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101 Coffee Shop - 34 Reviews - 6145 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (323) 467-1175

101 Coffee Shop

6145 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-1175
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101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA
101 Coffee Shop - Los Angeles, CA


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The barbecued chicken came with the best mashed potatoes and gravy I've had in 50 years, along with an enormous salad and decent coffee, and the chicken proved outstanding. A fla...


Ate here for breakfast. Nothing special. Just ordinary food. Not worth a return trip. Cons: breakfast, parking, ambiance

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2014

When I hit the Pantages I walk up to this place. Never had something bad here. My girlfriend raves about the chai shake and portabello mushroom sandwich. I like the chicken salad and bacon burger. The chocolate waffle dessert is just genius. There's a small parking lot but it's often full. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/21/2012

Gread food ALWAYS! I love this place! more

Terrible food in a dimly lit atmosphere 9/5/2010

The funny waiter keeping my son laughing was not enough to make up for undercooked green beans (the waiter hopefully exlaimed ""They're al dente!""), lumpy, flavorless mashed potatoes with inedible over cooked meatloaf and tepid, bland lentil soup (I've had better from a can). The atmosphere may be mid- century modern but it feels more like an uninviting cafeteria in a the lobby of a flea bag hotel. My wife said I ordered the wrong thing but a quick look around the place and I could see other underwhelmed patrons looking wanly at their bad looking sandwiches and over dressed salads. Style mid century or otherwise does not an eatery make. more

Try the Barbecued Chicken 1/5/2010

The barbecued chicken came with the best mashed potatoes and gravy I've had in 50 years, along with an enormous salad and decent coffee, and the chicken proved outstanding. A flatiron steak by comparison seemed rather ordinary. Eggs benedict were good. Muffins you can buy at the cash register are heavenly. Cappaccinos are okay. Service was usually swift. Good ambience too. I like it. Pros: Great mashed potatoes and gravy Cons: A disappointing waffle once more

Love this place 4/2/2009

I have always loved this place for a good late night bite, and though it is usually pretty packed on weekend nights, I love thsi place. I really hate diners that try to look all 50s. Boring. You know it's no good when Denny's starts remodeling trying to look like a 50s diner. But this place is so 60s/70s it's hilarious. The rock wall reminds me of my grandma's house and how she refused to update the look of her house. But my favorite thing about this place...The Fried Green Tomato Salad.\r Loves it! Pros: Good Food, Great Late night place Cons: Busy more

worst service in LA 3/9/2009

Three times the charm, as they say. \r Well, each of the three times I have been here I have been an horrible experience with the waiting staff.\r Let me say , the busboys were working there asses off, even pointing out to the servers they had customers.\r Maybe the charm of this place is to the late night rockers and the history on the wall.\r If you're on your way home from a late night of partying, maybe you don't notice the lousy service.\r Don't stop here for breakfast in the morning if you are expecting more than cold eggs after 40 minutes.\r The wait staff I have encountered could have cared less if I ever came back again.\r My experience was so horrid with one young man that I stiffed him entirely, something I never do.\r On another occasion, I watched two little chickies talking so profusely about how much their weekend ""sucked"" that they never had a word for me or any of their other customers.\r You might as well go to Jerry's Diner for over priced diner fare, or Canter's for waitress abuse.\r Later? I don't think so. more

very good cup of joe! 3/7/2009

I have to say I've been to a lot of ""diners""/coffee shops around the country and I was really impressed by their cup of coffee, just a cup of black.\r \r Service was attentive but they had that kind of attitude ""i'm here to help you, but not really serve you"", not very upbeat.\r \r I hope I get to eat something next time. more

A Hollywood Experience that I will continue to share... 1/6/2009

This Restaurant is amazing! Forget all of the nay-sayers...I love this place! It has the denny's/steak'n'shake/coffee shop feel however it is a step up! It is much nicer than denny's and steak'n'shake! First the entrance...If you come in the first entrance through the hotel there are all of these autographed pictures and what not and my friends usually enjoy that and spend a good 10 minutes looking at all of them! The seating is usually quick however at crunch hours it may be longer. The food is great! I discovered sweet potato fries here and found them at many other restaurants but these are AMAZING! I also love their Mikey Fitz for breakfast and Turkey Burger for Lunch/Dinner...Honestly the only two things I have had...Because they are terrific! It is also often frequented by celebrities...and films have filmed there so it has some gumption to it as well! All around It is a great restaurant the only downfall that I would have to suggest is the service...but again it is usually very busy! So give 'em a break! Hope this helps!! GO THERE!!! Pros: The Food and the Ambience Cons: Parking and sometimes the service more

The Best Diner in the L.A. Area! My favorite for years running... 11/8/2008

Before we moved to L.A. and lived in San Diego, we would have to stop at the 101 anytime we were passing through, or visiting friends here. Once someone introduced us, it became one of our favorite restaurants in L.A. (as far as casual, comfort food goes). Our favorites include the black bean taquitos, the homemade mac-n-cheese is huge success among our children and fellow adults alike, the fried chicken specials, the huevos rancheros...oh forget it - we like it all! I've never had anything bad here. The milkshakes are deeeelish. Sometimes it's packed so you'll have a little wait. But that happens anywhere. Often it's not more than a few minutes. And the service is always impeccable. Super-friendly staff that are hustling for many more tables than just ours. Both being veterans of the service industry, my husband and I are really easy, patient and understanding customers. I've seen some complaints about the service in other comments, and I can't help but wonder if they're just high-maintenance customers who don't tend to frequent establishments that aren't solely concerned about customer service. As I said before, I've never had anything but wonderful service with a smile. It's just one of those places where the emphasis is on the giant-sized portions of amazingly yummy homecooked food...not kissing every customer's behind while ushering the food from kitchen to table. Keep in mind it's a diner - so you will find grease. Mmmmm....wonderful grease. If you're looking for non-greasy greasy-spoon food, I don't know what you're doing at a diner! Pros: Interesting ambience and crowd; Ridiculously delicious grub Cons: Sometimes it's super-packed and you have a cue, and expect to not be waited on hand and foot more

A place to see and be seen (and eat!) 9/29/2008

I eat here every couple of months and it's good. They have a delicious chai latte ($3.50) that I order every time. 101 Cafe has standard coffee shop food like sandwiches and breakfast served all day. They also have a few pasta dishes and salads. Everything I've eaten here (or nibbled off my friend's plates) has been good. It's not a gourmet restaurant! I think some of these reviews are harsh, who expects non greasy french fries and real maple syrup at a coffee shop? Give me a break! I do agree the service is slow and they never give drink refiills but so what? This is a place where people go after the bar for munchies and coffee. Just relax, people watch, enjoy the CD jukebox, and chill. Pros: trendy and fun Cons: parking is really tough more

great local spot 8/5/2008

Not sure where these ""horrendous service"" reviews are coming from. I go to the 101 about 2-3 times a month and the servers are always total sweethearts (although it does get really busy at times). For a diner, the food is good, healthy (if you want) and the price is right. It's a great neighborhood spot and a great place for eastsiders to meet Valley-ites since it's right off the 101. more

super extra mediocre 3/5/2008

there is a hint of charm about the cafe, but it is butchered by the atrocious service, whereby the waitresses feel they have to go out of their way to be rude and negligent. For pancakes, there is a small vat that serves as a High Fructose Corn Syrup warmer. If you want real maple syrup, not corn syrup, the waitress will make you pay extra. Overall a fun joint, but for a dining experience more

Worst service in all of Los Angeles 2/23/2008

We ate at this place this past weekend. The service was horrendous! This waiter (bearded young guy) gave us attitude the whole time. He miscalculated our bill and even gave us a hard time for ordering mashed potatoes instead of fries. The food was decent but this waiter was way out of line. We will avoid this place at all costs due to this horrendous service. Cons: service more

Good choice for late night hipster diner 2/6/2008

Excellent pancakes served all day, very good meatloaf, good mac & cheese and vanilla cokes. Reasonable prices, great atmosphere/decor. Pros: It's a standby Cons: It's a little hip more

stay home and eat some cardboard 9/22/2007

Wanting to satisfy my good friend in from London with a delicious Hollywood-style brunch I mistakenly thought Cafe 101 could fit the bill. His eyes were moisting over as he hungrily perused the menu while we queued on Saturday lunch time. After a 15 minute wait we were shown to a table so dark and far removed from the hubbub of the dining room we feared our waitress would need a flashlight to find us. A booth was soon secured back by the counter.\r The waitress was perky, efficient but over-worked. Busboys picked up the slack. Our table ordered breakfast burrito, huevos rancheros, burger, eggs and hotcakes (Mikey Fitz) with sides of onion rings and sweet potato fries. The expensive drinks were delivered promptly - but the Starbucks prices were cheeky. After 5 minutes the sides arrived and they were spectacular in both quantity and tastiness. The onion rings were a festival of freshly deep fried onion in crispy batter - however the watered down Ranch dressing disappointed, failing to adhere to the fries or rings. That's 75c each tiny bowl thank you very much. My husband's t-shirt looked like a painter's radio. A further ten minutes and our entrees appeared. The burrito bore an uncanny resemblance to a full hot water bottle slathered in irradiated goo. My friend greedily split open the bulging whoopee cushion only to be met my two sad ingredients: a dessert spoon of black beans and between 6-10 over-cooked eggs. A sorry attempt at a breakfast burrito -unrelated to something I routinely consume with delight at 6am from a catering truck at work on set.\r Onto the eggs and pancakes ordered by my 13 year old son - wolfed down with relish, but hardly a customer difficult to please, I only wish we'd been in Denny's and spent 1.99 instead of $6.95. \r The burger seemed average apart from the price - $7.75 - and my husband didn't complain. \r The Huevos Rancheros were school dinner quality - not 'Hollywood's finest' as they term themselves on the bill. \r STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE. Pros: Onion Rings Cons: Everything else more

The Worst Breakfast We've Ever Had 9/8/2007

We have just had the worst breakfast of our lives at the 101 Coffee Shop. We got home just in time to be sick. We had a bad experience there about a month ago, but gave it another chance today. Mistake. This place used to be good, but now it's awful. Dirty tables, floor. Slow service. Cold, badly cooked food. Nothing works here anymore. Pity. Would give this place no stars if that was an option. It's that bad. Pros: It's local Cons: The food is rubbish. more

Great late night dinning spot 7/12/2007

If you are just done with dancing in Hollywood and Mel's Diner seems like a likely choice, try heading over to 101 for some great late night grub. more

Forget service-keep your tip 4/6/2007

I happened to be staying at the hotel and thought I would give the place a try. There were four of us. First, we had to grab our own menus. After about 10 minutes the waitress came and took our order. It took 20 minutes to get our drinks (drink slow, you will never see a refill). The food took 40 minutes to get. Club sandwich, 2 salads, 1 burger. One salad was incorrect but we never saw the waitress again so that we could send it back. I shared my Club (it was pretty big). My sandwich was good, but the fries were cold. I could see the orders under the lights from where we sat. My sandwich was under the lights for 10 minutes before it was delivered. The food overall was good, but the service absolutely horrific. We had to go find the waitress to get our bill. I wanted to tip, but couldn't bring myself to do it. If your time is valuable and you want service, this place is not for you. more

Spotty service, but OK food 3/12/2007

I live right up the street from this place and have eaten there quite a bit. They routinely understaff the medium size restaurant, so prepare to wait a long time to a: get a table and b: get your food. Also, forget refills or extra ketchup--your waiter/waitress would be lucky to stop and spray water on you if you were on fire. \r \r Bunch of hipsters like to stop and chat with each other, so if you want to seem cooler than you really are and want to eat at a place that looks like Urban Outiftters threw up in it, this is your place.\r \r The one bright spot is the food is ok--greasy, but if you're in the mood, very filling. (read: go when you're drunk) If you do venture here, be sure to try the chai latte shake, it's pretty much heaven on Earth, but it's a shame it's being held hostage by bad service. Pros: Great Late Night, Chai Latte Shake Cons: Horrible, Slow Service and Expensive for What You Get more

Diner from the midwest or what? 12/22/2006

Service is pretty rough--meaning, the staff is extremely rude. The bathrooms are dirty. The food is not so good. The waitstaff actually overcharged me on my bill and gave me attitude when I asked to change it. I say McDonald's has better service. more
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  • In Short
    With stylish early-1960s decor, red-and-brown booths and a jukebox filled with everything from the Allman Brothers to Marvin Gaye, the 101 has an ambience that appeals to both...

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