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21st Mortgage Corporation - 32 Reviews - 620 Market St # 100, Knoxville, TN - Mortgages & Loans Reviews - Phone (865) 523-2120

21st Mortgage Corporation

620 Market St # 100
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 523-2120
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21st Mortgage Corporation - Knoxville, TN
21st Mortgage Corporation - Knoxville, TN
21st Mortgage Corporation - Knoxville, TN


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I have had my mortgage for 13 yrs.LOVED my old mortgage co.( Southtrust).loan was bought out by 21st mortgage,have had problems ever since.i have had similar problems as most,or ...


I have to say that this company is AWFUL! Our payments come out of our bank account and they still call to tell us we are late! It comes directly out and we have never been lat...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/20/2013

They are $4!t please start a lawsuit I hate them please tell me if anyone had a problem with there Payment being Processed in 2012 around July and September they hurt my credit so bad because they were changing the way we pay over the phone and my payment did not go through. If you had this problem please let's get together and stop these sorry SOBs they are killing our credit for there own gain so we have higher interest rates. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/26/2012

Buyer Beware!!!!!!!! This company is a joke. I'm not going to waiste my time typing how horrable the company is just read the other reviews as my sistuation is the same as many of them. \r \r When I purchaced my home, had they told me they would be selling it to this awful company I would NOT have done it.\r \r Most NORMAL mortage companies are way more willing to work with people who are struggling expecially when you tell them in a few weeks you will be getting a lump sum to keep the payments current for a year.\r \r They want their money (rightfully so) NOW and if for some reason you cant give them the money they ask you when your going to be out. Not when can you. Then they call you every day and call MANY other people...\r \r If a class action happens I'm in... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/4/2012

If you have 21st Mortgage or had and would like to start a class action lawsuit go to this URL\r \r \r \r Tell your story and if enough people gets involved the attorneys will become interested.\r \r (Please repost this URL everywhere and lets take action; post it constantly on any complaint so we can become thousands)\r more

21st is the worse 4/24/2012

I have to say that this company is AWFUL! Our payments come out of our bank account and they still call to tell us we are late! It comes directly out and we have never been late, well as of this month we have paid of our home:) They took out the entire monthly payment even though only half was owed. We are still waiting to get out money back from them 20 days later and they are calling my husband at his work. They now owe us money so they will be hearing from us every day until they give it back, maybe we should charge interest and a late fee to see how they like it more

Nasty, Rude, Abuse 4/10/2012

Don't be 1 day late, they will call and call and call. I've been lied to, what is my grace time? Tried to complain to manager and that was pointless! At least the manager was not rude that was a change. What the hell you want me to do the check was already in the mail?? Thank god for caller id NEVER answer the phone if they call again! more

Can we say ""harrassment?"" 3/2/2012

I read your comments below and I would have to agree with all of you. They will harrass you every day, call you every hour, until they get a hold of you or until the payment is made. My husband works in a line of business of SNOW and if no snow, no money. Well, we are about 3 months behind on payment and have made arrangements with tax returns to get it caught up. They wanted me to post date an ACH debit from my checking account before the refund even showed up in my checking account. OMG - can we say ""fraud""?!?!? I refused not knowing if the refund was going to be there yet. Well, it didn't show up and now I have to DEAL with them again and let them know they will have to wait another week. \r I agree... you talk to one person, then another, then another.... say the same thing each time. Then you talk to them again a few days later and they don't have any of the previous confersation on file. OMG.... I would love to get away from 21st and finance thru someone else. Anyone have any ideas who??? \r I agree -- they are the rudest people I've ever had to deal with. REDICULOUS!!! more

Worst horrible rude company 2/17/2012

We bought our home in 08. My husband works as a contract welder. He goes where ever the job is so it's common for us to be out of work time to time. Well at first when we were out of work they were real nice but then they moved us from one person to the next and I was frustrated trying to explain our line of work. I finally ask one day why they move us around and to my surprise no one could explain it to me. I ask why when I make arrangement with you guys why don't you put in on the account in the computer system I was tired of talking to one person and then next day different person calls and they had no idea I made a arrangement. Crazy thing is now I have one financial councilor and she is right down a bad person. I refuse to answer personal questions and I refuse to pay a 100 late fee when my payment book says 5 late fee and I really don't care about if I can't make partial payment I do and they post them . FYI they have to except a payment or they can get into trouble. My sister n law is fight right now over that and looks like she might win her home. Not with this company. I dislike this company. I hope they read all these reviews. I refuse to give you people personal information if it's not on the file it's none of your business. I also wait to the very last minute to send my payment. That pisses them off but they get it along with my late fee, just don't use this company more

Highway Robbery 1/31/2012

I bought my home 7 years ago as a repo, and ended up with 21st mortgage. I'll admit I had bad credit back then, so I wasn't surprised at the 12.25% interst rate. After 7 years of on time payments and an improved credit score I tried to refinance with them. Ha! I received a rejection letter, surprise. Of course they don't want to lose all that money. When I do receive a year end escrow report from them, it always shows a negative balance that has to be made up during the next year. My question, I calculate the amount for insurance and taxes for the year and how much of my payment goes towards that, it comes up close to $300. over what is due. So, where is that extra money going? Hmm. I'm looking elsewhere to refinance, or will try to sell my home. This has been a bad experience all around. 21st mortgage only cares about it's bottom line. Pitiful. more

Worst Company to deal with 1/7/2012

I lost my job and continued to pay the payments, then when I could no longer afford the payments I contacted them and asked them to work with me by lowering my payment or dropping the interest rate or extending the loan. After trying this for about five months with constant phone calls from them and them not willing to help Iet the home go back. I paid over $60,000 on the home, left it in excellent condition even winterized it and guess what. They sold it to the park and now want an additional $19,000 dollars. I am nearly 60 years old with a low paying job just barley getting by renating a one bedroom and they are still harrassing me. more

Wow 12/14/2011

wow more

Worse than a reprobate. 10/20/2011

We pay an average of $60 OVER the required amount every month and they still send us duns and make constant harassing phone calls. Currently we are over one month AHEAD! (Are you reading this 21st?) I am finally at the point where I am writing a letter to the state Attorney General, and an attorney to see if we can sue them. I truly hope we can as the house will be paid for and we will have a nice retirement fund started at their expense. I am through with their ignorance!! They ever stand in front of me and I will pay them in ways they do not desire but will leave a lasting mark!!! Can you spell woodshed experience?? Anyone care to start a class action lawsuit against them?? I am in!!! more

worst company to deal with 10/12/2011

i have this company as my mortgage company and they are the worst to deal with as they are rude and all they care about is getting the payments on time and they call all the time to make sure you are going to make a payment...and the other day when i called them and tried to explain why i could only make a partial payment this month they got right rude with me and told me that the mortgage payment was MORE important then my other bills and i should of paid it first...........and to have my internet, phone and cable disconnected so i can pay them on time every month. I have a son that is disabled do you think they understand that he needs his medicine, that he enjoys watching tv noo they were very rude to me yesterday. more


I only give them one star because I must. They recently purchased our mortgage from another company. We have NEVER been late, always EARLY. They are trying to change the terms of our contract without our consent. Trying to speak to anyone in that company is a complete waste of time they can not comprehend basic English. I can not count how MANY times we have spoken with this company over the last month they have owned our mortgage, and we get nowhere with them! After speaking to a ""supervisor"" he assured us that he would ""investigate my concern"". There is NO concern! My contract states the guidelines and they are NOT following them!! At one point in the conversation the supervisor said ""We don't look at every contract."" So they're arguing with me about the contract I signed without even looking at MY contract! I had them send me a copy of my contract so I knew they have it, and I will be sending a copy back to them with my payment being sent specifically as stated in MY contract! This company is a disgrace, trained monkeys would do a better job. If you have not already, NEVER do business with them!!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!! Besides Bank of America, this is my most HATED company ever! If this is not quickly resolved, they will be meeting my lawyer, after the attorney's general gets through with them of course, by time all is said and done they will be very very sorry, they messed with the wrong person. more

Bad times for everyone 8/11/2011

Hi, fellow victims; I too, had my loan purchased by 21st mortgage. I have failing health and financial issues. My father is ill and my wife's father is ill. I came to the conclusion that I could not afford to take care of my family and myself and live in Calif.. I called 21st to state that I volutarilly relinquish ownership of the mobile home. I then recieved a call from them and was told they would ""destroy me"", financially. Well I have almost no retirement left (thanks to obama), and my health issues are terminal. All that I want to do is take care of my family as long as can. The last thing I need is for someone to tell me , "" they will destroy me"". I'm already dead. But, if they want to harm my family , I will do everthing in my power to prevent that. We, the people, that have been threatened, victimized by these vultures can have our day too!!! Let's compile a list of everybody that represents 21st and is threatening us. Go on the internet and get all the information you can on them. Find out where THEY live. Find out who THIER neighbors are, and start making public who these people are. Almost all of the information is found in public records. When we find it , we make it really public. Turn the tables on them. The only way to keep the snakes from biting you is to cut the heads off. We MUST band together. We will get nowhere by ourselves. more

had it up to here/21st 6/23/2011

I have had my mortgage for 13 yrs.LOVED my old mortgage co.( Southtrust).loan was bought out by 21st mortgage,have had problems ever since.i have had similar problems as most,or all these reviews.the only thing consistant about this co. is their utmost need to try and be as rude,unprofessional,condesending,uncareing,arrogant, IGNORANT is as humanly possible.the service reps?last about a year on average,and every year,they just get stupider. will be pd. off before long. goodday! andy more

A Haunting Desire 6/6/2011

Hello,\r \r In Reference to this company and their values of ethics to people is that they have no tatic for the sake of their company or for their customers. I have experienced some really hard times with these people being that I'm nearly finish paying for my mortgage I normally pay my bill by the end of the month, they actually pick people from the phone book that is not on my contract and call them to bring me messages, they have even went to the point of calling a realtive that lives out of state, and that's just unethical when they always end up receiveing the payment; these people have degrated me with some of the worst and same comments that I have seen here. I've had my home since 1996 with a company called Birmingham, Al corp; until these people took over it's been torture. I been harrassed, and humilated with comments that gets into heated discussions; I normally hand up because I don't want to take the abuse after I have made arrangements, they then transfer me over to be bullied again. Something or someone really needs to get these people in order with business standards. But Thank God I don't have long, and I will do everything in my power to keep my home as long as I pay my mortgage. more

not a good company 5/9/2011

I sign up with 21st mortgage last year and I have never been late I call and made agreement with them and they broke it saying they need the payment in or between the 1st and 5 of the month I told them my hardship and I make my payment on the 3rd wednesday in every month and they agreed, then the women of the company is worst they want there monthly bonus I really don't like the customer service that they have they very very unprofessional. they will call like you are 3-6 month behind but I have not miss a payment I just hate I sign that mortgage note. If I can refinance I would do it. more

Bad Leadeership = Bad Company 1/26/2011

This is a company which will suck you in, as a customer or an employee, until they've ""got you in their clutches"" . As an employee or a customer , you'd better learn to kiss the right butts, play the right games, etc.- - I was there for 4 1/2 years, and I saw a lot of good people have their lives ruined, although they were loyally devoted and extremely hard workers. It is a very politically-oriented company , whose leadership is staunch Republican, and doesn't respect anyone who isn't. This is also prevalent in their IT division, whose leader is also hardcore Republican, and as a leader , is a throwback to the little bald-headed, mustachioed , cigar-chomping caricatures of the '50's & '60's, resembling Mr, Spacely, George Jetson's boss - only Mr. Spacely had personality (albeit bad).. this company has a dim future ahead of it because of these uncompromising attitudes, and any potential employee candidates or customers, are best advised to avoid them if at all possible. more

Unprofessional and very rude representatives 11/18/2010

21st mortgage bought out my previous company. (Which I loved) and when I called them about information on them all they wanted was a payment. Which when I called them I did not have any prof of this company. The rep kept telling me that it did not matter that I had not revived documentation proving that this was where I would be sending my payments. She got so rude to where I req her supervisor. I am very upset that I had no choice with them being my ""new lean holder"". I find this company very unorganized and unprofessional. more

Money Won't Post 11/6/2010

I too am having difficulty with 21st Mortgage. I sent them a money order for a payment and I called them that I had mailed it and was going to be $35 short and that I would send it when I got paid again from unemployment. They told me that my M. O. wouldn't be posted unless I sent them the $35 on Monday and felt pressured to try to come up with the money buy borrowing it from someone. Talk about being stressed out!! more
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  • 21st Mortgage Corporation is a FULL-SERVICE wholesale lender that specializes in providing several home loans. It offers loans for housing retailers. Mortgage brokers and directly to consumers throughout the united states. Operational since 1995. The Company provides business property. Liability. Worker's compensation and builder S risk insurance plans. 21st Mortgage Corporation offers online payment options. The Company also provides several financing options to mortgage brokers. In addition. It offers landlord and tenant. Boat and travel trailer insurance plans.

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