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Big State Indl Supply

1865 Iowa Ave
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 781-7883
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I love big state i work for them i have used the products and enjoyed them. people just dont like paying for stuff that they order and they cry when they get the bill. Please dont...


Classic bait and switch fly by night operation. I'm sure many of these reviews are truthful from genuinely hurt, frustrated or angry ex-customers and victims. As for people not...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2014

This company calls you from numbers you have dialed on your phone. They hack into your cell phone records. They use spoof applications. They harass you, threaten you, steal from your bank. Give your information to 3rd parties and basically stalk you like no other. They all use the last name evens. They will ruin your financial life. Read your emails, cheeking, phone records, if they were giving away gold I woulds not take it. Fake company to commit fraud and latley they swear, curse scream. They call you at work, they even called our daughters teacher. And FYI we did not owe a bill spent over 8 k. It was once a item was lost they became a issue. Ups tracked it going back to them and they still call.i have repo more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2013

BEWARE! This company is the worst. I have turned them in to the fcc and the sectary of state in my city. They call and harass me from spoofing phone numbers at least daily. Don't do business with this company they are crazy! what they are doing to me, I no is against the law and that is why I have turned them in! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2012

Rip off! Total dishonest! DO not buy or order. Also same people use diferent names. I made the mistake of ordering. Returned it and now they don't have a record of it being returned. Oh well! I filed a complaint with them wiht the CA attorney General's office and the BBB and putting warnings on anysite I can find. those of you that have complained file a complaint with the attorney general. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/12/2012

Classic bait and switch fly by night operation. I'm sure many of these reviews are truthful from genuinely hurt, frustrated or angry ex-customers and victims. As for people not paying their bills, it's not surprising. Hell, the only good review is obviously a big state supply complaining about all the customer service complaints they get! It's no wonder they aren't getting paid! If I order a box of gloves, I expect gloves not flashlights. Is that not unreasonable? Is this not a simple and humble expectation? The BBB has nearly 90 complaints on them ranging from misleading ads, not honoring warranties and guarantees, and product complaints! The BBB said it best: ""Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints"" The BBB also has listed when you search for them ""Office Supplies - Sale by Deceptive Telemarketing"" right next to their name. My own experience is simply this. I regret not reading the reviews and checking the bbb first. It was the first and will be the last time I ever make that mistake. And for their billing department... Do you kiss you children with those lips?! seriously, sailors aren't nearly as foul. more

Horrible Business...Rude and unprofessional 4/2/2012

I don't know how they got my business number or home phone but they refuse to quit calling even after being asked repeatedly to take my number off the calling list. I have told them I will never order anything because we don't do business that way but they refuse to quit calling. When I tell them to stop they cursed me and said ""How dare I tell them to not call me and used and explicative name. Do yourself a favor and don't order anything from them or they will never leave you alone. They change their number and call from blocked numbers so you cant block their calls. more

Thanks Chris & Teresa....I read your review then several oth 1/16/2012

I am really glad I just ""googled"" these clowns and read some of these reviews. I think I just saved a few hundred bucks and a big P I T A...... The middle of last week my dinner at home was interupted (on my home phone...don't know how they got that number....I own a landscaping business....) The dude on the phone is so over the top obnoxious and pushy I actually stay on the linje in an amused state of disbelief....He is pushing rakes tonight....I try about 10 times to get rid of him and he won't take the hint....While I abhore telemarketers in general I also have a hard time saying NO.....He finally wears me down if for no other reason than I want to return to my dinner.....So I am going to buy a half dozen of the best rakes ever guy tells me that the shipping department will call the next day to verify the order and I say fine,....They called and left me a few messages the next day. I was in no rush to get back with them and decide I am going to think on this a few days...I already got plenty of rakes but then again in the landscaping biz can you really ever have too many rakes?? Especially if they are the greatest rakes in the world and by purchasing them I am going ""to help the sales guy feed his kids"".....You should have heard this story..... At any rate, calling back the shipping department was not my top priority last week and this is also off season for landscaping where I am at so I am in no rush and I am not even checking the office voicemail every day unless it is snowing or something.....So we decide at the last minute to leave town for the weekend and take advantage of the 3 day weekend the kids have... Friday night as I am driving down the interstate my cell phone goes off and it is a guy in Big State shipping...I am like wth?? how did they get this cell number....Later my 11 year old would tell me he took a call from them and gave them the number....I acted like it was a dropped call because I was starting to get annoyed. He called back like 5 times in a row and proceeded to call...or somebody from the company did all weekend.....when I got home I discovered they just blew my home phone and office phone up almost all weekend and all day today......Is selling 6 garden rakes going to make or break these jokers?? I can only imagine what a pain thiese clowns would be if they actually got my order....They would call every week and bug the heck out of me and after the reviews I have read I am certain the ""Worlds best rakes"" would have sucked big time!! Tomorrow when ""Rick"" from big State makes his 75th call to me in 5 days regarding these rakes I'm gonna tell him where to put those things....any one want to venture a guess where? Lol..... more

BAD SALESMEN 1/10/2012

I was coerced into buying not one, but six pairs of these supposed ""best gloves you'll ever own"". From a salesman who calls himself ""Richie Rich"". I kinda laughed and he insisted this was his real name. I tried politely to turn down the order, after several tries, I finally gave in. The terms were I would get the gloves sent to my home, and if i did not like them after 30 days I had every right to send them back. The salesman told me if I sent them back I would not be charged but if I kept them I would receive a bill in the mail, of $25 Per set of gloves + shipping/handling & tax. The day they arrived, upon my inspection they were way overpriced and a big disappointment (for the best pair of gloves you'll ever own). Not to mention ""one size fits all""?? The same day I received them I went straight to the post office and sent them back out with return receipt requested. I also called them back to let them know I was returning them. He than proceeds to argue with me that i couldn't return them (which wasn't the original agreement) and that i needed an r.m.a. #. Or they would just get sent back to me. after a big argument I got one. I received the return receipt back from them and thought it was over. Because they had received the gloves! Not to mention I had to pay to ship the gloves back. After they were sent back, I was harassed on why we did not want the gloves. I explained multiple times on why I did not want to keep the gloves. I told this ""richie"" ,to not call my house repeatedly! Tonight he called AGAIN and I told him to stop calling my house, I was polite about it. He proclaimed that the last person I talked to was not him. (which I know it was). He would not take no for an answer either. At the end of the conversation I was about to tell him for the 3rd time to not call my house and he hung up on me. I looked up the number I had for him, and called it back. A lady answered the phone, I asked to speak with richie and she said the ""salesman"" were not around at the moment. (I had just spoke to him 3 minutes before this)! She also had an attitude, I told her I will never buy anything ever again! Anyone sticking up for this company, must work for them. And as for these people saying that ppl should suck it up and pay they're bills. Im pretty sure people would if the merchandise was what was explained to them on the phone. They should tell you ""hey we over charging you for things you can get at a 1/4 of the price anywhere and not pay shipping/handling. It is a joke to me. And everyone's scenario is not the same, so you cannot just say ""suck it up and pay the bill"". That just makes you sound narrow minded and also makes it seem that you also work for this very unprofessional company. Personally, I think it's a scam. I don't think they should call your house and harass you. I think something should be done. I know if they call my house again, I will definitely be in touch with the authorities & the better business bureau. I wish I would have looked them up on this website first before ordering. Than I would have seen these negative comments and not ordered in the first place. My mistake, Won't happen again. For all you 5 stars out there, good luck with your ""Big State Industrial Supply"" company. LOL!! more

These guys are just flat rude! 11/3/2011

I don't know how anyone could possibly buy anything from this ""company"". Just rude and they are a complete waste of time. They must be part of the federal government. They are real tough on the phone. Would love to actually meet anyone that works there. Then we can see how tough they are. Come on - - I dare you! more

Saleman harrassment! 10/25/2011

We have these guys that call on a regular basis to sell shovels and items we typically purchase at Home Depot. They lie and say they are with some big contractor (we are in construction) to get past our gate keeper. When they get the owner of the company, proceed to try to sell and will not take no for an answer. They will argue and insult when we will not purchase. We typically hanging up. Today ""Sam"" called and refused to take no for an answer. I passed the phone to a colleague who told him to take us off the list and never call back. By this point he was furious and yelling insults. We asked for his company name and he said if we reported him it would be slander and he would sue us, saying he was recording the call. I reported him. He called back again on two different bogus caller ID numbers, threatening to sue us for reporting his inappropriate behavior. I reported him again. I do hope they take us off the list! more

Harrassment... Remove me from your call list 10/21/2011

These people are idiots. They talk to you like they know you and then hang up if you question them about their integrity. Pain in the butt.... more

Horrible sales people 9/28/2011

We actually did buy and pay for I might add some first aid kits from this company. The kits are cheaply made and not worth what they charge for them. The salesman ""Joe"" continues to call everyday even after we said we weren't happy with the product and not to call us again. They call you names, cuss at you, ask you about porno's, etc. How this company is still in business is beyond me. We have filed a complaint with the FCC. more

Harassing Sales Phone Calls 8/17/2011

Our business cell phone is receiving numerous and harassing phone calls from a salesman named Jeff/Jim. They manipulate the caller ID numbers each time and the number of calls received each day are now becoming criminal harassment. Their business is failing and they are now desperate for any sale they can snare. I truly hope that their business has to close it's doors. Roberta, Maier Electric more

Big Sate 7/24/2011

I love big state i work for them i have used the products and enjoyed them. people just dont like paying for stuff that they order and they cry when they get the bill. Please dont put down this company because you dont know how to pay your bill..... more

Need a negative star rating 3/3/2011

BEYOND THE WORST!!\r These people have been calling us multiple times every day asking for the owner by name. They will NEVER leave a return number and the numbers that show up on caller id belong to other people. One of them even came in from the police dept. When told the owner is unavailable this drunk sounding creep curses and calls whoever answers the phone foul names. The only way we were able to find out who they are is by the owner taking the call to find out what this stalker/ creep/jerk wants. Finally after several weeks of these harassing phone calls we learned this jerk is calling from Big State Industrial Supply to sell first aid kits. Based on the reviews on various sites, they MUST know what kind of salesmen they have working for them. How to stop them is the questions. more


Someone by the name of Cliff keeps calling and screaming into the phone in a druken stupor, demanding that my wife put the owner on the phone. He called her a cu*t!! He called her a filthy whore. He told me to F**k off when I asked him to stop calling. He had a fake caller ID, one said it was a police station! Cliff, I'm going to find you. And when I do... more

i knew these people. 8/12/2010

they could be better. but hey we all gotta eat. more

Devious Scammers 10/9/2009

These criminals use illegal software to alter their caller I.D. Why no government or law enforcement agency has done nothing to punish these miscreants is just another example of our government's intellectuality. Cons: Everything bad possible more

These guys are horrible 1/16/2009

I finally bought something because they bugged the you know what out of me everyday, and the stuff is horrible. They use ""routers"" through the phone companys to pick up random numbers that arent in use so you never know whos calling. They try to sell stuff you can get anywhere cheaper. AND THE PHONE CALLS NEVER STOP. Call 800-627-3511 and demand to have them remove your name from call sheets. Pros: not a single one Cons: to many too list more

Worst Company Ever 11/14/2008

The poster who ""yelled"" is obviously a low-life employee of this terrible company. We ordered some First Aid Kits and they couldn't have been make any cheaper. Now, we are getting at least 3 phone calls a day from ""Mike"" who is telling us he is from ""Bishop Construction"". (We are a construction company). They will stop at nothing to get a sale. Do NOT do business with this company!!!!! Pros: Nothing unless you like answering the phone Cons: Everything about this company. more

JUST PAY THE BILL! 10/6/2008

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