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Kindred Hospital - Town And Country

1120 Business Center Dr
Houston, TX 77043
(713) 932-2700
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The personnel is very professional and friendly. I like the room. It is large size. The food is good. I would definitely recommend this hospital for the reasons that I stated abov...


All reviews seem positive

The personnel is very professional and friendly. 1/19/2017

The personnel is very professional and friendly. I like the room. It is large size. The food is good. I would definitely recommend this hospital for the reasons that I stated above. Betty Grissom more

I give it a 10 1/18/2017

It was great being a patient here. I give it a 10. This is the first hospital that I've been at that actually has good food and the staff is excellent. They are friendly, knowledgeable and well prepare for any situation that could happen. Nurse blessing and assistants Lenny and Otilia are really special. They have a personal touch and do their job well. Dr. Keith and Dr. Boon are really great physicians. They have a great personality as well as the knowledge and experience to get you well. Rosina in patient relations was very sweet to me. She came to check on me often to ask if everything was going ok. The place is very clean and prompt to clean anything up will you spill something. Overall it is a excellent facility that I would recommend to anybody. Mikeska more

Everyone at Kindred Town and Country has been fantastic 1/17/2017

Everyone at Kindred town and country has been fantastic. They have taken very good care of me. The nurses were all very professional. It is apparent that they really like their job. I don't want to name anyone in particular because all of them were so wonderful, it would be unfair to say that one outshone more than the others.The housekeeping and dialysis staff were also very nice and meticulous with their jobs. This made my stay a lot more pleasant since I was dealing with some very unpleasant symptoms. The quality of care that is given here is on par or above any other facility that you could imagine. I wouldn't give a moments hesitation about coming here again. Lanagan more

I couldn't be more pleased with the care my husband has recieved 1/11/2017

My husband is a patient at kindred town and country. Everything about this hospital has impressed us. The staff is so polite and sweet. They do a very good job. We have had nothing to complain about. Overall we have been very satisfied with the experience we have had. When you need something, they come quickly and always have a good attitude. Aids Lenny and Otilia and nurses blessing and Esmeralda have been especially wonderful. The rooms are large and the whole place is very clean. I also like the location because it is close to our home. I had a friend who was a patient here and recommended them to us. I as well would recommend this hospital to anyone in a minute. I couldn't have been more pleased with the care my husband has recieved. Oetter more

The facility is well maintained 1/10/2017

My dad has been in this hospital for the last couple weeks. I am in the commercial construction managent business and i find that the facility overall is functionally adequate and well maintained. The building itself is very clean. The floors are kept polished and shine more than any hospital that I have seen. The equipment all worked well that was used to give my dad medication. Staff is always friendly and attentive to details. They do their job well. Overall I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs long term treatment. Harry Chambers more

They do a good job caring for their patients 1/10/2017

The overall experience at kindred town and country has been great. Katie the food lady has been very accommodating. When she comes to ask me what I want, she is very thorough. She gives me options that I would never thought were available. If anything on my tray was forgotten, she was quick to remedy the situation. I feel she went above and beyond the call of duty. The nurses and techs have been great. They do a very thorough job. Tech Esther has been especially attentive. She took the initiative to bring things that I needed like water and ice before I even asked. Dr. Siddiqi and Dr. Mihu have been wonderful. They were very forthcoming and direct when they had to tell me something about my condition and discharge plan. They gave me realistic expectations and helped me understand my treatment plan and the reason they were recommending certain things.The rooms are a nice size and the view is great. You typically to don't get rooms this size in a hospital. They are also well furnished. I can see memorial city mall and medical center from my room. The cleanliness of the facility is outstanding. I would absolutely recommend this hospital for the above reasons. The do a good job caring for their patients. Patrick smith more

This is the best care you can ask for 12/23/2016

This is the third week that my husband has been in the ICU at Kindred Town and Country. I can tell you that Dabrio, Smitha and Deborah are exceptional nurses. Within a few seconds of my husbands IV going off, they are always in to attend to it. Whenever he needs to be changed they do so immediately. They do whatever it takes to make both the patient and family comfortable. Nurses aid Jim is so careful and prompt with so much attention to detail. He went out of his way to shave my husband and clip his nails. He said he would be happy to do it and for me not to worry. These people deserve a lot of praise for what they do because they really go the extra mile. All of the doctors that we have are fantastic like Dr. Siddiqi, Dr. Jain, Dr. Mihu, Dr. Rolnic and Dr. George. I love that no matter how many questions I have, they take the time to answer them as long as it takes. This is the best care for your loved one you could ask for. We haven't had any problems whatsoever. I highly recommend this hospital for long term care. more

They have great doctors and nurses 12/22/2016

They have done a great job getting me better at kindred town and country hospital. They have great doctors and great nurses there. The doctors zeroed in on my kidney and treated my condition aggressively. They really do a fantastic job. I've learned a lot since I've been here. I will be telling my friends about this place. A friend had recommended them to me which was the main reason I came in the first place. Aid Tangela is excellent. She gives a thorough and quick bed bath. Nurse Blessing takes her time to explain anything that you have a question about and makes sure you understand everything well. I appreciate that the doctors actually come to see you everyday. I know they are supposed to but at other hospitals I have been a patient at, I learned that this does not always happen. This is the best hospital out of the 6 I have been in because they are very clean and give good care. Harvey more

This hospital is fantastic 12/19/2016

I have been having a good experience so far at Kindred Town and Country. The dialysis staff has been wonderful. They go beyond their duties to make sure I am comfortable. My favorite aid is Tangela and my favorite nurse is Blessing. When you ask either of them to do something, they do it right away. I really like Contina in therapy. She lifts my spirits. The doctors that have been treating me have been very competent. The cleaning staff has kept my room so clean. It's amazing. This is a fantastic hospital. It is the first hospital that I have seen that really treat you as if they care instead of just a number. They don't just fix you up, pat you down and turn you loose. They have taken very good care of me. Everything is fantastic even down to the food. I would highly recommend this hospital to others. Moye more

I have been pleased with my stay 12/16/2016

I have been at kindred town and country for over a month. My favorite aid is Gayle. She has been very understanding and caring. She goes out if her way to be really nice. I like doctor kuliev. He is competent, nice and seems to really care. I didn't care much for the food since it has to be puréed and that does not make it too appetizing. I really like my room since it is private and big. I would say that I have been pleased with my stay. Edwards more

I have been 100 percent happy with everything and everyone at kindred 12/15/2016

I have been so pleased with everything and everyone at Kindred Town and Country hospital. I am 100 percent happy with the care I have recieved. Everybody who walked through my door treated me with the utmost respect. I am just happy to be alive after the problems I have had recently that ended me up in the hospital in the first place. Nurses aid Tony was above and beyond with his attention to me and quality of his baths. He was able to turn and move me so easily despite the fact that I cannot move my legs. Linda and Allen in wound care helped me out so much with the wounds I had from the bites that got infected and landed me in the hospital. Dr. Hawk is like family to me. I trust him with my life.This place is the best that you can find. All of the staff was so friendly, attentive, thorough, competent and respectful. I would definitely recommend this hospital to others. George Arias more

You can't beat the quality of care and friendliness of the staff 12/12/2016

My wife was here about three years ago and we had a good experience,so recently when I was put into the acute hospital and we were given the choice of a few facilities that could accommodate my condition for a longer course of treatment, we jumped at the chance to come back. We were especially happy with the idea of having the opportunity again to work with our favorite nurse Blessing. She is a very special person and we grew very attached to her when my wife was here. We were very pleased to find out that she still works here. Presently, nurse Akash and aid Jim have been outstanding for me. They are very responsive to my needs and treat me with the utmost respect and highest quality of care. I have a very complicated situation with my blood that requires a lot of attention and they have been so accommodating for me. Jim gives the best bed bath in town. Other staff that I have encountered have also been not only friendly but very competent. I recommend this hospital because of the quality of care and friendliness of the staff. You can't beat it. Mr. Gordon more

I have had a wonderful experience at Kindred Town and Country 12/6/2016

I have had a wonderful experience at Kindred Town and Country. The food is excellent and all of the nurses have been so sweet and accommodating. I really like my nurse Petra. We seem to have a connection. Patric in special procedures was very professional when he put in my picc line. He made me feel more comfortable about having the line inserted because I could tell he was very competent and thorough. Todd in physical therapy is really great. He is very kind and patient with me. I have really had no complaints. I even have a nice view of the holiday lights at Memorial City mall from my window. I would absolutely recommend this hospital to anyone because the staff is so kind. They make you feel like more of a friend than a patient. Jean Rein more

I would for sure recommend this hospital 11/29/2016

I have had a good experience at Kindred Town and Country. All of the nurses have been very good at giving my medication on time and keeping my pain level down. My favorite nurses were Esme, Mike and Gracie. I like that my room has been kept really clean and the nurses assistants get me whatever I need right away. Doctor Moldavan has been excellent. From our first encounter when I was in so much pain that I couldn't even open my eyes, he explained to me the plan of action he was going to take to get my pain level under control and reassured me that he had seen this plenty of times before. This let me know what I could expect from the start. Gloria in pharmacy was helpful when there was a change in my diabetes medication. She explained in detail how the new medication worked and answered any questions that I had. Everyone in physical therapy has been great but Tod has been really exceptional. He is calm and supportive. He knows how to motivate you to push through the pain and make progress while at the same time avoiding injuries from pushing too hard. The food is better than any hospital I have ever been in. I love the orange chicken. I would recommend this hospital for sure because it is very clean and the staff is professional. Samuel Cribbs more

Staff is thorough helpful and personable 11/25/2016

The only thing I have been displeased with at Kindred Town and Country has been the channel guide. They need to have more choices of programs. That is something they need to work on. Other than that, everything else has been very good. They provide good quality nursing care. The nursing staff know the procedures to keep patients safe and they follow them. I have been very pleased with their food. The selection is good and it is prepared well. Charles in physical therapy is super super nice. I really like him. He comes to get me everyday and we have great conversation. I appreciate how personable he is and that he takes his time. Nurse Petra is also very personable and is very helpful and thorough. She always checks my colostomy bag and makes sure I am comfortable before she leaves. Rosina in patient relations has been very nice to me since I've been here. She takes the time to sit and talk to me. I like her very much. I would without a doubt recommend this hospital to anyone. more

For these people, it is a calling to work here 11/18/2016

My mom has been a patient at this facility at least 4 times. We return because I feel like my mother is safe when she is here. The nurses are very careful not to make any mistakes and everyone is so pleasant. Also, the rooms are beautiful and do not feel like an institution. They have a homelike feel. The newspaper provided daily at the nurses station is a nice touch. The responsiveness of the staff was excellent. There are some employees I would recognize for being excellent. Katie is an angel in a dietary employee suit. Nurse smitha and aids Jim and Joseph have such loving personalities when they walk in, you feel peace and uplifting energy enter the room. Nurse Gracie is a sweetheart as well. Nurse Neha was very helpful at my mothers discharge and went the extra mile to make sure that all was in order. It was evident that she really cared. Mireya at the front desk is also so caring. She made it a point to learn my name and was concerned for me when I was suffering from my own health problems. Patient relations representative Rosina has been very sweet and helpful. They have a great team of people at this hospital. I would like to give special thanks to Elizabeth in housekeeping for returning my change purse when she found it cleaning my mothers room after discharge. She is an honest person and should be commended. For all of these people, their employment at Kindred is clearly more than just a job, it is a calling. more

Nurses are helpful 11/17/2016

The nurses check on the patient often and are very helpful when we ask for anything. The service and food are both very good. The room and facility are always clean. It is a nice place that I would recommend to people if they asked for my opinion. Juana Hernandez more

They have a desire to accommodate their patients 11/15/2016

I have been happy with my experience so far at Kindred town and country. The staff is very professional. They have a desire to accommodate the needs of their patients. This shows because they answer my call light in a short amount of time and give me my medication on schedule. All of the nurses and aids have been really wonderful. I really like Allen and Linda on the wound care team. They are progressive with caring for my wounds and thorough. I am very grateful to my nephrologist Dr.Shaft and Dr.Price in infectious disease. They have worked together so well to collaborate my care. The room itself is nice. There's plenty of space, room for your belongings and a large couch for guests to sit on when visiting. I would definatly recommend this hospital to friends and family if they needed to be hospitalized for an extended period of time. Mr. Gutierrez more

My mothers stay has been wonderful 11/11/2016

My mothers stay has been wonderful. Everything here has been fine. I've had no problem with any of the staff. The nurses answer any questions that I ask and my mother gets assistance promptly when she needs it. The staff is friendly and always asking us if we need anything. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs to be in the hospital awhile. They take good care of their patients. Ray Johnson more

I really like the staff 11/11/2016

This is my 4th or 5th time at this Hospital. I continue to come back because the staff treats me like family and I know I will receive good care. Esther is an exceptional aid. She is so patient. Nurse Nirva at night is very consistent and Esme during the day takes great care of her patients. Dwight is my favorite in respiratory. He knows his job and is flexible working with my bipap. He is friendly and I feel comfortable when he's working because I know he will take good care of me when he's working. I will continue to come back here when I need to be hospitalized for an extended period of time because I know I will be treated well and recieve good medical treatment. Wayne Mccuan more
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