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Jeffrey A Robinson Law Offices

4700 Point Fosdick Dr NW # 301
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
(253) 851-5126
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I hired Jeff for a domestic violence divorce, nearly every review I have read amazes me as its exactly the same as my experience and worst nightmare. I have been in 2 other cases ...



Don't Trust Mr. Robinson 1/9/2017


Avoid Jeffrey Robinson - His wins are not worth your losses 1/7/2017

Temporary wins at the hands of Mr Robinson are "blood wins." His mud slinging, manipulations, dirty work cost me plenty, made him too much, and I'm left with a lifetime of regrets. I believed and bought the good he sold me. Besides the fees I paid, protection of the truth cost my ex and his family plenty, plus there is unmeasurable damage done to our kids. Stay away!! more

How low are you willing to go? 12/24/2016

STAY AWAY. SAVE YOUR SELF-RESPECT. Doing business with Mr. Robinson set an all time low experience for me. At first, he convinced me to sign Declatations he edited to include misinformation, false statements, things that he said would improve my position and outcome. Little did I know, t learned this is his standard practice. He told me "that's how the game is played." Later, he manipulated things that my former husband had done and turned them into ugly lies. His game was to inflame me, further distant me and my boys against my ex. After months of delays, inflammatory letters, twisted declarations, all cost me over $100,000 in fess, I finally woke up and fired Mr Robinson. My attorney knows Mr. Robinson well and the damage he's done to others before me. My goal is to save or limit suffering after me. My new counsel has accomplished more things, resolved more conflict, and only in a months. Whereas, Jeff Robinson only did things that effectively drove up his fees, extended the trial and escalated conflict. I was blinded by the anger I had for my ex, his choices and family. Jeff bragged about his bus actions were driving up my ex's fees responding to all his letters. I've learned the hard way Please listen and learn. more

Stay Away from Robinson! Unethical Attorney 10/27/2016

Choose Jeffrey Robinson as your divorce attorney if you'd like your family shattered, your relationship with your ex and family poisoned, your children deeply wounded from his extremely abusive process of trying to win a case, and you enjoy being penniless. You will pay for his "Bull Dog" reputation dearly. He has no qualms of sending those with balances to collection agencies, and uses his slick bad used car salesman act in court to try to sway judges. He will run up your bill using his dramatic stories and constant court appearances. The truth is not his forte---the stories he weaves to create abusive conflict are damaging to any human being he chooses to bring into the divorce. He should have been disbarred long ago. Stay away! He's poison. more

Jeff Robinson - there isn't a less trustworthy low life around 7/6/2016

Trust me when I say, Jeff Robinson sucked me and my former spouse dry through motions, knowingly false statements, twisted lies and legal antics. Yes, he knows the system and used it to HIS best interest. His motions after motions, multiple delays, false statements against my husband and others wasted time and money. His actions have done more damage to me, my relationships with my kids,and coparenting communications with my ex . Hiring Jeff is my biggest regret in my life. If you have any integrity, value for your kids or want to be self with any goodfaith between you, your ex and others, STAY FAR AWAY FROM MR ROBINSON! more

Jeff Robinson destroyed my life. He should get minus stars. 6/19/2016

Jeff Robinson helped the opposing attorney in a 1 year marriage & easy divorce case fraudulently lien my house. He cost me my home, my career, my credibility and send me a bill for $40,000. After being paid what had been agreed on. I had to hire a second attorney, when he over heard opposing attorney tell the boys in the Athletic Club that he was about to take my house or put me in jail. I think this all happened because Jeff's office made a Hugh mistake, which I discovered going into court that Peter was not prepared to defend his client so they devised a plan to discredit me after the Judge ruling. In my favor. Jeff Robinson should have been disbarred. Don't put you future in this mans hands. more

Mr. Jeff Robinson, aka low life Pond Scum 5/10/2016

Mr. Robinson is a low of low lifes. He lies left and right, and drags you into his world of lies and fabrication. He tells so many lies, if you don't know any better, you might start to believe some of the things he says. My worst nightmare, is I stood by him in court telling distructive lies about my former husband and his family. He didn't stop there. He would make statements that we all knew were false. When I made efforts to correct him or question him, he'd openly say "that's the way I play this game. He drove up my fees, and my ex, making false and damaging allegations. If you want to win, you'll need to say and agree to a few things that are less than true". Even if I do every prevail, besides being able to live with myself, i regret the damages Mr. Robinson has done to my ex and my kids. more

Jeffrey Robinson defines a new low, no integrity, and scum 4/13/2016

"Once you give up you integrity, everything else is a piece of cake". JR Ewing. Once you meet, or worse yet hire, JR (Jeffery Robinson)Law, you've given up your integrity and so much more! Mr Robinson sets an all time low of lows. He doesn't have an honest bone in his body. DON'T LET HIM BRING YOU DOWN AS HE HAS DONE TO ME, MY EX HUSBAND, OUR KIDS AND SO MANY OTHERS. He took the facts and twisted them into lies that he told me I needed to say. I felt dirty, but went along with him because I trusted him. Yes, Jeff won a few things for me, but it's cost me my integrity and financially dearly. Any hope to have a relationship with the father of my kids is gone and I squarely blame Jeff Robinson!!!! When my kids grow up and realize the lies I had told about their father, I will FOREVER regret ever meeting Jeff Robinson. It has cost me more, win a little, but I'm paying a lifetime loss. These losses have been the greatest loss in my life, and my kids are also paying the pain and price. Run, run, run as fast as you can from Mr. Robinson!!! Save your integrity, family and money more

Jeffrey Robinson = New low of lows!! 12/4/2015

Jeff Robinson sets an all time low. He doesn't have an honest bone in his body. DON'T LET HIM BRING YOU DOWN AS HE HAS DONE TO ME, MY EX HUSBAND AND OUR KIDS. He took the facts and twisted them into lies that he told me I needed to say. I felt dirty, but went along with him because I trusted him. Yes, Jeff won a few things for me, but it's cost me my integrity, and any hope to have a relationship with the father of my kids. When my kids grow up and realize the lies I had told about their father, I will FOREVER regret ever meeting Jeff Robinson. It has cost me more, win a little, but I'm paying a lifetime loss. more

Good 5/29/2012

VERY EXPENSIVE! But doesnt take crap from anyone. A complete bulldog and will be very upfront with you as well. more

All about the money BAD news 1/21/2012

I hired Jeff for a domestic violence divorce, nearly every review I have read amazes me as its exactly the same as my experience and worst nightmare. I have been in 2 other cases with attorneys that were FABULOUS. I am a single mother with 3 children NO child support in almost 2 Yrs. I m in complete shock he still is an attorney. Once my divorce is over myself and family WILL be contacting the bar association and file a. MALPRACTICE suit. As I read in another review he was professional, caring, and responsive in the beginning. I have been a stay at home mom for 11 yrs. my family paid Jeff roughly $21,000.00 with NO results. He withdrew from my case 4 times but took me back until the 4th father as well as my husbands parents tried so hard to convince me what a money greedy crook he was. I chose to keep my faith in him and it got me nowhere left me stressed and in tears. I think Jeff is an aggressive attorney but it will cost you I have heard around town over $100,000 and you can still walk away with nothing. I was physically beaten for 8 yrs. as far as broken bones. He is a CROOK and it IS ALL about the money. He does NOT care the least bit about his clients. I think he is a HORRIBLE attorney and should take up acting. I could go on and on. Just PLEASe, PLEASE, DO NOT consider him EVER. He is missing a heart. My husbands parents have millions I am now left representing myself and my husbands parents have hired him a top notch attorney I am left to represent myself. He also lied several times. My last but not least comment is Jeff this is NOT over by any means. I wonder how do you sleep at night?? Oh and I did the fetching for him as well. Jeff is Will NOT be in your best interest. BEWARE!!!!! more

Jeff get's it done! 11/22/2011

I retained Jeff Robinson in the middle of a nasty custody battle. My case was a nightmare due to the lack of effort and knowledge of my previous attorney. I was facing a very big uphill battle to maintain the shared custody I had, the ex wanted full custody now. Jeff took my case a week before a major court hearing. Right from the get-go Jeff and his team were relentless in their efforts. We won that first hearing. Jeff put together the facts, the evidence, and the law to build a truthful case that prevailed at all of the court hearings. As a matter of fact, we won every single court hearing Jeff represented me at! The opposing attorney was unbelievably difficult to work with and threw everything under the sun at us, even breaking the rules. At each and every turn of my case I was amazed at Jeff’s knowledge of family law. I went from almost losing all custody of my child to saving the 50% custody that was originally agreed between us parents to being awarded more than the ex and I agreed on in the first place because of Jeff’s knowledge. Jeff won my case in 4 months! It makes a huge difference in who you pick to represent you. Listen to Jeff, he gets it done and gets it done right! I highly doubt I would have gotten the same results with any other attorney. Legal issues are always expensive, I am certain I got twice the bang for the buck by hiring Jeff Robinson. When your kid(s) are at stake get the best there is! more

Hes all about the money 8/23/2011

I was unfortunate enough to use Jeff as my divorce attorney. What a mistake. He is clearly all about how much money he can make off his clients. After spending more money than I could afford he ended up dropping my case 1 month before trial. I repeatedly asked him to settle this case in mediation. No money in it for him if the case settled in mediation so of course that went no where. After I was completely tapped out financially he drops my case and lets me fend for myself during trial. He is also responsible for my ex-husband cleaning out our bank account. When repeatedly asked how this happened his response was to drop my case. I have filed a complaint against him. He is now representing my current husbands ex-wife in a suit against us. Talk about unethical. more

Don't Trust 8/11/2011

Represented current wife in her prior divorce and is now representing client in case against us. He violates WA state court rules of conduct and WA state bar ethics. Do not trust him with anything. He will betray you. more

I wouldn't have anyone else in my corner 3/29/2011

I have been using Jeff as my post divorce attorney for three years following an original divorce decree that was poorly done and resulted in mynex-husband taking me to court repeatedly only to badger me and create havoc for me and my children. Throughout this process jeff was always professional, thoughtful, well prepared, and able to contend with any unforeseen issues that my ex tried to use as he went through three or four different attorneys. I am and always have been extremely satisfied with everything that Jeff did to help. We won our case every time my ex brought it to court, and Jeff was able to show the judge that I had been in the right every single time. He always had my best interests paramount in his mind. I wouldn't have anyone else in my corner. more

Jeff Robinson Was Outstanding! 3/23/2011

Jeff and his staff were extremely helpful in resolving a legal matter that would have surely sent me into financial disaster. He was persistent and tireless in plowing through the all the facts and necessary procedures for many months to resolve my case. He and his staff were great to work with and always kept me informed in a timely manner. He is undoubtedly the best attorney I've ever used! more

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Excellent choice 3/21/2011

Fantastic divorce attorney, a true and caring advocate for your concerns! more

Absolute best divorce lawyer in Kitsap and Pierce county 3/3/2011

Jeff Robinson was my divorce lawyer for over 3 years when I was going through a bitter divorce custody battle for my 3 young children. Our case was extremely complex and involved a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem and a significant amount of court litigation. Over the course of the 3 years he represented me in over 10-15 court motions as well as a 2 week trail at the end which he won and I received full residential custody. This was especially significant considering not many fathers receive full custody. He is extremely talented both in and out of the court room. I cannot say enough how he handled my case. His strategic approach to the case was exactly what was needed. The way he worked with the Guardian Ad Litem was perfect. He is extremely well respected in both Kitsap and Pierce county by judges and lawyers alike. I truly believe you can go as far as saying other lawyer’s fear going up against him- which I witnessed firsthand. His presence in the courtroom is extremely strong. His office staff are amazing and extremely thorough. Beyond his legal prowess Jeff Robinson is a passionate lawyer that cares deeply for best outcome for his clients and the children involved. As you can imagine over the course of 3 years and with such a highly litigious case the stress level for me was extremely high. It is important when selecting a lawyer that you have someone you can trust 100% to make the best decisions for you and your children. During this trying time Jeff worked with me perfectly and we developed a very close bond that continues to this day 2 years later. Jeff Robinson is absolutely the best- professional ,thorough, knowledgeable, caring, powerful in the courtroom and greatly respected. You are in great hands with Jeff. Listen to what he says…he knows exactly what he is doing! more

Fair, Knowlegeable and Professional 2/24/2011

I was in the middle of my divorce, and my attorney was selected to be a judge commissioner. The attorney recommended that I contact Jeff Robinson. Jeff requested my files from my previous lawyer and I met with Jeff to discuss how the divorce was proceeding. He listened intently and respected all my concerns especially regarding my sons. He was very knowledgeable and forthcoming as to the issues that faced me. He gave me his expert advice. I was very impressed with his knowledge of divorce law and his fairness. This was very important to me because I did not want my sons to have a difficult time. Jeff and his law firm were very professional and kept me up to date on all correspondence. Jeff and his staff responded quickly to all issues that were brought up by me or by opposing council. Jeff kept abreast with deadlines and continued to push opposing council to keep proceedings moving forward. I highly recommend Jeff Robinson and his team. more

The only attorney to have - the greatest 1/3/2011

I was in a long term marriage with 4 kids. The wife ran off for a person with a lot of money ... She was dishonest to say the least. I had a first attorney in Tacoma who was a milktoast and did not care about me or my kids. I was being run over by my xwife ... then thank God I ran into someone who told me about Jeffrey Robinson. I met with Jeff and fired my old attorney. Jeffrey Robinson took care of me and stood by me and my kids for almost 5 years. I have my house, my kids, my pension, cars, 401K, and self, and the best of all is I have my dignity and honor...furhtermore I never paid a nickle to my x once I got Jeffrey Robinson. A matter of fact her Gig Harbor attorney quit and she had to get another attorney from Tacoma. For the last 2 and half years Jeff and I were in total control. The tide shifted because of perserverance and Jeffrey Robinson. At the end we were in total control of the situation. Jeff Robinson was available 24 hours a day .... He said i could always call him day or night about anything ... and I am not a rich man, a matter of fact just average. Jeffrey Robinson is honest, Jeff Robinson is ethical, Jeff Robinson is kind, Jeff Robinson is proffessional, Jeff Robinson is courterous, Jeff Robinson knows the law, and Jeff Robinson cares and has principles ... I trusted Jeff and Jeff came through everytime ... I was dragged into court by x countles times for everything possible that you can imagine and Jeff Robinson fought the wolves off everytime and everytime we won ... Jeff Robinson is by far the best attorney. I would never never never want to go against Jeffrey Robinson. Jeffrey Robinson is the Greatest. more
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