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Physical Medicine Acupuncture

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Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY
Physical Medicine Acupuncture - New York, NY



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I have always taken a very holistic approach to my personal health care. I am not a stranger to Homeopathy, Chiropractors, Ayur-Veda, herbal supplements and vitamins, nor will I d...


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Thanks 4/18/2009

JJ555 Provided by Partner
I have always taken a very holistic approach to my personal health care. I am not a stranger to Homeopathy, Chiropractors, Ayur-Veda, herbal supplements and vitamins, nor will I deny the effectiveness of the over-the counter headache/allergy/congestion medication. In short, I believe in a balanced combination of what's proven effective over the years, for me and the simple credo, whatever works and gets me feeling healthy as effectively as possible is the route I'm interested in. As a performer, the health and welness of my body and mind are paramount to my work, and having recently suffered a variety of puzzling symptoms I sought out Dr. Trigiani's care. The results were almost instantaneous. During the session, I couldn't stop laughing! I was impressed with the variety of techniques Dr. Trigiani employed, and as the day and week progressed my symptoms evaporated. I would definitely recommend his care to anyone seeking treatment whether for an acute symptom or as part of overall health and wellness maintainance. more

Success! 3/25/2009

MMuscarella Provided by Partner
As always our session last week was a success! The pain and stiffness subsided much more rapidly this time with the inclusion of acupuncture into my normal regime. The bulging disk problem that normal takes three weeks to recover from has only taken a week!!! This last year has been trying from a health perspective - first the Lyme disease, then the shoulder injury and now my back... I can't imagine having survived, let alone actually enjoyed activities through all this craziness without your help. I look forward to continuing my treatments and using them to not only help cure problems, but also to prevent them. Pros: Pain and stiffness subsided much more rapidly. more

"Hive and pain free" 3/16/2009

GraysonS Provided by Partner
I had been suffering with hives on my trunk and all over my arms for 2 and a half months when I came in to see Dr. Phil. He was referred to me by my soon to be sister-in-law. I had been to 5 different doctors at this point and I received a different diagnosis from each one. The hives did not itch, but more burned and felt like electricity. Everyone kept telling me it was stress, which bugged me even more. Since I went to Dr. Phil 4 weeks ago, I have not had one hive. I have gone back once a week since then, and I don't even think of the hives anymore. Along with the hives, I had always dealt with neck and upper back pain and just thought it was something I had to live with. I think this was actually the underlying cause of the hives. Right before they came on, I had a bad episode where I couldn't move my neck for a few days. Dr. Phil has been able to take the pain away from my neck and shoulders and I feel lighter and less stressed than I have in years. He truly has gotten me back to my old self. With less pain and less tension in my body, I am sleeping so much better. I wake up feeling rested instead of dragging the way I used to. Dr. Phil has been able to guide me on a few dietary changes and medicinal changes, as well, and the results have been amazing. I feel so good that I don't want to go back to my old ways. I am finally treating my body the way I should have all along. I have always over-exercised and for the first time in my life, I am listening to my body. I am resting when I need to rest and I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I feel like a new person in just 4 weeks- all thanks to Dr. Phil. Pros: I have more energy than I can ever remember. Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Looking forward to a painless future 2/28/2009

TamarJ Provided by Partner
Dear Dr. Trigiani, After suffering from lower back pain for years, I decided that it's time to take care of myself and try something "else". I've never tried or spoken with anyone that tried acupuncture, but thought to myself that 1.3 billion Chinese might be right :) I am happy to say that after only two meetings, I started feeling better, and noticed relief and improvement. Since then, it's just getting better and better. I love the fact that you know what is right or wrong the minute I step into the clinic. For me, it makes a big difference to feel you have this experienced third eye, and have the ability to see things below the surface. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be treated by you. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to a painless future :) Best, Tamar Jacobi Pros: Started feeling better after just 2 sessions? more


JLFlick Provided by Partner
I started seeing Philip Trigiani in August of 2007. I had been depressed over certain events and also had left scapula pain. After three treatments, my shoulder felt better, but more importantly I felt better in control of my life. I have continued to see Philip since that time with amazing results. Philip was recommended to me by a good friend and he has been a blessing in my life, helping to guide me on my own path to become an acupuncture practitioner Jessica Lee Flick Pros: Excellent Treatment more

A Nice Guy 1/22/2009

lisabeebe55 Provided by Partner
Dr. Philip Trigiani has been very helpful to me. He treated things conventional medicine gave up on. I tried the conventional medical community. No cigar. When a conventional doctor overstepped her bounds, I went looking for an alternative doctor on the net. One of his satisfied patients put me on to him. His dietary recommendations and results are spreading by my word of mouth. I?m so glad I found him. Besides his professional expertise, he?s a nice guy. Lisa Beebe Pros: Professional expertise? more

Thank you thank you thank you Dr Philip! 12/25/2008

lindakaufman Provided by Partner
I am not a person prone to effusiveness. I usually downplay things in an effort to appear unfazed. Then along came a one year period of my life where I had no permanent home base and the tumult that it wrought on my life, both mentally and physically, left me not only mentally distraught but unable to walk as well. That sounds a bit melodramatic I know but beginning in spurts of strong pain I would lose leg mobility and feel strong pain in my back. As time progressed the pain became more consistent until I was on crutches for days on end and badly limping the rest of the time. I was effusive in my complaining and in my worry over the continuing quality of my life. It was desperation that led me to alternate methods of treatment. A friend told me about Dr Philip and while worried (especially when i heard needles would be involved) I was at a loss and figured i had nothing to loose. The first time I went, Dr Philip didn't even use needles (although I have had them since and am no longer apprehensive) but I limped into the office and walked out. I have not stopped walking since. I'm not claiming magic or miracles but Dr Philip was able to do what no other doctor had been able to accomplish. I feel pain in my hip occasionally but never in a way that hampers my walking or my job and it no longer freezes me with fear. As I am able to walk my hip gains strength and the pain keeps receding every day. I feel comfortable that should my back or hip act up again I will be able to find surcease. Suddenly I find myself becoming effusive and telling everyone who complains of pain to visit Dr Philip. I don't even care that it shakes my unruffled New Yorker facade, I don't really care about any veneer i might have had because I am just so happy to be able to work, and mostly, to be able to walk. Thank you thank you thank you Dr Philip! best, Linda Kaufman Pros: Able to walk again! more

The Magician! 7/21/2008

LouisLanza Provided by Partner
Philip Trigiani's unique abilities to help keep my body and mind centered and balanced are unparalleled and can be described as miraculous. Seeing Philip and receiving the Physical Medicine Acupuncture process, is not about getting fit, but getting whole and well. It's about transcendence!. Sessions are powerful and electric. Louis Lanza Celebrity Chef/ Author Josephine's, Josie's, Citrus, Better Burgers more

So amazing! 7/15/2008

TaylaSeigel Provided by Partner
Dear Dr.Philip, I wanted you to know how much better I've been feeling since I've seen you! Its so amazing. After weeks of pain, its so nice to feel good again!! Have a great weekend and I'll see you wed!! Tayla more

Mind blowing and beautiful 7/7/2008

13 years ago, I was suffering from the severe low back and stomach pain. I saw medical doctors and their efforts made little or no change in my condition as i was in constant pain. Philip's philosophy is to guide your body to self-healing, since he believes that a human body has great potential in healing itself once you will let it happen through self-awareness. I wanted Philip to make the pain to go away, but he assured me I could do it on my own, then and there. I had all the power I needed. It was like being in hell and going to heaven. Since then, that experience helped me to overcome several serious illnesses. I think very of the research and work he is doing. His approach opens new possibilities in the exploration of the body, mind and spirit connection. This technique has to be experienced to be appreciated. Once one feels the connection of their own healing capabilities, there is no substitution. A session with Philip is euphoric, cosmic, mind blowing, and beautiful. Irina Pantaeva Actress/Model more

Caring and Skilled healer 6/30/2008

Dr.Philip is a caring and skilled healer. I am grateful to have found him. He addresses complex psycho-physical issues holistically and with keen intuition. I am a returning patient. 1 year ago i was knocked off my bicycle by a carelessly opened door and a split second later i landed on the pavement, and a car struck me on the back and shoulder. As a result of this accident I was suffered from intense cramps and muscle spasms. Dr. Trigiani has addressed those issues effectively and has also managed to heal the 8 year old tendinitis in my elbows. I never imagined that was possible. He has an uncanny ability and talent that allows him to induce a form of body hypnosis into his patients that I suspect prompts a form of self healing. This may sound a bit unusual but at times during his treatments when it seems as if he is in more than one place at one time. In any event, his treatment works. And i would recommend his services to anyone. Richard Prichard Pros: prompts self healing. more

Astounding healer 5/5/2008

cdgent Provided by Partner
Philip Trigiani is a masterful, unique healer who brings an incredible amount of knowledge, heart and intuition to his work. I have not only had wonderful physical benefits from my sessions with him, but I have also experienced incredible states of bliss and transcendent freedom in the midst of my healing. Philip works on so many levels that it is almost impossible to put into words all that I have experienced. Suffice it to say that his work will redefine the word ?healing? for you. more

Inpsiration 4/27/2008

starmaria Provided by Partner
I have a health issue where im missing a spleen. I went to visit Dr Philip, because i was finiding that different medications weren't helping me completley as i feel as though i have never fully recovered from my operation. After having one session with Philip, it made such a difference to me almost instantly and i feel as though there is hope and an alternative healing process i can now experience. God bless this man. Pros: An alternative to medication! more

Unique and personalized care. 4/22/2008

shinan Provided by Partner
As a hairstylist, my job is physically and emotionally demanding. I started to get some aches and pains in my shoulder blades and neck. The pain started to compromise my work. I have benefited greatly from Philip's unique healing treatments and his broad knowledge of the human body. I was most impressed with the individual attention that he gave me which not only taught me alot about my body, but also made my healing complete and pain free.I would always express my gratitude and appreciation after each session, and he would always tell me it was me who healed myself, he just assisted. It was as if my body told him what needed to happen in order for it tio be healed. Philip's medical training combined with his intuition allows him to provide unique,personalized care to every patient. I always feel remarkable everytime i leave his sessions and am so thankful to have him in my life... more

good intentions 4/21/2008

quantumtess Provided by Partner
been going to Philip Triagiani for 2 years --recommended by a close friend. Was told it would be a life changing experience and it is. recommending him to all my friends and relatives. I have been around the healthcare world for some time and have met a few gems along the way---he however takes the cake. more

Just go! 4/9/2008

marcom Provided by Partner
I sought Philip's services about ten years ago for what I thought to be "pinched nerves" in my right shoulder. As the pain rapidly subsided after a session or two, I began to realize what my part or role might have been to create or sustain this "injury". The work creates a tremendous amount of awareness that enables me to make the most beneficial choices.Philip is not just a bodyworker or acupuncturist, but more like a surgeon with his touch and attitude, but with no pain! Its difficult to explain what takes place in a session,even after all these years but something remarkable always takes place.Marco M. more

Life Saver! 4/6/2008

dianecurry Provided by Partner
Philip's work has prolonged my career,and quite possibly my life. He is very wise to use the body/mind connection and understands the healing process must include the inner healer within each one of his patients. Somehow through his work he always manages to release the mechanism that promote self-healing.Life without him would leave a void! Dianne Curry, Mezzo Soprano, Metropolitan Opera Pros: A gift to the 21st century healing arts more

Miracle worker! 3/31/2008

brubamm Provided by Partner
SMOKE FREE, 6MONTHS!!!!!!!!! I found Dr.Trigiani via a friend of mine who recently became pregnant as a result of his treatments.She suggested I see him for severe neck pain I had been suffering with for weeks, about 61/2 months ago. After two sessions I was completely pain free, but what was far more interesting was a desire to stop smoking began to come into view. I asked him if he treats this, as i have been a chronic smoker for thirty plus years. He explained going to the "source" sends the body's own healing power in motion to take care of all problems. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it. Thank you with all my heart! Joanna. Pros: just a beautiful, enlightning experience. more

Are you in Pain? In Need of Healing? Thank your Lucky Stars - You've just found the Real Deal! 3/14/2008

chelseafemme Provided by Partner
I've been to chiropractors (once a week for 30 years) and to other acupuncturists before, but they can't compare with the healing I've experience from Dr. Trigiani's multi-disciplinary Physical Medicine Acupuncture. He is not just an Acupuncturist - He is an Amazing Healer! - the kind you would search the Globe for and Thank the Heavenly Stars if you found one. Dr. Trigiani's healing starts from the moment you meet him. He is totally focused on you, listens attentively and intuitively, and seems to know exactly what you need before you even have to tell him. His years of experience in treating the stresses of 20th Century living that accumulate and take their toll on the physical body are evident. What he does, however, reaches far beyond the physical into deeper levels of consciousness, releasing attachments in the subconscious mind. I know this, because I have experienced it after just one treatment! Why is this good to know? Because when you heal the root cause of your pain or discomfort at the subconscious level, its permanent! You get to move forward. Your body can heal and be free of it. You don't have to carry that around with you anymore! After my first treatment, my body felt more balanced and stablized; I wasn't holding tension anywhere. My mind was still and clear, and I was energized and focused to tackle the activities of the day. Throughout the following week I felt the adjustments in my body continuing to take place as my body was continuing to heal and I experienced lucid dreaming on several nights when usually I don't remember anything. If you are fed up with seeing doctors whose methods don't work for you; If you are looking for someone who can finally treat you and your condition individually, rather than by rote as some physicians do, then pick up the phone and give Dr. Trigiani a call. It will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself! Pros: Many. Just go. Cons: None. more

A true healer 3/12/2008

anasta123 Provided by Partner
I was recommended to Dr. Trigiani by a coworker, who suffers from chronic acute neck pain. My friend said that Dr. Trigiani changed his life. It took me a few years to get around to it, but once I visited Dr. Trigiani, I could see what my friend was talking about. Dr. T is a healer, no doubt. I experienced wonderful results after two visits. Not only was I feeling better physically (I was suffering from lower back pain), but I was miraculously in a much better mind space. I highly recommend this doctor. more
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