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200 Fifth

200 5th Ave (at Union Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 694-4158
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200 Fifth - Brooklyn, NY
200 Fifth - Brooklyn, NY


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I came here not knowing what to expect. Had heard a few things about this place from friends, and being new to the neighborhood was eager to check it out. While everyone stressed ...


I called ahead one Friday to see if they were able to receive the NCAA Track and Field Champs. The person I spoke to said, they were not sure but more than likely. I had some trac...

Great sports bar and night time entertainment 2/9/2011

Not just a place to grab a beer and watch the game - I've seen some great comedy shows here- and I've brought a date for dinner as well. It's a good local place more

More then just a sports bar 1/31/2011

I came here not knowing what to expect. Had heard a few things about this place from friends, and being new to the neighborhood was eager to check it out. While everyone stressed the sports bar aspect of the place to me (and it is a great spot for a game, looks like they have 100 tv's inside) I was really pleased with the dinner I had. I ordered the crab cake to start and was amazed at how fresh it tasted. It was a great size for an app. as well. My entree was a T-bone steak while my friend got the boneless half chicken. Both dishes were HUGE and came out looking great. My steak was cooked perfectly medium rare while my friends chiken was slightly crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside. A great dining experience overall and it doesn't hurt that they have 40 beers on tap, including arrogant bastard ( a fav for my west coast roots). Make sure to check this place out for quality food and damn good beer. more

Wow! 1/9/2011

Always on the road traveling and trying to find the "local spot". My concierge at the Holiday Inn Express recomeded this place. I was a little weary about advice from a kid making minimum wage at Hoiday inn but I went anyway. Great enviorenment and the food was suprisingly good. I recomend the burger special or wings. Must check out if in the Slope also had my local team on. Go Clippers! more


I called ahead one Friday to see if they were able to receive the NCAA Track and Field Champs. The person I spoke to said, they were not sure but more than likely. I had some track fans in town who really wanted to see the meet. We got there about 9 p.m. after a wonderful dinner at Blue Ribbon Restaurant (TASTY FOOD! GREAT SERVICE!) and I asked if they were able to get the meet. The waiter went to check while we sat at the bar. The bartender came up and asked if we were ordering drinks. I began to explain that we were just waiting to see if the bar could get a specific channel on their cable then we would definitely order drinks. Before I got half way through, he shook his head, wheeled around and walked away, with not one word! His service was atrocious! He was very rude. My three guests were in their and 50's and 60's and were all appalled at what passed for service at this establishment. We eventually stayed to see the end of the meet and bought drinks. I tipped him 10% but now wished I hadn't. Avoid this place at all costs! Pros: They have a lot of TV screens Cons: Terrible, terrible service!!!!!!!!! more

Best place to watch sports in Brooklyn 2/18/2010

I went here during the Yankees World Series run, and I was happier here then if I was at Yankee Stadium. There is an amazing energy. Returned for the Jets and the place was electric. Not to mention, I was pleasently suprised at how good the food was, I will definitely be back... Pros: Many TVs, Great Atmosphere, Suprisingly great kitchen Cons: A lot of people, wish there was more space more

worst place in park slope 2/15/2010

Terrible food, crowded, with awful service. There are much better places to go, like your local neighborhood bar. This place has turned into a hyped up, out of towners, irritating sports bar. I would never go back. Pros: nothing Cons: loud, crowded, terrible food. more

Viewing The Game Is The Thing 9/25/2009

[UPDATE, 10/3/09] OK, I went there to watch a game as per my review below. The quality of viewing is good as descrbed. Only thing is THE PLACE IS PACKED. The crowd spills over onto the sidewalk and there is not a seat or table to be had anywhere. I got there at 3:30 for a 4pm game and nobody ever left their spot. I never saw a waitress, never got a drink. Had to stand in back of the bar stools for the entire game and contend with a constant flow of people squeezing by. The crowd is in their 20s and 30s. They've got the physical stamina to contend with this sort of situation. But us old guys, well I left there with an aching back and badly swollen feet. A girl tried to pick me up though - flattering. But I was in no shape for it; just dreaming of bed and a meal. ------------- [9/26/09] I checked this place out in person today for possible viewing of the NFL tomorrow (Bears/Seahawks). All important for me is the ability to sit in front of a screen and watch my game. My crappy co-op board does not allow dishes for Direct TV reception. I have a wide latitude of tolerance when it comes to the food. So, you walk in, the bar is on the left and has a trail of screens along it's length. Down the center of the room and along the right wall are tables, all of which have their own screens. Talked to the manager, who told me if you get to a table early, they put your game on your screen. If you're standing, somewhere in the bar is EVERY NFL game. What look to be 19-20" screens all have clear pictures. OK, that's all I need. I'll eat whatever half-assed thing they're serving if I can watch my game. I don't yet know what the quality of the food is, but some of these reviews read like a sniffy yuppie peccadillo. [My veggie burger burned my tongue? Give me my meal free. Please! Have another latte grande with 2% milk and mocha vanilla sweetener, but no whipped cream, and wrap the cherry for the baby.] (Subtracting 1 star for as yet unsampled food.) Pros: Many convenient screens, good for moochers. Cons: No seats more

chill outt 8/19/2009

pretty chill spot. Lots of action, decent prices. more

TERRIBLE Customer Service! 5/29/2009

This was my first time visiting 200 5th and it will also be my last. I ordered the vegetable burger and took my first bite into it about 5 minutes after it arrived. The vegetable patty burst and splashed on my face and left a 2ND DEGREE BURN on my face. The burger was ridiculously hot. It tasted fine but I was given no warning about the temperature risk. At any rate, I reported the burn to my waitress (very politely), showed her the blister that was starting to form on my face as a result, and asked to have my meal comped. Her response was that it was MY FAULT because I was obviously an "irresponsible eater". What!? I have never heard of anyone responding that way. She told me she would not comp my meal because "it was not fair to the restaurant" that I eat "that way". Her manager then came over and explained to me that food is hot when it is cooked (Really?!) and that it was my fault for not taking caution when eating. She did not respond to my point that food should not cause 2nd degree burns when it is ready to be served. She refused to comp my meal or apologize for the burn and accused me of having the burn on my face before I got there. My boyfriend explained that we'd be happy to pay for the meal except for my portion and she asked us to leave and never return. What kind of customer service is that? I will gladly NEVER return and I suggest that you do not either. Also, my face hurts. Pros: beer Cons: bad customer service, rude management! more

wassup 3/4/2009

bad food, great drinks more

Great food/BAD service 2/14/2009

I was searching for a nice place to dine late and have a couple of drinks. The food was above average and the wine was actually perfect, however to say that the service was lacking is being kind. Couldn't find the waiter half the time and when he was located, he was standding at another table watching the sports event on one of the many large screen TVs. My date and I will return and hope/pray to be seated in another's section. Surely they all can't be as inattentive!! more

Noisy and Mediocre 1/10/2009

If you like football and noisy football crowds on a Sunday, this place is for you. But if you're like me and my friends, who were not informed that our neighbors would be screaming in our ears about the Giants the entire time, then this place is NOT for you. I think we would have been ok with the noisy atmosphere if the food and service was good, but unfortunately, my egg white omelette was drowned in butter, the coffee was burnt, and the service was very very slow. So, all in all, not a pleasant Sunday brunch experience. Pros: Good neighborhood, friendly wait staff Cons: Super noisy, greasy food, slow service more

Great sports bar 12/9/2008

Me and my cousin go to this bar for boxing PPV all the time. I go here and drink cheap beer and bar food (wings) and it's always been great. Last time there we got 20 wings and 4 pitches of beer and it was under 60 dollars. Love this place. more

Expensive for BAD food. 9/11/2008

People told us it was good. Maybe they had read the generic, fake, good reviews on this page. It was horrendous. Good deal? We paid $8 for 4 shriveled, burned, fishy(old)-tasting, quarter-sized shrimp. Mashed potatoes tasted like they came from a box. Salads were ok, but we had to pick out brown lettuce and pour off bowl full of balsamic vinegar (apparently vinegrette means tons of straight up vinegar). The "soup master" didn't manage to make onion soup that my husband could eat more than a few spoons of, and for a place that talks up their menu SO MUCH, they can't figure out how to make fries that aren't soggy- like they had been 'fried' in water! I wish I was exaggerating, but I think I could be much harsher. The food is THE OPPOSITE of how they describe it. It is obvious that the good reviews were written by friends and family. I'm not saying that the food was rediculously expensive, but for what we got, quantity AND quality- NOT OKAY. It's just so offensive when you have to pay prices that good restaurants charge when the food is SO bad. Do you know how easy it is to make mashed potatoes taste good? I almost cancelled the charge on my credit card. Pros: None that I found. Cons: Almost everything, especially the food. more


First off I would like to start off by saying that this place was packed on Sunday night, the day before Memorial Day. It looked like a cool, trendy & happening place to eat & drink at. For the LOVE of GOD were we SO WRONG! We walked in and were not even greeted/seated by the "manager" for about 5 minutes , because he was busy standing there picking his fingernails! Once seated, our server took our drink order and never returned. I took it upon myself to ask another waitress for help and she brought our drinks over promptly and proceeded to take our order since by this time we had been waiting 20 mins since our original waiter first came! When our appetizer arrived, the Shrimp Quesadillas....they were by far the most greasiest looking things I have ever seen! How do you mess up something so simple and easy? Sopping in grease! Don't know how they made them, but it looked worse than any fast food quesadilla I had ever seen or eaten! Needless to say, we were starving and ate them! After an HOUR...yes a whole hour..and constant searching for our waiter to see where our entree's were, a bus boy brought out our entrees. Ok...I am going to stress the fact that I was starving and would of eaten anything... at this point "cold soggy mushy cereal" sounds appealing!! I ordered a Veggie Cheese Burger with fries. I took the bun off to pour on some ketchup and noticed that the cheese was just placed on top of the burger, it was not melted at I gave it the benefit of the doubt..I bit into it and it was "ice" cold...hence, why the cheese was not melted! The fries were greasy, fried teeny tiny pieces of little burnt scrap potatoes...I would of gone to McDonald's, Buger King...anything would of been better than this! How could something like get served to a customer.....absolutley horriffic! After waiting over an hour for our food..this is what I was starving and waiting for? I would love to go on & explain how bad this place is but there is no room left! Pros: NOT A DARN THING! Cons: GROSS FOOD, HORRIBLE STAFF, POOR SERVICE OVERALL! STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! more

Best Watering Hole and Pub Grub in Park Slope 3/7/2008

Well all I can say is, that anytime...everytime I go to visit my friends in Brooklyn, I always recommend 200 Fifth. First of all, it's convenient to get to from Manhattan (R Train to Union Street), and it's atmosphere is fun. My girlfriends and I are always made to feel very welcome there, we've had many birthday brunches there and you can't beat the prices. Their menu is fabulous: you can get a wonderful, yummy pasta dish, juicy burger with all the trimmings and get a drink of any type from the bar. Did I mention the vast varieties of beer? Fabulous! Would recommend 200 Fifth to anyone...anytime! Pros: The Food and Atmosphere Cons: Waitstaff can be forgetful or get orders wrong if busy. more

Great place to have a bite and a brew 3/6/2008

This is a great place to go and have a quick bite and a few beers early in the day. Their bar menu is amazing and the buffalo wings are a knockout. Also enjoy their dinner menu that features a amazing steaks and seafood. Maybe a little crowded and have a few mintue wait on the weekends, but isn't that a good sign? Service here is always with a smile and you'll leave with one too after enjoying yourself at this great Park Slope restaurant. Pros: Food, Drinks, service Cons: none more

fun place 3/5/2008

Love this place for all it's expansiveness and diversity. Would love to see more dancing nights, like in the past, however the huge bank of TVs offers a suitable distraction. Game days have the place packed, so plan in advance. This is a Park Slope landmark- love it! Pros: diverse menu and crowd Cons: no DJ or live entertainment more

Yum, yum and YUMMM! 2/25/2008

Awesome bar, great food- WOW!! Something like 40 beers on draught, HELLO! Their Portobello sandwich is to die for- a vegetarian's dream. I like it "blackened" with extra sun-dried tomato & pesto sauce. For added heath, trade the fries for the salad!! The wait staff and bartenders are super friendly too :) Pros: Food, Beers Cons: None! more

The Complete Package 2/24/2008

I've loved this place for over 20 years. It has always had the best "bar food" anywhere, and their chef's specials and upscale menu stuff are forces to be reckoned with. The staff just wants to make everybody comfortable, and they make no bones about it. The dining room, the old bar and the big sports bar all have very welcoming atmospheres. Go for the Southern Wings, even better than the best Buffalo wings around (also theirs). The Cajun Shrimp in oil is another appetizer that surprizes. For main courses the T-Bone is best (for carnivores like me) but their menu is so vast and varied that I won't guess how they pull it off. But pull it off they do, and they do it well. Don't take my word for it, just go. But bring your appetite. You won't leave hungry. more
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Menu for 200 Fifth

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Owner Message

  • Welcome to 200 Fifth Restaurant & Sports Bar, a true Brooklyn eatery and shrine to all things sports and entertainment. As a restaurant, we aim to be the highest grade in quality, comfort, and hospitality in Park Slope. Our Chef's vast American Bistro menu caters to any appetite. Enjoy a tender cut of Rib Eye or a Fresh Salmon Filet with family, take your date out for Linguini and Clam Sauce with Chocolate Mousse for dessert, or just grab some nachos and wings with some friends. Our Sports Bar boasts 40 draught beers, 25 in bottles, an extensive wine list, and a full bar where our in-house mixologists always create a slam dunk. 70 flat screen televisions are draped from wall-to-wall and our huge High Definition projection big screen is the perfect exclamation point. We have every sports package so expect to see any game, any time. And remember 200 Fifth, it only happens here.


  • The Scene
    This rousing double-storefront sports bar attracts a crowd more diverse than its Slope location might suggest. That's because its one-bar-fits-all formula works. On one side, tables come with paper and crayons for the kids while waiters in black serve an upscale dinner menu in a room fit for conversation; the other side boasts roaring fans, more TVs than Circuit City and 40 beers on tap.

    The Draw
    Every night, you can catch any game of the season--all NBA and MLB games, hockey, plus HBO's "Saturday Night Action Fights"--with revved-up supporters on each opposing side. But even non-sports fans can appreciate the three styles of wings and mega-burgers. The food ranks high above pub grub, the look is exposed brick and brass and the staff is on the ball. Weekends bring salsa music and a steamy pickup scene as competitive as the weeknight games.

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    Daily 4pm-2am
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    Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club, Visa, Discover
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    Park Slope