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Mays & Schnapp

55 Humphreys Center Dr 200
Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 747-0040
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Dr. Schnapp looked at me and he knew right away what I needed. He is like a health coach with great diagnostic skills. Dr. Schnapp gave me back a life worth living. It is true...


For thousands of years, human beings have struggled with disease and pain. However, fortunately, our earth was created with the food, water and medicine that humans have needed to...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2012

For thousands of years, human beings have struggled with disease and pain. However, fortunately, our earth was created with the food, water and medicine that humans have needed to prospher during agonizing plagues and centuries of crippling disease. While humans have always had to struggle for survival, we have not always had to struggle, in staggering numbers, against a united front of pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists, politicians and physicians, who continue to insist that the large majority of us have to either live with, or die from, crippling pain. Forgive the length of this post, but like so many of those who will be searching this website looking for the white-knight physician who will help you cope with the most difficult aspect of your chronic and debilitating disease - the pain - I am afraid to inform you that you most likely won't find it here, either.  Like so many physicians in the south, and incresingly in other areas of the country, these white-coated sell-outs will only offer you the trendiest, convoluted chemical concoction on the market today, dreamed up by BIG PHARMA to make sure you don't really get any better while they (and the physician's supporting them) get a lot fatter.  Unless you have specific types of cancer, an extremely deformed spine, or possibly a horn growing out of your forehead, you will most likely be given the litany of the latest fashionable antipsychotics, antidepressants, or steroidal (immune-supressing) chemicals to choose from. ""Would you like bleeding ears, green diahrrea or a brain hemmorage with your treatment?"" Or, you will simply be asked to leave, most likely with some nasty gossip added to your file about your ""psychotic delusions of pain"" or ""your clear addiction issues.""  Yes, the vast majority of us, who are battling the increasingly prevalent ""invisible"" illnesses of Lupus, RA, MS, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme Disease, etc. are increasingly being denied the right to be free from pain at any point during our difficult struggle for survival. And, like it or not, it is precisely those who are supposed to ""care;"" namely our doctors and clinicians, who care far less about your quality of life, or your life in general, then they do about receiving perks and bonuses from BIG PHARMA or making sure they remain within the top 10% income brackets and don't attract attention from lobbyist-influenced government agencies. Good luck on your search. And remember that no significant change can happen without significant effort. But don't waste that effort on Mays & Schnapps, or you will just be contributing to the problem. You've already been through enough, and you deserve so much more. <3 more

Very Disappointed In Appointments 12/12/2011

I contacted their off the day after it snowed; to let them know I needed to cancel due to the ice on the road. As I could not drive nor walk on the ice....I called at 8am whereas my appointment was not until 11:45am. (enough time for to cancel). I inform the lady I will drop a check in the mail that day for my payment (since I could not come into the office to pay on my account ) and she told me to call back and reschedule the next day (which whould have been a Friday)....On Friday, I rec'd a nasty letter in the mail from their offiice stating that I owed them $26.44 and to mail them (as this was past due & no appt can be made until this payment was made). The check for this payment was mail when I spoke to cancel the appoint on Thursday and the account was not past due. Althought, I am on a fix income, my account has & will never be past due. When I called and tried to explain & reschedule the appointment, the schedulelling person stated, that I could not make another appointment. I have been a patient of this office for the the last 5 years, with no problems; up until now.....I will never return again ! more

NEVER GO THERE!!! BEWARE!!! 11/4/2011

I called them a yr ago. When the Dr. walked into my room he immediately left! Said very rudely that I was perfume and was NOT supposed to be. Said I had been informed of this. (I WASNOT told this by anyone from his office or I would have followed their instructions) Anyhow, I have to disrobe and give myself a sponge bath with some alcohol pads and then rinse the alcohol smell away. They put me in another room. He came back and said he could still smell it. I was ORDERED out of their exam area. Desk asked me to make another appt and not to shower with soap or use prfume before the next visit. I was angry and left. I called a month later and was told that the Drs. there had no interest in ever trating me again. Talk about unprofessional and bad bed-side manner. Well, I will never go back and dont reccomend these so called Drs. to anyone! more

Worst drs 2/2/2011

They are not friendly at all kust want medicare dollars more

bad block experience 9/6/2010

Saw Dr. Mays for back pain. Office visit was excellent. Went back for a nerve block. The nurse taking care of me was totally impersonal, no one tried to calm your nerves or showed any empathy to the procedure you were about to have. Dr. Mays deceptively discribed the procedure to me, throughly down playing what would happen. He said he would give me medication to make the procedure tolerable. The medicine he gave, only made my vision a little blurry. It did nothing to lessen the excruciating pain of several injections in different points on my back. I had no warning that he would do several injections by him or the nurse. He did them without any warning or breather for me. One after another. i was screaming in pain with each shot. Afterwards or during the procedure, no said a thing about the discomfort of the procedure. I had no back pain relief after this procedure and when I signed out I was asked to come back for three more treatments. Do you think I went? No I DID Not!!! more

My Dr. Gergory House 6/18/2009

Dr. Schnapp looked at me and he knew right away what I needed. He is like a health coach with great diagnostic skills. Dr. Schnapp gave me back a life worth living. It is true what they say. ""If you have your health then you have everything."" Pros: Best Dr. Ever! more

By far best pain doctors in town 6/15/2009

I had seen 4 other pain doctors and had gotten no relief before a friend recommended I go to Mays & Schnapp. My case was what had been called a ""problem case"" as I had many problems, and debilitating chronic pain from a car wreck. I was amazed at their expertise (other doctors had just loaded me up on pain pills) and how much the doctors really cared--My 1st visit, Dr. Mays spent over an 1hr 30mins, with me getting to the bottom of my problem. He didn't just want to treat the symptoms(which he also did) but wanted to heal the nerve damage. Now, a year later,I'm able to do things other doctors said I would never do again.I will always have some problems, but am 100x better than I was. Dr. Mays' treatment consisted of nerve blocks, medicine, physical therapy, and psychological therapy for depression.,,most of which I was able to do at their offices so I didn't have to go to 6 different places. I have never been to a doctor who cares more than Dr. Mays...that in itself helped me, because I always left feeling like I had been heard. At one point I couldn't even afford to pay for the blocks, and they were nice enough to work out a plan for me, as well as help me out with medicine(samples etc.) If you have chronic pain, I highly urge you to visit them. Especially if you feel you are at wits end and thinking there's no hope. Thats how I felt and was ready to call it quits, but now I have my life back, and am forever greatful. Pros: caring, expertise,open to questions,tenacious effort to hel more

Would not recommend to anyone!! 3/31/2009

I went to this clinic because I have bulging disc in my neck and it has been causing me pain for several months now. I don't need surgery at this point, so pretty much just have to live with the pain for now. The doctor of course scheduled me 3 nerve blocks to see if that will help. He also gave me an anitdepressant to help me rest. After a couple of weeks the medicine started keeping me awake. I called to see if he would prescribe me an alternative medication. He said just stop taking it and he'll see if I need anything after my nerve block. WHAT?! Why was I taking it in the first place then if I really didn't need it??? I also called back a few days ago because I just can't sleep with the pain in my neck. He said I would have to come in to see him and he still might not prescribe anything even after that. WHAT??! I am SO VERY frustrated with this whole process and doctors!! No one will help me!! I thought I would get help through this doctors office but I have not!! Pros: Don't know any pros right now... Cons: ALOT more

best pain dr in town 12/24/2008

these folks saw my son who was diagnosed with RSD Immediately - patient care is their first concern - the doctors on call told us to come in immediately\r it's rare to find such a high urgency level with doctors today\r these guys hold the gold standard and are highly recommended by my physical therapist who works with them a lot more
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