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Bulwark Pest Control - Phoenix, AZ
Bulwark Pest Control - Phoenix, AZ
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Bulwark Pest Control

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Serving Mesa, Phoenix, & Scottsdale. 97% Recommended, 100% Guaranteed.

2 N Central Ave (at Serving all of Maricopa County and Surrounding Areas)
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
(602) 652-2251

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Pest Control

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Downtown Phoenix, Central City

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Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat 8am-12pm Closed Holidays/Extended Summer Hours

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Based on 22 reviews.
22 out of 22 people recommend this business.

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Bulwark Exterminating provides a pest control barrier to keep pests away from your home. We are dedicated to top-notch customer service. Our technicians go through rigorous training and pride themselves on their quality of service. We have a 100% money-back guarantee and are highly recommended by our customers. For a solution that works; guaranteed, call Bulwark Exterminating today!

Phoenix is home to many different pests. The warm weather here makes the survival and proliferation of bugs easy. Further, with the increase of residents and landscaping, the desert insects now have much more water and more food sources. Hence the need for quality Phoenix Pest Control Services provided by Bulwark Family Pest Control.. Scorpions - Scorpions are a serious problem in Phoenix. They are commonly found in homes,commercial buildings,and on cinder block walls. What they are looking for in your home is a water source,nothing can live in the desert without water and your home has many sources of moisture that a scorpion can take advantage of. Don't wait until you see one because once you see one,you already have a problem.

Roaches - When a cockroach finds a place with enough food and water,the infestation begins. Once they find a place,it doesn't take long for a family of roaches to become an infestation. If you see a roach,let us get start a treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of your problem or your money back!

Spiders - If you have lived in Arizona any amount of time,you have come across that big black spider with the red hour glass on its abdomen. If you see a Black Widow,stay clear and call an exterminator,black widow spiders are very dangerous.

Ants - There aren't too many things as annoying as a trail of ants in your kitchen. There are a few types of ants found in Phoenix; from fire ants,harvester ants,and pharaoh ants to black ants and carpenter ants.

Bed Bugs - Bed bugs are becoming more of a problem in Phoenix. A few years ago,bed bugs were only mentioned in nursery rhymes. But now,it is much more common to see them. Many people and businesses are even taking precautions to detect and prevent bed bugs. Keep a close eye on this problem,it is only growing.
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