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220 Salon INC

213 Sw Ash St # 211
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 295-0726
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220 Salon INC - Portland, OR


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I recently moved to Portland and read on Portlandpicks, a great review on Kelly Peach who is a new stylist to 220 Salon. She came from Fred Segal salon in Santa Monica, California...


The first time I went to the Studio 220 was a good experience and every visit ever since became more and more a disaster. The first hair dresser kept pumping up the price by 5 dol...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

I love 220 Salon. The stylists are incredibly friendly, inviting and very talented. Owner Jodi is the mastermind and truly a talented entrepreneur. The space itself speaks of simplicity, refinement and glamorous sophistication, just what a Portland salon should feel like. more

Kelly is the BEST! 12/13/2011

I recently moved to Portland and read on Portlandpicks, a great review on Kelly Peach who is a new stylist to 220 Salon. She came from Fred Segal salon in Santa Monica, California so I knew I was in good hands. I got highlights and a haircut from her and I am in love! This is the best salon experience I have ever had and Kelly is my stylist for life! more

220 is great 8/16/2011

220 is a wonderful salon! They are friendly and take your needs seriously and are extremely skilled at what they do! Unfortunately from what I have read from other reviews that 220 is obviously being attacked. Accounts have been created and posted only 1 review (negative) on 220 salon page. Honestly this is sad to me. The true 220 salon is nothing of what they described. All of the stylists at 220 salon are charismatic and enlightened people who work hard at what they do! Rock on 220. P.S Don't be affected by those cowards and their fake reviews!!! They (probably one person) are low-life stylist (s) who are cowards and are just jealous. The reason 220 is so successful is because of their honesty and happiness. more

Jodie Rocks, see for yourself! 5/25/2010

This is a great salon and Jodie is a super talented, extremely professional, down to earth and just plain cool chick. Whoever is writing these bad reviews needs to grow up. I'm guessing a rival salon? It is obviouse to anyone with a brain that they are pure B.S. I have had my hair done by Nicci and Jodie and they are both great, they will listen to what you want and be straight with you about the results you can expect. My stupid fine hair is super healthy and has never looked better. They use great products and show YOU how to use them (and tools) at home so you can get the same look. Once I got highlights and I thought that they were not quite as bold as I wanted (but they looked great) so Jodie re-did them at no charge. She also lets me come in (free) to add a rinse if my hair gets to brassy (which it does because my hair has a ton of red in it.) Jodi bends over backward to make sure EVERY client is happy. I always see people in 220 who are having bad color/cuts done at other salons fixed. Jodi is amazing and I have recommended her to all my friends. Don't listen to the jealous...see for yourself! Pros: Jodie + Nicci + cool place + great products Cons: downtown parking more

incredible salon, incredible stylists 3/21/2010

Melissa is fantastic, the salon is beautiful and I leave every time feeling like a million bucks! I am so sorry for Salon 220 having to deal with the seriously mentally ill person who has posted over and over again negative and psychotic reviews that are stupid, immature and repetitive. This is internet harassment! Don't listen to a word, try Salon 220 for yourself! more

rotten to the core 1/24/2010

Jodie is totally deceitful and will do whatever she feels like regardless of what you discuss. I have suffered damage to my hair that cannot be repaired. She hacked all my hair off after promising me she would not. Stay away iIf you like your hair. She overhauled mine after I asked for only a few inches cut off. It all was on the floor and she razored it to inches off my head. I have cried every day and do not recognize it. When I saw it, it was too late. Every move was deliberate from cutting the hair to my desired length before going to wash it to gain my trust. Then she kept my chair facing away from the mirror so I could not see what she was doing as she chopped off another twelve inches. Only an evil person would act this way. I feel sorry for your arrogance and misery and hope you find peace. Cons: shaving your head is more attractive than a cut here more

message from 220 SALON 1/11/2010

220 salon does not pay or endorse city search. more

Karyn Stinks 1/10/2010

I went to 220 Salon many times before Karyn cut my hair and the other two stylist were great and I would totally recommend them. Since the other two were so great I thought I would be safe, so I tried Karyn. She did the opposite of what I wanted, it looked fine to begin with but after two weeks it was a total mess. I think she is safe for long layers and bobs, but just be cautious. The next stylist I saw told me that they could not cut my hair for at least two months, until it grew out some. She seemed to think that Karyn didn't know how to cut hair. Pros: Is friendly Cons: It's going to take months for my hair to grow out. more

Killed my hair 11/21/2009

I had the most unfortubate experience at 220. It has been over a year since I walked in and my hair will never be the same. As I sit here now, it is still shorter than it was promised over a year ago and totally thinned out. It is unrecognizable. I have had a year of heinous hair days, nasty comments and tragic photos. I had beautiful, healthy hair and it is now, a full year later, still choppy and full of flyaways due to Jodi. She lied to me when she asked what length I wanted it, cut it to that length, asked if that was good, I said yes and then she turned the chair away from the mirror and proceeded to chop it all off, razor it to a thinness I have not recovered from and tell me it needed to go. She styled it and added so many products that I could not see the extent of the damage until I went home and washed it. I called ans was told to come back in. I did go back to ask why and see if it could be salvaged and she was unapologetic and had no explanation. I appreciate all the spin this salon is trying to do. All I can say is I am a real person who this really happened to. And I am sure I am not alone. more

online reviews 10/26/2009

There was a feature on NPR recently about how businesses are being attacked on sites like this. The example they sited was a wedding dress place that had a lot of positive reviews and then more recently a lot of negative reviews. They found out most were from the same computer. The clues are extreme opposite reviews (lots of 5 star and lots of 1 star), a similar style of writing, similar words, lots of reviews submitted the same day, etc. Seems to be whats going on here. more

save your hair 9/5/2009

I went in with hair like lindsay lohan and left looking like edward scissorhands. It was not what I wanted or asked for. My hair is shredded from the razor used. Jodi is the owner of the salon. She is a unfortunate human being who is jealous of people with nice hair so she chopped mine to bits. I have cried every day since she assaulted me. Do not go to this chop shop. It will be years before my hair is nice again. I hate you Jodie Cons: walking in the door more

Destruction Awaits 7/19/2009

My hair was destroyed at this salon.\r Jodie is a useless, talentless, pathetic excuse for a hairdresser. After a consultation which included photos and promises, she performed the worst cut I ever received. This looks nothing like I wanted. We agreed on a length and it is 5-8 inches shorter. It is at my jawline when we agreed to mid back. It is frizzy from all th razoring and my natural highlights look uneven and I need to change the color to cover this ugly cut. My friends, husband and co workers are aghast. My niece thought it was a joke. I think I could have done a better job blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back. Honestly, save yourself I have cried every day since the incident. I hate her for what she did and she should lose her license. Do not go here because she is no artist or guru, she is a butcher. Cons: deserves no stars more

message from 220 SALON 6/9/2009

After one of our own was named ""The Best Stylist"" by Portland Monthly in August of 2008, 220 salon has received an onslaught of harsh reviews, many we believe to be false. 220 Salon DOES NOT pay for this site and we DO NOT agree with the ethics of this site or any other site in which they provide a platform for anonymous, individuals to bash a stylist or a business either unfairly, untruthfully, personally, and from one perspective. A platform in which people are allowed to provide no personal information, which creates no accountability. A site which so easily allows people to leave repeated reviews by the same person. A site which allows individuals to try and undermine a thriving business. WE DO NOT AGREE. Since August this site has removed over 40 false reviews from our listing and are currently investigating the remaining post-Portland Monthly article reviews. Therefore, we advise anyone who is using this site for worthy information you either don't use this internet source or you look at the 7 years of reviews prior to the release of the August 2008 Portland Monthly article. 220 Salon includes 9 stylists that work diligently and passionately for their career's. This site has provide a way to undermine the success of not only a salon, but 9 individuals who love what they do. 220 Salon prefers face to face communication. The most important aspect of being a stylist is to make people happy, and the most rewarding. While we understand that we cannot make everyone happy, that remains our mission. Face to face, truthful and honest. So proceed with caution and take this internet source of communication/referrals for what they are, unsubstantiated. 220 Salon is strong as a team. Growing as individual hairstylists, and are continuing to build as a salon the way we have been for the last 10 years. Pros: - Cons: - more

If you like your hair, go elsewhere 6/5/2009

Violated is the only way to describe how I feel after the massacre that is currently my hair. Jodi has no skill. I had beautiful hair which looks like someone took a garden whacker to it. She destroyed it by cutting it too short and we had a discussion and decided on the length I wanted. She cut 10 more inches off. It went from 3/4 down my back to my shoulders. She had me faced away from the mirror so I could not see what she had done. I would not suggest going to her because you can not trust her. Honesty. i could have gotten past the length if she gave me a good cut. It is the worst cut I ever received. She used a razor and thinned out what hair was left. People that knew me gasped and asked what happened. A friend I had not seen for a year asked if I was sick. At the end of the cut when I had a look of shock on my face and almost fainted and asked why she did that, she simply stated - it had to go. No apology, no reason, for the betrayal. We all have things that are our high points. For me, it was my hair. I was not trying to hang onto hair that was not healthy or had tons of split ends. I cried and cried. I went to another salon and someone tried to fix what was done, she told me if my hair grows 1/2 inch a month, it will be 2 years before it grows back. I am heartbroken because it was done without my consent. I could not in good faith suggest this salon. more

LOVE 220 3/28/2009

I really love 220 Salon and the vibe that they have generated. Jodie is great and I love the work that she and the studio does. I have been going there for three years and I am very happy with my hair and the relationship I have developed with Jodie. I really have a lot of admiration and respect for her. That is what real stylist is!! Keep Rockin' 220 Sarah Pros: Great staff and owner Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Kate is awesome! 1/24/2009

If you're looking for a good stylist and a cute/hip little salon you should go to 220 and see Kate. She does such a great job with cut and color! Pros: Flexible schedule, good salon atmosphere. more

Not so great 1/19/2009

3 haircuts later and I will not be returning. The first time it was okay but there is always a learning curve with a new stylist. The second time I tried to explain what I did not like about the first cut but she did the same thing again. The last time (what can I say, out of convenience I tried again) my hair was messed up. would not recommend this place because the stylists only seem to cut hair one way. I was informed they were all trained by Bumble and Bumble so maybe that explains it. Scissors and a razor will be used on your hair. Honestly, I think it does more damage than good. I would suggest going somewhere else that everyone is not a clone and doing the same thing. The parking is not convenient and the overall atmosphere is just okay. There are better choices out there. more

I'm reading some of these in disgust! 1/14/2009

I have to laugh because I have been a client of Jodie's for six years and she always delivers above and beyond. She supplies great conversation and professionalism while still creating a fun work environment. It's also a nice change to see an entire salon full of women who all really get along and respect each other. Now my message for the pathetic low life who has nothing better to do than to attack a successful business woman. This is one person doing this and getting her creepy friends involved too. What? Do you not have a job? How do you have the energy to do this? I realized it's one person because the second Jodie gets a positive review she's slapped with at least three negative ones that all sound the same. 220 Salon calls it creative writing, I call it physco babble from a pathetic looser. If you're going to try to sabotage Jodie could you at least come up with a better word then ""beeyatch"" and maybe learn to spell her name right. These are\r personal attacks! Also you have posed as a man on this crying about how your wife's hair isn't soft anymore. I'm sorry no man talks like that. Your a fake and a phony and I hope your embarrassed when you read this, but physco's probably don't carry that emotion. So get a life or at least check yourself into a clinic. I feel very sorry for you. Pros: Great atmosphere and a delightful staff. Cons: Sabotaging physco's like this one on City Search. more

A message from 220 Salon 1/13/2009

The stylists at 220 Salon have noticed that ever since one of our own was voted ""Best in Portland"" in the August 2008 issue of Portland Monthly, we have received a lot of harsh, negative reviews here on Citysearch. Prior to that we had only ever been reviewed positively. To us, they just don't ring true. Many of them include 'facts' we know to be untrue and we suspect that most of them are from one source. We stand resolutely behind our work and have nothing but gratitude for our clients, old and new. While we realize we cannot possibly please everyone, we have not recently received any complaints in the salon regarding either our work or our professionalism. We encourage anyone with an issue to contact us and we will do our utmost to make it right. In the meantime we hope that anyone reading these reviews enjoys the positive and takes the negatives for what we believe they are: creative writing. more

Jodi lacks character 1/11/2009

I am tired of people making excuses for Jodi. You can call her what you want, an artist, a genius. I vehemently disagree. Listen, I may need a straightforward haircut because of my lifestyle. If I ask for it and you do not style hair that way, have the courtesy to tell me so I can leave. You do NOT have the right to say you are going to perform a service and then go off and do whatever you want. You affected my life in a very negative way when you decided to liberate from my hair. I work in a corporate environment. I do this to provide for my family. It does not make me less of an Oregonian nor do it make me a princess. I simply cannot conduct meetings with funky hair and be taken seriously. NO person has the right to do that to you because they believe they know best. Jodi, if people are angry and attacking your character it is because you did this to them. You did it to me and I do not forgive you. It has been 6 months and my hair is nowhere near what it was. I have been the subject of ridicule because you felt you knew better and most importantly NEVER gave me the CHOICE to say no. You did what you wanted and I was left to deal with the consequences. That is NOT a good person. That is NOT a good stylist. That is NOT a trustworthy person.\r Learn your lesson from all of the bad reviews. You are supposed to perform a service and if you are incapable or unwilling then tell the client what you are planning on doing and give them the ability to say no thank you and leave. That IS a person of character. \r Cons: Jodi will do what she wants, not what you ask for more
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