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1015 Folsom

1015 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 431-1200
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1015 Folsom - San Francisco, CA


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The Best BARTENDER EVER! Gwen is Amazing! She makes the best Hanger Lime Cosmo's! Good DJ line up and Hot guys all around!


This club is too much like a rave. Besides making your way through a massive crowd of sweating people, you can't even breathe one fresh breath of air. Someone's walking around sel...

terrible place , will never go again 3/20/2010

I have been witnessed to an extremely traumatic experience at 1015 Folsom and that is the reason just joined citysearch to post my concern. Yesterday with a group of friends, were in guest list line to get in for Deep Dish right at the door, but there was a huge line at either side of the door and also many people on the sidewalk and street toward the front door. A young guy tried to sneak in form the front, a bouncer yelled at him with the loudest voice and then like it wasn’t enough to send the guy to back off, he put both his hands on this guy’s neck and started choking him to the point that his eyes started rolling back in his skull, he started moving the guy with his hands still around his neck to the middle of street and then throw him to the ground! I have been in many small and large and mega clubs in Toronto, different cities in US and Europe, never witnessed such a disturbing scene! The bouncer literally assaulted the poor guy which he was only guilty of being sneaky and trying to get in! The young guy about 5’6” and the bouncer massive body and 6’2” probably? (When he yelled at the guy, he immediately started going back, no choking was required) I just hope that this young guy is OK, and I also hope that he realizes that what happened to him was not right and he should press charges against the club. At that same moment my group moved in the club, no one checked our ID and we just went in. A little bit about music experience, which is far away from any club that I have ever been, very poor quality, over compensated by massive base that I assume people should be high enough to enjoy, since there was nothing pleasant about sound system. Although I was so traumatized by witnessing the assault done by bouncer that I could not stay and experience the bad music and decided I would just leave. So after less than 10 minutes in the club, I just left. Will never ever go to this club ever again! And advise everyone to not go until the management change the way they treat people at the door. Pros: nothing ! Cons: security at the door assault people ! more

Definitely Avoid on any night of the week. Worst Customer Service I've ever seen in my entire life 10/20/2008

Ok so this club is seriously one of the worst I have been in my life, and trust me I've been to many different clubs before as I've lived pretty much all over the world. But in all my years of clubbing and traveling I have never seen such horrible customer service be it from the bouncers or the bartenders ... Oh and by the way, don't ever take a cab in SF, they are the biggest jerks I've ever encountered as well. I've never had such a rude cab driver. The guy was hella discriminating ( I'm half french half german and my friend is from Africa-Togo) and the whole ride he was complaining and being a big douche. At the end of the cab ride, he goes: You're welcome A-Hole foreigners". If my 3 girlfriends had not holded me back, I woulda ripped that cab driver a new A-Hole but right on his face. Anyway, so I go to 1015 Folsom and order 3 drinks for us. The bartender (some ugly asian yakuza) was a total douche with no customer service at all. I ask him how much I owe him for the drinks and he goes: " I already f.... told you, it's ...." To which I respond: " Wow come down there, what's up with the customer service in this city, you're the second douche I encounter tonight...". He goes like "yea w/e just give me my f.... money ". I threw the money in his face and got the hell out of that club. This was the second time I went there, and the second time it was empty as hell ( now I understand why) and no customer service. Drinks are expensive and they barely put any alcohol. Basically a big rip off and a tourist catcher. DO NOT GO THERE ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. SAVE YOUR MONEY OR GO TO LIQUID ! Pros: Absolutely none Cons: Everything about the club is a con more

Avoid if you don't want to be stabbed 4/28/2007

Me and a couple of my friends went there on a Saturday night to watch DJ Paul Van Dyk play. Anyway, we got bottle service and a table, we went to the main area for a bit and came back. A bunch of guys had taken over our table, and when we tried to go and sit there, they threatened us and pushed us out. When we called security, they did nothing about it. The guys who threatened us were still there, and we decided to leave. Point is, if you want to get your money's worth, do NOT go there. Gangs and other questionable characters hang out there, and security does nothing about it. Pros: Good Music, Choices Cons: Bad security, bad clientele, not friendly more

A shadow of its former self 12/25/2006

many, many years ago 1015 was known as "martinis" and was considered THE place to be. it had an underground but hip vibe to it. i can even remember the lines to get in would wrap around the block....and that was b4 the doors even opened (they also had a "velvet rope" policy). fast forward a couple decades and although we now have a much renuvated venue and better sound systems...the majority of the clientele are...questionable. to prove a point, i believe it's the only BIG s.f. (mostly) dance venue that pats you down and uses a metal detector. more has been improved to keep out the undesirables like better lighting (it was WAY too dark in some parts of the different rooms) and even more renovations but they really need to keep radio hip hop outa there and change up the constant trance in the main room (all that trendy hyphy stuff keeps bringing in the unclassy wannabes and the trancey junk always brings in the tweakers). Pros: multiple rooms, lots of room to dance Cons: too much trance, TOO much hyphy/crunk hip hop, trendy people but in a bad way more

Gwen 9/13/2006

The Best BARTENDER EVER! Gwen is Amazing! She makes the best Hanger Lime Cosmo's! Good DJ line up and Hot guys all around! more

This is only a good club IF you are ASIAN 7/6/2006

This club should be renamed 1015 ASIAN as everyone in the club but the two in my party were all Asian. In a city as large and diverse as San Francisco why would anyone want to go and dance here unless you were specifically looking for an Asian date! The DJ was decent downstairs but I would not recommend this club to anyone until it is under new management. Pros: Being Asian Cons: Not being Asian more

Fun 5/9/2006

I went with my man on a Saturday night/morning. Line was pretty long, going around the block. I think the cover was a bit much ($20), but there are a couple of dancefloors inside, & they were playing some good trance that night. Parking wasn't that great, although one guy from the street helped us get a spot. Wasn't feeling the dancefloor upstairs, & didn't check out the one below. Main dancefloor was okay, but I really liked the trance dancefloor. Overall, I had a good time, will definitely go back, but will try to get on a list in order to avoid that pricey cover!! Pros: Several dancefloors Cons: Bad parking, Cover charge more

WOW!! what a transformation 3/8/2006

1015 slipped of for a while, but me and my girlfreinds went there this past weekend, and wow, security was realy freindly, sexy people. the remodeling they did is amazing, I almost couldnt recognize it anymore. definitly go to the website . you can get in for free on most saturdays by signing up. they even have bottle service. Pros: sexy people, stiff drinks, its like 4 clubs in 1 Cons: can be crowded, line to get in more

good club bad experience 12/9/2005

After going to 1015 again it is always a great experience. Except last night when I stepped outside to have a smoke after making it was ok to do by inside security. After I was done outside security wouldn't let me back in. It was freezing outside and my jacket was checked which they wouldn't help me get. But the girl I was with, they let right back in. Messed up. more

Not what it used to be...i miss the great shows! 8/9/2005

i have some fond memories of this once awesome club! for some 1015 can still to be a great venue, i.e. fantastic sound systm, dance flrs, lighting, etc. however, my last visit after a long time to see Dave Ralph - the nite turned out to be lame...there was no energy! hardly any crowd at 1am. to see a good dj spinning for a small crowd, the place just lost the vibe. hopefully, 1015 mgmnt realizes the potential the club still has to capture its "glory" years, and transform it back into the kick-a** venue like it was!? we know the biggest draw to any club are big promoters bringing in big names - so lets get 'em back!!! show the city what a cool place 1015 is for a Sat nite to party! Pros: sound system, the lighting, dance floors Cons: full body search, glowsticks more

Potential to become best club in SF 1/9/2005

1015 is an excellent club located in a safe area of SF. Parking may be a pain, but costs slighly less than other clubs. The line to enter usually moves fast and cover is a bit on the expensive side (usually $20 and up). Bouncers and bartenders are decent. Although the club has recently been renovated, it still may be too dark and large for some. The main floor has a terrific sound system with lazer and nitro special effects (very rave-like)! The club has attracted some famous DJs like Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyk. 1015 also has 3 other smaller dancefloors playing a variety of music (though the atmosphere isn't nearly as good at the main room). Overally the crowd is generally friendly and easily approachable. 1015 is definitely one of the best places in the area for house, techno, and trance music. Pros: great DJs, several dancefloors, newly renovated Cons: , strange odors lurking, pricy more

I would go again! 11/24/2004

Recently went to 1015 w/ my friends and we had fun! I was impressed the line moved so quickly, although the wait at the two bars were incredibly long! I just gave up and didn't feel like bothering or waiting half an hour for a drink! Perhaps they need a new bar or hire more bartenders. I heard about the sound system, but I must say, the music could have been louder. Overall, the music they did play was good and the crowd is good. I'd go again, but this time I'd be on the guestlist so I don't have to pay the $20 charge. Pros: Fast lines to get in, Music, Atmosphere Cons: , Cover charge, Volume more

Long over due! 11/23/2004

I see its been some time since someone posted comments about 1015. So I feel obligated to give an update. Overall, its the same 1015. Great music, variety, diversity, after hours, SWAT Team security! (which is needed in a club with a capacity of over 2000) I say go to enjoy the music. 4-5 rooms ranging from Top 40 to Hard Trance. World Class DJs like PVD, Oakenfold, D-Fuse, ATB, Armin van Burren, etc. have and will continue to rock the mainroom. On Saturdays Rafael brings the good hard beats in the Basement! Worth checking out at least once. The drinks, security, crowd, tweekers, etc. are all typical to big city clubs. So except it and DANCE!!! Pros: Afterhours, variety in music, 6am!!! Cons: , to loud to mack!, $5 Red Bull more

Maybe it's not the place to get down... 9/22/2003

I've had neutral experiences with this club and I can't say I wouldn't recommend this to people nor would I discount it. Great place to see the mainstream DJs spin and the crowd knows how to dance. Pros: Great DJs, Great Vibe Cons: Pricey drinks, CROWDED more

It's pretty cool. 3/8/2003

They have 4 dance floors. Entrance, Lower level, one big cool one, and a top floor. The lighting system is great, especially the big dance floor. The sound system is spectacular.. you can feel the bass roar pleasantly throughout the place. I don't know what the other bad-rating reviewers were thinking.. You see all types in the club and I love the many varieties of music per dance floor.. it gives me a chance to try out other music. What I noticed is that there are some 50-70 year old dudes strutting their stuff. There is definetely plenty of space to dance around... but then again the space along the walls will be filled with wallflowers just staring passively. Pros: Street parking, Light&Sound Cons: People more

C'mon, the crew isn't all that bad... 2/20/2003

I have been going to 1015 for a little over a year and a half now, and have been reading all the bad reviews about the security and (snotty??) bartenders. For what it's worth, I would like to commend the security people that have always been more than polite/forthcoming in assistance when needed, in particular, Mark and Krishna. I guess when a club attracts as many diverse people on a regular basis as 1015, the security has to crack down occasionally, and that may be the reason for some of the bad experiences I have read here... Pros: great dj's, awesome lights, awesome sound system Cons: long lines more

sucks!!! 1/2/2003

This club was HORRIBLE!! 1st you had to wait days to get into the barely packed club where you encountered old ass ravers with pig tails and glow sticks in mouth Then you got your choice of music, Fast Techno, Super fast Techno, or really super fast Techno, with a back room that spun Techno in all the above speeds. Really disappointing!! And expensive Pros: None Cons: Horrible more

good djs, bad doormen and crowd 11/5/2002

Gets some of the best djs in the area. Great lights. But the crowd and the doormen can be really really really cheesey and RUDE. if you could remove the bouncers and some of the east bay/marina/12 year olds crowd (not bashing all east bayers but the general bridge & tunnel ones) it could be fun. Pros: the djs, the lights, the sound system Cons: the bouncers, the crowd, the drink prices more party place, I like! 11/3/2002

Great place to party, friendly atmosphere and always the best DJs, where else do you get to see GU stars playing almost every week? Pros: great music, world class DJs, great sound system more

Where the tourists go 10/22/2002

This is your typical cheesy overpriced club that seriously lacks any authentic people. What you get is tourists and kids from the east bay. The music manages to be horrible even if it is some well known DJ, but its OK since no one here knows how to dance. The service at the bars is appalling and the drinks are way overpriced. The only people I could see enjoying this club are ones who've just come of age and don't know how the difference between a good club and a horrible one. Pros: none Cons: expensive, bad atmosphere, horrible music more
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  • In Short
    Four dance floors fill this three-story, state-of-the-art South of Market mecca, where crowds usually hit capacity on Friday and Saturday nights. High-ranking international and local DJs switch up the energy from room to room--a swank upstairs floor and VIP terrace; main dance floor with four huge projection screens and liquid, LED-lit "waterfall wall;" sexy dance lounge with a low, cut-out ceiling illuminated by special effects; and large basement dance floor encircled with high-backed red vinyl booths.

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    Fri 10pm-6am Sat 10pm-7am
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    Master Card, American Express, Visa
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    SoMa, Central East, SoMa (South of Market)