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HORROR STORY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!! - Review by Cayden M | Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Ctr

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My fiancé had the tonsillectomy over 2 weeks ago. Everything was so messed up from the beginning paper work - communication was horrible. I was telling her to not do it but as the woman she decided opposite. She was in huge pain after surgery which is normal. She got the painkiller which seemed to not work. I called the doctors office asking for the different one. After FEW HOURS nurse finally called me back. I beg her for the new treatment. She said that she will contact the doctor and call me back. Well she didn't. Next day in the morning I called the office again begging receptionist to help me. Finally at noon she called me letting me know I can pickup prescription (their offices are over 20 miles away) also informing me that they have lunch break so I have to be in the office after 1 p.m.. So I got the medicine after more then 28 hours after I asked for. My fiancé was recovering ok so on saturday (may 2nd 2013) she went to work. She works at nights at the casino. When she woke up on Sunday she was complaining about the fever. Wasn't so high so we decided to wait. She had a lot of ice water a night before so we blamed it for the fever. But the night was bad. She got super high fever around 4 a.m. 104. My fiancé called the doctors office (Sierra Nevada Ent Asociates Dr. KARL ROMANESCHI) Monday morning (may 6) and she (miraculously) spoke to the nurse. I was listening to conversation (she was on the speaker phone) and she clearly asked nurse 3 times if she will call back quickly because she feels really bad. Nurse claimed there is nothing to worry about and this is natural state after the procedure. How she could even say that without seeing patient for over 2 weeks!!! Well she never called. We tried to treat the fever but tylenol or ibuprofen was helping for 2 maybe 3 hours and the fever was going back to 103-104. I called urgent care at evening but they were closing. We decided to wait till the morning. We went to Urgent Care we wait about 2 hours. The doctor saw her and s more
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