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78-79 York Associates - 22 Reviews - 511 E 78th St Ofc, New York, NY - Condominiums Reviews - Phone (212) 517-3000

78-79 York Associates

511 E 78th St Ofc
New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-3000
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Overall great location, building and maintenance staff. Very well kept and attentive. They have a mailroom, which is convenient if you did not have to deal with the office workers...


Most of the maintenance staff have HUGE attitudes...unbearably loud in the mornings. Calling the building manager DOES nothing. Calling 311 to call about noise after 7 am is a cr...

Horrible People Run This Place 8/26/2012

The most obnoxious, rude people work at this company, from the maintenance workers who make ridiculous amounts of noise at all hours to the people working in the offices who are some of the rudest, saddest and miserable people you will ever experience in your life. They'll rip you off as much as they can, and forget it if you think your rent will stay the same year to year. I can't stress it enough to never rent from these people. more

Stay Away 5/15/2012

Mouse problems, broken windows, and broken appliances for over three weeks in a "luxury" doorman building. Unbelievable! Good luck getting a response from management.... more

Look elsewhere 11/4/2011

I liked living here for a few months, for the most part the tenants are nice, except for the drug addicts they let move into my building, playing loud music all the time, doing drug deals out the front, fighting, police called to their apt numerous times and they even offer drugs to the neighbors! Management are useless, they make mistakes, never respond to calls and generally don't care about anything but their rent being paid. Staff are terrible, they don't clean well, always on their cell phones instead of working and trying to get a smile or a hello out of them is impossible! The office staff no nothing, when I asked if there would be a rent increase after a 1 year lease, they said yes but only about $50 a month. When asked if a 2 year lease would keep the rent the same they said no. So I signed a 1 year lease and then they increased rent by $300 a month! Then they tell me a 2 year lease would have kept it the same...wish the dumb girl in the office knew her facts before telling me the opposite thing. Terrible mouse problem too. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, they scam you into cheap rent for the UES then bump it up after a year. No security, muggings occur all the time in the street. Doors always kept open by staff and tenants making the little security you have, nonexistent. more

Amending previous 1 star review 8/12/2011

I wanted to increase the stars from 1 to 3 in a previous review that I wrote titled "Horrible Management Company" posted on August 4th, 2011, but unfortunately cannot delete my review or make a change to it. So, I'm writing a second to clear everything up. The deposit was in fact late and I did in fact leave many messages without receiving a response. That being said, Leena did get in touch with me and (correctly) pointed out that the zip code for my new address had been written down incorrectly (by me) by 1 digit. I still received the check, but wanted to point out that Leena was thorough in following up with me once I'd gotten a hold of her. So, I definitely made a mistake, but my primary frustrations still ring true. more

Horrible management company 8/4/2011

Moved out and was promised that my deposit would be returned within 6-8 weeks. I called 9 weeks after moving out multiple times until I got Leena on the phone. (Note: They NEVER return messages. You have to get somebody live if you are going to get anywhere). They looked up my account and said that my check had been mailed on Monday (making it already late), and when they recited the new address, they had mis-typed my zip code. They said I won't get the check and that it will be delayed until it gets returned from the post office, which would take up to a MONTH. I asked that they cancel and re-send the check to the correct address, and they said that it's out of their hands. To reiterate: 1. They are unresponsive and do not return calls (this is not the first time I've needed to get a hold of them and never been called back). 2. They don't return deposits on time. So don't count on getting it back in a timely manner. 3. When they screw up, they don't offer to try to fix their mistakes. They don't even offer so much as an apology. They have an "it's not my problem" attitude. 4. They are unhelpful, rude, and unprofessional. DO NOT LIVE IN ONE OF THEIR BUILDINGS. more

A Lot of Serious Issues w/ Management 1/19/2011

They're sneaky and cut-throat, w/ no regard for their tenants or tenant's rights. They have rent stabilized apts. Their lease lists a high rent w/ lower "preferential" rent. Broker says he's worked there several years and it only goes up a bit each year, not to the higher rent. Not true -- raised it $500/mo. after 1st year. Management does not honor your rights within the lease on anything -- there are several serious problems. Their exterminator does nothing to resolve pest control. They ignore tenant issues, do not return calls, faxes, or letters. They claim to have security, which will not answer phone or return call. FedEx advises they've stopped delivering to the mailroom because tenant's packages are disappearing by staff. Do yourself a favor, rent somewhere else and save the nightmare of moving anywhere they manage. more

Best not to rent from this landlord. 11/29/2010

Great for mailroom, laundry room. Apartment layout is nice. Problem: Management, Landlord, Building Security, Office -- is nonresponsive to ridding fleas (and have no pet), booming/vibrating loud music at 3am, excessive loud noise moving furniture, vacuuming, throwing fetch -- all from 12am to 6am. Building Security does not answer the phone, nor return phone calls. Resolve? Landlord tells you to move. more

Pretty good 8/31/2010

I would recommend living here. I've been in 2 apartments in the past 3 years - upgraded to a one-bedroom last year. The mailroom is convenient and the maintenance guys take care of things rather quickly. The apartments are nice and decent rent for NYC. If you need them to fix something in your apartment - MAKE SURE YOU ARE THERE when they come...when I first moved in 3 years ago, I had a problem and asked them to fix it...I left my top lock unopened so that they could come in when I was away - they drank half of my bottle of grey goose and a noticeable amount of a huge bottle of patron. I never reported them, but should was pretty disappointing. They even left one of my glasses in the sing after using it!! Disgusting. But that's just the maintenance staff - it was my fault for trusting them alone in my apartment. more

Terrible 5/12/2010

Good: The laundry situation is the only good thing.. Bad: The maintenance people take forever to do something. The package office/rent office people are miserable, rude, and not helpful at all. Also, they did nothing about our mice problem.. Improvements: I think they need a new staff of people who actually have social skills.. Other: I would not live here if I could go back and choose to live somewhere else.. more

Another terrible, rude management company! 2/10/2010

This management company is fine when you are actually living there but when you need to get in touch with the management company & main office to finish things up, the staff is RUDE, and completely unhelpful. It's shocking that they have people like this working in the office. I'm extremely dissapointed in the service and won't recommend this company to anyone. more

I like living here for the most part 1/7/2010

Overall great location, building and maintenance staff. Very well kept and attentive. They have a mailroom, which is convenient if you did not have to deal with the office workers that are incompetent and rude. more

I like living here 12/9/2009

Good: The landlord owns the entire square block and has a considerable number of full-time staff on-site. The maintenance staff takes care of problems quickly. They handle the recycling, garbage and sidewalks every day. Snow and ice are cleared promptly. Utilities are included in the rent. There is a staff person assigned to every building to clean and check on issues. They accept deliveries at the management office. They're good about renovating apartments between tenants.. Bad: The front desk staff in the office are nasty people (or they used to be; I quit talking to them a while ago and now deal with the guy who staffs my building). The tenants are hit-or-miss. Lots of good people, but these are walk-ups with reasonable rents; new tenants seem to be students, recent graduates and young transplants who don't plan on staying long and don't care if their behavior (especially noise or leaving their recycling/garbage in the common areas) disrupts the entire building.. Improvements: Management needs to take a stronger stand when dealing with bad tenants. This is home for many of us, not simply some place to crash until Mommy and Daddy raise our allowance or we can afford the luxury hi-rise to which we think we're entitled.. Other: Other reviewers have mentioned the maintenance staff is rude. I've never had any issues with them, just the office staff.. more

Stop with the noise 10/5/2009

Most of the maintenance staff have HUGE attitudes...unbearably loud in the mornings. Calling the building manager DOES nothing. Calling 311 to call about noise after 7 am is a crap shoot. Anyone else here who has experienced the same? more

Broker Fees 6/17/2009

I've read that other people didn't pay broker fees but I paid $3000! The neighbors are out of control, the noise beyond belief, staff is lazy and rude, the office girls are horrendous. Great neighborhood but it isn't worth it! more

Good Complex (but thieving staff) 4/16/2009

I live in the complex and am happy with the building. Good rents, nicely kept up, great location. However, there has been a rash of petty thievery in my building and several others. Definitely an inside job. Now I double-lock my door and only allow the Management Office to have one key. An expensive lesson (I lost a laptop), but that's the price you pay for being too trusting. Otherwise, the complex is all good in my opinion. more

Great location, maintenance and tennants - horrible office staff 12/30/2008

I've lived in this complex for over 10 years, and hope to never leave. The maintenance is exceptional, my neighbors are wonderful, and the sense of community could not be stronger, not to mention the very affordable renta and pet policy. The only very poor aspect of this association is the office staff (not to be confused with the maintenance workers). The girls are immature and rude, and rarely make themselves of any use. Otherwise, this is a great building association. more

Unreliable - Liars 12/17/2008

This company is advertising the rents with a free month. I did not get this condition written on my lease meanwhile they told me that I would get a free month rent from the second or third month. Finally they screwed me ! more


If you can, please try your best not to deal with those jerks more

Ok/Good Building, Great Location 5/8/2008

I've lived at the complex on East 79 Street since 2004. It has it's good and bad points, but for the most part, you'll get a good deal as compared to other apartments that charge a broker fee on top of security and one month's rent. If you're used to upscale living though, this is not the place for you. The maintenance staff makes no effort to be helpful, or to properly repair the most basic apartment problems. I'm guessing they're either very poorly paid or just don't give a crap. Pros: GREAT location, right across from 79th street crosstown bus, laundry on premises, lobby is fundamentally clean, package room, no broker fee. Cons: maintenance staff is EXTREMELY loud with the recyclables at very early hours in the morning (e.g. 7 am on a Sunday - NOT COOL). People have complained to the city (311) and the manager, but nothing really helps. Very no frills. more

Very good! and pet friendly! 5/29/2007

I've loved living here personally. The staff is courteous and accomodating and are always quick to attend to maintenance issues. The building is pet friendly, and the best part is that there is a mailroom at the management office so you don't have to go all the way to the post office. I feel like I lucked out here especially for the price! more
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