit back. We returned on the day before our lease was up to find another tenant moved in, signed a lease for the same apartment and had paid a $20,000 deposit in advance. Croman had collected rent for the month of May from 2 different tenants on 2 different lease agreements, for the same apartment!!! We tried to resolve this, attempting to communicate in a civil manner for an entire week (with Christine Bermudez, Yessenia Camilo, Harvey and Harriet), where they just wouldn't respond appropriately. After a week of trying to get their attention, we are forced to file a complaint with the Attorney General. Cons: Unprofessional, shady, and difficult more


i bought a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment for a great price. great location best supers, this is a company to rent from. Pros: apartment,location,employees Cons: none more

Avoid Croman real Estate 2/20/2009

As every one else has stated I have had such a bad experience with Croman Real Estate. I really don't even need to put out what happened to me, this is a huge red flag to all people doing google searches and find this. All reviews stating that this company is a good are fake, this company works as if it was based on scoundrels and theifs. I have never in my life been treated so bad as I have when talking or communicating with them. They claim to be a very professional and different real estate comp. It is a shame that companies like this exist. I really wish I had read all the reviews on this page before falling into the awful trap I did. Pros: none Cons: Expensive, rude, lazy, angry, insects, pest, angry super. etc more

Good overall experience. Nice luxury apartments. No broker fee. 2/13/2009

I rented a two bedroom apartment in one of their buildings in SoHo and I thought the experience was not too bad. I've rented from worst companies in the past. I think the reviews about Harvey were harsh but I understand where they are coming from. I had the awkward experience of working with Harvey myself when I signed the lease and he did smell like cigarettes and sweat and although that is unattractive and he was a little cold, I think otherwise he was fine and he fulfilled his role and tried to negotiate in the Landlord's interest. Maybe the company should think about replacing him with a more pleasant person to speak to. The receptionist was a little rude to me too. Overall the apartment was nice. EVERYTHING in the apartment was new. The rent was reasonable. Not affordable or a bargain but reasonable for the area. The management people were average. It took them a whole week to repair a leak in my ceiling. I did speak to a guy there by the name of Stephen Yau that seemed to be great. He answered my questions when I could get in touch with him and gave me straight answers. I had a terrible time getting my security deposit back because the bookkeeping department never returns their calls or checks their messages. It took them over two months to get it back to me. I think the person responsible for security deposits was Travis Morrison. Maybe they were overworked. The company definately needs to restructure but I did not have to deal with them for very long throughout my two year stay and besides the leak, the apartment was enjoyable and very nice. I would suggest that whoever rents from Croman to avoid speaking to Harvey if possible. Speak to Stephen or another manager instead and file a complaint with the State Attorney General if the security deposits are not returned by Travis. My overall experience was decent to good. Pros: Great apartments. Great locations. A lot of apartments available. No fee. Cons: Mediocre to poor service and follow up. more
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