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Puppy Palace

375 S Broadway # B
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 952-4520
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Puppy Palace - Salem, NH
Puppy Palace - Salem, NH
Puppy Palace - Salem, NH
Puppy Palace - Salem, NH


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This place is nothing less then amazing. You ignorant people should find something better to do than sit online and bash a successful business. This place is CLEAN and they take c...


Puppy Palace has a nice selection of puppies, however, they have VERY strict return policies and minimal health guarantees. A 30% restocking fee if you return within 14 days - ev...

Horrible 2/12/2016

Don't buy a puppy here! I bought a Teddy Bear (Zuchon) puppy here and as soon as I got her home she was so sick!!! Had kennel cough, worms and was on lots of meds!! She almost didn't make it but thanks to my vet, she came through!!! I love her so much and very happy I have her but was a horrible experience for both of us !!! The owner refused to help pay the vet bills and was rude!!! Adopt or go to a reputable breeder! Besides the 's t that kennel cough is highly contagious and they never shut down! Shame on them Poor babies more

Puppy mill pups 2/19/2015

There is no question that these puppies are from puppy mills. Poor Babies... Don't shop, adopt. The SPCA is a couple miles up the street. more

Wish I had read the reviews 2/7/2015

We had been looking for a female husky puppy for a while but were very reluctant to buy from a pet store. We ended up in love with the sweetest little girl from here and did buy her. By the end of the first night home it was clear she was sick after her first vet visit the next day we were told she an upper respiratory infection, a urinary tract infection AND Giardia (parasite infection). I am horrified that this place professed to have vet records with multiple "good health" visits noted in our puppy's record and that within 18 hours of bringing her home, she was on multiple medications. I'm not sorry we have this sweet puppy but am very sad for all the animals here that are clearly not receiving the care they need. more

Reality check. 2/1/2015

Don't you love it when the only positive posts are clearly by the owner.... So reliable. Listen, I've seen puppys there that were way younger then 8 weeks and were too weak to even eat so they were fed through a syringe. I've seen dogs who were 4-5 months old and never taken outside. If I said anything other then aww adorable the employees would be unprofessional, rude, and demeaning. I know of puppies infected with Giardia and kennel cough is so bad it turned into pneumonia. I'm also seeing Dogs with untreated hernias, goopy eyes, pale gums, dirty fur and ears. If you're going to watch over baby animals learn how to treat them correctly And give them The livable conditions they deserve. more

puppy palace is AMAZING!!!! 1/3/2015

This place is nothing less then amazing. You ignorant people should find something better to do than sit online and bash a successful business. This place is CLEAN and they take care of the dogs. The owner may have been "rude" to RUDE customers that come in to HER store blabbing about false facts and information. The dogs don't come from puppy mills you idiots. They are all from the midwest from LICENSED BREEDERS. Get a real job and find something productive to do with your life besides sitting behind a computer stating false accusations. Any new dog you purchase has the chance of getting sick. Get over it more

Seek another alternative to buy a healthy puppy! 8/18/2014

Do not buy a puppy here! This place is purely making money off of puppies. The manager is rude. Read the reviews they speak for themselves. more

My poor puppy 6/24/2014

My puppy was diagnosed with pneumonia one day after she came home to me from this place. THEN the vet called to inform me that she also had giardia. I had to stay up everynight just to hold my puppy in one position just so she could breath. And because she had giardia that made it so she couldn't hold her bowel movements so some nights she would go to the bathroom on me. The poor thing was miserable. And this place wouldn't help me with any of the bills and said she must of got it from my house.. i have three other dogs and none of them had giardia and all of them had their vaccinations. I had to keep this poor puppy away from the rest of my family because of how contagious giardia is. Here i am THOUSANDS of dollars later wishing I never supported this place. My vet agreed that my puppy must of been very sick at the pet store in order for her to be that sick just one day after i brought her home. She also said she has seen many puppy from pet palace that are deathly ill. Puppy palace buys their pets from puppy mills and those puppy mills have very sick dogs. I told my vet about the paper work they gave me when i bought her and it has who the breeder is on it... and the vet told me they give names like that to puppy mills to trick people into thinking they are actual breeders. I'm upset. I trusted this place and the owner was very rude to me when i confronted her. Please don't make the same mistake i did. more

Who is the voice for the innocent puppies 2/9/2014

FIRST OF ALL I'D LIKE TO RATE IT ZERO STARS....All aside IWent to Puppy Palace 2 days after buying my puppy.I explained how sick my puppy is and how she is fighting for her life 2 days after buying her. She was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and kennel cough. When I bought her, they said it was a slight case of kennel cough...funny thing is the vets says it is severe pneumonia and that she did NOT get it over night. The owners attitude when we brought in the paper work was based solely on her contract protecting her.Who protects the innocent puppies there. Who is the voice for them. The owner also said we could return her ...why the heck would I return her to a woman who acts like the puppies are throw aways to be replaced? Also why would I return her when I am in love with her already, and am over $1300 in medical debt for her treatments..which she has more to go through. My puppy is fighting for each breath she takes and this owner at Puppy Palace COULD CARE LESS...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. more

never again 2/8/2014

We bought a italian greyhound from here who was born on 11/18/13 we had her home not even two days and she got very sick we took her to an emergency room they told us she had bronchial phenumonia and has had it for a while so i called them to tell them and all i got was some kid with an attitude on the phone telling me to read my contract they only want your money and thats it if you buy from them you are a fool we still have our puppy cause we do love her but we also have a 1,356.00 vet bill from her being admitted to hospital not to mention the 1,100.00 we paid for her be very careful dealing with this place its all about the money more

they are fantastic 12/20/2013

The previous person sorry your full of it your puppy wouldn't have had kennel cough from there shop as there puppies are get checked weekly i should know ive bought all my dogs from there they are so so so clean also there is water in the cages ive seen it topped up reguarly the reason for no food being in cages um its called they are fed at a set time and the dirty dishes arnt left in there puppy palace is fantastic and clean and ever so welcoming! Thank you to the lovely stsff more

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! 11/24/2013

If I could give them no stars I would. I and 3 other people I know purchased puppies here and its been nonstop health issues. After having my puppy home for only one night she started coughing and having diarrhea in her crate. I rushed her to my vet and it turns out she had kennel cough for weeks and now its so bad that its turned into a severe case of pneumonia. We were told if we left it for any longer she would have died. The vet also pointed out that she has signs of being from a puppy mill!! I checked the records I received, no info on the past breeder and she had no recent vet visits... so they were just going to let her cough herself to death!!!!!!!!!!! They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM. When I went there to see her, she was a little dirty but I wasn't really worried, then I saw them take out a puppy who looked VERRY ill. She had to force feed her. I thought, "Well maybe thats just a weak puppy. She did look very young." but the moment I should have said something was when she put the sick puppy in with the others! Please don't purchase any puppies or supplies here. They should not be in Business. more

don't purchase 7/3/2013

I bought a French bullie from puppy palace I was told he was nutered and he was not I was told he was up to date on his shots he was not when I called them And told the about the situation And asked to speak to the owner I was ill was told she was not available staff was rude not help full I was told I could bring the dog back for a 30 percent restocking fee I could take the dog to have nutered to there vet or they would reimburse me only 150.00 if the cost to have him nutered I love my dog I would never buy from them again I do have an attorney to get all my money back:) they suck money hungry owners more

Puppy Palace 5/17/2013

Anyone who buys a puppy or supplies from this place is supporting animal cruelty by supporting puppy mills. Dont be fooled by so called "papers" or AKC registrations as anyone can create their own documents with a computer. The puppy mills also have people who "pose" as breeders of the dog you purchased. The puppys that need homes are the ones that are rescued from the places these poor pups come from. The puppy parents are severely abused and live in cages their entire lives. Anyone who writes a positive comment about a place like this is suffering from such ignorance. Read up on puppy mills. I you love and care about the well being of dogs, dont purchase from a place that sells puppies! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM PUPPY PALACE.. get with the program people! ADOPT! more

Puppy Palace 4/5/2013

This place is great! It is so clean, smeels clean and the staff is friendly and smart. dont let the pet store myths push you awar from this fantastic place. those puppies need homes!! more

Why is there no food or water in any of their cages???? Shut them down 1/11/2013

I purchased a beautiful baby girl who I love dearly and need to tell you all the reviews I have read are correct about Puppy Palace. They should be shut down. The owner is very rude money hungry and asks for cash as payment. I fell in love with my puppy because she was the only one that showed some what normal puppy behavior, I brought her home and ended up having to take her to my vet. She was very sick and they knew I was getting her so our other dog would have company. I called to tell them she was sick and they said 30% RESTOCKING FEE.... My vet told me he has been trying to have them shut down for a long time. Do yourself a favor and ask any vet in the area how they feel about this place. They are money hungry dog hating people in my opinion more

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Come on now. real p is on here several times saying hes different people saying good things. this place is a horrible puppy mill and needs to be shut down. email complaints to more

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Email SHUT THIS PUPPY MILL DOWN!!! 10/22/2012

Everyone please listen. there are soo many bad reviews on here about sick puppies being sold here. I went here today and you can clearly see they have sick puppy mill puppies. REPORT THESE LOSERS TO .. He is the vet that check on pet stores to make sure they sell healthy puppies. With enough complaints we can shut this hell hole down.. I emailed him today. When you walk in a pet store and a puppy isnt jumping up to see you or aleast lifting its head to see you and wont respond when you pat it, ITS NOT JUST SLEEP, ITS SICK. more

Do Not Shop Here! Ever 9/14/2012

I just learned that this pet store gets all there puppies from puppy mills...This place should be shut down! Yes, it is all decorated to look like a classy boutique but why would anyone support puppy mills.You should never buy from any store that sells from the people who breed dogs only to make a profit and think nothing of the quality of life that these poor abused parent dogs must face. .They are kept in cages with little if any place to turn around in. They are left filthy and sick. Do No Support Puppy Mill Breeders. more

The owner is a poor excuse for a human!! 8/17/2012

Here's a news flash for everyone on here, The puppy palace is about one thing and one thing only...making a dollar and that's it. The dogs are neglected and that is a fact, I have seen it for myself so before anyone comes on here and says I don't know what I'm talking about or I am "hating", you obviously have not seen what I have seen. The vet for the puppy palace is paid by puppy palace and as long as the store is getting business the vet is getting business so of course the vet will let certain things slide to get the puppy sold, such as kennel cough or any other sickness that YOU the customer must deal with after you pay an outrageous amount for a puppy. The owner does not love dogs, she loves money above all else, any contract you sign is to protect her and her pocket first and foremost. Many dogs come in sIck and leave sick, they are from puppy mills and are a lot of the dogs die shortly after they are received and many die after purchase it is a sad sad situation and the owner is rude, selfish, and money hungry she does not have a care in the world except a buck, she should be shut down and put in jail for robbing people of their money and neglecting and punishing poor puppies that can't defend themselves, please go in and tell Sharon (the owner) how you feel. more

Sick dog! 8/14/2012

I bought my little Yorkshire from Puppy Palace in Salem, NH. Unfortunately, when I brought my cute little puppy home... To only find out that she had a blood disease and kennel cough and pneumonia. After, several visits to my vet and weeks of antibiotics and daily treatments for her tiny little lungs. My Yorkie is finally healthy. My vet wanted me to return the diog to Puppy Palace and said, that Puppy Palace is selling sick, unhealthy dogs and is only out to make a buck! He also, stated that most pert stores buy there dogs from Puppy Mills. Fortunately enough my Yorkie is doing well... I will never purchase a dig from there again. I learned my lesson and will never support a store or owner that claims she loves puppies. If that was the case, she would not sell puppies that she knows are sick or come from puppy mills. more
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