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All Cats Veterinary Clinic

9119 Stella Link Rd Ste B
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 664-2287
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I'm sure anyone reading throught these reviews is by now, throughly confused! They all seem to run either hot or cold. I am a small hobby breeder of Persian cats and I show them s...


Between Early September and the end of October I took my cat to All Cats Vet Clinic due to a chronic cough my cat had developed. Dr. Rigoni took a swab of my cat's throat and sent...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2012

I'm sure anyone reading throught these reviews is by now, throughly confused! They all seem to run either hot or cold. I am a small hobby breeder of Persian cats and I show them successfully in the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA). I have been going to Dr. Rigoni for at least ten years and I would not trust my Persians to anyone else! If you want a fancy office with employees in matching uniforms and a fancy bill to go along with all of those unnecessary tests- don't go here. Dr. Rigoni is unconvential and her staff is as well, but she is an intuitive, caring (to a fault), veternarian of the highest degree. In my 20+ years of breeding and showing Persians, I have dealt with many complicated issues that the average pet owner NEVER would! Dr. Rigoni has dealt with all of these professionally and with compassion. I have always received a card offering condolences whenever a life was lost- be it kitten or adult...and no, mouth ulcers do not cause heart problems! Some of the comments I have read here are utterly ridiculous- so you must make up your own mind, I'm afraid. However, when I place a kitten or retire one of my showcats, I ALWAYS recommend that the new owner take their Persian to Dr. Rigoni. I travel 30 miles into town to do it, and would not consider anyone else. more

Worst for Customer Service 5/23/2012

Rude. They seem to forget that without clients, they would'nt have a clinic. Was told they close for lunch at 1 pm because they, too, have appointments. Refused to accomodate me 10 minutes to get there (it was 12:45) to pick up flea stuff. more

Good vet without the glitz 2/6/2012

I grew up with expensive vets that prided themselves on huge practices, late hours, shiny new floors, and $5 bedtime stories for your boarded pet (totally serious). When I moved, I was referred to Dr. Rigoni by my cats' breeder and will admit I was a bit taken aback by the accomodations. None of the blindingly shiny new linoleum, light wood reception counter, in-house pharmacy I had seen in the four vet clinics I'd seen before I moved. Her place is very modest-looking and small, but if you sit in her waiting room for a while, you begin to notice all the personal touches, the bazillion cat show ribbons, cat trees, and, most important to me, cleanliness. The soundproof-ness of the place leaves something to be desired, and there usually is one large older dog shambling around in back. Her cats that wander around and jump on your lap are adorable. The exam rooms are spartan and small but the exam table is spacious. more

All Cats Verterinary Clinic Is The Best! 2/1/2012

Dr. Rigoni and her entire staff are THE BEST! I've been taking my cats to All Cats Clinic for several years, and Dr. Rigoni saved the lives of two of my cats by rapidly diagnosing their problems and taking immediate necessary action! Dr. Rigoni is professional, compassionate, and always friendly. She takes time to answer any questions, and her staff is always helpful. The waiting area atmosphere at All Cats is cheerful and relaxed just like the staff, which I like a lot. I think a relaxed atmosphere results in pets and pet owners who are less stressed by visits to the vet. Additionally, I think All Cats has very reasonable fees, which is so important to many pet owners in this economy. Dr. Rigoni and the All Cats Clinic have earned my highest recommendation! more

WHAT??? 1/18/2012

I cannot BELIEVE the nasty reviews I'm reading here. Dr. Rigoni and EVERYONE in her clinic are THE BEST! I've been taking my cats to this place for over twenty years. I even live in another state now and bring my cat here whenever possible. THE BEST - enough said!!! more

Animal Neglect 10/18/2011

I took my cat there to get his annual shots. I was told that Dr Rigoni was out of town (despite the appointment that I'd set up weeks ago) and that she was on her way back via plane. I was told that they could take the cat as a drop off, that he would be provided food, water and a litter box during the day, and that I could pick him up during the 3:30 pickup time. I was assured he would be taken care of. When I returned at 3:30, it was obvious by my cat's condition that he had not been removed from the carrier all day except to give him the shots. He was not provided with food or water, and was matted in his own feces. I will never return. more

Worst cat vet in Houston 7/27/2011

This vet was responsible for the death of my cat. I spent quite a bit on money at this clinic and also had to go to the Gulf Coast Emergency clinic during crises that occurred on the weekends. By the way, I have submitted negative reviews on this vet on Citysearch and on Angie's List previously that have mysteriously disappeared. Wouldn't surprise me if Dr. Rigoni had a hacker remove them. She is completely unscrupulous as well as a lousy vet. She did not read the reports faxed from Gulf Coast Emergency and hence did not address one of Buffer's main conditions, which was a huge ulcerated hole in his gums. This caused a heart condition which killed the cat. He also had kidney disease caused by bad teeth, which necessitated many ongoing visits to this vet. I blame myself for continuing to go to her. The staff is completely unprofessional, the office itself is a mess, and the staff and vet's cats and large dogs are allowed the run of the place. You might think that if a vet was named All Cats that there would be no dogs allowed, but you would be wrong in this case. Save your cat's life and go to any other vet other than Dr. Rigoni of All Cats. more

Horrible Service 4/1/2010

I took my very sick cat for treatment and was astonished at the overall bedside manner and lack of compassion by most of the staff and particularly the Vet, Dr. Regoni. When speaking w/ Regoni, she was very short with me and failed to offer any advise or suggestions regarding my cat. When speaking to her over the phone a week later, I mentioned to her how my cat's health had taken a turn for the worse since my last visit, and her response to me was ""Of course it has, she's sick. Good luck."" She didn't give me a chance to ask any questions and offered absolutely no advice on how to treat my dying cat. She has the compassion of a rock and the personality of a wet blanket, which obviously has an influence on her staff, since they're bedside manner is a mirror image of her behavior. When I took my cat to a another Vet and told her of my experience w/ Regoni, she said she wasn't surprised, as she had heard similiar stories from other pet owners. So, do yourself a favor, and skip this place. Pros: It's over Cons: Service, compassion, bedside manner more

Really Bad Experience 11/5/2009

Between Early September and the end of October I took my cat to All Cats Vet Clinic due to a chronic cough my cat had developed. Dr. Rigoni took a swab of my cat's throat and sent it to a lab for testing at a cost of $135.00 including the cost of the visit. I was never called about the results. I finally called the clinic and was told at first that my cat had an incurable disease and with a ""sorry"" the person that called hung up. I called back to get more information and then was told the test showed my cat had Feline Herpes and she could be treated. She was immediately put on antibiotics three consecutive times, at a cost of $30 to $54 each prescription, and none helped. Because of the conflicting information I received, I requested her lab results faxed to me at two different times, and both times I did not receive a fax from All Cats Vet Clinic. I decided to consult with a new vet because my cat was not getting better, and the new vet obtained the records from All Cats Vet Clinic. The new vet called me and told me my cat has a bacterial infection NOT FELINE HERPES. Additionally, the new vet told me that the Lab results included a written request from the lab to All Cats Vet Clinic asking for permission to proceed with the second part of the test and perform a sensitivity test which would determine which antibiotics will be effective in killing the bacteria in my cat's system. The lab also requested an immediate response from All Cats Vet Clinic due to the short life of the sample. All Cats never called the Lab to proceed with the sensitivity test which was imperative to determine which class of antibiotics would be effective in killing the bacterial infection in my cat's system. I spent over $200 on this service. Now I'm going to have to pay AGAIN for a lab to test a sample from my cat AGAIN and this time with the sensitivity test so that my cat finally receives the treatment she desperately needs! Pros: Treats cats only Cons: See below more

Best Feline Vet in Houston 11/3/2008

Dr. Rigoni is amazing - she is the best feline vet I have every used and is affordable! She is practical, does not try to push unnecessary, expensive treatments, and is available in case of emergency. I can make appointments within the same or following week - do not have to schedule way in advance. She is a wonder! I recommend her to everyone I know who owns a cat. more

great service and care!!!! 8/8/2008

i just want to update the latest on dr. rigoni & the great team that makes a huge difference in my life and the care of my katz! i'm not sure where that prev negative write up that is on comments came from, but i am also in the medical field and i know the quality of care i extend to my practice and that i also expect be delivered especially us medical professionals, so it is with my highest regards to have a great dr that is down to earth get's to the root of problems ,believes in overall wellness of animals health and is affordable without compromising on care. like everywhere there are going to be off days ,but i believe if we look thru our own selfshness we can see we all have them. more

Great Vet, Great Staff, Great atmosphere. 4/11/2008

Wow, what a vet office, not exactly sure how to describe how I felt taking my cat there. Felt like a visiting head of state with the welcome I got from the receptionist, the technicians and even the Vet herself. Primo (my Cat) felt comfortable there too. The Diagnosis was right on with a previous occurence of Primo's medical problem. The difference between this clinic and one I used previously; This vet cured Primo!!!!!!! I love the people and the clinic cats at ALL CATS VET CLINIC. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!! Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

Worst experience 4/16/2007

I strongly recommend that you do not take your cats here. I was there over an hour in an emty waiting room. They let a large amount of cats run around loose, which made my cats even more nervous. 10 cats or more. Pros: ??? Cons: service, not professional, unorganized..ect..... more

Best cat vet in Texas! 2/16/2007

I LOVE All Cats Vet Clinic. The staff is friendly, knowledgable. Not only is Dr. Rigoni a fabulous vet, but they staff is great at grooming too. Reasonably priced. HIGHLY recommend them! Pros: very cat knowledgable, fabulous vet more

Hailey 6/5/2006

The staff was wonderful with Haily's declaw surgery! Great pricing and highly recommended! The staff was wonderful! more

Still the Best! 1/1/2006

New people that go to All Cats...there are good days and times to go and there are times that you will have to wait....maybe even longer that what you'd have at a doctor's office. Pros: Price, Atmosphere/Care, Parking Cons: Not many more

THE BEST 7/15/2005

All Cats Vets is an extremely friendly, professional and competent vet. clinic. The staff is great, the vet is awesome. The staff works with you for appointments and answers questions on the phone all the while making you feel like you're the most important client. The clinic is small enough to make you feel like you're home. I love this particular vets office, they are terrific. Pros: friendly, familiar, warm, kind , reasonable rates Cons: great veterinarian, competent staff, easy to find more

cat vets 12/14/2004

Dr. Rigoni is a wonderful, insightful and caring vet. She really knows cats and is good at diagnosing the problem without unnecessary tests, only reccommending what's needed. All Cats is reasonably priced and offers good care and value for service. Expect to spend some time as she handles emergencies, too. Pros: knowledgeable, reasonabley priced, caring staff more
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